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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cardinals 4, Reds 3

Jerry Narron gave us this stat on after the game: Aaron Miles had walked one time in 70 at-bats, hitting left-handed. Jared Burton walked him on four pitches.

Miles, of course, came around to the score the winning run in the ninth. The Reds are reeling again -- three losses in a row, four of five.

This game should have never come down to the ninth. The Reds left 15 on base and were 2-for-17 with runners in scoring position.

Burton's got great stuff. But he clearly doesn't trusted it, thus the seven walks in 8 2/3 innings.

Narron seems to really be in the these-are-players-I've-got-so-I'm-going-use-them mode. He used Mike Stanton in the seventh and Gary Majewski for the eighth. That worked out. Burton didn't. Burton's a Rule 5 guy, meaning the Reds have to keep him on the roster or risk losing him. If you're playing for this year, you can't afford to keep him on the roster.

But the Reds are 11 1/2 games out now, so it's looking more and more like the future is not now.

And, no, I don't know why Marcus McBeth hasn't gotten into a game. Before the game, Narron wanted to use McBeth with a lead. The Reds never got one. He did warm up in the ninth, however.


at 12:51 AM Anonymous Red Faced said...

Seems like the same ole thing every night doesn't it guys? I guys on the surface most are going to blame the bullpen again and rightfully so but we've got to start hitting with men on base sometime. We left too many guys on base tonight and easily should have scored 6-8 runs... easily. The 7th inning should have produced more runs for us. Why is it that teams we play seem to score runs in those instances and yet we consistently do not? Personally I think we all just expect the worse from both of the situations any more. The fans, the players, the coaches, the other team and sure enough that's the way it plays out. Losing is indeed contageous and the whole team appears to have been bitten by the bug.

On another note... WOW, stanton actually got into a game in which he didn't allow the first batter he faced to get on base. At that very moment I thought perhaps, just perhaps we could win this game. Silly me.

Can't blame Narrow tonight, sooner or later the guys have just got to learn to perform and do their job.

at 6:18 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why, if Narron doesnt trust Burton, (or Salmon when he was here), do they keep these guys around? I know Burton is a Rule 5 guy, but with nobody doing the job they are supposed to, you cant afford to keep him then. McBeth has been here, what, 3-4 days, and hasnt even got a sniff out of the pen! Why not? He cant be any worse than the rest of the same ones used night after night! Monty- Eastgate

at 6:39 AM Blogger Redsheart said...

Krivsky and Narron gave up this season, right? So they call up Bailey to sell the tickets, not to win. It's so sad. I can't imagine how they will win. Don't they think same thing? They play to let us down every day. I guess it couldn't be any worse than if Narron is fired. Because they are the worst now.

at 8:09 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

John, that stat on Miles is diturbing, just like stranding 15 men on base is disturbing. The future is not now, I agree. How much more will Castellini take. In all the interviews with the players they make excuses as to why they aren't performing. Well, what will it take to make them perform. The trade last year of Lopez and Kearns really did wake them up, they finished in 3rd place in the weakest division. Who needs to go to scare them into winning, if that is what it will take to bring a championship back to Cincinnati, then by gosh, Bob, lets do it and do it now!!

at 8:19 AM Anonymous JP said...

Marty, Thom, Jeff Brantley and Jr. are the only Reds keeping me interested in the season...sad that only one is a player.

at 9:49 AM Anonymous Red Faced said...

This says it all...

"Cincinnati was 2-for-17 with runners in scoring position and left a season-high 15 runners on base. With two outs and runners in scoring position, they were 0-for-7 with four strikeouts"


at 10:04 AM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

The radio team and the Reds young players (Hopper, Phillips, the Big EEasy, and Hamilton) keep me interested but just barely.

The Big Mess Machine is irksome not for their losing but for how they are losing. I sure wish they'd lose Narron!

at 11:02 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marty is keeping you interested? He says some of the most idiotic things of anyone.

Like last night when he said Hopper should start over Dunn and the only reason Dunn starts is because of his contract.

Can he actually believe that?

Marcus McBeth better pitch tonight.

at 11:06 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I resisted, but Narron is getting on my nerves. Even I knew that pinch hitting Conine for Hatteberg would cause a pitching change. So he just used his best pinch hitter for the best hitter. Sure would have been nice to have Conine later instead of Moeller.

Tonight's game should show that Hamilton needs to be lower in the order where production is near nil.

at 12:21 PM Blogger JimmyD said...

