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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Monday leftovers

Here are some thoughts from Reds players before Monday's loss to the Padres:


"You'd hate to think this could happen for 162 games. If this is the case, it's going to be a long season. But it is only May."

"It’s easy to blame people when they’re losing. Right now, I know we’re trying to do everything we can to win and I know Jerry is doing everything he can to put the best lineup in there and the best match-ups. You can see that. He’s doing that. I just think we’re not executing like we should be. When it’s your time to get in there and get a start as a position player, here’s your chance to do something to help the team win. If you get the ball and you haven’t pitched in three or four days, here’s your chance. Don’t blame it on something else. We’re professionals here."


"It’s hard to have fun when you’re getting your butt kicked every night. All this stuff snowballs. We’ve got to find a way to break it up. We’re a team that has to have fun. We don’t play very well when everybody is pressing. I think that’s what everyone is doing right now."

And after the game....

"It’s demoralizing. You feel bad about yourself as is. Then you go in and face him (Greg Maddux). You could be on top of the world and he would bring you back to earth.
It’s just fuel on the fire for us right now. Tough one. Hopefully we can put it behind us."

"There’s a difference between losing and getting beat. It feels like we’ve been getting beat if that makes any sense."

"You've got to take losing personal. I don't know if we're doing that. I think you've really got to hate it."


at 5:43 AM Anonymous Sed said...

This team just isn't very good. yes they have some individual contributors but as a team, they suck.

at 8:18 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the last time on this team that anyone looked like they were bearing down and taking losing personal. Pete Rose said it so well on last trip to GABP when he said "why does everyone talk about Ryan Freel hustling as though it was unusal. Isn't everyone supposed to do that to play winning baseball." Where have you gone Lennie Dykstra,Gaylord Perry,
Gary Matthews and Willie Stargell.

at 8:33 AM Blogger Laura said...

John, do you think part of the problem is that none of the players are stepping up as leaders to change the apparent apathy to losing? They were talking about that on TV last night.

at 9:21 AM Blogger Brandon said...

It seems that there is a conflict between the messages of Dunn (have fun, relax, don't take anything too seriously) and Hatteberg (take losing personally).

Have the Reds had any sort of closed-door meeting yet this season?

at 10:26 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The silence on this blog (from commenters today) is deafening.

at 11:25 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh..yeah I look for Adam Dunn for sage winning advice. He's an idiot. When was the last time he was ever on a winning team? Since he's ben with the team the reds have not had a winning season. What he knows about "winning" you could fit inside a coke bottle. Hatteberg has it "right" they should take this personally. If more players did we would not be on the bottom of the division.

Hey, Dunn, try taking the pitch to left field and shortening your swing. Then, come talk to us about winning! My, god you are a modern day version of Dave Kingman. How many championships did he have? None. Rest my case.

Ed from Petaluma, CA

at 12:30 PM Anonymous Larrry said...

I know that they are going to lose to Maddox because he knows how to pitch - not that he is still a great pitcher, just someone who is professional and knows how to pitch to a lineup of one dimensional players. The Reds hit home runs. Or they do not hit.

As for Dunn, he is part of the problem not the solution. Does anyone really want Dunn up there when they desperately need a hit? I would guess not since he has not clue how to shorten his swing or hit the ball where it is pitched.

If a reasonable major league pitcher is able to avoid mistakes, the Reds are beat, plain and simple.

This pattern started on the long western road swing last year when they lost 9 of 11 and the rest of the league observed and adjusted. It is just a continuation of that.

Unless this team starts adjusting their approach to hitting, we are going to be lucky to win 60 games this year.

Start by trading Dunn to get that all or nothing attitude off the team and onto to another.

at 1:44 PM Blogger Chris at Redleg Nation said...

Once again, you guys have it all figured out. Adam Dunn (.277 .369 .599 - 6/6 SB) is the problem with this team.
Ryan Freel (.268 .348 .374 -- 8/12 SB) is the best player EVER!!!!

at 1:46 PM Blogger Chris at Redleg Nation said...

Hatteberg this week: .125 .222 .125 347 OPS

Dunn this week: .333 .368 .833 1201

Both guys want to win, but you armchair psychologists might want to lay off the judgments about whose approach is the right one.

at 3:37 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you don't know who to blame, just blame Dunn and praise Freel.

at 3:52 PM Blogger doerr906 said...

I sent this letter to the Reds today. I know my "joe fan" opinion means nothing, but I still had to do it.
May 15, 2007

Dear Mr. Krivsky & Mr. Castellini:
I have been a faithful fan of the Reds for 30 years, and have supported the team with my heart, with my time watching and listening to games, and with my money as I am able by attending approximately 5 to 10 games a season with my family of 4.
But my letter today is sent to you and to Mr. Castellini as both a lament and a complaint about the present state of the team and my feelings about the past, the present, and the future of the team.
Since 1991, this team has enjoyed a grand total of 5 winning seasons. 3 of those 5 occurred in 1992, 1994 (the strike year), and 1995. 1995 is the last time this team was in the playoffs. In the last 10 years, this team has had a winning record only twice, the last of those occurring in 2000. The only season since 1992 this club has won 90 games was in 1999. Now we are in what seems certain to be the team’s 7th consecutive losing season.
As if that were not bad enough, the message coming from the team in all areas seems to be that “we feel bad about losing, but we aren’t going to do anything about it.” Watching the games and seeing the team go through the motions, looking completely resigned to their losing fate breeds no confidence at all. Is this team angry that the month of May has been a disaster? Why don’t they show it? The postgame quote last night (Monday, May 14th) from Scott Hatteberg is telling—“You’ve got to take losing personal, and I don’t know if we’re doing that. You’ve really got to hate it.” So—the team stinks, it lacks fire, and Scott Hatteberg wonders how much the team cares about how bad it is.
So, it’s clear that the trouble is deeper than relief pitching (as awful as that has been), situational hitting, poor defense, and/or Jerry Narron’s managing. The trouble goes straight to the heart, or lack of heart, in this team. What are you, Mr. Krivsky, Mr. Castellini, going to do about it?
All of this combines for my last point of my letter. This franchise feels more like the way the Bengals were run in the 1990s every day. And I will no longer invest my energy, my time, my money, and most importantly my heart in a franchise going nowhere in a hurry. You have lost my attention, because it hurts too much to continue watching. And now that you have lost my attention, the way to get it back will be to actually restore winning baseball to this franchise. What does that mean? It means my attention span is now based on actual performance, not promises, hopes, or assurances. The team will only have my attention back when an 85 win season will be seen as a disappointment. (Right now, an 85 win season would be hailed as a great milestone accomplishment—which to me is a sign of how bad things have gotten.) So—maybe you’ll see me at Great American Ballpark in 2015, the way things are going. It’s sad, really.


A frustrated fan

at 3:58 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

When was the last time he was ever on a winning team? Since he's ben with the team the reds have not had a winning season.

The Reds have had one winning season (8 games over .500) with the "Great, Always Dependable, Never Hurt and Future Hall of Famer" Ken Griffey Jr on the team.

Im sure we will hear about how hes not the problem since hes a future hall of famer...

at 7:52 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe there are still people who think Dunn is the problem on this team. You should all take a college statistics class. And for the last time, he is not at all comparable to Kingman. He gets on base more, makes less outs, scores more runs and hits more home runs. Kingman wishes.

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