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Friday, January 25, 2008

Goodyear, Reds ready for next step

The city council in Goodyear, Ariz., will meet Monday to consider an exclusivity agreement with the Reds that would keep either side from negotating with anyone else for 90 days. The Reds would have to sign off on such an agreement, and they likely would.

Obviously, this would be a major step toward making Goodyear the new spring home of the Reds.

The Reds would be willing to enter such ageement because they're worried that other teams will try to work a deal with Goodyear.

Here's the release from Goodyear:

GOODYEAR, AZ – Goodyear’s City Council will meet in a Special Meeting at 6 p.m. ET, Monday, Jan. 28, to consider entering into a 90-day exclusivity agreement with the Cincinnati Reds. Should the City Council vote to approve the agreement, it would go into effect within a day or two, as soon as signatures are obtained by both parties.

The agreement calls for the Reds to immediately stop all negotiations for a future Spring Training facility with any other entity during the 90 days. It also stops Goodyear from seeking any other team to share its sports complex with the Cleveland Indians during that period.

The goal of having an exclusive agreement is to give both parties the necessary time to develop a long-term use agreement that is beneficial to both organizations from a timing and financial perspective.

During the Special Meeting, the Council may adjourn to an Executive Session to receive legal advice on this matter.


at 7:20 PM Blogger Dude said...

I hope the Reds make the move, I would seriously consider adding Spring training to my vacation plans if it was out west.

at 7:50 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would definitely go to Reds spring training games in Arizona. I was born in Cincinnati but currently live in Las Vegas. I can finally see my Reds in person again.

John C.
Las Vegas

at 7:54 PM Anonymous redfuture said...

The rubber meets the road. The Sarasota city & county officials should be meeting all weekend to find a way to keep the money infusing Reds in town. I live in the Dallas area so I'll just travel a 1000 miles west rather than east for spring training. If they make this move I wonder where their High A league team will play. It'd be too hot in Arizona during mid-summer. Will it still be Sarasota?

at 8:56 PM Blogger Signify said...

Yes! Another step closer. I just need to start figuring out how to spend the entire month of March in AZ instead of just one week.

On a side note, isn't this Griffey's last year with the Reds. I know there's an option year, but in all practical purposes this should be it for Jr. (If the Reds even think about re-signing Jr., i.e Larkin's 3-yr deal, you got to question their sanity.)

$9m saved from Sarasota, another $9m from Jr. equals a couple starters.

at 11:38 PM Anonymous ErikNevada said...

I was silently rooting for sarasota just because of their history there. I'll try to pick up a little of the slack for the fans out there, I live in reno and might move to vegas.

sarasota is to blame here too, fay and sheldon both have mentioned how cincy has bent over backwards to keep the team there. ~$54mil, then cut to ~$47, now its down to $30mil and sarasota still cant get it done??
goodyear is a $75mil facility, supposedly going to be one of the best in baseball, the reds pay next to nothing instead of $9mil (the amount for a decent player for a yr) and it costs less to maintain....well I would've picked AZ awhile ago yet cincy still was trying

I can get to goodyear, however I do sympathize for those who cant...

at 11:41 PM Anonymous ErikNevada said...

john: I, like redfuture, have been wondering for awhile what happens to the sarasota team?
my guess is they will stay in sarasota because the stadium is still good enough for them

at 11:52 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad fans that live close to Arizona will be happy...BUT WHAT THE HECK ARE THE REDS THINKING!!!!

Cincinnati has spent Spring Training in Florida for years. Those of us who live in and around Cincinnati, have enjoyed the annual car ride to Florida for a lifetime. Who drives their car from Cincinnati to Arizona?

Please, Reds, THINK before you make such a stupid move. No one cares about the cactus league....

at 6:54 AM Blogger John Fay said...

I don't think anything happens until 2011. The stadium is fine for the FSL. But the city may have to wreck the Ed because it doesn't have money to maintain it or make ADA compliant.

at 12:48 PM Blogger 1and 2 said...

The Reds should make the move. They
are bending over backwards to stay
in Florida. A brand new state of the art facility has to be very
As far as Junior, I think the Reds
will be paying him backloaded payments until 2024.

at 1:20 PM Anonymous Jeff said...

The ED is perfectly fine, ADA wise.

2011? So, there is something to the rule, a even number of teams must move their spring training to a different state together.

at 3:28 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, I'm qualified as an Univ. of Ariz. grad. who grew up in N. Ky. Spring training in Az is a great idea that will fade quickly to those who (a) can't afford to take the trip out there (b) for the family of five who went to Fla. spring training and also went to Disney or someother attraction. What's in Az on a Reds off day? The Grand Canyon? Stay in Fla.

Don in Lexington

at 1:06 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Typical reaction. What's there to do in Florida, let alone Sarasota, besides the ocean and Disney?

"What's in Az on a Reds off day? The Grand Canyon?"

Let's see:

Grand Canyon
10 other baseball games going on
Heard Museum
Phoenix Art Museum
Tons of Arts & Crafts Festivals
Desert Jeep Rides
Hiking up mountains (some easy, some hard)
Great shopping
Lakes (gasp, yes there is water in Arizona)
Old ruins-some close, some a day trip
Botanical/desert gardens

I have been to both states numerous times. I had family that lived in Florida and currently have family in Arizona. My wife and I have never had trouble finding things to do in Arizona.

People that say there is nothing to do in Arizona either don't care, aren't looking hard enough, are lazy or just crotchety.


at 10:59 PM Anonymous azjeppy said...

For Reds' fans concerned about moving spring training to AZ, as mentioned before there is plenty to do. One thing not mentioned is that some of the best golf courses in the US are in the Phoenix area--lots of shopping from glitzy stores to going into Old Scottsdale and buying great silver and turquoise. Also since most teams in the Cactus League train in Metro Phoenix, you can see the Reds' road games with at most, 50 minute drive. Can't do that in Florida!

at 3:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


Did I mention Golf?

at 9:04 PM Blogger Taylor said...


Why does Goodyear need 45 days to come up with a funding proposal for the Reds? Don't they already have the facilities and stadium being funded for the Indians? Or are these Reds exclusive facilities that they are looking to fund?

at 1:25 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

If West Phoenix is good enough for the Super Bowl, it should be more than enough for spring training.

Sarasota was ok, but I'm looking forward to the new venue.

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