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Friday, June 29, 2007

Ricky Stone promoted

The Reds brought up Ricky Stone from the Triple-A Louisville and designated Victor Santos for assignment. Stone was 4-4 with a 1.70 ERA at Louisville. He had nine saves in 11 chances. He returned to baseball after taking 2006 off.


at 4:15 PM Blogger Dan H said...

John, Before the season opener Santos was on the bubble and not put on the 25 man roster until the morning of opening day,there was talk of a possible trade which obviously fell apart. Just curious, have you heard anything on what that deal may have involved?

at 4:16 PM Anonymous Sedi said...

Too little too late...Stone should have been up here 10 days ago....

at 4:46 PM Anonymous NickyFly said...

This could be a "time to quit cutting bait and fish". Santos is not a part of the solution...neither is Ricky Stone (perhaps), but we know what Santos can do, let's see what Stone can do and keep going unitl we know who can get the job done...

at 5:58 PM Anonymous Mike said...

Could Stone be the pitcher to stabilize our wobbly bullpen in the 7th. and 8th. innings?

at 6:04 PM Blogger Don said...

Stone should have been up here a month ago. Not that it would have mattered much, but still.

Quite frankly about the only two guys that would be part of any long term solution would be Weathers and Salmon, the only two relievers with sub 4.00 ERAs. Granted, the sample size for McBeth and Gosling are small, but based on what we have seen from call ups this year, I am not overly optimistic they are going to pitch well. Coffey pitches lights out in AAA, but struggles in the show. I am not sold on Coutlangus, although he has pitched better in June than in May.

Speaking of Weathers, I know he is being mentioned in trade rumors, but I swear I would really like to see him back. Being that the Reds have had such a difficult time finding someone out of the pen worth a darn, it would make sense that they keep what works instead of trading that piece off for a prospect, i.e., an unknown outcome. Weathers is a pretty stand up guy who seems to be mentally tough. Unless the Reds are offered a deal they simply cannot refuse, I say keep Weathers.

at 6:57 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It strikes me that Phillips, not Hatteberg should lead off when neither Narron nor Freel are playing. Phillips is the only other play with speed on the Reds & Hatteberg has no speed. Should both somehow get on base, Phillips speed is totally negated by virtue of the slow Hatteberg (0 stolen bases) in front of him.

Of course, it is my conclusion that we have heard nothing from the Reds Owner about this losing because the Reds are playing to lose and for the #1 pick next year. I suppose we will have a really good minor league team in the future. For the sake of Griffey (who doesn't deserve to play for such a bad team in the last years of his career), I hope he is traded if he wants to go.

As for where Griffey, and in what uniform, he hits 600 HRs. Who CARES?? I certainly don't care. Winning games will draw me to the Reds' ballpark, not a few token star players on a really bad team.

at 7:53 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

the fans should be excited. each game the reds lose should eventually prompt the owners to fire narron. don't cheer for them to win hope they continue losing and stop going to the games thats the best thing we can hope for

at 7:53 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

go reds keep losing lets stop going to the games and force ownerships hand into firing narron

at 9:30 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

It's about time we get a new pitcher up here. It's a start. I'm sick of Narron and Castellini. I can't wait to see what garbage Krivsky gets next (for Dunn). Think this team can't get any worse? Just wait! It will. The problem starts at the managerial level and ends at the ownership level. 100 losses per year for the foreseeable future because ownership just doesn't get it, and they don't want to get it either.
The Reds don't run, they're not aggressive, and they can't hold a lead unless it's 15 runs.

All the words that ACCURATELY describe Narron, Krivsky, Castellini, and the way the Reds are playing are BANNED by John Fay on this blog!

at 9:43 PM Blogger dave in wisconsin said...

What a sad story-hard to believe that the script never changes-this is like Ground Hog Day-Narron should go-he can't pitch for the team and clearly they have lost all confidence in him.
Why bring up Stone and then not use him tonight-the same bad actors pitch night after night with the same results
Oh well-The Bengals start exhibition season in less than 2 months-wonder how their relief pitching is doing

at 10:05 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...


Keep wishing really really hard Bob!

50 losses before the 4th of July should trigger automatic FIRINGS, and a sale of the Reds!

You guys don't know what you're doing!

at 8:11 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is unfair to blame Castellini for this mess -- yes, he hired Krivsky and extended Narron. However, Krivsky came from the Twins which is a well run franchise. For much of last year, the Reds played well under Narron.

Over the winter though, the Reds clearly did not make the right moves to improve. Despite correctly recognizing last July that the Reds needed relief pitching & then the Kearns/Lopez trade for which Krivsky has received a lot of grief, there have been no other moves for relief pitching. Good teams need to be able to close the door. Sometimes the answer is to move a starter, that tires out in later innings, to the bullpen. If the Reds could close the door in the 8th, the Reds would probably be around .500 or better...though, certainly, one would hope that the Reds are striving to World Series winners as opposed to a "competitive" .500 team.

Further, while the Reds have the next to lowest payroll in their division, above the Pirates, the Reds increased their payroll by 10M for the year as compared to last year. The problem is not Castellini -- the problem is that his money has arguably not been put to the best use for purposes of players or personnel.

Castellini has certainly said nothing to support Krivsky or Narron of late. My guess, as a relatively new owner of this team, he is evaluating the whole situation.

The Reds' payroll is 69M. The Pirates' payroll is 38M. Everyone else in the division is higher than the Reds in terms of payroll. However, I think Castellini has the team moving in the right direction. However, given that the Reds payroll is less than the Brewers, Cubs, Cardinals, and Astros -- it can not be a total shock that the Reds are either in 5th or 6th place in their division. Krivsky and Narron have less to work with than other teams & less room for error.

I do think that Castro and Moeller are wasting roster space. While I think Gonzalez is a good player -- he is a disappointment this year as for his defense -- & I think Phillips should have been moved back to SS, with Freel at 2b, and the money spent over the winter on Gonzalez should have been spent on relief pitching. If the Reds could trade Gonzalez, I would do so. Griffey should be traded (unless he really wants to play for such a horrible team this year & refuses a trade).

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