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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Reds win

SAN DIEGO - Reds right fielder Ken Griffey Jr., who was batting when Brandon Phillips was caught stealing to end the 11th inning, led off the 12th inning Tuesday with a home run that gave the Reds a 2-1 win against the Padres at Petco Park.

The win ended a four-game losing streak.

"It was bound to happen," Griffey said of the win. "You’ve just got to keep playing. The schedule doesn’t stop, the season doesn’t stop just because you’re losing. So you’ve just got to keep going and eventually you’ll get one."

Reds starter Aaron Harang balked in the game-tying run in the eighth inning and allowed just two hits over his nine innings. David Weathers pitched three perfect innings for the win.

"One, two, three, it didn't matter to me. Four," Weathers said. "I just wanted to do what I can to help us get out of this funk.

Griffey hit a 3-and-2 fastball from Padres reliever Heath Bell for the game-winner.

"He's got really good stuff," Griffey said of Bell. "Anytime you throw a fastball in the mid to upper 90s and he’s got a good slider, you just have to hope you get a pitch you can hit and I was able to do that."

The home run ended a streak of nine homerless consecutive games by the Padres pitching staff.


at 8:03 AM Anonymous Tim said...

It's been great to see Junior swinging the bat like he's been this past few weeks.

at 8:08 AM Blogger Mark said...

I'd see a trip to San Diego's ball park may be just what a banged up pen could use to regain confidence. Looks like it still remains a pitcher friendly park. And we all know the Reds hurlers really need a friend right now! Happy for Weathers to go 3 innings.

As for Jr. going deep at this park, well maybe it's a sign that he is totally back. Of course there are still a lot of ball games on the schedule. Yet in recent interviews, he is sounding more and more like he is really taking leadership in the clubhouse and that's something he has been reluctant to do ever since he arrived in Cincinnati.

at 8:41 AM Blogger Chad said...

As a Cincinnati Reds fan and more important a Ken Griffey Jr. fan, it has been needless to say, tough over the last couple, ten years. However, last night really put it in perspective. I guess on Sunday was it, I'm not sure. A fan in Los Angeles was heckling Griff Jr. during the game and I guess he went and put a jock in a paper bag and walked up between innnings and gave it to him. Funny stuff! Well, I am from Hillsboro, Ohio and now I live in San Diego, and I went to the game last night and bought tickets to sit directly behind Griffey along the first row on the right field wall. Well, my girlfriend and I cheered for him and the Reds the whole game and without once did he acknowledge us one bit. Now, I know he has people yell at him every game, and it's no big deal that he didn't do anything. However, a Padre fan in the eight inning, two seats beside us, starting yelling at Griff. As soon as he did, Griff turned around and took off his hat and showed the letter "C" at him. My girlfriend turned to me and said, "We have been cheering for him the whole game, and that guy says one thing and Griffey acknowledges him? I don't think he is very friendly." Well, I kept cheering for him to annoy the Padre fan, and mind you, we were the only Cincy fans in the entire right field section. And right before the 12th inning the Padres fan yells "Hey Griffey, why don't you suck again and go 0 for 5! Well, I yell "C'mon Griff don't let him get to you." Then Griff gets up in the 12th and hits a bomb to lead the Reds to victory. Well, when he comes out to right field in the bottom of the 12th, my girl and I are yelling and cheering for him like crazy, without anyone else even saying a word in right field and did he even tip his hat to us? Not once! What I'm saying is, to Griffey I guess it's better to have hecklers than fans. I mean, really Griff? I left the field really dissapointed in Griffey, and when your girlfriend says to you on the way home, "Thanks, for taking me to the game, and I'm sorry your own team doesn't like their own fans." It kind of makes you think.

Thanks Griff!
Chad in San Diego

at 8:43 AM Anonymous mikec said...

After Griffey's homer they showed Stanton warming up and I almost turned the game off. How could Narron even have considered Stanton in that situation? It took me one batter to realize it was Weathers for a third inning. I noticed something was fishy when he actually got the first batter out. Stanton can't do that.

at 8:43 AM Anonymous mikec said...

John or Kevin: Who is the clubhouse leader on this team? Or is there one?

at 11:43 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chad's comments on Griffey are right on. I've spent a lot of time around the team over the past few years, and Junior is without question the most unfriendly and unapproachable, and not just with fans. He's a good person and his parents are wonderful, but he's just odd. It doesn't cost a lot to smile, make eye contact, maybe shake a hand. I guess the lesson here is: if you want to connect with Junior, be mean to him. Makes you wonder how different he might be if he wasn't treated so delicately by everyone, including the Reds organization.

at 11:54 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know I was tired, but did I see this correctly? Pinch hitting Hatteberg for Moeller, then having to replace Moeller with Ross, then using Valentine as a pinch hitter right after that for the pither? Why not bat Valentine for Moeller then you still have Ross available? Going into extra innings, not sure that was a great move, wasting a position player. I'm hoping it was too late and I didn't see that actually happen.

at 12:27 PM Blogger Baby D said...

