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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Jocketty Day II

I wrote some more stuff on Walt Jocketty for the Sunday paper. I talked to Jeff Brantley about him. Jocketty traded for Brantley in 1997. Brantley thinks it's a great a hire.

"He's a tremendous talent evaluator," Brantley said. "He sees the positives and negatives."

Brantley also doesn't think Jocketty's ego will get in the way of him doing a good job.

It will be interesting to see how it works out. Jocketty's obviously got Bob Castellini's ear. Castellini is very hands-on. He makes the final call in things like a potential Erik Bedard trade.

I also wrote a Reds Insider, talking about our favorite subject: Will the Reds add a veteran starter? I imagine Wayne Krivsky has or will shortly run the possibilities by Jocketty. I don't think the Bedard trade or a trade for Joe Blanton gets done. Signing a free agent is more likely. Pickings are fairly slim. The Reds have kicked the tires on a lot of guys. We know that's the case with Josh Fogg. It's probably the case with Jon Lieber and Livan Hernandez.


at 4:51 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bedard!...Bedard!...Bedard!... Stop already with the talk of trading four prospects for this guy. He is a good pitcher. He would help the Reds or any other team this year. He is not worth trading four prospects. These are not guys that are in AA and are projected to arrive in a few years. Three of the four guys are considered to be among the top prospects at their positions. Two of them are piotchers that are rated as two of the top five pitching prospects in baseball. For all of the Yankee's ability to aquire talent, when they were asked for their two top pitching prospects for Santana, they said no chance. The Reds are not a starter away from a world series. Not if that starter is Bedard, Bob Gibson, Tom Seaver or anyone else. What the Reds require to get to a world series is two quality starters, a center fielder, and a corner infielder with some power. Hmmm, wonder where they could get all of that?

at 6:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

4:51 anon I agree but dont forget about adding tow quality middle relievers to that mix

at 8:00 PM Anonymous redfuture said...

Trading your best prospects for proven veterans is out-moded, out-dated and unnecessary. Good players can be added via free agency without incurring the cost of loosing young talent on the rise. Not many teams, especially the Reds, have had the flood of rookie talent that is arriving not only this year but the next and the next. The FA Cordero only cost the owner dollars, units that are used for exchange because they are the same everywhere. Talented rookies are not something to barter with, there aren't many Bruces, Baileys, Vottos or Cuetos out there. A year from now we will be rejoicing in their accomplishments while extolling the virtues of next flood of rookies: Travis Wood, Todd Frazier and Kyle Lotzkar.

at 9:19 PM Blogger Don said...

Why would the Reds want to pay for a free agent on the downhill side of their career when the Reds could run out a youngster or two like Bailey and Cueto and get the same results, or quite possibly better?

It does not make sense to bring in Hernandez or Leiber. There is a reason why it is January and they still haven't signed.

at 12:08 AM Anonymous Mike said...


Hey guys, have you heard about this new Reds blog called LetsTalkReds.com? I checked it out today and it looks like it is going to be pretty cool.

It is all about giving fans a chance to really talk about what's going on. They publish on the site things that fans write (essays and stuff) about the team. It also has polls, videos, discussions, and LINKS to all of the best places to find out rumors and info from all our Cincinnati writers. It's pretty cool. Check it out and support it. We need more sites like this.

at 12:42 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I disagree with anonymous. I think the addition of Bedard would get us close to the playoffs. No way that happens w/o him. Personally, I'd rather take the risk of the Reds competing for the next two years than waiting until 2010. It looks like time is running out though as Adam Jones has been recalled from winter ball. I've reconciled we will not get Bedard unfortuantely, and will end up with something like Lohse. I guess I'll catch a a game or two next year, and then catch the Reds again in 2010 when we're supposedly a good team.

at 7:11 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Close to the playoffs'.....That is what we want to give up the future for? Outside of NY Boston and the occassional freespending spree by some other owner, every GM and owner will tell you that the way to build is through your farm system. The reason we keep hearing that is because it is true. Every decent team in a medium to small market has had it's core come from it's own player development. The reason that the Reds have not won in the last decade is their failure to develop their own players and specifficly an inability to develop starting pitching. When it appears the team is finnaly on the cusp of doing just that, we get all of this demand for a starter so that we can get 'close to the playoffs.'

I, for one am not interested in a team that is not trying to win a world series. Getting close to the playoffs is simply not good enough.

at 7:58 AM Anonymous redfuture said...

