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Saturday, March 31, 2007

I'm back

Headed back to Cincinnati through Atlanta earlier today. Had a bit of a delay. Seems the MD 88 we were going to take from the ATL to CVG got struck by lightning coming out of Houston. We had to switch planes. I’ll take a delay for that reason. Delta made the switch and we were only one hour late. Kudos to my favorite airline. I’m safe and sound in Westwood.

Observed an interesting phenomenon in the Atlanta airport. Saw several people stop Kevin Willis get their pictures with him. That spurred more people to ask if they could do the same. Now here’s the interesting part: The secondary picture requesters didn’t know if the guy was Willis or the man in the moon. I can imagine them showing their friends: “Look, I got my picture taken with this tall guy. I’m not sure who he is, but I think he’s famous.”

I once saw Evander Holyfield in the Atlanta airport. Didn’t get my picture taken with him. He’s not that tall.

But that’s not why you called. I’m not working the game in Dayton. Special K is on the scene. Heard Eric Milton was scatched with a bad back. If he can't go for his regular season start, does Bobby Livington get the start? Or do they go with Matt Belisle and Kirk Saarloos in the rotation. We shall see.

I did write my Reds Insider for the Sunday paper. My prediction: 82-80. That’s based on feeling the pitching will be better. The young arms Jared Burton, Jon Coutlangus and Livingston really upgrade the depth. Add in the Josh Hamilton factor and better defense. Still, I’m not sure they’ll score enough runs. But 82-80 doesn’t exactly put me way out on a limb. Vegas line I saw had the over-under at 77 wins. That’s up from 74 last year. Tip of the day: Go with bookies over media prognosticators on all matters sports.

The Reds Opening Day section is also in the Sunday’s paper. The theme is Duos. I wrote about Arroyo-Harang, Griffey-Dunn, Weathers-Stanton, Narron-Krivsky and Hamilton-Johnny Narron. Kevin Kelly wrote about Gonzalez-Phillips, Bailey-Bruce, Hatteberg-Conine and Freel-the training staff. E-man (John Erardi) wrote for the Brennamans and famous pairs in Reds history. Heard it’s a nice section. Lots of bells and whistles and graphics. Jim Pleshinger, the sports design guru, put it together. A cast of dozens had a hand in it.


at 4:55 PM Blogger Pat said...

hey, has anyone suggested that Milton should be the long guy? We need to get the young pitchers, Saarloos and Belisle innings and I'm sure every once in a while they'll need help early. Milton would fill that roll better than being the #5 guy.

Just a thought,

Arizona, USA

at 4:59 PM Blogger DanH said...

Livingston had another solid start against the Jays (looks like against their starting eight also). It's getting harder to bypass him for the Reds rotation. Milton to the DL gives Livingston a couple "tryout" starts for the Reds. Listened to some of the Reds-Marlin game on XM and heard Hermanson get absolutely bombed in his 1/3 inning. Not too good for his or the coaching staffs confidence. I'll say 84-78 this year- based on Griifey staying fairly healthy, Dunn ups average to 265 with 110 RBI, Phillips hits 290 25-85,better "D", and pitching. The depth on the bench is questionable especially if a starter goes down long term.

at 5:35 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any way they put Milton on the DL with back problems? That would open a place for Santos so they dont lose him. It also gives the team 2 weeks to see how things shake out with games that count. Hermanson has been less than stellar lately ... he could pull a Graves - Burton's been a little shaky too.

at 10:34 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back, John. As a fellow west-sider and a regularly visitor to Siesta Key, I very much enjoyed reading the blog all spring. I'm counting the days until May when I head down to our place on Siesta. The Beach Club and the Daiquiri Deck are beckoning. Also love El Adobe--the hold-in-the-wall Mexican place on 41. If you didn't try it, you're missing the best burrito I've ever eaten.

Very worried about our Red Legs this year. Harang seemed hittable and Arroyo just chews up innings and isn't really an ace. Milton has never put together any great run for this team and his fly-balls all go over that wall erected just past the warning track! The few bright spots--Hamilton, Dunn--are overshadowed by some big question marks.

Your 82-80 is optimistic.

None of that matters for Monday. It's Opening Day in Cincinnati and there is nothing better than that!!

at 8:35 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terry said
out with the old and in with the new way, again and again, the reds do things the reds way , Really we know what we're doing don't we?that they be doing, don't you know .It all comes down to the bottem line Black ink or Red We can't spend the money, like say a NEW YORK team can. Still, isn't nice to get out and watch a game?{I do mean that!}Really going to miss old joe even more this year, I hear he calls opening day. Even if The Reds have no chance to finish up in the big bucks blowout deals that now define what baseball is,the grass is still green and the skys still...partyly sunny in cincinnati as it should be, Really it's kind of sad...maybe someday we can play on a even field

at 12:05 PM Blogger Jim said...

John - Who's going to close at the start of year?

at 12:12 PM Blogger John Fay said...

Up till a day or two ago, I was convinced it would be Dustin Hermanson. Now, I'm not so sure. It'll be Mike Stanton, David Weathers, Todd Coffey, Jared Burton or Hermanson. That does really help pick your fantasy roster. My guess is it will be a work in progress.

at 1:25 PM Blogger JimmyD said...

Rosecrans is reporting that it's Hermanson who has been cut and judging by his last two outings, it's not that shocking, although, now, all of a sudden, our bullpen looks as shaky as our 3-5 starters. Folks, it's Opening Day eve, so that's a good thing, but it could be a long season. Can Stanton, Weathers, Coffey gets us to Eddie Guardado? John, if it's true any thoughts on Coutlangus closing? He looked so filthy, it might work.

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