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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hamilton update; Narron on Votto

It sounds like Josh Hamilton will report to Charlotte Monday to get some at-bats with Louisville. He'll join the Reds the first day of the St. Louis series (Tuesday, June 5).

"I been released to do what I need to do," Hamilton said. "The main thing is getting my wind back."

I asked Jerry Narron if we might see Joey Votto up here in a bench role.

"When you bring a young guy up you hope the circumstances aren't where he's going to sit on the bench," Narron said. "He benefits a lot more from playing everyday in the Triple-A."

Votto went into Saturday on 17-game hitting streak. He's hitting .479 during the streak and .619 over his last five games.


at 5:25 PM Anonymous mikec said...

SO bring him up and rotate him in with Conine and Hatteberg.

at 5:39 PM Anonymous mikec said...

OK, by my count 17 of the Reds 31 losses are a direct result (well one is indirect, I'm counting the game where Arroyo lost in San Diego because Narron had no confidence in the bullpen) of the poor bullpen. If Coffey and Stanton pitched the way any normal person would have expected them to pitch and Bray would have been healthy, my estimate is the Reds win at least seven of those. That puts them at 25-24 and three games out. Who is complaining then? So how is this Krivsky's fault? Put Coffey and Stanton and Bray in that bullpen pitching the way they did last year and tell me what this team looks like before you say Krivsky is clueless and should be fired.

at 5:51 PM Blogger Tom said...

Can Conine still play LF?

give Dunn a day off every week and put Conine in, Dunn always slumps in the 2nd half of the season, most likey because he is tired.

Doing so might help both Dunn and get Votto a litte more PT

at 8:35 PM Anonymous Graydon M Rief Jr. said...

Fire Narron and Krivsky. Castellini should not accept failure. The Reds can be a lot better but it has to start at the top.

at 9:13 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I only want to see Votto come up if hes going to get a good amount of playing time.

at 9:13 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

This is getting funny. By the way, whose brilliant idea was it to put Hamilton on the DL for a tummy ache?

The Dummy's team is losing again. What a surprise!

at 9:21 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

mikec is correct on Krivsky. He was supposed to turn this mess around overnight. Have some patience. This is frustrating to all Red's fans but these guys need time for a plan to develop. Stanton, Guardado and Weathers are band aids until some of the pitching they are developing comes along. Why push Votto, Baily and others when we will not contend this season? In two or three seasons we should be the next Brewers

at 9:22 PM Blogger John Fay said...

Justin: You can criticize Narron all you want but any new post with "dummy,"stupid" or any other term commonly used by 8 year olds will not make it. No more name-calling.

at 9:26 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Justin is definitly a guy who's never suffered a severe gastro intestinal episode.

15 days was a bit much but you can't play short a player for 10 days.

remember giving Hamilton a few breaks is not a bad thing. He has played so little he's bound to hit the wall in July if not sooner.

at 9:29 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Stanton and his 5.71 season ERA needs to be outta here. Maybe he and Donkey (Narron) can go rescue a princess from a castle guarded by a George Steinbrenner's daughter next week (instead of remaining employed in major league baseball)?

He who doesn't fire the problem becomes the problem.

Let's go Bob, cut the nonsense.


at 9:34 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Who says you can't play short a player for 10 days? Are you kidding?
The Reds have played short a manager and five players (at least) all season.

at 10:08 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Let's see now, ummm, using the recently invented "Fay Alogrithm for Insulting Less Understanding Reds Enthusiasts" (FAILURE) developed, rumor has it, at MIT by a team of Nobel Prize Winning Politically Correct Scientists, ummmm, oh, I have it. Ready?

If I'm 8, you're 5!

Please Fire Narron Mr. Castellini, you brilliant bold baseball genius you!

is that any better?

at 10:56 PM Blogger RickNMd said...

Reds fans have reached a new low of debauchery. Pathetic.

at 10:58 PM Blogger Shawn said...

Votto should not be brought up to be on the bench. He should be brought up to be the regular first baseman, and soon.

at 2:29 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

You put Hamilton on the DL so he can rest and get his strength back.
Then you give him a couple rehab games in AAA to see some live pitching before rejoining the major league team.

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