They already got the one decent FA pitcher who actually actually filled a tremendous need. All the FA choices remaining have no hope of being better than average. Who's going to tell Harang, "Hey we just signed so&so as the #4 SP and by the way he has a better contract than you do." They already went around the FA SPs by trading a top-notch CF for another young SP. who is out of minor league options. Can anyone tell me the last time a projected Reds rotation had the heat this one does?
Harang 91-93, touches 94
Arroyo 89-91, touches 92
Belisle 92-94, touches 95
Bailey 93-95, touches 96
Volquez 94-96, touches 97
Add to this the closer:
Cordero 95-97, touches 98

at 9:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

12:42 anon.

And I believe that Akili Smith is coming outta retirement and leading the Bengals to the Superbowl

The Reds have far greater problems than just starting pitching

at 9:13 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right, don't trade top prospects for anything less than Santana...

So now you tolerate people advertising other blogs on here?

What's up, John?

"Idiot and moron" are dirty words to you, except when someone slamming someone you obviously dislike here uses them, but now you're going to tolerate blog promotions by commentators?

Why not set some standards that you, first and foremost, always uphold without exception? Why not avoid the appearance of biased or careless blog-host-weenie?

And don't give me any limp excuses about how hard it is to "catch" everything.

If you support Mike's new Reds' blog then pumping that blog on here should come from you ONLY. When he attempted to post that notice of a new blog you ought to have made a new rule to that effect--unless you want everyone to start running little text commercials in their comments here.

If ankle-biters can slap others down for going off-topic here (by mentioning Mike Brown or Hillary) then it's more than fair to air the issue of what you should and should not allow here, topically, and what authority comment moderation ought keep for itself.

The Reds are 2 or 3 high quality starters from making the playoffs. We have Votto and EE at the corner promising more power in the years to come and Bruce Almighty and Keppingers' vast potential for stardom plus a bullpen that appears adequate--the weak point is the rotation not set-up or closing.

Just say no to trading Bruce, Keppinger, and Votto.

And just say no to promoting your own crap on here--even if it's good crap.

at 11:03 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jocketty + 3 starters = playoffs

Long Relief C+
Set Up B-
Closer (either A- or disaster)
Starters D+
Our bench (Freel, Fatex, Hatteberg) B to B+

If Cordero stays healthy and effective, we have WHAT big problems besides the starters?

The Reds will not make the post-season in 2008 but if we keep our hitting prospects and young stars AND keep developing the Texas haul plus Bailey and Cueto step up and we get more starters from free agency and hopefully Japan over the next two years then with Jocketty's help the Reds will field a team that will make the playoffs EVERY YEAR from 2010-2020.

That's better than throwing away the future for Bedard and the illusion of instant gratification for 2008.

at 11:46 AM Blogger Scott In Louisville, KY said...

9:13 AM - ANON:

Dude you are entitled to your opinion but seriously RELAX. This is a blog and if you care SOOO much about it then register your name. Until then just relax and lay off people. Do you have that little going on in your life?

at 12:10 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

funny that The Reds have two GM's and The Bengals have zero

at 12:22 PM Anonymous MONEY MIKE said...

I just got done reading the Reds Insider and it was good. I know everyone on here is kinda saying that Krivdog should see the writing on the wall, are you hinting that WJ is going to be the ones making the decisions from now on? "Given Jocketty's history, the Reds are more likely to go the free-agent route." Because that quote def. makes it seem like baseball decisions will be up to WJ and not WK

at 12:56 PM Anonymous firefly118 said...

This is a clear cut pointer that BC is not any more impressed with Krivsky than we are! Jocketty is clearly the GM now and will officially be GM next year, if not sooner. We needed a GM that knows the league and can do deals that are smart and get talent (i.e Bedard). Krivsky brings us people like Milton! I believe this is a step in the right direction and will prove benefical for the Reds. He is a great talent evaluator, and he will be able to know what our minors actually have to offer, and what we can afford to give for great MLB players. Good job BC for a great move, and hopefully he will hit the ground running

at 12:57 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's so funny how posters disparage the disparagement of others.

Duh! You're just doing exactly what you complain about others doing.

So many censor-wannabees.

You can easily tell when a certain blog-spammer's oxe is gored here.