John, did you or anyone ask Krivsky the logic behind the timing of Homer's call up? Why now? He wasn't ready a week ago, has his worst outing, now he's promoted. Doesn't this mess up his arbitration eligibility? It's just very strange timing.

at 1:27 PM Blogger Rob said...

Dunn's contract IS the only reason he starts. The guy is three dimensional- walk, whiff, or homer. That is all he can do! Hopper has more speed, a higher batting average and is far better defensively than Dunn. So Dunn can jack homers, at his size he should be, but his swing is big even for Greg Oden and he does not understand the concept of putting the ball in play, or having a short compact stroke. Dunn should watch Joe Mauer of the Twins- great hitter with a quick, compact swing.

at 1:37 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know Burton is a Rule 5 guy, but with nobody doing the job they are supposed to, you cant afford to keep him then

The season is lost so you can afford to keep them on the roster and get experience for next season.

These younger guys have more of a future with the Reds then the older guys who are doing just as bad.

at 3:10 PM Anonymous TGO said...

With the bullpen in the shape it is in, I agree that there's not much room for Burton. However, if they're playing for next year, there's no harm in keeping him and seeing what he's got. My beef is with how the bullpen is used. Tied game in the 9th, and Narron gives the ball to the Rule V kid? The 25th man. The guy on the roster to keep him from the A's clutches. Give me a break.

Poor bullpen management does not excuse the inability to drive in runs last night, but the inability to drive in runs also does not excuse bullpen mismanagement.

at 4:15 PM Anonymous Red Faced said...

Rob, thanks for agreeing with me. I posted these awful stats on a separate topic last night but they are staggering and support your stance on Dunn:

With Runners in scoring position and 2 out BA .136. 22 AB with 12 SO!!!

With no-one on base he's batting .289, with runners on it drops to .209 and with runners in scoring position he only hits .191 He strikes out 43% of the time with runners in scoring position. This is why he doesn't get sac flies, doesn't put any pressure on the defense and has a poor HR to RBI ratio. And he's grounded into as many DP's this year as he did all of last year. He is just not clutch enough guys. I'd rather have a .300 hitter at the plate who can put the ball in play then a guy who barely bats .200 with runners on base and is going to strike out 43% of the time. I used to be on the other side too but when you get to really looking at his stats it's just not acceptable, then factor in his poor defense and there's just no reason to keep him and his 10 mil going on 13 million dollar contract. Get what we can out of him and we'll be fine without him.

I'm with you, let's see Hopper play instead and move Dunn and his salary. Next move? How about seeing Votto platooning at first with either Hatte or Conine. I don't care which. I say let the young guys play and get some experience for next year. They have to play with more heart and desire than most of the bunch I've been watching lately.

at 4:18 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Burton isn't exactly a young up and comer. He's 26, never pitched above AA, and has no clue where the strike zone is. He was touted as a guy who throws 96-98mph and has a nasty slider. I've seen a guy that throws 92-93mph tops and a slider that he overthrows no where close to the strike zone. These kinds of guys remind me of what was said about Joe Valentine and Allan Simpson. (I believe they are both out of baseball now)

at 4:20 PM Blogger Brad said...

I say we give Burton back when Guardado ir Bray comes back. The guys had never pitched above AA for a reason.

at 4:33 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Burton is a Carolina boy so he is deserving of some slack.

That said, his numbers last year in AA were terrible for a 25 year old. He didn't fare much better in the Arizona Fall League.

Everyone complained about giving up Shafer when he was traded. He cleared waivers and was sent outright to Sacramento.

That means Billy Beane unloaded $1.25million dollars guaranteed on a AAA pitcher (Sarloos)on the Reds and received a AAA pitcher that's not on the 40-man and paying him around $6,000 a month not guaranteed.

Add that $1.25 million dollars wasted to the $50,000 we gave the A's for Jared Burton and Billy Beane stole $1.75 million dollars from the Reds.

at 5:08 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone that complained about Shafer not being called up last year and about trading him, he cleared waivers and was sent outright to Sacramento.

That means Billy Beane unloaded $1.25million dollars guaranteed on a AAA pitcher (Sarloos) on the Reds and received a AAA pitcher that's not on the 40-man and paying him around $6,000 a month not guaranteed.

Add that $1.25 million dollars the $50,000 the Red’s gave the A's for Jared Burton and Billy Beane swindled $1.75 million dollars from the Reds.

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