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Saturday, May 26, 2007

You be the GM (blog edition)

This is a preview of the what's running in the Sunday paper. It's my annual You Be the GM Insider. We moved it up because of the way the club's playing:

What would you do?

The Reds are obviously in need of a fix.

If you were general manager Wayne Krivsky, what would you do? We pose this question every year. We usually wait until July, but the time is right and the fans are restless.

The first decision you have to make is whether you try to fix things short-term or long-term.

Regardless of whether you try to salvage the season or rebuild for 2008, you have to do it in three moves – my column, my rules. Keep your suggestions brief.

You can post them as comments on my blog.

We’ll run some of the best ones in next Sunday’s paper.

Be realistic. The New York Yankees aren’t going to trade Alex Rodriguez for Edwin Encarnacion and Todd Coffey. The Twins aren’t going to trade Johan Santana for Matt Belisle and Norris Hopper.

The Mets aren’t going to trade Jose Reyes for six minor-leaguers.

Though the season hasn’t made it easy to be a Reds fan, a fire sale can do wonderful things for a franchise. The last time the Reds had one was in the summer of 2003.

Jose Guillen got them three players in ’03, one of whom was Aaron Harang. Kent Mercker got them Belisle. That’s two-fifths of today’s rotation for two players who were going to be free agents.

Have at it.


at 11:23 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fire Krivsky,fire Narron and trade Dunn for anyone that can walk.

at 11:28 PM Blogger cincyiscool said...

Sorry this is so long, this is what I put in my blog. Can you tell me what you think of it

- Trade Adam Dunn to the White Sox for Bobby Jenks, Ryan Sweeney, and a prospect Adam Dunn needs to be traded. He is never going to be good at defense, not striking out, and hitting for average. The white sox could use a power hitter, and that is what they get. We get a closer which is badly needed for now and the future, and a great outfield prospect who is very close to being major league ready.
- Release Mike Stanton, Eric Milton, Chad Moeller, and Kyle Louse. We do not need any of these guys. They are ether too old to be effective, or just not good at all. Louse is way to inconsistent, and Milton and Stanton are too consistent with being awful.
- Trade Scott Hatteberg to a playoff contender for prospects. He will be a nice bench addition to a playoff-contending team, and we get rid of his contract.
- Keep Jared Burton and Josh Hamilton on the team. Obviously, Hamilton will be kept on the roster all season so that he does not go back to the Devil Rays. But, it is not sure if Burton will be kept on the roster all season. He has great stuff, and looks to be one year away from finally putting it together.
- Trade Griffey for prospects. Griffey deserves to be on a winning team playing as good as he is right now.
- Sign a catcher in the offseason and don't re-sign David Ross. Here is a list of possible catcher free agents after this season by mlb4u.com:
Henry Blanco Chicago Cubs

Johnny Estrada Milwaukee Brewers

Sal Fasano Toronto Blue Jays

Wiki Gonzalez Chicago White Sox

Toby Hall Chicago White Sox

Adam Melhuse Oakland Athletics

A.J. Pierzynski Chicago White Sox

Mike Redmond Minnesota Twins

David Ross Cincinnati Reds

Jason Varitek Boston Red Sox

Vance Wilson Detroit Tigers

Gregg Zaun Toronto Blue Jays

In my opinion Redmond and Estrada look like realistic, good possibilities
So, those are the moves that I believe should be made. Here is the outlook of the roster next year if they did happen:
C: I like Redmond or Estrada, but others are available
1B: Joey Votto
2B: Brandon Phillips
SS: Alex Gonzalez
3B: Edwin Encarnacion
CF: Ryan Freel
RF: Josh Hamilton
LF: Platoon of Jeff Conine and Ryan Sweeny
Starting Rotation:
1. Aaron Harang
2. Bronson Arroyo
3. Homer Bailey
4. Matt Belisle
5. Phil Dumatrait / Kirk Sarloos/ Bobby Livingston/ Elizardo Ramirez
C: Bobby Jenks
S: Gary Majewski
S: Bill Bray
M: Todd Coffey
M: Brad Salmon
M: John Countlangus
L: Kirk Sarloos/ Victor Santos
NOTE: There are still plenty relievers left including Jared Burton, Marcus McBeth, and Eddie Guardado
Norris Hopper
Jeff Keppinger
Jeff Conine/ Ryan Sweeny(platoon)
Javier Valentein
Jerry Gil/ Chris Dickerson

at 11:35 PM Blogger cincyiscool said...

Sorry Jon, didn't see the 3 moves thing.

- Trade Adam Dunn to the White Sox for Bobby Jenks, Ryan Sweeney.
- Release Mike Stanton, Eric Milton, Chad Moeller, and Kyle Louse. We do not need any of these guys. They are ether too old to be effective, or just not good at all. Louse is way to inconsistent, and Milton and Stanton are too consistent with being awful. Along with this, give some of the young players a chance like Dumtrait
- Trade Griffey for prospects. Griffey deserves to be on a winning team playing as good as he is right now, and we can get some decent prospects in return

at 11:36 PM Blogger tennesseered said...

1. Replace Jerry Narron with Joe Girardi. The Reds failings are certainly not all Jerry Narron's doing, but at this point when the team has lost five of six to the worst teams in baseball, something drastic has to change. I'll never understand why Narron's contract was extended last year before Krivsky or Castellini had a chance to really get to know him. I think I’m correct in saying he’s never had a winning record in the major leagues.
2. Trade Adam Dunn and Ryan Freel for a power right handed outfielder and either a decent closer or a 3rd or 4th starter. Dunn is such a liability on practically all fronts, particularly his lack of clutch hitting. Ryan Freel should never have become a starter. His production is just not major league caliber. He's a great role player and a great guy to have on the roster, but he's not an every day player. One other flaw, he's not an intelligent player.
3. Release Mike Stanton and either replace him with someone from the minors or pick someone else up off the waiver wire.

I really have my doubts about Krivsky, particularly since he made one of the worst trades in baseball history, giving up two starters for two relievers and doing nothing to help the team over the winter. He may have been the greatest #2 guy in history in Minnesota, but that doesn't make someone a great GM when all the decisions are on their shoulder. I didn't include him in my three recommendations because I think he deserves another year.

Bleeding Red in Tennessee

at 11:47 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think we will trade Scott Hatteburg for sure. Joey Votto is in the wings waiting. Then I could see us trading Eric Milton if they can. If Jeff Connine is going to be a free agent then they will trade him as well. I don't think they will get rid of Adam Dunn or Ken Griffey Junior.

at 11:52 PM Blogger Sam B in ZV said...


Krivsky's job is more difficult now than ever. Assuming Narron is gone by the All-Star break, here are a few suggestions (for what they're worth ...).

1. Stick with the young bullpen arms; hand the 8th over to Majewski and Bray when they're healthy until they prove they can't handle it. Get Coffey back up after he figures things out. And send Stanton and Weathers to contenders, even if they demand average return in terms of personnel.

2. Ride out Encarnacion until he proves he just can't hack it. You don't have another option at third, and this season is pretty much toast. Might as well give him enough time (a good 400-500 ABs) to make an honest assessment of his abilities, and if he can't do it, figure out 3B during the offseason.

3. Finally, move a player that nets value — say, Dunn or Griffey — and get something in return that helps you now, not two years from now. This team needs a right-handed power bat, and with Hamilton's future looking bright, an OF is expendable.

Look, it's not as simple as merely axing the field manager. To think it would come close to solving the problem at hand — the Ks, the errors and the overall poor play — is foolish.

Thanks John.

at 11:52 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am inclined to clean house -- but I would not do what so many folks are calling for -- which is to fire Narron and/or Krivsky. I would essentially start over....with the few pieces of the core that we do have (Arroyo, Harang, Votto, Bruce, Hamilton, Phillips, Bray, Burton and AGonz).

I believe the club played over it's head last year -- and while I think this team is better than they are playing now, I do not think they are even close to what Krivsky is aiming for. This team is still not built in his "image" and until that is the case, I don't believe that Krivsky will be happy with what he has.

I would try to trade Junior right now. His value is at an all-time high. If Junior were a stock you would be selling now -- and baseball players are like stock in that a successful GM cannot fall in love with keeping any one player. Junior could bring allot now.

Then I would also trade Dunn. Dunn also has great value but does not fit into Krivsky's plans for building a team with more defensive prowess.

I think Hatteberg and Conine should go as well.

at 12:01 AM Blogger Dolberry said...

I'd say build for '09 or 2010 in the Brewers mode.

This organization has serious issues that won't be fixed merely by a manager change or trade or two, but rather several years of prudent planning focused on a goal of a fielding a decent team in a few years.

Step 1: Play the guys who may still be here in 2009. In my mind that's Dunn, Hamilton, Phillips, and Double-E.

Step 2: Keep Harang, Arroyo, and Bailey healthy. There's no reason the first two should exceed 200 IP this year and Bailey should probably stay below 150-175.

Step 3: Challenge the young guys that are prospects in the minors. Move Valaika, Turner, & Watson up a level and see how they do. They were all big-time D1 college players and should be faster-tracked. Similarly, call up Votto and see how he handles MLB pitching. Make sure Jay Bruce is here by the time he's 22-23.

Step 4: Save some money in 07, 08 and make more of a free agent "splash" in '09 (e.g., a #3 starter).

Step 5: Grit your teeth and survive the present. Highlight the positive in Griffey Jr. But 18-32 would be easier to take if there appeared to be some sort of comprehensive plan for the future.

Pat D.
Apex NC

(John, I had suggestions printed last year as well. Can't find them now. If those were all wet, feel free to ignore these. ;-))

at 12:17 AM Anonymous Nick said...