Too funny! You blogotaliban crack me up!

at 3:05 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The writing is on the wall....WK failed! Plus, Cluless was so pompous he turned a ton of fans off.Bob C. could not have been happy with that aspct of it.I'm sure the arrogant Kriv will leave town if anyone else will take him.I join others in saying WAKE UP CINCY FIRE KRIVSKY

at 3:23 PM Blogger BTB Reds Fan said...

Is everyone so quick to forget Krivsky brought us Phillips for a peanut vendor, which by the way I thank everyone Indian fan I come across for Phillips. Also Bronson for Wily Mo who is now in Washington with Kearns and Lopez. A note on that deal is the fact that neither have produced very well granted Majewski has flopped and Clayton had to be the worst infielder I have seen in quit awhile but Bray has closer stuff and should be pretty strong being a season removed from his injuries.

Everyone makes bad and good deals Krivs ability to scout talent is amazing his main goals being to rebuild the farm have been very successful look at the people coming up in the past two years. Not to mention how many GM's can pull two diamonds out of the rule 5 draft like he did last year. Love him or hate him he has done good things for this team.

at 3:23 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear WK I'm thrilled you've been replaced!Not only were you an inept failure, you're arrogant reaction to this failure sucked!! I will now buy tickets & return to the park!!I join others WAKE UP CINCY FIRE KRIVSKY

at 3:37 PM Blogger Jimmy - Lexington said...

I would really like to see the Reds, and the Bengals, take a lesson from the Bearcats. The University in the city, or the only one that matters anyway, has discovered that in order to build fan support you have to have people in the leadership roles that have a personality that the fans root for. I constantly log on to these blogs and hear Krivsky giving generic answers that provide no valuable information to fans. At times I feel like an inconvenience to the Reds leadership for wondering in the off-season what the plans are. I then see people like Brian Kelly, Mick Cronin, and Mike Thomas catering to the fans in anyway possible. Brian Kelly is the perfect example of this who the night before the bowl game did two pep rallies for the fans, staying after to talk, shake hands, and just be one of the guys. He constantly fills the papers and blogs with quotes that energize the fan base, or at the very least make you feel like he's on our team. It would be nice to see similiar actions from Krivsky. Acknowledging 12 seasons of frustration and speaking to fans like the customers we are, instead of like the annoying nats you get at the ballpark during the summer.

at 4:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 9:13,
Its Johns blog not yours. You might need a mental health day to clear up all the hate running through your mind.

at 4:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

why isnt anyone on the joe blanton bandwagon. he's a very good #2/#3 SP... a workhorse of 200in/yr. great control, limits hr's/walks etc. it would probably take cueto + a couple 2nd tier prospects. which is reasonable. no votto/bruce/bailey etc. a big 3 of harange/blanton/arroyo suddenly makes the reds contenders in the weak NL Central. he's also a local guy from kentucky

at 4:18 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

People need to quit with the Kriv is done talk. If Bob was displeased he would have been fired anyway. Also Walt has already said in an interview he never wants to be a GM again because it consumed too much of his life with it being a 24/7 job.

Also Blanton is not that good, at least for what the A's want. Yes on the surface his numbers look good but if you look deeper you will see that he is acctually HORRIBLE on the road. he gets beat around really bad. His numbers are do to how much of a pitchers ballpark Oakland is. put him here in GABP and we better start getting our canoes out on the Ohio.

at 4:54 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

Where do you start with people like this? what did wayne bring us Pappas also?

at 12:56 PM firefly118 said...
"Krivsky brings us people like Milton!"

at 6:15 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

9:13 anon and others

The Reds are not just 2 quality starters away from contention

Among other things we got clobbered in the middle innings. In addition to starting pitching we need quality middle relief

We have no catcher

Defensively ..we lost out best outfielder, Griffey has become average and Dunn is pretty poor defensively

Once again..and with the upmost of respect..aside from getting a closer..we have not done a thing to address the aforementioned issues.. All of your high expectations are not very realistic.

I heard that Odell Thurman is coming back ..therefore the Bengals are going to the Superbowl..Please dont get mad..I too am allowed fairy tales

Jack in Blue ash

at 7:51 PM Blogger Bengal43 said...

Bill Bray as a starter.

at 8:20 PM Anonymous Allan said...

