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Thursday, March 29, 2007

It's winding down

Night game tonight, so I'm coming to you from the Panera on Route 41. I'm sure there are transactions coming today. The Reds are about 27 hours from breaking camp and they still have 34 healthy (or relatively healthy) players on the roster.

Wayne Krivsky said yesterday they might put some guys on the DL before the day was over. They didn't. Elizardo Ramirez and Jerry Gil are definitely headed there -- unless they are healthy enough to option. You can't option an injured player in most circumstances. Got to think Bill Bray and Gary Majewski will join them on the DL. That leaves 30. To get the final roster:

Pick two out of the this group: Matt Belisle, Bobby Livingston, Jon Coutlangus Jared Burton and Victor Santos.

Pick one out of this group: Chris Denorfia, Norris Hopper and Chad Moeller.

Denorfia and Hopper have to show they're healthy. Santos told me a week or so ago that he would go to Triple-A. But that was five or six scoreless innings ago.

My guess: Belisle, Burton and Denorfia, although I wouldn't be shocked if it's Moeller over Denorfia.

I still think you'll see Eric Milton in rotation, probably in the fifth spot. I cannot fault the Reds for doing that. Milton was 8-7 with a 4.85 ERA before that awful start in Chicago last year. One he shouldn't have made because of his elbow. Livingston's pitched great in camp. But he has zero big league wins.

Had to interrupt the post to do an interview with WVXU. Should air Sunday. We're going to do them on semi-regular basis during the season.

My wife informs me that my blog picture appeared in the paper today. That's not good news for me. She laughed about the "Hands on the hips. Model look." I've got a lot of friends who I'm sure never went to blog. I'm going to hear it now.

One last Florida old person story: I'm standing in line at Panera, a rather long line I might add, when the old guy behind me is overwhelmed by curiosity about the new bagel. So much so, that he ignores the accepted rules of lines and jumps in front of me. No problem. I had plenty of time. I was happy to see that the prospect of ordering a Trail Mix bagel could make a 90-year-old so happy.


at 11:00 AM Anonymous RickNmd said...

John, can you update us on the extent of unhealthiness for Hopper and Denorfia? That seems to be a critical issue for settling one roster spot.

For example, which one could play if needed? Does their injuries prevent them from batting, or from playing the field, or both?

To me, if their injuries are going to take a week or so longer, Moeller sticks until one of them is ready--unless they surprisingly keep Wise or someone for defense or a right handed bat. Tood bad Bubba isn't righthanded.

It also seems simple on the pitching side--Belisle and Burton. The other guys can go to Louisville, get innings and you don't lose Burton.

Besides, these things seem to always have a way of working out. By design or providence someone will get hurt right when it's time to make a roster decision in a few weeks.

at 11:07 AM Blogger John Fay said...

Denorfia has the forearm thing. He can hit. The hope is he can play in the field tomorrow. Hopper still can't put full weight on his heel. My guess is Denorfia will be able to go, and Hopper won't. They may go with Moeller anyway. Jeff Conine can play right or left field.

at 11:25 AM Blogger DanH said...

My "educated" guess has Belise,Burton,and Denorfia. When Majewski is ready a decision between him and Burton needs to be made. When Bray is ready a decision between him and Cormier. Possibly a trade to clear a spot. Have you decided to continue the blog during the regular season. I'm quite sure many of us out of town Reds fans would appreciate it!

at 11:59 AM Anonymous PaulT2 said...

Loved the article about Freel hustling "too much". He just needs to know when to go all out and when to hold back the reins a little bit. If I was in right or left, I'd chase a ball and always have to take a look to see where he's at and that could affect my judgment. I can only imagine the fallout the first time he slams in Junior. You know Junior will erupt and all this pent up frustration with moving to right will boil over. I hope it doesn't happen - but wouldn't be surprised at all. Has anyone asked Griffey his opinion on this? (Although he'd probably not answer).
Paul T

at 12:41 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need all the fiber a Panera bagel can give at my age!!!

at 12:43 PM Blogger SportsMania said...

I'd bet on Denorfia, Burton and Belisle as well.

Milton has to be on a short leash, can't wait to get rid of him.

You have to firgure that Santos will be in the mix sometime this season and so will Bray and Majewski, so it should be fun to watch the moves. (Especially since we know how well Wayne makes moves.)

at 1:15 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

pitchers: Belisle and Burton

bench: Denorfia if healthy, if not then it will likely be Moeller since Hopper is wearing a boot.

at 1:34 PM Blogger Brj said...

Bless the man who can show patience in God's Own Waiting Room. I guess when you're 90 a new type of bagel is the most excitement one can handle. (As George Burns used to say, "I don't date women my own age because there are no women my own age."

But back to baseball... Bob Castellini has said that he's willing to take on payroll to win. Well, what's the financial difference between eating a bad contract and paying a promising rookie the MLB minimum and going out and getting another high-priced , under-performing arm with the hope that he'll respond to "a change in scenery"? Eat Milton's contract, give him a handshake and show him the door...

at 1:50 PM Anonymous Tom from Oakwood said...

I've appreciated your blog. It's been fun getting the insights.

I don't think I'd mind your job. Spending a month in Florida in March, watching baseball and writing a blog....

at 2:08 PM Blogger Mark said...

Kudos for keep Reds fans on top of spring training action. You have set the table well for Opening Day!

I sure hope we see a lot more of Livingston this year. I have a sneaking suspicion that Milton will finally pitch his way off this team and he will get the call up.

Is there anyway we can carry over exhibition records into the regualr season? That might make all the difference at season's end!

How about projecting the final standings in the NL central ?

at 2:10 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate to do this but shouldnt it be accepted not excepted?

Blame my father. Every time I would end a sentence with a preposition as in "where did the food go to?" he would always respond with, "right before the to." And now I can't stop with the grammar policing.

at 2:48 PM Blogger Bengal43 said...

What is the latest on Jeff Keppinger? He might be a good 25th man along with Eduardo Perez.

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