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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hamilton hurt

I'm not a doctor, but if I had to guess I'd say Josh Hamilton's season is over. He's been playing with a sore right hamstring. He appeared to injure it pretty badly trying to beat out a groundball in the fifth inning. He limped off, and then had to be helped down the dugout steps. Hamstrings generally take a long time to heal. The Reds only have 17 games left.

The Reds announced it was a strain. He'll be re-examined tomorrow.


at 9:07 PM Blogger Adam said...

Could this possibly open up a call up for mr Jay Bruce?

at 9:19 PM Anonymous Scott said...

This is precisely why you have to pick up Dunns option, even if you intend to give Jay Bruce a chance next season. We have gotten lucky with Jrs health this year. Even if next year is similar Jr. will still need his share of days off. Add in the likelihood that Hamilton will probably be oft-injured and often sick(not to take anything away from his great talent, but its just the reality of what he has subjected his body to), this is why you can't just annoint 3 starting outfielders and assume they will all play 150 games. Also, you can't just assune Bruce will do in the Majors what he did in the Minors. If he does, then you get what you can for Dunn or Griffey during the middle of the season based on your needs if Hamilton stays healthy and productive too.

at 9:35 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Off the subject but two questions: (1) Why so many broken
bats? Is the wood different than it used to be? We used to hold the bat with the label facing us so as not to break it. I don't see MLB players doing this. (2)
Hamilton's a natural. If he's
gone for the season, why not
call up Jay Bruce?

at 9:52 PM Blogger Ron said...

Hamilton nees to spend the offseason stretching out & strengthening those Hammies.

at 10:11 PM Blogger Dan H said...

If they are not calling up Bailey they surely will not call up Bruce. Ellison

at 10:23 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed Edwin's stats this year versus last. Offensively is almost a wash, but at this point is the season his total chances are equal with his total chaces from last season. The difference is the he had 25 errors last season and only 12 this season for the same amount of TC's. That progress, the that BA keeps creeping up. I still see upside with this guy, he's still young!

at 10:49 PM Blogger Krawhitham said...

How many days does a rule 5 player need to be on the active roster?

at 11:01 PM Blogger John Fay said...

Hamilton's fine as far as days. And there's no reason to put him on DL with the expanded roster.

at 11:55 PM Anonymous redifil said...

Yeah, no sense running Josh back out there and risk further hammy dammage. Seems like a good time to see what Bruce can do. But they might want to give Hopper most of the ABs to see if he should stay in the mix next year. They most likely will have Bruce start next season at Louisville - unless, perhaps, he tears it up in spring training.

at 8:14 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah Scott you are correct..this is precisely why we should keep Adam Dunn and this team the way it is.

I really am worried how this team would play without Adam Dunn. Who knows..using Dunns, Miltons, Hatteburgs, etc..monies might even get us so good pitching and we might even win..

Thats real scary Scott.

Scott what has our record been since Dunn has been with us and this is precisely why u dont know what your speak of.

at 10:43 AM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Getting rid of Griffey would be even better but no one will take him. Never a winning record since the super-star arrived.

For those of you who believe that Griffey puts fans in the stands. I see the park was packed again last nite with 14,000 and half of those were dogs. Lets see how many would show up to see a contender for a change.

Keep Bruce in the minors until he is at least 30, no reason to see what he can do. Maybe he is ready to replace the 38 year old stat king loafer in right field now. Of course, without Griffey the fans who do show up would not be treated to any 410' singles.

Unfortunately the Reds need to keep either Griffey or Dunn and since Dunn has had a very good year and is 10 years younger than Griffey, it only makes sense to keep Dunn and try to find a fool to take Griffey off of your hands. Not likely.

at 3:43 PM Anonymous Scott said...

anon 7:14- what makes you think having money to spend on pitching means ownership will want to spend it, or that any pitcher good enough with a semblance of a choice on where yo sign would want to sign here. Also, Dunn may have his faults, but its not his fault this teams bad pitching has kept it from winning.

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