Jack: I think things are better than you can see right now. Our best outfielder was moved to make room for Bruce, who will one day move to right but should be great in center. The middle relief improved when the Cordero was signed with weathers and burton available for the 7th and 8th. A healthy Bray should help too. This team, like most teams, doesnt need their catcher to hit. I dont see that position as an huge problem that needs to be addressed asap. Ross defends well and and calls a good game. If he hits somewhere between what he did last year and the year before, that'll do. The Reds are in contention for the NL central. Once in the post season, anything can happen. The sky is not falling Jack, its getting brighter.

at 9:20 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This year, Colorado had no reliable catcher, a rookie SS, a 2B rejected by the Mets because he couldn't hit, and a 3B who couldn't field.

They had only 1 pitcher with over 170 IP, and only 3 with over 115 IP, and none with an ERA under 4. They only had 2 pitchers with more than 68 strikeouts.

They only had one solid reliever in Fuentes. The rest of their bullpen was staffed with other teams' rejects (Herges, Affeldt, Hawkins) and unproven 2nd year players (Corpas, Buchholz).

Despite this, they made the World Series. The point? Every team has flaws.

There's no reason to be so negative about the Reds all the time. What's the point of being a fan if all you do is whine and moan?

Honestly, I think that we're a Fogg or a Lohse away from the playoffs at this point. Remember that we're in the weakest division in baseball. Once you're in the playoffs, it's all about which team hits a hot streak.

- Tim

at 10:17 PM Blogger Chris at Redleg Nation said...

Funny that you mention the Brantley trade, because that was not a good one for Jocketty. He gave up 24 y/o Dmitri Young, who proceeded to, among other things, hit 143 doubles for the Reds.

He got a 33 y/o reliever who pitched 50 innings of below-average ball for the Cards.

Bengal43: Bray wasn't even a starter in college, as I recall.

at 10:51 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Allan ...read your post closely..aside from the Cordero signing all is assumption and hope on your part

Bruce has never played a game at the major league level. He could easily be a bust like Brandon Larson. I forgot the scouts say he is a sure thing too funny. The scouts said Akili Smith had an NFL arm and was a sure thing also

Ken Griffey even if he is able to play has become marginal in the outfield and adam Dunn stinks defensively..I know I am excited

The middle relief did not get better when Cordero was signed. We lost dozens of games due to this deficiency and Bray, Majeski, Coffey, Mc Beth . Coutangus..etc aint magically gonna get better cause you say so

Every reliever that we have including Dave weathers, whom I love to death..is erratic

We need a catcher dude we cant have that player hitting 200

Tim..I know u have lost your marbles..uopu are saying that someone like Kyle Loshe will take us to the playoffs..?

The one good signing is Walt Jockerty


at 12:16 AM Blogger BTB Reds Fan said...

Not to burn or put people down but man Jack its hard for me to read the crap you spew. Bray hurt most of the season and had such a good string of relief appearances and McBeth was a rookie doesn't it take time for a player to settle down in the majors. On the Coffey front he needs to ditch that poor excuse for a changeup off speed pitch and stick to the power slider and fast ball that gave him the 06 numbers.

Ross had a what 48% on throwing out runners and can handle pitchers better then most catchers. I feel he had a terrible year last year and he should fall between his 07 and 06 numbers. If not then Javy is an average defensive catcher that can hit.

I might not know everything about Larson but he looked like crap from the get go and I don't know if he was ever the top prospect in baseball. Also I know that means nothing but what are you supposed to do when you have major league ready talent like Bruce? Ease him in or bundle him in some god awful deal that destroys what we have been working on the past few years and trade prospects.

Everyone needs to calm down and realize Walt isn't this amazing beacon and WK does a decent job. If anything the worst thing the Reds did was hire that poor excuse of a manager Baker. Look for the bull pen to get more consistent because they have a solid situation of roles now and it seems like BS but its true that it helps and all these young guys have taken some lumps but thats the process and I look for things to sit a lot better.

Maybe I am to positive but come on I am a Reds fan to the core and have to have faith in my team and not be some negative awful person who only sees awful things happening have some faith and realize things can go bad or good baseball has a lot of luck and what maybe 30% of top prospects pan out so good thing we have 4 good pitching prospects.

at 8:16 AM Blogger Al in Ohio said...

John's article from Saturday quotes Wayne Krivsky as saying this about Walt Jocketty:

"We believe in the same things: That you build a club through scouting and player development."

