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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

So so Homer

Homer Bailey allowed no runs on one hit through five innings for Louisville against Durham tonight.

But he allowed five runs in the sixth, only two were earned. He threw 33 pitches in the inning.

His line: 5 2/3 innings, four hits, five runs, two earned runs, three walks, four strikeouts, 97 pitches, 55 strikes.


at 10:06 PM Blogger mike said...

defensive woes in the Cincinnati organization? Wow, who'd of thunk of it, real shocker.

at 11:11 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

One pitch Homer....

not a description of someone's at bat....

at 12:03 AM Blogger robby said...

Homer is not ready for the majors and should have never been brought up. At this point one can only hope that he is the real deal. One thing for sure. He is far less than advertised. Another great job of over inflating a prospect's abilities is what it looks like at this point.

at 3:25 AM Blogger RedwoodsSteve said...

I have to think that 55 strikes out of 97 pitches, especially in the minors, where there aren't as many patient hitters, and especially when combined with his last performance, indicates that Bailey still needs to do a good deal of developing before he can really contribute at the big league level.

at 10:34 AM Anonymous Red Faced said...

Good Gravy, everyone is one the Homer band wagon one day and off the next. No, Homer is not Major League ready just yet but I don't think the experience in the Show hurt him and it certainly didn't hurt the last place Reds either. He's shown flashes of being a great pitcher but that's more than most young pitchers can say.

He obviously needs to work on throwing all his different pitches for strikes to keep his pitch count low and to help him be more effective. I look forward to a Reds future with Homer in the rotation. I wouldn't be surprised to see him again at the very least during the September call ups.

at 10:43 AM Anonymous jc said...

what a load of garbage. he was absolutely dominating in three of his starts. the problem here is a lack of patience in some fans. if we rebuild.... with youth, it is going to take time. "less than advertised" grew up with the reds... been in atlanta twenty years. will be back at ballpark today. saw braves do it the right way. developed young starters. none were dominating every start early in their careers. smoltz and glavine got lit up. you take a short view with these guys... you should just go root for the sox or the yankees. bailey is the real deal.

at 10:47 AM Anonymous jc said...

one more thing. about homers pitch count. looks like he pitched great for five innings and lost it in the sixth with a 33 pitch inning. thats 12 pitches per inning for the first five. inconsistency... which hopefully becomes less of an issue. arroyo was dominant last night... a month ago he couldn't get me out.

at 12:13 PM Blogger John Fay said...

I agree with JC. Fans have to show some patience with Bailey. In last night's start, he was dominating and then let it get away after the errors. That's understandable for the 21 year old. I'd have him back up here soon.

at 1:17 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

What's the big deal? EVERY pitcher in the majors without exception has bad outings.

Homer is plenty ready to pitch every five starts for the Reds and should be up here to stay. I'll bet his morale is low after riding the Krivsky yo-yo.

Morale is something Krivsky and Castellini appear BLIND to. They couldn't see that Narron ruined the team's morale early on and they act like going back to the minors is no big deal for hyped players like Bailey.

Bob and Wayne's World would have sent Willie Mays back to the minors within a few days of his debut, and probably kept him down there for one or two more years before "he was ready."

Keppinger is up months too late. Votto should have been called up this year EARLY.

So if a Pence or Hart or Braun goes 0-7 do they get sent back to the Minors? No! If a Germano for the Padres gets blasted like he did a few weeks ago, does he get yanked from the rotation? NO. And each of those players came back just fine, Germano pitched a shutout the other day. Why is it that the Reds think certain rules apply only to Reds' minor league talent. Other teams in the majors don't screw-around half as much as the Reds do with their young talent and their confidence.

Most players play far worse when there's a hook dangling over them and we all know (except for Bob and Wayne apparently) that good young talent (as opposed to decrepit lack of talent should have retired five years ago Stantons et al) need more rope at the big league level.

This season, up until the Narron dumping, couldn't have been worse. So what did we really have to lose by giving Votto and Keppinger and Livington and Bailey starting spots in April? NOTHING! Okay, that's too hindsight-filled but by the time this team was 10 games under .500, the "our old washed up players really stink alarms" should have been heard by Bob the baseball genius because the fans heard them loud and clear!

Meanwhile, it's time for Castellini to fire Krivsky, and spend the GM's salary on scouting in the Dominican Republic and Japan.

Where are the Reds' versions of Jose Reyes SS NYM, Ichiro, Iwamura, Matsui 2B COL, Okijama P BOS, Dice-K, Miguel Cabrera and Hanley Ramirez (that latter two also FREE AGENTS FROM DOMINICAN REPUBLIC like the METS' Reyes)?

This organization is an absolute mess and a big embarrassment regarding their consistent failure to obtain quality Latin American and Asian players, so now that you have a very good field manager, it's time to fix that aspect of the player acquisition pipeline Bob! Let's go, Chop Chop!

Fire Krivsky and go send get a scout to work FULL TIME YEAR ROUND in the CARIBBEAN/Central America. There are dozens of Miguel Cabreras and Hanley Ramirezes to be had in Latin America! And get another full-time scout to Japan and Asia.

I want K & C Clueless, Inc. to stop talking about fielding a contender and just go do all the right things that real teams (Seattle, Boston, Florida) do to improve their squads. For once. Can you stop playing with your cucumbers and bananas long enough to get that done Bob?

If we have scouts already in those areas, well who are they and where are their results?

When will fans in Cincinnati ask for genuine accountability? The Reds are a mess and this new owner has not done nearly enough to even BEGIN to clean it up yet!

at 1:56 PM Blogger John Fay said...

The Reds have full-time scouts in the those areas. They have camps in the D.R. and Venz. Look at the names on rosters in the lower minor leagues. Johnny Cueto is player closest to the big leagues. The Francisco kid at Dayton is a big time prospect. To blame Castellini for not developing Latin players is ludicrous. He took over the team 19 months ago. Look at the time it took for the players you mentioned to get the big leagues after signing. The problem dates back to Marge Scott. Castellini and Co. are trying to fix it.

at 7:59 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I said long ago that the all the scouts needed on Homer was three books....

They got'em and look what's happened. He's not ready, not even close.

That being said............ this is typical Cincinnati with regards to the fans and media..... Gripe about losing, gripe that the team isn't worth a damn, then gripe when the team plays to it's ability. They stink, we all know they stink, yet we complain when they stink.

Homer is not going to solve the problem, especially when he's not ready. But then again... he'll be a perfect fit.

More griping on the horizon.........

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