Great job by Weathers last night. Seems to be the only semi-reliable one we have down in the pen.

at 12:28 PM Blogger Baby D said...

Great job by Weathers last night. At least we have one semi-reliable person in the pen. I'm excited to see what McBeth can do. I'd like to see Salmon back up soon.

at 12:53 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Chad

Grow up. How old are you?

at 1:31 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chad, I'm sorry that Griffey didn't acknowledge your presence. The world must be a tough place to live in when everything revolves around you personally. Maybe I'll send a memo to Griffey reminding him that next trip to San Diego he should walk into the stands, shake your hand, buy you a beer and maybe even assist you in the bathroom. You deserve nothing less.

at 2:15 PM Blogger kingseyeland said...

Chad in SD: I don't know how anyone can be disappointed with Griffey after last night. He did the very thing that makes him a first-ballot, no doubt Hall of Famer: he won the game with a huge homer.

Just because he didn't run up in the stands and make out with you doesn't mean he doesn't appreciate his fans.

at 2:36 PM Anonymous George said...

It was great to see the catcher talking with the starting pitcher in the dugout. Brought back memories of a brash 22 year old kid who dared the starters to shake him off. When is someone going to notice that Bronson only gets in trouble from the strech position and not the full windup. To hell with the base runners concentrate on the hitter and you won't have base runners. and lastly How about them Bengals!!!

at 2:37 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know. This Chad guy sounds like he was laying on the cheese pretty hard there. "Woo hoo! Griffey! Woo! We are fans! Clap clap clap!"

Sit down and be quiet.

at 3:15 PM Blogger Palm Dry Gum On said...


Weathers did a good job last night but lets not forget that he was pitching in wide open Petco Park.

Eric Milton might have been able to go out there and give up no home runs if he was pitching.

at 3:32 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

YES!!!!! 2-4 now since the big EE demotion!!! I can't understand why we didn't make that move sooner.

at 3:44 PM Blogger gamers said...

I notice MLB.com reports that the Dodgers and the Angels are talking to the Reds about Edwin Encarnacion in a possible trade. Any idea on your part who the Reds would demand from either club for EE?

at 3:50 PM Anonymous jc said...

any idea on why dumatrait only went one inning on monday?

at 4:17 PM Blogger cincikid said...

I remember during the last winter meetings, I think. There was a rumored offer to the Reds by the Dodgers that would have sent Brad Penny to Cinci for Freel and a prospect. Of course that was before Penny started the season with the lowest ERA in the National League. I know Angels have a few closer types in the bullpen. I'd rather see EE start dominating in AAA and if the Reds are making it without him and his stock rises then make the trade. I wouldn't want anytrade for him that doesn't bring us a power hitting right handed bat and a pitching prospect that is close to ML ready. Freel, Griffey are not going to stay healthy. Conine and Hatteberg are going to retire soon. This team is going to have plenty of holes to fill other than pitching within the next two seasons.

at 4:33 PM Blogger cincikid said...

I know what your saying. I also have heard all the unfriendly rumors of Griffey. I think that we all go to a ballgame after purchasing those perfect seats in hopes that our cheers and applause are appreciated and noticed in some way putting a jolt in our favorite players forcing our team to win.
Griffey is what he is. He is not paid to be a poster child for MLB. A vocal leader in the clubhouse. He is paid to do what he did last night. Hit balls hard and far. And hopefully stay off the DL.
Your story reminds me one time last season. I was standing in a sea of children with a ball to get signed for my daughter. Todd Coffey was giving autos before the game. When he got to me he kind of gave me that look like grow up would you! I don't get mad. Hell I might have been the same way if the roles were reversed. I still got the auto and my daughter loved it. And I enjoyed the game. My point is you shouldn't judge these players when you haven't been in their shoes. There talents have been bought and paid for. They are yelled at and booed on bad games. The fans and media tear them up. In Griffey's case more than most.

at 4:44 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The game was suspended due to rain.

at 9:42 PM Blogger Robert said...

Jeez! Just like a typical Cincinnati fan....giving Griffey grief, always, about something. Just lay off the guy, and let him play. We pay his salary so he can produce for the team. Did it ever occur to you that drowning out the fans is his way of concentrating?

Griffey is great with the fans off the field. A kid at my High School was actually invited by a friend at the stadium to give an interview to Cincinnati Reds players for our High School New show, and Griffey was one of the first to volunteer (first was Sean Casey).

Let the guy just play, and quit nitpicking him about everything. If it wasn't for injuries, Griffey would be going after Hank Aaron's record (steroid free may I add) and not Barry Bonds.

You think Griffey is bad? Pfffttt...try being in San Francisco and get Barry's attention.

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