If Jocketty does indeed believe that, you'd never know it by looking at his history with the Cardinals. I think Reds fans can look for one of two things to happen: Either Castellini is about to go for broke with trades and free agent signings (Jocketty's M.O. in St. Louis) or Jocketty won't be here long when he sees that the Reds are playing a different ballgame, so to speak, then he was used to in St. Louis.

I generally support what WK has done so far, but the statement above is nothing short of laughable.

at 8:19 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTB.. I love the Cinty Reds just as much as you. We went to 29 games last year and either listened or watched the rest.. I am just a realist. And its not just "last year" dude we have had 7 losing seasons in a row.

As others in here have done..you feel that there will be a miraculous turn around of our middle relieivers. God bless ya dude..I disagree ..No matter what inning you stick them in they stunk..

Yet..its easy to say there will be improvement. Just like you say the Reds are gonna make a miraculous turaround.. the Bengals are going to the Superbowl next year BTB cause I say so. Dont you see how silly that is.

My point with Bruce is that he has not played a single game at the major league level and scouts are often wrong.In fact, I had just moved back when Larson was brought up and there was the same level of excitement. We all know what happened.

Quit making excuses for not having a catcher. And Valentine looked like crap

I do agree with you on Dusty Baker we could have done much better.


I am excited about the hiring of Walt Jockerty...there is now hope for this franchise

I am gonna go to my 25-30 games next year and enjoy myself

Jack in Blue Ash

at 8:57 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's what I hope Jocketty does for the Reds this off-season: convince them to outbid the Texas Rangers for Jason Jennings. Jennings was bothered all season by a tear in his flexor tendon and thus didn't pitch very well. He should be fully recovered from the surgery and ready to go now. He is a ground ball pitcher, which should play well in the GAB. He is this year's Chris Carpenter.

at 8:58 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why in the world would the Cincinnati Reds trade any pitcher, especially ones with the potential of Baily or Cueto, that's crazy. They haven't developed a starting pitcher since Tom Browning, and haven't had a right handed twenty game winner since Jim "Freakin" Maloney!We, as fans have endured Marge Schott, Jim Bowden, Carl Linder, John Allen, Bob Boone, Dan O'Brian, and Jim Bowden(a name so bad I had to say it twice), so I think we can handle one more close to .500 season if it bares fruit for the next five to ten years

at 10:30 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 9:20: We're a Lohse or What? away from the playoffs? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Good one!

The Reds are inferior to the Rockies, vastly so!

Dunn is no Matt Holliday and Fatex isn't much of a Troy Tulowitski! Keppinger might approch Tulo's level in some hitting stats...might.

Last time anyone checked, EE was no Garrett Atkins and no "who" on First for the Reds was ever close to Todd Helton.

Fast Willie is their Freel (in terms of speed and fragility) but Tavaras is better. Hawpe BESTED Griffey, though not by too much.

Hawpe in 516 ABs hit .291 with 29 HRS, 116 RBI, and 80 runs scored.

Junior in a few more at bats than hit .277 with 30 HRS, 93 RBI, and 78 runs but beat Hawpe 6-0 in SBs...still, easy edge to Hawpe for 2008).

The Reds catchers are inferior to Torrealba while Iannetta is still young and unproven; Ross for Iannetta would be a good deal for the Reds but the Rocks ain't dumb.

The Rockies' young pitchers (6 who are either rookies or sophomores entering spring training) are part of a much more talented collection of arms than Cordero + Harang + a sock full of prayers (which is Reds pitching at the moment).

But despite this, being a Reds fan is not all gloom and doom. Cueto and Bailey especially must make a big leap to the "reliable" level, while Bruce has to prove that he can't miss and Votto and Keppinger have to (apparently) earn starting roles. It will be an exciting 2008 season even if we don't have weekly pre-game hamburger eating contests between Weathers, Stanton, and Gonzo.

Unlike the Reds, Colorado is a team of happy, hard-working, positive, and cohesive players; a real team that outworks, outhustles, and mostly outplays our home town heroes (or is that gyros?)

Hopefully Dusty Baker cracks the whip and aggressively confronts and benches anyone who fails to play fundamentally sound baseball, especially on the basepaths.

Work-ethic, concentration, and discipline are character upgrades badly needed on the Reds. I'll bet Bruce brings all that to the dugout this year!

Maybe Mr. Cooperstown-Lock will learn something useful from Jay the Pro? Don't hold your breath though!

