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Monday, June 4, 2007

Transaction and talking to Bailey

Just got in from Denver.

Spoke to Homer Bailey on the way from the airport. He has not been told anything definitive. I ended our conversation with: "Guess, I'll see you this weekend."

"I hope you're right," he said.

There will be a Bailey story in the paper tomorrow and online at some point tonight.

From the Reds:

Prior to tomorrow night’s game in St. Louis, the Reds are expected to return from a rehabilitation assignment, recall from Class AAA Louisville and reinstate from the 15-day disabled list OF Josh Hamilton and recall from Louisville RHP Todd Coffey.

They will take the roster spots of RHP Brad Salmon, who today was optioned to Louisville, and OF Dewayne Wise, who has been outrighted to Louisville.

Since May 22 Hamilton has been on the 15-day disabled list with gastroenteritis. He hit safely in all 6 of rehab appearances for the Bats (8-24, .333, 1 2b, 4hr, 6rbi, 2sb). When he went on the DL Hamilton was hitting .261 with 8 HR and 18 RBI in 37 games for the Reds.

Coffey began the season with the Reds and went 1-1, 4.94 in 26 relief appearances before he was optioned to Louisville on May 24. He did not allow a run in 6 appearances for the Bats (5.2ip, 3h, 1bb, 9k, .158oba).

Salmon went 0-1, 4.50 in 11 relief apps for the Reds.

Wise appeared in 5 games for the Reds.


at 8:25 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone explain to me please - what's the difference between being options, and "outrighted".

at 8:38 PM Blogger Scott in NC said...

Saw Coffey pitch at Durham on Friday night. He threw almost all off-speed pitches and looked great.

Is Wise out of options? Just curious as to why he was outrighted.

at 8:43 PM Blogger Pat said...

John, who are your all stars? My ballot shows C. Lee, Holliday and Bay in the OF. Ramirez, Reyes,Utley and Fielder around the infield. Lo Duca catching Peavey and Cordero as my closer. You should do a blog about this.

at 9:18 PM Blogger John Fay said...

Option keeps him on the 40-man. By being outrighted, Wise is off the 40-man.

at 1:56 AM Blogger kingseyeland said...

Wouldn't that put the roster at 38?

at 10:51 AM Anonymous Red Faced said...

Just for the heck of it I wouldn't mind seeing a Hopper, Hamilton, Griffey Outfield with Hopper, Hamilton and Griffey batting 1,2,3 perhaps Phillips 4, followed by Hatteburg, EE, Gonzales, Ross, P. Perhaps the next time we face a lefthander since Dunn has been struggling against lefthanders of late.

at 11:54 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, and because Hamilton does so well against lefties, right? Let's bench Dunn (leading the team in R and RBI) because of a small sample size against lefties and ignore what he did against them last year. Statistics are available to the general public.

at 12:19 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Dunn (and Phillips and Hamilton) need to play every single game until this team gets above .500 or there's a bone sticking out. This coddling rest scared of lefties nonsense is part of the reason we need to Outright Narron to a golf course.

at 12:24 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Narron says our bullpen is better than a lot of people says?!

Those same people say Narron is worse than what the Reds record presently indicates him to be (as a manager, strategist, leader, inspiration, disciplinarian, tactitian, and teacher)!!!

Even if Narron is right about the bullpen (if he's not then the Reds will soon be 30 games under .500), that doesn't mean we aren't right about Narron!

at 4:23 PM Anonymous Red Faced said...

You guys have got to stop taking up for Dunn. Just look at these stats from this year: With Runners in scoring position and 2 out BA .136. 22 AB with 12 SO!!!

With no-one on base he's batting .289, with runners on it drops to .209 and with runners in scoring position he only hits .191 He strikes out 43% of the time with runners in scoring position. This is why he doesn't get sac flies, doesn't put any pressure on the defense and has a poor HR to RBI ratio. And he's grounded into as many DP's this year as he did all of last year. He is just not clutch enough guys. I'd rather have a .300 hitter at the plate who can put the ball in play then a guy who barely bats .200 with runners on base and is going to strike out 43% of the time. I used to be on the other side too but when you get to really looking at his stats it's just not acceptable, then factor in his poor defense and there's just no reason to keep him and his 10 mil going on 13 million dollar contract. Get what we can out of him and we'll be fine without him.

at 7:38 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Dunn hits home runs almost as often as Manny Ramirez so leave Dunn in the starting lineup or lose more often!

at 9:49 PM Anonymous Red Faced said...

Oh I see so as long as Dunn can hit a homerun we keep him. Well even if he hits as many as Manny he doesn't do it consistently with runners on base which is something Manny has been very good at over his career. Dunn can not say the same. Plus Manny doesn't strike out nearly as often as Dunn. There is a level of importance to just being able to make contact with the ball. Sac flies, moving runners over, the occasional error or heaven forbid even just a hit. None of that happens when you strike out. Not to mention you increase the pitch count. Baseball has never been a game in which you can just rely on the homerun ball. Dunn isn't getting it done for this team. He is as much a disappointment as our bullpen has been but no-one notices. Oh by the way, nice way to leave another runner on base already tonight (no not the first inning hit in which he was robbed).

at 10:40 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

We don't have Manny, we have Dunn, there are worse things to have, and while his Ks are too high and plate discipline atrocious, he's far down on the list of major Reds problems this year.

at 12:43 AM Anonymous Red Faced said...

I'm not the one who brought Manny into the equation here. As a matter of fact I hate taking up for him. I'm not saying that Dunn is our only problem but this team sorely needs someone to drive in runs and Dunn just has not been able to do that. This team can not compete until we start driving in runs and get consistently good results from our bullpen. We strike out with runners on base and we let the leadoff batters get on base too frequently. We can't pay Dunn 10.5 mil and 13 mil next run to hit the occasional HR with the bags empty. I really like Dunn and will continue to cheer for him even if he's in the AL but realistically speaking he hurts us as much as he helps us and at 10.5 mil that's not enough. Maybe the Yankees can throw that kind of money around but the Reds can't.

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