Play for '08

1) Trade =
CIN - Dunn, Weathers, Dumatrait
LA - Ethier, Broxton

2) Bring up McBeth, Bailey,and Votto DFA Stanton and Milton

3) Trade =
CIN - Conine, Freel
CHW - Aardsma

Opening Day 2008
1. 2B - Phillips
2. 1B - Votto
3. 3B - Encarnacion
4. RF - Griffey Jr.
5. CF - Hamilton
6. SS - Gonzalez
7. LF - Ethier
8. C - Ross/Valentin

1. Harang
2. Arroyo
3. Bailey
4. Belisle
5. Lohse

1. CL - Guardado
2. Aardsma
3. Broxton
4. Bray
5. Majewski
6. Coutlangus
7. McBeth or Burton

at 12:18 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Play for '08

1) Trade =
CIN - Dunn, Weathers, Dumatrait
LA - Ethier, Broxton

2) Bring up McBeth, Bailey,and Votto DFA Stanton and Milton

3) Trade =
CIN - Conine, Freel
CHW - Aardsma

Opening Day 2008
1. 2B - Phillips
2. 1B - Votto
3. 3B - Encarnacion
4. RF - Griffey Jr.
5. CF - Hamilton
6. SS - Gonzalez
7. LF - Ethier
8. C - Ross/Valentin

1. Harang
2. Arroyo
3. Bailey
4. Belisle
5. Lohse

1. CL - Guardado
2. Aardsma
3. Broxton
4. Bray
5. Majewski
6. Coutlangus
7. McBeth or Burton

at 12:24 AM Blogger Tyler said...

Here's what I'd do (and not do) to fix the team:

1.) Don't fire Narron....until the offseason. A better replacement could be found through off-season exploration rather than in-season desperation.

2.) Have a Red pitcher bean an opposing player to start a benches clearing brawl that forces the players to openly defend their teammates and in turn create a more cohesive unit. You know, make them a real team rather than a group of individual ballplayers.

3.) And the most important move: Take the entire team through the Red's Hall Of Fame and then bus them to the corner of Findlay and Western Avenue and let them sit on the grass under I-75 and be lectured for two hours by Reds HOF & Museum director Greg Rhodes on the history of the franchise and what exactly it means to be a Cincinnati Red.

at 12:29 AM Blogger George said...

What would I do as GM? Communicate with the fans! All I hear from both Krivsky and Castellini is,"We're trying to get better." How!? Play through it? Doesn't seem to be working fellas. Give us some hope please....something. I know it's an ego blow but sometimes you need to suck it up a little bit....

at 12:50 AM Anonymous Steve Meyers said...

1. Fire sale. This team isn't built to win, and isn't close to winning. Sell high, go young.

2. Play the young guys now. Let them work their way into big league form. Bailey, Dumatrait, Livingston, Cueto. I'd rather pay to see Votto than Conine.

3. Hire Joe Girardi. I have nothing against Narron, but Girardi has proven that he can not only win, but can win with a team of young players.

at 12:52 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will preface this by saying that I think no team wants Reds players (OUCH). They want the minor leaguers. That's just the facts. Also, I don't think the Reds provide enough offense for their pitching. Most of their runs are generated by homers, which doesn't cut it if you want to win. However, I can make this team better by totaling ripping away the future (ha ha...) Here it goes.

Move Number Two
Homer Bailey and Chris Valaika to the Marlins for Hanley Ramirez. Would they take it? Who knows...but it fills a need the Reds don't have...a leadoff hitter who gets on base. Ryan Freel is not a good baseball player (I can hear the screams now). He's exciting and falls when he makes catches and is a fan favorite, but one has to realize when his time has come. His OBP is ridiculous and he's getting older with a frail body. He's a great outfielder...average infielder. That's just one man's opinion. Ramirez plays 2B.

Move number two
Brandon Phillips and Adam Dunn to the Rockies for Matt Holliday. Dumb you say? Matt Holiday (.344 BA) leads the league in hits. Jamey Carrol (.185 BA) is the Rox first option at 2B. I think they would take the upgrade at second and froth at the mouth to see Dunn smash homers out of Coors Field. The Reds would have to eat a portion of Dunn's salary in this deal (60%?). Luckily his option has not been picked up for next year..I think it's $13.5M, but I could be wrong.

Move Number Three
DFA Milton...he's garbage. Bring up Dumatrait and through him in the fire. Experience only helps him for next year.

Move Number Four
Make a run at Torii Hunter. Will it cost a ton? Yes. But he's one of the best outfielders in the game (6 consecutive GG's) and is a well-rounded hitter. My first guess is that it would take Hamilton, Bruce, Juan Francisco, and a few MLB ready guys. Whew, that's a lot. More explanation at bottom.

Move Number Five
Hatteberg to Boston for a reliever. I'd like Kyle Snyder. I think the BoSox would part him to have a left-handed option to split time with Youkilis. Plus, the bullpen needs help...Then I'd bring up Votto and play him part-time with Conine.

I'd DFA a few more guys. Stanton would be one and McBeth would come up. Castro would be another. Freel fills his void. So here's my complete team and lineup!

H. Ramirez 2B
Hunter CF
Griffey RF
Holliday LF
Votto/Conine 1B
Encarnacion 3B (I believe!)
Gonzalez SS
Ross C


McBeth (closer, cuz he's done it before)
Lohse (DFA'd when Bray is healthy, need another lefty)

Hopper (Learning IF, I hear)

Moeller's gone as well. AAA probably. Who cares, really.

That's 25! What have I done! I've cut lots of throats in this mess. I've gutted the whole future of the franchise...but, the goal was to make the REDS better. I think I've done that! The Reds would have to break the bank to sign Hunter. He's gonna be 32 soon, but I think a 6 year/ $115M deal keeps him in center for awhile. yikes....this'll stir up some conversation.

at 12:54 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know this will be popular but I would trade Dunn for any pitching help, I am not suggesting a trade for minor leaguers I would like to get a proven reliever at least. Also I would look into what kind of value E.E. has on the market

at 1:18 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

First Move is to fire the pitching Coach and hitting coach and then give narron two weeks to start winning or he is gone. Move the bull pen pitchers to the minors and call up mike gosling to ptich out of the bull pen he has shown that he can pitch long innings so right now, he also has pretty good command which seems to have been lost by the entire bull pen. Third i would start to shake up the line up say have phillips hit one and griffey hit two. then put some one like hatteberg with a good average third

at 1:27 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

John here is what I think we should do:

You play for the future, and to do that you first must seperate the parts you keep, and the parts you trade.

The first thing I do is get the 3 youngsters up here. Josh Hamilton (DL), Joey Votto (AAA 1B), and Homer Bailey (AAA SP) should all be up here. I also fire Jerry Narron.

That gives you a starting lineup of
1. Hamilton CF
2. Phillips 2B
3. Griffey RF
4. Dunn LF
5. Edwin 3B
6. Votto 1B
7. Gonzalez SS
8. Ross C

(for now). Edwin, Hamilton, and Votto should be up here and playing everyday. Homer steps in and takes the rotation spot currently being used by Kirk Saarloos. Edwin, Hamilton, Votto, and Homer along with Phillips are four huge parts of the future.

Marcus McBeth (AAA RP) and Calvin Medlock (AA RP) should both be on their way to Cincinnati. Take your pick of Stanton, Salmon, and Santos to send down.

Now, you look at you trading pieces. The first name that should be on the block is Ken Griffey Jr. As much as I hate to say it, the Reds need to trade him before he gets hurt. He's hitting like he is 26 again, and he's healthy. There are teams out there that would be interested in him. He may not have great value, but I bet the Reds could get a solid prospect or so for him from the right team.

The biggest piece the Reds have to trade is Adam Dunn. We all know he has flaws, but he has big upside that certain GMs (Billy Beane) would love to have. A team such as the Dodgers who need desperatley need a left handed power bat would be an interesting match. If you are going to trade Dunn, a OFer like Andre Either or Matt Kemp would be needed in return to go a long with a pitching prospect. Kemp who posses the abilty to play CF, right handed, and younger then Either would be the ideal fit. With Bruce's ETA possibly in late 2008, a Bruce/Kemp/Hamilton OF would be superb.

Kyle Loshe is the most obvious player the Reds will trade at the deadline. He's not going to bring you anything great, but he could net you a marginal pithcing prospect with upside.

Weathers, assuming he continues to pitch well, will probably have pretty good value in a league desperate for bullpen pitching. He could net you a pretty decent prospect if traded at the right time to the right team.

Guys such as Scott Hatteberg, Jeff Conine, Kirk Saarloos, Javier Valentin, and Mike Stanton are guys that should be shopped for no other reason then they have no future with the team. Hatteberg probably has the most value to a contender as a quality left handed bat off the bench, but nobody in the group will net anything of worth.

With a newly signed 3 year deal, and being Krivsky's first long term guy, I don't see Alex Gonzalez going anywhere soon. Nor do I see him having much value with his 8 errors already in 2007.

Ryan Freel is another optioned to be traded, and could bring some value to a contending team. Although with my plan, the Reds may be better of keeping him until Jay Bruce is ready.

Now obviously I do not know the actual value of the players I mentioned, but I think this is a realistic plan for the team that could be exucted by Krivsky.

After all the moves, your Cincinnati Reds look something like this.

Starting lineup:
1. ?????? LF
2. Brandon Phillips 2B
3. Josh Hamilton RF
4. Edwin Encarnacion 3B
5. Joey Votto 1B
6. Matt Kemp CF
7. Alex Gonzalez SS
8. David Ross C



My Reds would be in the market for a stop gap Left fielder in the offseason to hold the fort down until Jay Bruce is ready next year. Or, they could just keep Ryan Freel.

at 1:28 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's time to go with the young kids. (1) Bring up Joey Votto and trade Hattesburg and Stanton for a solid AA or AAA starting pitcher somewhere. Platoon Votto with Conine at first. (2)Bring up Bailey and Dumatrait and plug them into the rotation with Harang, Arroyo, and Belisle. (3)Bring up McBeth. If we are going to be giving up all kinds of runs out of the bullpen it may as well be with good arms. So use Burton, Salmon, McBeth, Majewski, Santos, and Weathers from the right side along with Countlangus from the left side. And for the grand finale (4)(I know you said only 3 but why not go for it) trade Dunn for either a super premium minor league catcher somewhere.