Yes, the season does have to be played and miracles happen but if you're looking to Dusty Baker, Mike Stanton, Fatex, Fiorentino, Coffey, Majewski and Belisle to get the Reds to the playoffs you might as well go pan for gold in the Licking River.

at 11:38 AM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

On the subject of Bedard, via today's Balto. Sun:

. . . MacPhail knows what he wants to acquire for Bedard or Roberts, he hasn't received it, and he's not bending in his demands.

Although he doesn't show his hand, it's believed MacPhail expects three to five legitimate prospects or near major league-ready players for either of his two big guns.

In Seattle, that means center fielder Adam Jones and probably at least three others, likely including 19-year-old right-hander Chris Tillman. With the Cubs, that probably means outfielders Felix Pie or Tyler Colvin, pitchers Sean Marshall or Sean Gallagher and one or two others. In Cincinnati, a Bedard trade meant promising outfielder Jay Bruce and others, and because the Reds wouldn't include Bruce, those talks withered.

Fans in those cities will tell you the Orioles are asking for too much. But Orioles front office people will argue that none of the players they are targeting is a key component of the other clubs' potential 2008 playoff run.

It's a simple equation that MacPhail is proposing in the trade talks: We'll make your good team a true contender this season, and you'll make us better for 2010.

Pretty much sums up the situation.

at 12:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is a prediction that I made the first time I saw Votto play in Dayton. This kid will be the next Tony Perez and that is not a statement I make lightly. Votto is as much the real deal as Bruce. I saw both of them play here in Indianapolis this year when they were visiting the Indians. A better deal would have been to ship Dunn and EE (who is NOT the real deal) for some true #2 starter.

at 12:30 PM Blogger John Fay said...

The reports late last week that the Reds had gotten back into the mix for Bedard weren't true as far as I can tell. That comes from Reds insiders who would know. The notion that the Reds would consider trading Bailey, Votto, Cueto and Encarnacion is off base.

at 12:50 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of people bashing Krivsky. I fail to see how he is "arrogant". Just because he doesn't make the whimsical trades that you buffoons are calling for, doesn't mean he's got an ego problem. It just means he is of sound mind. Jocketty will be a nice addition as long as he and Krivisky can co-exist. As far as the starter situation goes, let's just sign someone like Lieber,someone who is cheap and has decent command and if one of the young guns proves he is ready we can just move the low-cost free agent to long relief in the bullpen. It's quite simple, really. Quite frankly, I would love to have Bedard but the O's are in the strong bargaining position and are obviously high if they think they're going to get Jay Bruce. I think the Reds can put together a better package than the M's can, especially if they're not including Brandon Morrow in any deals. Adam Jones is horrible, I can't understand why everyone is so high on him. He'll turn into a Geoff Jenkins type player. Let's quit chasing pipe dreams and see what our young arms have to offer. Hopefully their command will be improved.

at 2:23 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

Anon 8:57 Totally agree on Jason Jennings. He is the one to sign.
Jack in Blue Ash, sorry but Mid Relief is better than last year. Coffey tried at closing, Weathers had to close, Bray and Maj hurt, Burton has emerged. Cordero adds 80 innings of 2.98 with few HR's. That puts swagger in the other set up guys, know he is back there.
Anon 10:30 Dan O'Doud was on the hot seat in Denver this time last year.
Anon 12:24 Agreed how good Votto is. Disagree on EE. He will be fine, and actually great if he can figure out how to shorten his swing a tad. 360 WRISP is what the team needs. Votto does the same, knock in the ducks on the pond

at 2:34 PM Blogger Hugh D. Pohl said...

Maybe Reganpad alluded to what I am about to say but Krivsky DID NOT sign Milton. That was O'Brien.

To all you anonymous naysaysers, I don't hear any of the optimistic people on hear (or not many anyway)making unrealistic assumptions about next season. If everything breaks right they could contend. Sometimes that happens. And the Reds keep making moves that could put them in that position. If you are a fan, it makes sense to be optimistic about that.
Also, it's been said so many times I hate to repeat it but the Cordero signing should make the bullpen better overall because you can slide down the guys like Weathers and Burton into the set up roles to cover the problematic 8th inning. And the guy who keeps talking about "fat" Gonzalez, what are you smoking dude?

at 2:36 PM Blogger Hugh D. Pohl said...

