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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Not what the marketing department had in mind

Great American was almost full tonight because it's Bronson Arroyo Bobblehead Night. To say the Reds didn't put on a good show is like saying Manute Bol is tall.

The "Fire Narron!" chants started in the seventh right after Todd Coffey gave up back-to-back home runs -- the first the Nationals had hit all year. That made it 9-1. The Reds were nine outs from tying the Nats for the worst record in the Nationals League.

The chants quickly stopped, but you get the point.

CEO Bob Castellini apparently met with the players and staff before the game. Castellini said that can't "overreact in baseball." But it's getting very ugly in Redsland.


at 10:20 PM Blogger Don said...

That is part of the problem with this organization right now. They are afraid of acting because it may be perceived as overreacting.

at 10:43 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's really too bad is that with the Brewers now struggling, the Reds have missed a golden opportunity to gain ground. But we wouldn't want to overreact ...

at 10:47 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

it would definitely not be overreacting to DFA Stanton. Everytime he goes in the other team scores runs. This time it doesnt count against him because they werent his but he let three runs get in. That is unacceptable. Cant the management see that the guy is over the hill and has lost all semblence of being a major league caliber player. It is time for Majewski to come up and take his place. I dont care if we only have one lefty after this, Bray will be back soon and it wont be for long. The Reds lost that money on him accept it and move on. Tell him to take a hike a never come back. He is worse than Danny Graves when he got DFAed.

at 11:10 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jared Burton pitched better than his stat line says. He would have pitched a scoreless inning if Gonzalez didn't make the 2 out error and then Stanton went did his usual suck job.

at 11:17 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been resisting the urge to agree with you John, re: Bailey and Dumatrait, but I give in now. Time to cut losses on this season and look to 2008, sad to say. Call up Homer, Dumatrait, Maj, Bray, McBeth and let 'em throw. The Reds are already losing with the guys they have; what's left to lose? Get Bailey and Dumatrait to their 160-180 inning limit, shut 'em down, and wait 'til next year.

Offensively, I have no answers. Who on this team is tradeable? Phillips. But he's a keeper.

at 11:25 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

How bad must a team get before they make a managerial change? This week we are getting pounded by the pathetic Nats, what's next? The retirement home. Narron should have been gone two weeks ago. He has totally lost this team. The season is slipping away and its only May 23rd. Krivsky, swallow your pride and fire Narron. Am I the only one who realizes that Joe Girardi needs a job? While your at it please get rid of Coffey, Stanton and Milton. They stink!

at 11:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, if beloved Bobblehead night didn't sell out GABP (I guess American Idol was too much of a magnet instead of the living wreckage of what we call the Reds), maybe "Free Gasoline Card Night" or "Check Your Seat for a Loaded ATM Card Night" wouldn't either. Maybe they need to pay us to give the slightest bit of fan support to this disaster.
Has anyone seen this kind of monumental collapse of any team in terms of attitude, morale, management, coaching, pitching, and just basic baseball skills? This has gone well beyond a slump or a downturn. This is a full-scale crash and burn.
Why should the players care any longer? When baseball is loaded with well under .500 pitchers with 5.00 ERAs that make 10 million per year and faded hitting stars that can make double that, all the playser have to do is ride the season out and perform in the off season for other teams.
From the bullpen, in addition to Stanton, I would be a MUCH happier fan if we never see Coffey in a Reds uniform again. What the living xxxx did he do to earn and get his extension? When he comes trotting to the mound, the scoreboard should just add 3 runs before the next batter hits. Awful. Wretched. Terrible. Miserable. AAA player at the best.
Are the Reds sure they want to bring Homer up into this environment? We've seen (especially in the NBA) when rookies are surrounded by this train wreck for an environment, their entire careers can be wrecked.
So much for making this a decent homestand where we had EVERY chance to make up ground to the Brewers. It should also make us sick that Saint Louis is also having a major down year. They could have been this years Florida Marlins if we weren't in the division.
Management doesn't want to stir the waters to win.
Narron doesn't seem to be pushing his players to win.
The pitching doesn't pitch to win.
Dunn is swinging the bat at every gnat and mosquito for a strike.
Griffey is having a comeback year just destroyed by the team.
Hamilton's feel-good story won't amount to much if we fall apart.
I just cannot justify spending my money - my entertainment dollars - on a product that has declined in quality and shows no chance of recovery. That's what baseball is for most - entertainment. Until meaningful change is made to try to salvage this season, there will be no additional money given to them by me and I normally do 25-30+ games a year.