Thanks for taking the time to read this John.

Eric R.

at 1:44 AM Blogger Rick said...

I am building for the short term. We have a lot of solid young pieces in place (Phillips, Edwin, Hamilton, Votto, Bruce, Bailey to go with Bronson and Harang), so our future should prove more fruitful htan our present.

First thing I do is trade Scott Hatteberg. I like the guy, but he could fetch a reasonable sum (maybe a couple pitching prospects), and then we could call up Votto to platoon at first with Conine.

Next I would release Stanton and eat his two-year contract and Chad Moeller and call up Homer Bailey and Phil Dumatrait. That would move Milton (and either Belisle or Lohse) to the pen. Those young arms need to get some major league experience, cuz we ain't winning anything this year.

Finally, after we finish the season with the worst record in baseball, I would draft the best arm available in the 2008 draft. That pick (and the three picks we have this year in the first 53 picks) should sufficiently bolster our shallow farm system.

By next season we could be one of the best teams in the league.

at 1:49 AM Blogger kiene1 said...

1) Designate Eric Milton for assignment, return Jared Burton to Oakland and trade either Hatteburg or Connine for prospects, option Norris Hopper to AAA and recall Drew Stubbs, Jay Bruce, Joey Votto & Homer Bailey.

2)Trade Jr. for Chad Billingsley and Jon Niece....both starters.. Harang, Arroyo, Bailey, Billingsley and Loshe....Niece to AAA.

3) Activate Bill Bray when healthy and send Brad Salmon down..

at 2:04 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...


Here's what I would do were I Reds' GM:

1. Call a press conference for 9:00 a.m. Monday morning. At that press conference, I would candidly admit that the plan going into the season has been a failure, and that wholesale changes are required. As a first step, manager Jerry Narron has been fired, and Bucky Dent has been named interim manager.

2. Attempt to hire Joe Morgan as manager. If he won't take it, hire Johnny Bench. He would take it. In either case, strongly recommend that the new manager stack the coaching deck with former Reds (Perez, Concepcion, Browning and Rijo).

3. Trade Adam Dunn for a #1 or #2 starter and at least one prospect, preferably a pitcher.

4. Designate Milton and Stanton for assignment.

5. Call up Homer Bailey and Bobby Livingston. Name Bailey the #5 starter for the remainder of the year.

6. Announce that, in light of the poor product on the field, ticket prices next year will not be increased.

7. Hold a players only meeting. At that meeting, I would tell the players their performance, as a team, is embarrassing, and that, hence forth, players who fail to hustle, fail to get bunts down, or miss signs, will be shown the door. I would then follow up, and show one or more players the door.

8. Admit that the decisions to trade Kearns and Lopez and not to sign Rich Aurilia were major mistakes.

9. Contact Terry Ryan and see if he is willing to rehire me as an Assistant GM, since I would recognize hat my tenure as Reds' GM is likely to be short-lived.

10. Pray.

at 3:12 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This doesn't seem very perplexing. First, I would begin to play for 2008. I really don't think that this team has the character to overcome the current adversity they have put themselves in. Here are three moves that I would definately look at:

1st Move-
Trade Adam Dunn to the Dodgers for Matt Kemp and Johnathon Broxton. It should help both teams and really help the Reds long term. The Dodgers seem like a suitable trade partner because they are in search of a power bat. Dunn is simply too expensive going forward for having some major flaws in his game. If the Dodger scenerio does not work then I look to move him somwhere else where we can add to our quality youth.

Second move-
Get yound by the all star break. The first two folks that should receive regular playing time are Votto and Homer Bailey. Let Bailey take his lumps this year and I think next year's rotation will be better and very solid with Harang, Arroyo, Belisle, Bailey, and another starter TBD.

Third move-
Fire Jerry Narron at the end of the season. His inability to manage the bullpen with any consistency and instill fundamentals in this team will cost us long-term. I would love a guy like Joe G. to be our manager, but if not him we should try to find a firey leader in the same mold or like an Ozzy G.

Ultimately, the Reds need to realize they had the talent on paper to compete this year, but the team did not mesh well together. When your emotional leader is a 25 year old that played A ball last year you have a problem. Lets get anyone we can for some of our vets the remainder of the year and energize Cincy with youth coupled with steady holdovers from this year.

at 3:16 AM Anonymous tony said...

bye Milton
Bye Castro
Bye Conine
Pick up relievers, like last year, but with players who are healthy. This club needs pitching, not hitting. Keep Dunn, Griffey, Freel, Phillips, etc.
Tony B

at 6:01 AM Anonymous The Dude said...

3 moves huh........

Call the season a wash
Fire sale
bring up the kids from AAA, they've got 4-5 down there that are going to be good MLB players, might as well get their feet wet.

at 7:49 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although Narron cannot be held accountable for the bad play, Joe Girardi would be an excellent choice to take over. Trade Hatteburg for a reliever, release Milton, callup Votto and Bailey. I like the Dunn for Broxton deal for both us and LA, or Griffey for Jenks and Player TBA with White Sox. Isn't Bellhorn worth anyone in a trade?

at 8:03 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

All you need to do is look to the Florida Marlins for pitching help. They are in desperate need of a center fielder and are overstocked with good young arms. I'd be willing to bet the D-Train would be available for a player like Freel, Dunn ,or Junior and with Hamilton now a solid OF choice for the future why not? It's amazing what Florida GM Larry Beinfest keeps doing with a 35 million dollar payroll, you should be ashamed WK.


at 8:10 AM Blogger Teal'c said...

First, deal Milton and Stanton to a contender for a couple of prospects. Agree to pay part of their contracts as part of the trade. How about to Toronto for Brandon League and/or John Hattig.

Second, call up Homer Bailey. He is the future of the franchise and its time to let him show everyone why. Create a marketing campaign around him. With the new Simpsons movie coming out in July, it would be the perfect time to market Homer with Homer. Maybe give away free beer (Homer Simpson's favorite) whenever a homer is hit during a Homer (Bailey) start.

Third, send Dunn and Weathers to another contender for a front line prospect and a #2 or #3 starter. I think the Braves would be a good fit, with the Reds getting Saltalamacchia and Chuck James.

at 8:24 AM Blogger Luke said...

John here is the three moves I make.

- Trade Griffey and Conine to the Braves for Saltamachia (spelling) and a Triple A pitching prospect.

- Trade Dunn to the Angels for Ervin Santanna and Reggie Willits.

- Release Hatteberg, Stanton and Weathers. Bring up Votto and Bailey.

at 8:30 AM Anonymous ADMS said...

I really can't stand the fact that after arriving on time last night after enjoying some excellent food at the ToC, it just ended up giving me epic heartburn after realizing the game was over five minutes after we arrived. I really thought the Reds would have to do some real winning back of the fans after this ongoing disaster, but seeing 31,000+ fans at GABP kind of nukes that idea.
Let's see - three ideas/transactions:

1. I must be in a very tiny minority, but I don't want Homer wearing a major league uniform yet. At the end of last season, through the winter, and now every day this season, more and more pressure and expectations get dumped on his shoulders. I think the fans and media have now put him (in their minds) on the same level as a Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, and maybe the big guy upstairs. What happens if he gets rocked multiple times? Is he going to join the current ranks of people we can't stand on the field? This environment is poison for a young player and it could destroy his chances to improve down the road. I'm ALL for him coming up next season when the allure of hope is in the air but please, not now.

1. The obvious one - release Jerry Narron anytime between now and tomorro-err-end of the season. I'm doubting Joe Torre will make it in New York more than a week or so once the season ends. Pay him what he wants. I cannot stand the Yankees and everything they stand for now, but Torre has been an excellent face for the Yankees. Multiple rings, division and league titles, the challenge of dealing with overpaid primadonnas, and even being part of the NYC community after 9/11 and how that impacted NYC baseball. He brings an amazing baseball mind and shows a cool under pressure and also a "call them out when they stink" to any clubhouse. Pay him what he wants or needs.

I am for Joe Morgan or another ex-Red taking the job, but the 44-game reign of Tony Perez and how poorly he was treated still lingers.

2. Get Jeff Brantley out of the booth, give him a Reds uniform, and make him the new pitching coach. Anyone who listens to him talk baseball and actually thinks about his ideas knows he has a solid baseball mind. If an ex-Red isn't the Narron replacement, one should be used to redo the nightmare called our pitching staff.

3. I have to ask the "Trade Dunn" posters - his batting average is in freefall, the strikeouts are really climbing in number, and we can make a blooper reel of him alone and show it in each ballpark for laughs. So...what will we get for him? Honestly - the other GMs watch the same games, read the same articles, and know more stats and behind the scenes items than we do. Right now, any trade for Dunn just screams that we will get burned. I'd wait until the end of the season (which at this rate might be somewhere around 2027) and then answer all phone calls. Yes, an AL team with a homer-friendly ballpark would love to have his 40+ HR...but how does that homerun total amount to under 100RBIs...anyone???