Oh, yeah and why should any of you care if John allows a plug for another blog that many here might be interested in?

at 6:05 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

Thanks Hugh, I agree with you on the 8th inning too. Burton was great, and too many forget how valuable Todd Coffey was in 06. If Burton can bounce back from unproven to lights out in one year (07), why can't a Major League Pitcher, Todd Coffey, who was Burton in 2006 bounce back?

And we have yet to see Bray dominate the way he can. I will say it now, this will be our best bullpen since the nasty boys and Dusty will be a genius. Harrang wins 22, Arroyo 17 and Belisle wins 14.

We just have to match the 2006 pitching with the 2007fielding and the results will be that Wayne is a genius and a new mantra is posted: WAKE UP and fire Anonymous now!

at 6:12 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reaganspad..again like many others in here you are making assumptions and relying on hope.

All middle relievers of which you alluded to are not going to get magically better because Coredro was signed and now they will have a "swagger" .Yet,you hope that is the case and I respect that

Magicman and the rest stunk up the place for the entire year. Of course..they were injured and will do better this year. Too funny

Hugh ..you can slide the aforementioned players to any inning you want.. They were slid all over the place last year and what happened?

And Hugh..it was far more than the 8th inning that was problematic sir. I dont know what Reds team you were watching.

If I was to say to both of you that Akili Smith is coming back to the Bengals and he now has "swagger" and will do better because he is getting a second chance..you both would laugh me outta the city.

Ill betcha both a dinner that middle relief will continue to be problematic next year..among other things.. and if I am wrong dinner is on me

Jack in Blue Ash

at 6:50 PM Anonymous firefly118 said...

Again let me clarify, I did not state WK brought in Milton, I stated he brings us people (pitchers) LIKE Milton. Meaning, he will go out and get a name someone has heard before, but is not a quality pitcher and will overpay! If I am so off base, and WK is so good, why is Jocketty here? Seriously, he was brought in just so BC could have someone to drink beer and gab with, comeon!!! And to all those who say he brought in Phillips, he would have to get something right every once in a while. As far as rule 5 drafts, WK did not have as much to do with that, as did a few of our scouts who made the pitch to the owners. I can't think of the name, but I will search back and find the story I read (I believe it was S.I) that stated how well the scouts did for Cincy and had to convince WK to get on board with the selections. I am not saying the man is dumb, he just isn't good for this franchise. I previously said wait until next year, I retract that, wait a few months and see what Jocketty can/will do for the Reds

at 6:51 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

Jack, it is not hope. READ the back of Coffey's card.
You will see that he has a career ERA of 4.48 after after the disaster of 2007.
Going into last year, he was the 8th inning guy, closer of the future, etc.
He went into the closer role, pressed, got blown up and lost confidence.
He will not sniff the 9th inning this year.

Compare Coffey's 3rd year with Weather's 3rd year (or 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th year). It is not hope to project Coffey as a Major League pitcher, just like David has done fine for the 9th thru 18th years of his career.

Fortunately, the baseball cards don't lie, and Dusty will trust the baseball cards. Not the blogs

at 8:14 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

Firefly, No GM in the game would risk taking TWO Rule 5 draftees if:

1) He had better talent on the roster

2) He did not believe in the players ability and the scouts who may have seen them.

Wayne is a scout. For you not to give him ANY credit for Phillips, Hamilton, or Burton, let alone Keppinger, is just plain silly.

He continues to pick up players that improve the roster. That is his job. They are HIS scouts, either he hires or RETAINS them.

Again, Dan O'Doud was where Wayne is a year ago, not sure where his next contract might come from. It worked out well for Dan...

at 7:14 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reganspad and Hugh..

If everything "breaks right" the Bengals should go deep imto the playoffs next year..Too funny

Aside from Harang..we have no starting pitching that you can count on. Pretty much the same for our relievers

I dont know what additions you speak of..I see a closer ...and some pitching prospects that may..or may not make the team. Nothing else

Again..dinner on me if I am wrong

Jack in Blue Ash

at 10:46 AM Blogger reaganspad said...

You could say the same thing about this blog. we have Hugh, and some other bloggers with potential. :) But until their predictions of doom come true, we still really have to play the games before we throw in the towel or trade the future for the One Quick Fix.
We have better pitching than you think Jack.

Belisle and Arroyo both had 200 innings last year. Both of those guys are better than Jimmy Haynes, Paul Wilson or some of the other pretenders we have had in the past 10 years

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