at 11:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again: Rick Burleson is the answer to the manager question. Fiery. And a winner/leader.

at 11:40 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whats left of the reds huh? To be honest we have talent on this team. Look at it. Griffey, Hamilton, and we usually get a good game out of our starting pitchers. (With the exception of Milton, who takes the term "bad inning" to the next level.) I swear if you look up "bad pitchers" in the dictionary im almost positive it has a group picture of our bullpen. Changes need to be made. We have no chance at anything this year. And if we can't get new relief pitchers it's going to stay this way for a long time. Bring up the younger kids and let em pitch they can't do any worse. As for hitting Griffey , Phillips and Hamilton can crush the ball. Why do we keep losing? Poor management, and leadership.

at 12:11 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

So much for helping the D up the middle. Gonzalez already at 8 E's, thats a seasons woth for him. Cincy brings out the best.

at 12:58 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was in the OF where the chants started and from what I heard it sounded like HOMER BAILEY.. Not fire Narron

at 7:32 AM Blogger Al said...

Although I'm a transplanted Cheesehead, and therefore a (temporarily) happy Brewers fan, I follow the Reds pretty closely now. Reading these comments the past few days, I can't help but wonder if maybe the level of disappointment on the part of Reds fans wouldn't be lower if you had been more realistic about this team at the start of the year. Honestly, other than maybe Pittsburgh, which NL Central teams did you think the Reds were markedly better than? Being excited about having Aaron Harang and Bronson Arroyo as your nos. 1-2 starters says all I needed to hear about this pitching staff going into the season. There simply aren't very many other teams in MLB on which those two would be at the top of the rotation. They may both eat up innings, but I don't think too many people around MLB consider them among the starting pitching elite.

at 8:44 AM Blogger Kyblu said...


at 9:26 AM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Overreacting would have been to fire Narron when the Reds fell 1 game under .500. Underreacting (which we shall see in a few weeks) will be when they fire Narron after the Reds fall 20 games under .500

Dummies! I'm beginning to think Castellini is as clueless as Narron.

Even if you can't guarantee results, don't just sit there and be positive and patient! Give us the appearance of a good-faith effort. We don't need to hear that our perceptions as fans are wrong. We see not only the losses but how the games are lost, and if the Reds care about the fans (we know they care about fan dollars) they had better make a move now, not 9 more losses from now, or I'm telling you, Great American will be lucky to have 20,000 in attendance for games! The frustrating part of all that is we don't want the Reds to suffer economically. There's losing, and there's losing and looking incompetent.

Please get rid of the appearance of incompetence.


at 10:31 AM Anonymous Maryanne White said...

I vividly remember the morning Reds' single game tickets went on sale this spring. At 9:01 am, I had gleefully purchased 4 tickets for Bronson Arroyo bobblehead night in late May for myself, sister, and two cousins. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be attending an event that, at times, rivaled the plays of a little league game. I just can't justify watching one more "I don't have it? Do you have it?" dropped fly balls by our Reds. When it comes to offense, 11 men left on base. ELEVEN. I can't tell you how much it burns me up to think that 31,000 fans who clearly came out for BRONSON ARROYO bobblehead night could have actually seen him pitch instead of flu-stricken Kyle Lohse. 31,000. It could be the largest crowd they see at GABP for a lonnnnnng while.

at 11:44 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Words can't describe the incompetence. For one, Milton should have been gone 2 years ago. Who ever determined that he was a MLB pitcher? He ought to be arrested for stealing money from a hapless baseball team.

Secondly, get rid of Dunn. Except for home runs he can't hit a lick. Can't even count on a sacrifice fly from him!

Finally, who judges talent for this team? This is absolutely pitiful and a disgrace!!

No pride, whatsoever!!

at 4:14 PM Blogger whodey657 said...

I have an idea for a marketing scheme the fans will love. "Fan pitching night". We will lets fans come in the game during the eigth so can find someone I know is better than our little leauge bullpen.

at 10:47 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well well well. The reds lose 3 out of 4 to the Nats. Go figure. At this point I'm not so sure that the reds could beat the Benchwarmers. As a matter of fact I would rather have the Benchwarmers on this team. In an earlier comment I said to bring up the younger pitchers because they couldn't do any worse. Well I was wrong. They did do worse. They did much worse.

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