We have a team filled with individuals but not a team. Hamilton, Freel, Phillips, and *maybe* Harang aren't to be touched. Right now, I'd make a move for the Rangers 1B Mark Teixeira. Texas has said they aren't going to renew his contract, and he could be a leader at 1B. His salary is in the 7 million range, but his Gold Glove collection should take some of that sting away.
With Griffey, Freel, and Hamilton in the outfield, we can have all three batting at least .280 and the latter two have some speed. We can use a new SS and catcher. It all boils down to pitching and I would rather give our current minor leaguers a shot before we make some kneejerk trades this season. Who knows - maybe we have another Hamilton or Bailey in the mix?

To ALL levels of managers and execs for the Reds - our patience is beyond the breaking point right now. I think this weekend's numbers are inflated with the downtown events. Let's see how large the crowds are on a hot, muggy night in August.

at 8:47 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would stand pat and see if these guys have any pride left. The Central is still within reach. However, it's more likely that things won't turn around. I'd wait til closer to the trading deadline and begin the firesale for prospects. But I make Harang and Arroyo untouchable. There will be many teams needing veterans for the stretch drive and this team's got plenty of experience. Then bring up Homer, Votto, et.al., and aim for 2008. I'd go ahead and axe Narron at all star break and give Bucky a chance, too.

Mark-Bowling Green, KY

at 8:47 AM Anonymous Tino Delgato said...

As I listen/watch most of their games I have become aware that solutions are readily available for the Reds. Make Marty Brenneman the General Manager, Tom Brenneman the Manager and Jeff Brantley the Pitching coach. As I listen to these (3) announcers I learn more and more about what moves should be made, should have been made and are not being made. They know the right line up, the right time to change pitchers, when to bunt, hit and run etc. In fact I have yet to hear them make any incorrect decisions.

Tino Delgato
Go Figure!!!

at 8:51 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would trade Adam Dunn to Florida for Dontrelle Willis. You could also trade for Barry Zito, but he is getting too old. Also, trade Eric Milton. I don't care what you get for him, just get rid of him. You could also sign Jason Varitek in the offseason. That would be huge.

at 9:05 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fire Narron immediately. Bucky Dent is interim until a real manager is hired. Bucky will not be interim for the rest of the year unless he performs like a real manager.

Players are offered a simple choice: if you lose you sleep in the clubhouse. If you don't accept this, then you go. First practice at 6am every freaking day. Endless drills. Repetition repetition repetition. Run to first base on walks. Run on any contact.

This may not make them win any more games than they would otherwise, but if you're going to go down, then go down fighting with your head up and running.

at 9:13 AM Anonymous Dano said...

1st move-dump Castro and Valentine maybe we can find someone that wants them,if not DFA.
2nd move- call up Votto,let him and Hamilton play every day.This will allow Freel to be what he is best at-super sub.It will also give us 2 pretty good bat on the bench in Conine and Hatteberg.
3rd move-some how move Stanton I would leave Baily in AAA,but try any young pitcher in the bullpen.

at 9:22 AM Blogger Teal'c said...

First, deal Milton and Stanton to a contender for a couple of prospects. Agree to pay part of their contracts as part of the trade. How about to Toronto for Brandon League and/or John Hattig.

Second, call up Homer Bailey. He is the future of the franchise and its time to let him show everyone why. Create a marketing campaign around him. With the new Simpsons movie coming out in July, it would be the perfect time to market Homer with Homer. Maybe give away free beer (Homer Simpson's favorite) whenever a homer is hit during a Homer (Bailey) start.

Third, send Dunn and Weathers to another contender for a front line prospect and a #2 or #3 starter. I think the Braves would be a good fit, with the Reds getting Saltalamacchia and Chuck James.

at 9:30 AM Blogger Gary S said...

First! Trade Adam Dunn! at 10 mil this guys is a joke. And our head up the butt manager thinks he's a # 2 Hitter. He Wayne K you traded a #2 hitter ( Lopez) and gee did Austin Kearns show you a thing or two when H e was here. And what have your pitchers done?
Release or trade everyone over 35. Weathers and Conine need to be in an old folks home. What next Ricky Henderson?
I think we can get a goos deal for Griffey, he needs to play on a championship club, Maybe Atlanta?
Arroyo, and Harang. I really hate to let either go, But Harang can eat up some innings for us So Arroyo is the best bet in a trade.
Bring up the kids and throw them into the lake and see if they can swim. Votto, and Bailey most of all.Go younger and get some fire back into the team, evryone of these guys with the exception of Freel and Phillips seems to be In the late September mode and waiting for the season to end.Give Narron some young players to finish the season and if he can't make some type of progress send him packing. As far as Kravisky, send him away now!!! he's an idiot.
I don't know whos out ther but. a few young names come to mind
Thorman 1st base Atl
Barmes ss COL & Holiday COL
Bowen switch hitting cather from SD
Tony Gwynn Jr Milwalkee
Then again this team has sucked evry since Lou left!!

at 9:38 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank God the general public doesn't have access to Krivsky's office. 3/4 of these responses ignore the 3-move format, they seem to be spell-checking with Campbell's alphabet soup, and half of you are advocating trading all of our prospects away in the futile hope that we could possibly climb into third place this year.

Did someone actually suggest trading our two best pitching prospects for the Marlin's second-baseman?? Are you serious?? I'd think that post was from Florida's GM if the grammar weren't so poor. Well done, boys. Jim Bowden would be proud. In fact, he may have a place for you with the Nationals. Special assistant to the traveling secretary. Then you can pitch your ideas about cotton uniforms and free hat day.

at 9:47 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Get rid of Narroon and hire Bobby Valetine from Japan.

2. In a three team deal:
Dodgers recieve- Adam Dunn and Alan Embree

A's recieve- David Ross and Andre Ethier, PTBNL

Reds recieve- Matt Kemp OF, Kurt Suzuki C (Top 10 minor league catcher A's), Miguel Pinango P(Dodgers farm-hand)

3. Trade Ryan Freel UTL, Scott Hatteberg to the Braves for Joey Devine P, Macay McBride P

4. Trade Kyle Lohse, David Weathers, Chris Dickerson (Maybe another B level prospect)to the Mets for OF Carlos Gomez (May be strechin' it a little)

5.DFA- Milton and Stanton

6. Griffy to the White Sox for P Gio Gonzalez David Aardsma

7. Call up Joey Votto

2008 Lineup

1. CF Carlos Gomez
2. 2B Brandon Phillips
3. RF Josh Hamilton
4. LF Matt Kemp
5. 3B Edwin Encarnacion
6. 1B Joey Votto
7. SS Alex Gonzalez
8. C Kurt Suzuki




Gio Gonzalez
Carlos Fisher



That's my 25 man roster for next year

(L. Bishop)

at 9:48 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

My moves:

1. Replace Milton with Saarloos. Release/trade Milton if possible.

2. Replace Lohse with Dumatrait/Gosling (not Bailey). Move Lohse to bullpen/long relief.

3. Trade Adam Dunn for pitching and/or a right-handed bat. (I loved watching Hopper field LF, but I don't think that's the bat the Reds need.)

4. I do like Hatteberg, but with his stock up and Votto coming, trade him for some almost-ready prospects and bring up Votto.

5. When Bray comes back (and I hope it's soon), DFA Stanton or only use him in spot situations.

6. Tell Bronson Arroyo that the only concerts he can do are those for the Reds Community Fund, and make sure those are few and far between.

7. Get a semi-constant batting order and stick to it. The only constants are Griffey 3rd and the pitcher 9th.

If things don't have any kind of upswing by the end of season then time for a managerial change. Get someone who is not afraid to get in his players' faces in front of everyone (i.e. like Lou Pinella).

Tradewise, I'd listen to all offers for anyone but Griffey. He's the face of the franchise and the only one putting fans in the seats.

at 9:52 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoops! I didn't follow directions. :(

Right now, I wouldy try a short-term fix. I don't think a long-term fix is yet warranted.

1. Replace Milton with Saarloos. Release/trade Milton if possible.

2. Replace Lohse with Dumatrait/Gosling (not Bailey). Move Lohse to bullpen/long relief.

3. Trade Adam Dunn for pitching and/or a right-handed bat. (I loved watching Hopper field LF, but I don't think that's the bat the Reds need.)

That's my three.

at 10:02 AM Blogger MOTT said...


at 10:07 AM Anonymous Jeff said...

If I were Cincinnati Reds GM:
(in 3 easy steps)

A. Make sure I brown-nosed Bob Castellini every chance I got. ("Wow, Bob! That's a nice suit. Really brings out the color in your eyes.")

B. Stop using Mike Brown as a mentor.

C. Hold a press conference and announce that the "found" money from a mid-season fire sale will go to the "Get Pete Rose re-instated so he can replace Jerry Narron" legal defense fund. At least the fans would have something else to talk about.

at 10:13 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

If i were GM, this is what I would do:
1. Fire Narron, get Joe Girardi
Narron keeps saying stuff like "Well, we need to play better"
Um... Duh? Plus, last years Manager of the Year doesn't have a job! He also knows what to do with young talent, which is what I would build the team around
2. Trade Adam Dunn to an AL team desperately needing a DH and having a plethora of young pitchers, preferably to the twins for Matt Garza, have Hamilton take Dunns spot
3. DFA Milton, Stanton, Moeller, Sarloos because they all suck
4. Trade Ken Griffey Jr. to Yankees(who like old guys with big contracts and need CF now that Damon is hurt and playing terribly) for Tyler Clippard, Brian Bruney, and/or Chase Wright
5. Let Hatteberg play out contract until after '07 season and bring up Joey Votto
6. Bring up young talent like Jay Bruce, Homer Bailey, Jeff Keppinger, Phil Dumatrait at all-star break. bring up livingston, mcbeth, gosling next year
7. Put coffey in closer role until mcbeth comes, and keep putting him in until he starts being aggressive
8. Say bye-bye to ross, keep valentin, sign greg zaun
9. Save FA money until after '08 season to be able to compete for some of the big names out there
10. Trade David Weathers+Jeff Conine to a contender, get prospects
These moves would make the roster look like this in 2009 season
Starting Rotation:
1. Aaron Harang
2. Matt Garza
3. Bronson Arroyo
4. Homer Bailey
5. Matt Belisle/ Phil Dumatrait/ EZ Ramirez/ Livingston/ Gosling
Relief Pitchers
CL Marcus Mcbeth
SU Todd Coffey
SU Jared Burton
MR Tyler Clippard
MR Chase Wright
MR Bill Bray
MR Gary Majewski
LR Victor Santos
LR Brian Bruney?
LR Jon Coutlangus
Still more w/ E. Guardado, Brad Salmon
C Greg Zaun
1B Joey Votto
2B Brandon Phillips
SS A-Gon or some1 signed with FA money
LF Josh Hamilton
CF Ryan Freel
RF Jay Bruce
Bench: Javy Valentin
Norris Hopper
Jeff Keppinger
Role Player signed with FA money
(ala Rich Aurilia)
prospects from dealing d. weathers and j. conine

at 10:15 AM Anonymous Hartebeest in JCNJ said...

