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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Another frighful night -- Bucs 9, Reds 5

The Reds loaded the bases in the third, fourth and fifth. They scored one in the third on Adam Dunn's bases-loaded walk and another in the fifth on Jeff Conine's bases-loaded walk. The Pirates scored eight of their nine runs with two outs.

Bronson Arroyo went four innings and gave up the six runs on seven hits. He didn't strike out a batter for the first time in a start sine September of 2005.

Arroyo says he's fine physically. "I walked (Chris) Duffy in the first. I got out the groove. Everything was sloppy. Nothing was crisp."

Five losses in a row, 19 of 24.


at 9:21 PM Blogger Bengal43 said...

I am not saying this to be mean or derogatory. The Reds won't fire Jerry Narron because his brother is Hamilton's babysitter.

at 9:25 PM Blogger John Fay said...

I don't think that will be a factor. I think Johnny Narron would stay on, if asked. Both of those guys worked in baseball their whole adult lives, they know people get fired.

at 9:37 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Here's a pointed question you can ask Narron, John:

Why not quit and avoid further embarrassment? Sure, sure, sure Narron didn't pitch (I never thought Arroyo was worth Wily Mo...but that's another story altogether) but the fact remains:

The worst team in baseball keeps holding off all challengers for the title of worst team in baseball.

On paper, at least, the Pirates were supposed to be in last and the Reds contending.

No results, no job Jerry!

(the no results were "in" long ago).

at 9:38 PM Blogger Adam said...

Ask him what he sees as a positive with this club. Honestly, at this point in the season, I cannot think of one positive save for Hamilton, and now he's on the DL and actually hasn't been playing exceptionally well as a whole.

at 10:10 PM Blogger Teal'c said...

Ask him if the team has quit. Then tell him to say "Yes, they have quit". And to say it load enough for the team to hear. They need to be put on notice, public notice, that everyone feels they have quit. Maybe a serious kick in the butt by the public is what they need.

at 10:21 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Phillips, Griffey, and Hamilton are big positives this year, and Hopper too. On paper, the club looked competitive.

It's sad they're not. It's sadder that losing like this and for so long is being tolerated by that brilliant bold baseball genius owner!

at 10:28 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd ask him if joe Garadi has talked to him about the team yet

at 10:45 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd ask him if he'll use his first day unemployed going to Taste of Cincinnati

at 11:18 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Went to the game tonight...Bronson is definitely off. His fastball never broke 87-88mph. I could swear he was brushing 92-93 last year. Thats a significant difference considering some of his offspeed stuff was hitting 80-82. Thats not enough of a gap for major league hitters. Could be a bit of dead arm, but something is definitely not right with him. Oh yeah...and somebody tell Burton that most major leaguers can hit 94mph fastballs if thrown right down the middle!- MB

at 2:36 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the good things that has come out of the losing streak is the announcers have quit making constant references to MR CASTELLINI.

For the first month, bold Bob was referred to in reverant tones reserved for saints and Mother Theresa.

MR CASTELLINI was the great hope for leading the Reds to the World Series.He was probably going to cure cancer and stop global warming too.

MR CASTELLINI seemed to have magical powers, and they were pointed out by George and Chris every 30 seconds.

Now they are careful never to mention his name.

My dream in life is to make enough money to buy the Reds.

If I do, Jerry, Wayne, and Mr. Clutch, Adam Dunn, won't work there anymore but I will keep the announcers. If they refer to me in the tone they referred to MR CASTELLINI, it will be a nice boost for my ego.

Maybe if they go back to stroking Bob's ego, he will quit sitting on his hands and do something.

at 6:07 AM Anonymous Sedi said...

This is horrible...Like watching a train wreck. I'm done, cya next year. Pretty sad that I chose to watch Lacrosse instead of Reds...and it was 1000% more entertaining.

at 9:45 AM Anonymous Greg Kelly said...

We should fire Narron and hire Jeff Brantley as our new manager. Brantley has said more insightful things on baseball than Narron has probably said in his entire life. The Reds should fire Narron as well as Dick Pole and put Tom Hume as our pitching coach because with him as our pitching coach last year, Harang as well as Arroyo got to be the Aces of this ball club. Pole should also be fired because I think him and Hume are having conflicting ideas when they are showing the mechanics to the pitchers. If you ever read this Castellini, get Brantley out of the booth and into a Reds uniform, fire Dick Pole, and look for a new hitting coach this offseason.

at 10:33 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep going to the games and watching these guys. I laugh everyday I see another loss on the board and 30 plus K in the stands. Gasoline prices going up and so is fan stupidity!

at 10:38 AM Anonymous mikec said...

Anyone else concerned that game in San Diego might have damaged Bronson? He hasn't been the same since. This is my fear with Narron. I've said it before the only reason Narron isn't as bad as Bob Boone is that he hasn't ruined anyone yet (Danny Graves, John Riedling). If his overuse permanently affects Coffey, Arroyo or Harang he could go down as one of the worst managers in baseball history.

HEY, maybe that's why Krivsky won't bring Bailey up. He knows his manager would just beat him to death.

at 10:42 AM Anonymous mikec said...

Also, Justin Fernandez your comments are laughable.

Good old Wily Mo is hitting .269 with a whopping 6 RBIs and you say you never thought Arroyo -- who last year went 14-11 with a 3.29 ERA and led the league in innings -- was worth giving up Pena???? Wow you are a genius.

Hey Reds management, here's a suggestion, whatever Justin says do the opposite and you'll be in good shape.

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