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Saturday, April 28, 2007

On the Cormier move

Designating Rheal Cormier was something the Reds had to do. You can't keep a guy in the bullpen if the manager is not going to use him, and Jerry Narron wasn't using Cormier.

The deal will go down as one of Wayne Krivsky's worst. I can't blame him for the making the trade. Cormier had a 1.59 for Philly when the Reds acquired. You can chalk up the fact that he didn't pitch well for Reds -- 0-1, 4.50 ERA -- to bad luck. But giving him the extension to make the deal is going to cost the Reds $2 million. Cormier would have vetoed the trade if the Reds hadn't done the extension. But . . .

Right-hander Brad Salmon, the guy the Reds brought up to take Cormier's spot, is said to throw up to 95. The Reds desperately need someone like that.

The biggest effect is from a PR standpoint. It shows they're willing to eat salary to better the team. A lot of my e-mailers were beginning to doubt that.

By the way, it's raining here at PNC.

I feel fine right now, but expecting to come down with something at any moment. I was alone on elevator at the William Penn when it stopped on the seventh floor. Twelve members of East Alabama Ballet Club -- and this wasn't a big elevator -- got on. Two of them were talking on cell phones and getting reports on the two ill members of club. The rest begin to chime with their various ailments in high-pitched voices of 13-year-old. I just tried to hold my breath in the corner. There's a huge convention for junior ballet in town. It's made me feel tall.


at 3:22 PM Blogger Dan H said...

Can you check with Narron on his plans for Salmon. I believe he was closing in Louisville and could he assume that role with the Reds? Not surprised by the Cormier move and the PTBNL looks good for Denorfia. Now if we can only beat the LH starters going the next 2 games for Pitt.

at 3:28 PM Blogger BubbaFan said...

McBeth (out, out, damned spot) is projected to be a closer, isn't he? Think he's ready?

at 3:39 PM Blogger John Fay said...

An A's fan e-mailed and said McBeth's a big prospect. Will have more on him later.

at 3:45 PM Anonymous DJ said...

McBeth was ranked the A's 8th best prospect coming into the year...I'm pretty impressed with this pickup

at 3:46 PM Blogger docproc said...

You're right: Cormier was probably Krivsky's biggest blunder so far--but I still recall how picking him up demontrated the team's willingness to spend money in a pennant race. Frenchie stunk and the GM blew it, but management scored points for taking the risk.

at 3:46 PM Blogger RedsFanInMd said...

I don't think you throw Salmon into the closer role just yet. I think they need to let him get his feet wet.

at 4:11 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

My question is: Does it matter who the Reds have in their pen? No one can stand up to pitching everyday three or four days in a row. Look at Coffey... I doubt even Scott Sullivan could stand up under this kind of usage. All the Reds fans on here where complaining about how bad the bullpen is. Remember, they didn't give up a run through the first 14 innings of the season. Then the overuse caught up to them. Narron needs to figure out how to use a bullpen. And they could use a true longman.

at 4:45 PM Blogger BubbaFan said...

Maybe they could call up Dumatrait or one of the other Bats starters and use him as a long man.

The Yankees have the same problem - the bullpen is being killed - and tried to move Igawa from starter to long man in the pen.

But Karstens got hit in the knee by a comebacker. It was the first guy he faced. So Igawa is starting today after all. Best laid plans...

at 5:25 PM Blogger RedsFanInMd said...

What are you talking about? The Reds bullpen hasn't been used that much. Outside of Milton, the starters have been going 6-7 innings every night?

at 4:35 PM Blogger Nathan said...

The emailers are correct-when making moves such as cutting an unproductive player or benching someone for being "lazy" consistency is the key to retaining respoect and authority.

You can't tolerate laziness from some players but not others. You can't tolerate a lack of productivity from some players (Milton) and not others-especially when the body of work of one (Milton) is absolutely awful.

at 6:51 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Redsfaninmd the starters are going deep into games, but still look at the league leaders in appearances and look at the number of times Coffey and Saarloos have thrown on consecutive days. What has happened is that Narron uses the fact he had three lefties too much. He tried to mix and match so pretty much everyday all but one or two guys in the pen got in the game.

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