A lot of these posters have it wrong. You cannot trade Griffey or Dunn at this time just because you think you can get something in return. It would be a disaster, both as far as what the Reds need to compete and what the fans need to keep hope. It wasn't all that long ago the Reds led the league in runs. Trading Austin Kearns significantly affected their run production. You think getting rid of Dunn and Griffey is going to make things better?
I'm inclined to let Narron work things out for now. But he certainly needs a wake up call. Krivsky, too, for that matter. As much as I liked Brook Jacoby when he was the Indians 3B, he is not the answer I was expecting as the hitting coach. He has to go. Dick Pole may have been the best influence on Greg Maddux, but he's not reaching the Reds staff. He goes. Bucky Dent just isn't a Cincinnati type person. He wasn't even that good a player----he just looked good because he was on those late 70s-early 80s Yankees teams. He goes. I would replace them with Tony Perez, Ted Power and Ron Oester. As a Hall of Famer, Perez would definitly carry more weight with the team when he talks about hitting. Power was a good pitcher with a longer Major League career than Pole. Oester could be the motivator, the "bad cop" to Narron's "good cop". Plus all 3 have the old Reds connection that I think fans like to see.
I would also tell Narron to stop playing matchup with the pitchers. The big reason the reliever's ERAs look so bad is because he doesn't let them pitch very long----one or two batters. So you can pitch a total of 8 innings in 15 games and look great, then pitch 1/3 of an inning in the next 3 games, give up 7 runs and your stats look like hell. Not much of a confidence builder. Even Sparky Anderson (Captain Hook) let his relievers work a bit longer sometimes. Even the closers. I really think this idea of specialist relievers is a disaster. If you want an effective closer, you need someone who can pitch 2 inning consistently.
As for who I would trade, keep or just get rid of...
KEEP: Griffey, Dunn (at least until Jay Bruce is ready), Freel, Arroyo, Harrang, Belisle, Castro (leadership counts), Hamilton, Bailey, Votto, Hatteberg.
TRADE: Coffey, Encarnacion, Conine, Dumatrait. (The time is right----younger players will have more value.)
JUST GET RID OF: Milton, Stanton, Majewski.
Evryone else, the jury is still out

at 10:15 AM Blogger BTB Reds Fan said...

I fire Brooke Jacoby, Tom Hume, and Jerry Narron. I hire Frank Robinson, Jeff Brantly and Joe Girardi. Also in the way of firing Stanton, Milton, Lohse, Moeller, Ross, Castro all get designated.

Trade Adam Dunn and David Weathers to the Twins for Neshek and Redmond and a minor leaguer Ricky Barret. Just look at the Twins HR production in the DH/OF take away hunter and they have 8 HR Dunn would add a lot to them in that category and Weathers is a pretty good 8th inning set up guy so doing that for Nathan wouldn't be to bad. Reds would also have to eat a good bit of Dunn's money for it to work.

Trade Hatteberg to Boston to give them a good lefty at first off the bench for Travis Hughes.

So after all that and the call ups the lineup is like this:

Freel LF
Phillips 2B
Griffey RF
Hamilton CF
Encarnacion 3B
Gonzalez SS
Votto 1B
Redmond C




Conning 1B
Hopper OF
Valentine C
Kippinger IF
Herr IF

This sets up decent for next year also with room for young arms to come up and a lot of contract will be freed up when the year rolls around.

at 10:18 AM Blogger Larry Pope said...

1. Fire Narron and hire Joe Gerardi.

2. Trade Adam Dunn, Edwin Encarmacion & Scott Hatteberg to the Phillies for John Lieber and Freddy Garcia.

3. Drop Kyle Lohse and bring up both Votto and Homer Bailey.

at 10:19 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

1.) Define bullpen roles and acquire closer/proven arms. Nathan is a Free agent next year. Use Krivsky' s connection and make a run at him. If the Twins sign him, get Linebrink- Padres or Shields-Angels.
2.)Trade Milton/Stanton at the trading deadline for a resin bag and some sunseeds. Trade Weathers,Conine and Hatteberg for whatever they bring. Get a plan on Lohse. If he has market value,trade him. Consider #2.
2.) Out of the box bullpen thought? Everyone concedes Kyle Lohse has great "stuff". He beat out Johan Santana in 2002 for the Twins rotation. Why can't he close? He's better than Ryan Dempster.Tom Gordon?Todd Jones? I think he could be really good in that role.
3.) Bring up Votto/Bailey/and Dumatrait.Why is Votto playing the outfield in AAA? Are they moving Encarnacion to first? Dunn to first? Do not trade Votto! We could have had Paul Konerko at first the last 8 years.
4.) Trade Dunn. He's an American League DH. Anything else is square peg in round hole. Figure something out at the trade deadline. A proven bullpen guy and a minor league baseball America top ten pitcher would be good for me.WE got Justin Germano for Joe Randa and then traded him. He was a BA top 10 guy and is 3-0 for the padres right now.
5.) Call Griffey's agent and see what he wants to do.
6.) Don't put Encarnacion at third. If you think his bat is too good to give up on, make him an outfielder or first baseman.But.....he cant play third.
7.) Get a catcher.
8.) Let the fans watch our young players develop. I'll pay money to watch a 5th place team with Homer Bailey/Dumatrait/Livingston and Joey Votto mixed in with Phillips and Griffey. I'll watch Lohse close for a month. I'll watch Encarnacion in left. I wont pay good money for the status quo.

at 10:33 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone who is saying to trade Dunn because of his strikeouts and batting average needs a good statistics course. Why does this guy lead the team in R + RBI? Look up on base percentage and get back with us.

Narron needs to go. That will improve the team single handedly.

at 10:33 AM Anonymous mikec said...

This is clearly a fan favorite feature. The Reds have to build for the future. And if you have three moves to make designating veterans is a waste. Here's my plan for right now.

1. I don't see the Reds getting Bobby Jenks for Dunn. But I think Nick is RIGHT ON in suggesting the Reds deal Dunn to the Dodgers and try to get Broxton. The Dodgers have good, young, major-league ready talent. However, I suggest the Reds go after Matt Kemp instead of Andre Ethier for a few reasons: a) Kemp's a righty and this team has too many lefties. b) Kemp has a little more pop to replace Dunn's pop. c) Broxton is a big time arm and a pre-meltdown Brad Lidge closer of the future. The Dodgers are unlikely to give up their starting left fielder and Broxton for Dunn. But Kemp is the odd man out right now. So they're more likely to do that deal.

2. Assuming you can find someone who will take them, trade Conine, Hatteberg, Weathers, Stanton, Loshe, Castro and maybe Valentin. Try to get the best prospects you can in return (probably guys that are either a Triple A and will be future role players or guys at Double A who are a year or two away). My guess is no one will take Milton. Make him your long man out of the bullpen.

3. Fire Narron and hire Ron Oester as your manager of the future.

Then here's my offseason plan.
1. You've got $20 million to play with since Milton and and Dunn are off the books. Make a run at one of the two right-handed RBI guys out there -- Andrew Jones and Torii Hunter. Both are Gold Glove outfielders who don't just hit for home runs. They drive guys in.
2. Sign a free agent catcher. Maybe Paul Lo Duca?
3. If there is any money leftover, try to find another Saarloos type guy who could compete for the fifth spot in the rotation or come out of the pen.

So here's the team for Opening Day 2008:

1. 2B: Phillips
2. LF: Kemp/Hamilton (sort of a platoon but also including Griffey to keep him healthy)
3. CF: Hunter/Jones
4. RF: Griffey
5. 1B: Votto
6. C: Lo Duca
7. 3B: Encarnacion
8. SS: Gonzalez

Aaron Herr (if Encarnacion can't cut he's your answer at third)

1. Homer Bailey
2. Bronson Arroyo
3. Aaron Harang
4. Matt Belisle
5. Dumatrait/Livingston/Elizardo Ramirez/Saarloos

Closer: Broxton

Now that looks MUCH beter

at 10:40 AM Blogger Gunner41 said...

I think what this roster needs is a fourth Catcher ... that way Narron can safely perform a quadruple switch. Oh, wait, that wont work either ... ok, how about 9 Catchers so we can double switch each inning? No, Jerry likes to use his late inning relievers one walk at a time. I got it! We need 25 Catchers with five tool talent who can pitch in a pinch. That'll get 'er done!

at 10:49 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Castellini is right - this team is better then it's record. The question is why aren't they playing up to their ability?

I think the answer is pretty obivous - Jerry Narron. A good manager can inspire and motivate his players into performing at a level over their abilities. If, as Jerry Narron as shown, a manager cannot inspire or motivate his players (and the symptoms of this look an awful lot like the chief complaints about this team!) you'll see a whole lot of losses.

