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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Reds 4, Rockies 2

You could almost feel this one slipping-sliding away in the seventh and eighth. But it didn't. That's a very good sign for the Reds. They've won four of five for the first time since the first five games of the season.

It was a nice nice outing by Bobby Livingston, who got his first big league win: 6 2/3 innings, 7 hits, 1 unearned run, 1 walk, 0 Ks. He left with a 4-0 lead.

Brad Salmon put the game in immediate danger as soon as Livingston left by walking the only two batters he faced. An error by Alex Gonzalez allowed one run to score. A misplayed ball by Ken Griffey Jr. allowed the other. But Jon Coutlangus bailed out Salmon, and David Weathers bailed out Coutlangus.

"It was good team win, " Livingston said.

Salmon is fortunate that Todd Coffey can't be brought back up until Tuesday because the coaching staff can't be very happy with Salmon right now.


at 1:27 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

why would the reds want to bring up coffey? He stinks! Lets try something different than the same old options. No matter when he got an extension, he doesnt belong in cincy right now!

at 3:03 AM Blogger kingseyeland said...

What's stopping them from sending Salmon to AAA and bringing McBeth back?

at 3:16 AM Blogger Pat said...

the same would have been said about EdE. Coffey has the ability to be in the Reds bullpen and do well.

at 9:44 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Until Coffey can get his BAA under .290 he should never be with the Reds. These relievers that give up more hits than innings pitched are not big leaguers. We need to stop fooling ourselves with the mediocrity of the Reds bullpen. Just because you pour syrup on crap doesn't make it pancakes. Jeff Brantley said it best about Coffey "he needs command of 2 pitches, he only throws a fastball, you learn in the minors not the big leagues."

Also EdE is a future allstar and 10year major leaguer, Coffey is not.

at 11:06 AM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Salmon and Coffee need to go! I don't wish to see either of them playing for the Reds again. Same goes for Stanton and Milton.

Saarloos and Coutlangus on the bubble as far as my rooting interests go...

Coutie's youth and potential weigh in his favor but hardly outweigh a 5.12 ERA! The search MUST go on for players who can (A) lead the Reds into the playoffs (B) don't cost the Reds a fortune in offensee players and (C) don't have weight and alcohol problems.

I think it's despicable that former Reds Pitcher Hancock's father is suing anyone for his son's irresponsible behavior the night of his death. The concept of ADULT and RESPONSIBILITY should be made stronger in the area of Torts. It's not just that he was drinking and driving but also yakking on the cell phone (a dumb thing to do while sober and in broad daylight while driving). What if he had killed someone else? The Reds may have kept Hancock had he been a more responsible person. Hopefully the Reds have been proactive and told all their players to learn from the Hancock example. It won't be the last time a major leaguer loses everything needlessly.

at 11:09 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

With McBeth going up who's going down or out?

at 12:29 PM Blogger Fansince50s said...

Narron won the game last night with the 8th inning defensive changes.

Dunn never catches that line drive which ended the 8th but Dunn wasn't playing left, Hopper was.

Also, when Freel comes back, leave Hopper in the lineup as leadoff batter. Wish he would walk more but that will come with experience.

at 1:39 PM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

Good to see the Red's winning, I was @ the game last night sitting right behind homeplate in the first row.I could see in the dugout all game, was talking to a few of the red's before, during, and after the game.

Their spirits seem to be up with this Freel injury & a little winning momentum has given them new life.(Not saying anyone is thrilled with him being injured, but I think it just woke the team up!) I talked to Dunn,(Which was a suprise,since he has always ignored me in the past) EE, Lohse, Gonzo, Weathers, Livingston, Majeswki, Hatcher, Narron, Harang, Stanton, and a few others briefly. Griffey who I 'm a huge fan, totally blew me off.Which was a bummer. The Team just looks really upbeat, I was watching in the dugout all game.Their body language looked good before, during, & after the game. Weathers thanked me for staying true and I appreciated that,since I do bleed red all the way through.(And since I still watch every game regardless on the MLB extra innings)

Rockies fan's were pretty upset with me considering I was talking smack all night to every player.Red's players were getting a kick out of it and got the thumbs up a few times.

Livingston looked sharp all game, the change up was by far his bread & butter all night. Talked to him briefly after the game, he was stoked! I also ran into his uncle who came into town to see his start, good guy and he was just thrilled to see his nephew pitch a solid game.

I will be at the next 2 games behind homeplate again tonight(Sat.) and on the 1st base side on sun.(That game I'm taking my daughter, who loves the red's!!!(She is only 2.5, but knows baseball and actually knows who the Red's are)

The word I got is freel is doing okay and The guys are pulling for him.They have alot respect for Freel, That is what I noticed!!!!

Till next time Red's fans(Sorry for the long post, just excited to see the red's live and winning again)

at 4:20 PM Blogger Don said...

Went to the Bats-Bulls game last night. Coffey looked very good in relief. He seemed to be determined to rely on his offspeed stuff. He retired the side without really even having to throw his heater.

Saarloos looked awful. He couldn't get his pitches up. He was essentially throwing cheese. I think his days in this organization are coming to an end.

I was impressed with Tommy Shearn's breaking stuff, but he lost his touch and had trouble locating before being pulled.

Homer throws tonight provided the rain doesn't roll in first.

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