I think it's that simple. A short term fix. There's no need to blow it up and start over when we have two darn good pitchers signed to long-term contracts, a potential ace less then a year away, potential All-Stars at 3B and 2B who are 24 and 25, respectively, and a couple of potential offensive standouts in the minors not too far off (Votto, Bruce, etc). The talent is here. It's the job of the manager to get the players to live up to their talent.

Jerry Narron is not the person to do this.

at 11:13 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is also quite long
The Reds should:

-Trade Adam Dunn to the A's for either Dan Haren, or Joe Blanton, LF Travis Buck and minor leaguer Connor Robertson who can develop into the closer role or at least help the bolepen. Blanton or Haren can boost up the rotation and both are only 26-27 years old. Yes Travis Buck is a left handed hitter but hes only 25 years old and is a more athletic outfielder than Dunn. The A's need a DH with Mike Piazza on the DL and seem like they would be willing to trade. Then Send Hatteberg to a playoff contender. Next, bring up Baily, and just completely drop Milton, Lohse, and Stanton because all three are old and many years out of their prime. I agree bringing in Johnny Estrada seems like the more realistic replacement for David Ross at cathcer next offseason.
08 Line Up:
C. Johnny Estrada
1B. Joey Votto
2B. Brandon Phillips
SS. Alex Gonzalez
3B. Edwin Encarnacion/Ryan Freel
RF. Ken Griffey Jr.
CF. Josh Hamilton
LF. Travis Buck
1)Aaron Harang
2)Dan Haren/Joe Blanton
3)Bronson Arroyo
4)Homer Baily
5)Matt Belise
CL. Marcus McBeth/Connor Roberston
S. Gary Majewski
S. Bill Bray/Connor Roberston
M. John Coutlangus
M. Brad Salmon
M. Jared Burton
L. Kirk Sarloos
Bench: Ryan Freel/Edwin Encarnacion, Chad Moeller, Jeff Conine.

at 11:18 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is obvious that the players are playing for themselves and not for the team. The coaching/pitching staff is just as embarrassing as the type of play the players are making. The most obvious mood in my mind is to get rid of the coaches. Bring in someone who isn't afraid to pull a guy for slacking, or for refusing to lay down a bunt to the third base side when the other team shifts and is virtually willing to give up a hit . I still believe the players will play for a coach who coaches, not just sits at the bottom of the stairs in the dugout.

at 11:20 AM Anonymous Clove said...

If I were Krivsky, I would release Stanton, Moeller, and Milton. Fire Narron. Then I would commit suicide.

at 11:20 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Fire Krivsky. He is afraid to make a move after last years horrible trade.

2. Trade or release anyone over 35 (except Griffey). Hatteberg, Conine, etc. Get cash or a bag of balls. Then bring up all the young guys in the minors and give them half a year of MLB experience. Much like the Marlins/Brewers model.

3. Move Dunn to 1B. You have more than half a year to train him there. 2007 is lost. He's in his prime and maybe the move would help him. The ONLY way I would trade him is for a good starting pitcher and no team would do that and Krivsky isn't good enough to convince them to. Sad to say but Bowden could probably pull that off.

Do NOT trade Junior. He has a no trade anyways and would likely wait until the trade deadline. Besides he's close to 600 and that will put fans in the seats.

I don't like Narron but firing him now makes no sense since Dent would just be the interim guy UNLESS they can get Girardi or someone like him now and that would coincide nicely with bringing up the young guys since he would manage them in 2008 anyways.


at 11:26 AM Anonymous Don said...

Can't fire the entire team or coaching staff so get the spokesman for the group, Griffey Jr.,to give the team words of wisdom,they can and will overcome as a unit. Don

at 11:32 AM Blogger Brad said...

Some of these trade are hilarious.

1. The Reds man-love for Adam Dunn prevents him from being traded. The only potential deadline deals will be for players like Conine, Hatteberg, Freel, Weathers. They will bring back only marginal prospects at best. Maybe deal Coffey for a change of scenery. Griffey may go, but it is highly unlikely.
2. Go young. Bring up Homer, Votto, Dumatrait, etc. The Reds will not compete this year, so it is time for these guys to get experience. It will not happen before the all-star break, to keep these guys from reaching Super 2 arbitration status. I don't care what Krivsky says, that is the reason Homer is not up. Of course he is going to deny it to the media.
3. Get rid of Milton and Stanton any way you can. Fire Narron.

at 11:38 AM Anonymous Jim Blandford said...

First thing I would do as Reds GM is trade Ken Griffey....Get out under the big contract and free up some money. I might even try to trade Adam Dunn as well. A quick fix is NOT going to happen. We need to draft better and also sign free agents both the big names and the bench players as well. Get rid of Mike Stanton, go for speed with Freel and Phillips running almost everytime they get on base. Biggest thing draft and develop players in our organization.

at 11:45 AM Blogger gimmieaklu said...

Griffey sells more tickets than Dunn and 600 home runs are close. Trade Dunn, Call up Homer, and remember your closer is in the minors rehabbing right now.(Bray) Go after a power hitting right handed bat.

at 11:46 AM Blogger daniel said...

1. Dunn to LA for P Chad Billingsley and OF Matt Kemp.

2. Trade Hatteberg to Yankees for cash considerations, opening room for Votto.

3. Trade Griffey to Boston for P Jon Lester and P Craig Hansen.

at 11:56 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reds fans are funny.

at 12:03 PM Blogger stucky said...

Move #1 - is not a move - Narron is gone at the end of the season - better choices will be available then

Move #2 - Trade Votto (a younger version of Sean Casey w. a little more power and a lot less chatter) for a Right-handed bat and a couple of lower level arm prospects - move EE to 1st in off season

Move # 3 - wait until deadline is closer and move Weathers, Milton and Stanton if possible, maybe Coffey for more arms and maybe a young utility type player or a catcher

Trading Dunn right now will not net anything of consequence, unless the Reds scouts have REALLY done their homework and can target a couple of young arms a'la Harang...

Griffey's 600 chase will put fans in the seats - let him retire as a Red

Maybe move Hatteberg or Conine, but their professionalism in the clubhouse is probably more important in the short term

2008 Starting Line Up
Freel - 3b/OF
Phillips 2b
Griffey RF
Hamilton CF
EE/Conine 1b
Dunn LF
Gonzo SS
Ross/FA C


C - Guardado
S - Bray
S - Majewski
L - Loshe

I still think they should bring back Mercker as a consultant/coach and clubhouse jester - he seemed to help lighten the mood in the clubhouse while he was here

and all this is merely my opinion FWIW

at 12:20 PM Anonymous JR from west chester said...

Three moves:
1. Trade Adam Dunn for a starter or best pitching prospects available (assume Hamilton will be back soon)
2. Bring up either Livingston, Bailey or Dumatrait, release Stanton and put Lohse in bullpen
3. Bring up Keppinger, move Encarnacion to first to platoon with Hatteberg as Edwin will never be a good third baseman

at 12:24 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

My suggestions:

1.) Don't listen to fans. Look at most of these suggestions. In what world do they think most of these outlandish ideas are truthfully workable?

2.) Face reality. This team is not about this year. That's just about lost. But what about next year or 2009? That's what you're working toward. For example, among others, if trading Hatteberg is an option to get Votto time, do it. If Dumatrait, Livingston, Bailey etc. are legit major-league prospects, get 'em up and get 'em on their learning curve. Peddle those in the way.

3. Stay Calm (all is well). Replacing Narron does nothing but appease scalp-hungry fans. Since when did go merrily to a game to root for . . . the manager? If you have a target manager in mind and he's available, get him in place. If he's not, you stick with Narron through this season and survery the availables afterward.

4.) Stop believing there is a quick fix. There isn't. But Castellini and Krivsky should come forward and announce the parameters of their future "plan," perhaps a televised townhall meeting, answer questions and get the public off their back so they can do their jobs.

at 12:36 PM Blogger stucky said...

a couple of trade ideas to add to my earlier comment:

Trade a combination of Coffey/Livingston/Weathers...to Arizona for 3b Chad Tracy and maybe others - then groom EE for 1st base

Hold onto Dunn - I believe next year is his free agent year - then trade him - Jay Bruce should be about ready

at 12:37 PM Anonymous CoachD178 said...

Lets be honest about one thing first of all. This is a game but it is also a business. The real "commodity" you have on this team right now is Ken Griffey Jr. Not only is he playing and hitting very well right now, he is also chasing 600 home runs. If you aren't winning games to draw people to the ballpark, having a guy chasing that number surely will. He looks healthy, his bat speed is great, and he is one of the few clutch hitters the Reds have. Keep in mind Barry Bonds hit 136 home runs the three years after he turned 37. Griffey can still hi and help this team win a bunch of games for a few more seasons. Getting rid of that makes bad sense baseball wise and money wise.

Also understand that there isn't one or two moves that are going to change the season right now. You start building to win in 2008. So some moves you make now, others you wait until the offseason.

Move No. 1 - Trade Adam Dunn. At 27 with six years in the bigs if he doesn't get it by now he never will. Find yourself an American League team who will take his salary and give you a pitching prospect and a third base prospect.

Move No. 2 - Joey Votto/Edwin Encarnaction. This offseason I'd attempt to move Edwin to first base. He has a very good glove and good range, his problems are throwing. If the move takes then you move Votto out to left field. If the move doesn't take you move Edwin out to left field. Let Edwin focus on hitting the baseball.

Move No. 3 - Get rid of Mike Stanton and Eric Milton. Whether you have to dump them or not. You have to pay them anyways. Pay them not to pitch if you have to and give some of the young kids a chance.

Move No. 4 - After you dump those two guys bring up Homer Bailey and put him at the back of the rotation. At 18-30 and out of contention he's not going to be pitching under pressure.

Move No. 5 - Move Jay Bruce up to Chattanooga. Get him ready for either some point in 2008 or Opening Day in 2009.

Move No. 6 - Bring up some young kids and let them learn the hard way. The Tigers did it a few years ago and Maroth and Bonderman got POUNDED! Now they are pitching in the World Series.

Move No. 7 - Find one of your young arms with some attitude and make him a closer. I know it's easier said than done, but they've got to find a closer. Whether it's Bray when he's healthy, Salmon, McBeth, or even a current starter like Johnny Cueto, Phil Dumatrait, or Carlos Fisher. But find someone to groom.

Move No. 8 - Trade Kyle Lohse at some point. He's a decent guy, but as a soon to be free agent he's going to be paid more than he's worth at 28.

2008 Roster:
Aaron Harang, SP
Bronson Arroyo, SP
Matt Belisle, SP
Homer Bailey, SP
Kirk Saarloos, SP (Until Fisher, Gardner, Dumatrait, or Lecure are ready)

Bill Bray, RP
Todd Coffey, RP
David Weathers, RP
Victor Santos, RP
Gary Majewski, RP
Brad Salmon, RP
Jared Burton, RP
Jon Coutlangus, RP

Once Bray is ready you either trade Lohse and move Saarloos into the rotation or send Salmon down.

David Ross, C (Doing great behind the plate)
Edwin Encarnacion, 1B
Brandon Phillips, 2B
Ryan Freel, 3B
Alex Gonzalez, SS
Joey Votto, LF
Josh Hamilton, CF
Ken Griffey Jr., RF

Javier Valentin, C
Scott Hatteberg, IF (Or find another lefty bench bat)
Juan Castro, IF
Jeff Keppinger, IF
Norris Hopper, OF

at 12:38 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an easy one. Although emotions are running high and hot right now, we need to play it smart,and keep a cool head. We HAVE to think long term. The season is already lost, so we need to face that reality square in the face, keep rooting for our beloved Reds, make smart moves, and move forward.

We've GOT to give Krivsky and Narron five years. That is only fair and decent. It least it gives these guys a realistic chance to do something. And we trade anyone who does not fit in that five year plan, or will produce a champion in that five year plan. So in the meantime, we sell whatever players we can, get whatever prospects we can, and play the youngsters. To change in midstream now would be nothing short of a knee jerk reaction. Besides, who are we going to replace our managment with?

Baseball is like the stockmarket. Cool heads prevail and the long termers usually win. Eventually it will get done, but we're foolish to imagine success over night.

Key focus of team in these trades should be:pitching, defense, ability to do small things like bunt, move runners over, play small and smart ball.

Rev. Andy in Kaneohe, Hawaii

at 12:44 PM Blogger Reds fan in SC said...

I would hope that Krivsky isn't stupid...

When he said that he would model the team after the Twins that's pretty much impossible to do with guys like Dunn and EE on the roster that can't play defense. There's help in the minors coming which is the way the Twins have traditionally built their franchise. It's time to let those two go and get some better gloves and pitching for them.

Three trades to make:

1. Trade Dunn to the Angels for 3b prospect Brandon Wood and a pitcher. They have about 7 starting pitchers on their roster so they should be willing to give one of them up. Wood can hit and has a better glove than EE.

2. Trade EE to Detroit for pitching. No organization has more pitching prospects than them. Must be power arms.

3. The wild card.. Talk to Griffey's agent and see what his plans are after this year. If he would stay with the Reds at a reasonable price try to resign him now to a 2 year extension for PR. If he doesn't want to stay then trade him now so you get at least something for him.

Also any of the veterans on the team are fair game. They lead the team as much as the manager does and they certainly aren't getting the job done.

at 12:51 PM Anonymous Brian, Fort Thomas said...

1) Trade Dunn to the White Sox for Jenks, Ryan Sweeney and a top pitching prospect in their organization. This brings in the closer we need and Dunn's departure will leave Hamilton and Freel both everyday spots. Sweeney is a left handed outfielder who's sweet stroke is being compared to Griffey's.

2) Bring up Homer Bailey and send Kyle Lohse to the bullpen where he can help in long relief. Bring up Bobby Livingston after trading away Mike Stanton for more highly touted prospects. Stanton may not get us all that much on the trade market but it is better to fill our bullpen with young lively arms than waning veterans. Make sure that Bray, Majewski, Coffey, and Burton find their way into the bullpen for the majority of the remaining season. Burton appears to have very good stuff with a hard fastball and 89 mph slider. Coupled with Eddie Guardado, who will be able fill in the lefty set-up void left by Stanton, Burton will be able to carry the game to Jenks or Weathers. During the offseason, look for good relief pitchers only after seeing what the youngsters can do and who can make it.

3) With Harang, Arroyo, Bailey, and Livingston becoming the top 4 in the rotation, shop Hatteberg or Conine (not both) to see if we can jump on a 3rd or 4th starter which would even allow us to move Bailey and Livingston back in the rotation. Joey Votto is waiting to take over at 1st. Bailey and Livingston will both thrive pitching against other team's lower end starters.

I think we have a good basis of players to build around. Encarnacion, Phillips, Votto, Hamilton, Harang, Bailey, Livingston, Burton, Bray, and Majewski seem to be a core of young talent that we can expect big things from. When coupled with our veterans Griffey, Freel, Weathers, and Arroyo we have the core of a playoff contender. We are just a few puzzle pieces away from great baseball. In building the Big Red Machine, we completed the puzzle, and I firmly believe we can do it again.

at 12:53 PM Anonymous BobTheRedsFan said...

This is realistic, it is immediate, it would show that management is not going to stand by and continuously say all is okay. It does not address many issues but it does address the fact that Reds pitchers, all of them, it seems, come into a game not ready to go. Too many first inning runs, too many relief pitching first, second, third, etc. pitches are not strikes.

I would fire the pitching coach today and bring in somebody new, or old, to address this terribly demoralizing problem.

at 12:56 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, I think the question should be what the Owner should do.

I think Bob Castellini should fire Krivsky and Narron and apologize to each and every Cincinnati Reds fans. He has put in place a GM who has NO CLUE how to properly build a Major League Team, farm system or franchise. There were many other strong GM candidates out there and he chose Krivsky. Krivsky has made a couple small moves that have helped the future of the team with the Phillips and Hamilton moves but he has made numerous bad decisions. Instead of trading Adam Dunn in spring training 2 years ago to Oakland for Starting Pitching (Dan Haren or Joe Harden) that would have been the best move he has had to trade many other players who were key cogs to the Reds lineup (Kearns, Lopez, Pena). Also, the acquisition of David Ross never worked, it messed up Jason LaRue's head last year and Ross is proving he's nothing more than servicable backup this season. Also, Krivsky let the One authoritative veteran in the locker room Rich Aurilla go for free. I have no FAITH that Wayne Krivsky can do anything but continue to hurt the Reds future. HE MUST GO AND GO NOW!!!!!!!

at 1:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why wait until the trade deadline? These moves should happen starting now!
1. Freel, Encarnarcion, Weathers ,Stanton,Dunn, Milton,Moeller and Conine should go as soon as possible.
2. Bring up " Nearly ready" Minor Leaguers. Baily,Votto and others can do no worse than our overpriced talent in Cincinnati right now. If they succeed it is a feel good story and a draw.If it fails, What are they doing now?
3. It is inevitable, Narron needs to go. That is one of the truest parts of this game team fails the Manager goes, and Krivsky should be close behind him.
4. Better promotion for the games, Ticket reductions, more give aways, more fan involvemnet. Get the players closer to the fans, lower the price of soda, and make a trip to the concession stand not so difficult on the wallet. Soda vs. Beer helps keep fans in better perspective. Especially at this struggling time.

at 1:07 PM Anonymous c mastruserio said...

The name of the game is not baseball it is pitching. Unload Griffey now while he has value. Dunn to the A.L. for designated hitter. Then anyone else for pitching prospects. Draft pitching trade for pitching beg if you have to. Then work on defense anyone that can field. Don't worry about hitting if you have pitching and defense no need for hitting.

at 1:30 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here goes:
1.)Keep Griffey, he's a great draw and can finish his career with a winner! Trade Adam Dunn, already! He's perfect for the AL and he's never going to get better!
2.)We have too many youngsters close; so, bring them up and let them play this year! DFA Milton, Stanton, and Moeller; keep Lohse and Coffey on a short lease (they are inconsistent, but have talent; maybe bring in Gullet as a consultant). PLAY THE KIDS THIS YEAR AND WE WILL BE MUCH BETTER IN THE LONG RUN!
3.) Let Narron finish this year and move him into the system as a scout, roving instructor, assist. GM; he is a great baseball guy! Bring in a Girardi or another strict discipline (baseball) guy for the youngsters!

Looking at the (farm) system; I think the future is not that far away, but we are just wasting time with some of the dead wood on the Major League roster.

at 1:36 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even though this team is struggling for the most part is still has a lot of young talent so i do not think that a fire sale would be as bad as the last time they did it.

First move is to fire Jerry Narron because he is not the type of motivational guy to work with young players.

Second move trade Griffey to an American league team. He's having a good year and i think its time that he became a dh.......The angels are in need of a big left handed bat to go in front of or behind Guerrero and the Angels also have a lot of young pitching. Ervin Santana possibly??

Third Move trade Adam Dunn.......i'm not sure who will take him but he's proven that he's not ever going to be a better hitter than what he is.

Ok sorry but now that i'm thinking about this is going to take more than three moves.....You have to find a taker for Alex Gonzalez....move Brandon Phillips to short so you can call up Aaron Herr to play second.....find takers for Conine and Hatteberg so you can have Votto play first. Call up Mcbeth, Dumatrait, and Bailey also.

I believe this would be a good start.

By the way......good start by Saarloos.......5-0 in the first with no outs and Santos is already in.

at 1:53 PM Anonymous ADMS said...

OK...I've had it with the whole "Dunn hits homeruns and drives in RBIs" junk. Let's do some basic math:

Let's say Dunn has 450-500 ABs. Out of that, he might 38-44 HRs. He won't drive in 100 RBIs. He'll strike out 200+ times. It is almost impossible to count how many times we've seen the following:
Dunn strikes out to end an inning
Dunn strikes out to end a rally
Dunn strikes out to end a game
Dunn pops out to all of the above
Dunn doesn't hustle to first to beat out a throw.
He has shown little to no improvement and incentive to become a better player. He makes too much of our mid-market money to play this poorly. Wasn't he .229 last year? After last night, he's plunged from close to .300 during the first part of the season to .250 now and is continues to dive.
I just hope there are some AL teams that want to show fans homeruns and have the money to sign him. I cannot imagine him being a Red for much longer. He's dirt slow in the outfield, too bulky to make agile plays like Freel and a healthy Junior, and doesn't play a leader's role.

I think the only way we are going to compete next year is to spend some serious money to show potential free agents and trade prospects that we want to win. I see all of these huge names in this forum, but would you want to come here given the circumstances?

Major League Baseball - we need your help. The second you think Bonds should get into the Hall of Fame, let Pete Rose come back to Cincinnati and help the Reds in some form. It's only fair!

Joe Morgan & Jeff Brantley - isn't it kind of boring in a booth? Wouldn't a dugout be a better place for your baseball smarts? Please?

Ah well. Wait for the wheels fall off (and congrats on the 5 run, no out performance - just when things can't get worse...yeah) and we'll have buy 1, get 4 free tickets at the ballpark.

at 2:06 PM Anonymous TGO said...

I went to mlb4u as an early poster suggested. I see bigger names than you listed at catcher next year like Jorge Posada, Ivan Rodriguez, and Michael Barrett. Not sure the accuracy of this website, but I'd strongly consider acquiring one of those frontline starters for a 2-3 year deal. I'd imagine you could pay one of them close to the money they're currently paying to Milton+Lohse.

at 2:11 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fire Jerry Narron. Hire Joe Girardi. Trade Adam Dunn and Aaron Harang to the Yankees for Alex Rodriguez and Matt Desalvo. Trade Scott Hatteberg to the Red Sox for a bag of cash. Release Mike Stanton. Call up Homer Bailey, Phil Dumatrait, and Joey Votto. Demote Edwin Encarnacion to AAA to work on playing the outfield and 1b. At the trade deadline if we’re not in the chase trade Griffey for as much young talent as we can get. We can replace Griffey with Encarnacion, and we’ll need to replace Rodriguez with someone in the offseason. We should have a lot of money to play with in Free Agency with two needs-Third base and Closer.

Cf Ryan Freel
2b Brandon Phillips
rf Ken Griffey Jr
3b Alex Rodriguez
lf Josh Hamilton
1b Joey Votto
c David Ross
ss Alex Gonzalez

Bronson Arroyo
Matt Belisle
Homer Bailey
Matt DeSalvo
Phil Dumatrait

Long relief/emergency starter Victor Santos
Middle relief Jared Burton, Gary Majewski, Brad Salmon, Jon Coutlangous, Kirk Saarloos
Closer David Weathers

Javier Valentin
Chad Moeller
Juan Castro
Jeff Conine
Norris Hopper

at 2:19 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The next time Krivsky/Narron tells you that Homer isn't ready for the big leagues, ask them how ready Saarloos looked today.

Wait until Dunn gets hot and trade him for what you can get. He's lazy and quite possibly the worst outfielder that I've ever seen in the majors. Bring up Votto, Bailey and Dumatrait. Eat Stanton and Miltons salaries. Ownership better show some sort of concern or they're looking at a summer of Montreal Expo-like crowds.

at 2:40 PM Blogger brandon said...

- fire Narron and go after Joe Girade or Ron Oaster
- trade Adam Dunn because the Reds have a 13 million dollar option on him next year and Scott Hatteberg to the Texas Ranger for Mark Texiara, we can either put him at 3rd or 1st, i would put him at 3rd and bring up Joey Votto and put him and 1st and trade Edwin.
- bring up Homer Bailey and Phil Dumitrat.

at 2:58 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look obviously this team has given up... this is the worst team i have ever seen...why are you goin to the games???? for the free bobbleheads??? fireworks??? t -shirts???? this is a losing organization and it has been for many years....the new ownership group has done nothing but wreck our ship...i would rather have last years team who competed..then this team....we are horrible..... and our ownership must be blind.. This team doesnt hit when it gets pitching... and doesnt get pictching when it hits......in the game of major league baseball. consitancy is the key and we dont have it....i love arroyo and harang.. but they are 2 number 2 or 3 pichers and nothing more.... we dont need a ACE if we can bring up bailey and hope he pitches better then our 3 other minor leaguers who are in the big leagues....this team is bad....and for all the people who cheer when Adam Dunn bats .....YOUR DUMB and not a reds fan....Adam Dunn is a bad baseball player...homeruns is the most overrated stat in baseball and if your a reds fan, you couldnt agree more....Adam dunn cant put the ball in play in a close game... on the other hand griffey is consitant he puts the ball in play and can field his posistion...we need to get rid of adam dunn .....and i dont care for who.... i would trade him for a relif pitcher.....Norris Hopper is a good ball player.. he hits for average .. great fielder and makes good decisions....josh hamilton is our new left hitting power hitter...we dont need dunn...we need a right hander who can bat inbetween griffey and hamilton.....edwin is too inconsitant and phillips is a ideal number 2 hitter...Ryan Freel is a good ball player, and plays with the heart every player should play with..but he is not a leadoff hitter...he strikes out too much..and doesnt take any walks...i love the guy , but he belongs near the bottom of the order... basically i am very frustarated with the team because i feel like we gave up..and the ownership is not doing anything.....soon you will see bags on the heads of fans in the stands.....thanks for listening to me ..

at 3:00 PM Blogger larryb said...

Well fans still come to the ballpark in good numbers, so why should any moves be made if they will support a losing team theres no sense spending any money to get better.

at 3:06 PM Blogger Clink said...

1) Fire Tommy "Boom Boom" Hume

2) Fire Jerry Narron

3) Fire Wayne Krivsky

at 3:46 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Fire Narron. If he's so great, why are the Reds fundamentals so poor?

2. Trade Dunn for the best deal, prospects, whatever. He is the epitome of what is wrong with the lineup: Poor clutch hitting, too many strikeouts and errors. Put Hamilton (when healthy) in CF, Hopper & Freel can fight for LF. Hopper has a lot of qualities that this lineup needs, give the kid a shot.

3. Take offers for the older vets (Hatteberg, Conine, Stanton, Weathers, etc.) but keep Griffey, he's still a quality draw, unless someone makes us an offer we can't refuse.

at 3:51 PM Blogger DrMikeB said...

3 moves is tough but we'll try
1-- trade Dunn and Griffey for ML ready C and 3B
2-- move Encarnacion to 1B and call up Votto to play LF; I think his defense can improve enough and I know he'll hit for better average
3-- go with a bullpen of McBeth/Lohse/Salmon/Burton/Majewski/and Bray and Guardado when healthy
This way you can move Dumatrait into the rotation, save Bailey and Livingston for next year and see what you have/need in the pen for next year

at 3:51 PM Blogger Kurt said...

The Reds can contend for the division in 2008, so they do not need to consider a longterm rebuilding project.

With Arroyo and Harang signed for several years and Bailey on the way, they have the anchors for the starting staff. They should be solid up the middle defensively (and at the plate) with Phillips, Gonzalez and Hamilton next year.

Before the trade deadline, the Reds should make it a priority to move Dunn, who will always be a limited player. If they can get a young major leaguer for Griffey, that would another plus. Neither figures into the team's long term plans. Both moves - along with Milton coming off the books after 2006 - would give the Reds the payroll flexibility they need, somewhere in area of $30 million annually.

In the off-season, they could begin to focus on whatever needs are not met at the deadline, including a quality leadoff man, an RBI bat in the middle of the lineup and pitching help. At least one of the acquisions should be a player known as a clubhouse leader.

If the Reds shed payroll later this summer and bolster the team with a couple bold moves in free agency this winter, they can add some pieces to a decent core roster and invigorate the fan base at the same time.

at 4:04 PM Blogger rkmartin45251 said...

Fire Tom Hume. Hire Tony LaRussa and Duncan from St. Louis, both are in the last year of their contracts. Keep Narron in player Scouting department.

at 4:25 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I'm Castellini you dont fire anyone quite yet. The first thing they need to do is bring up Bailey and Votto. People may say its to early but for example look what the Tigers did last year bringing up Justin Verlander,Joel Zumaya, and Zach Miller; I believe they made it to the World Series.

Next we need to trade Griffey and hatteberg. I love Griffey but lets face it he's not hurt, his value is high, and AL teams want a quality guy that can DH or play outfield if needed. Hatteberg is only on a 1-year contract, is getting older, and doesnt have a future with the Reds since Votto is there. Package those two and send them to the Angels, White Sox, or Tigers for QUALITY pitching.

at 4:27 PM Blogger CincyStud25 said...

The 3 moves I would make if I was general manager:

1. FIRE Jerry Narron. He's not getting the job done. His philosophy of playing good defense and "small ball" (stealing bases and getting runners over and in) is pathetic and not working. Hire Joe Girardi to replace him.

2. Trade away veteran players when the trade deadline approaches. I would trade Conine, Stanton, Saarloos, and possibly Hatteberg and Weathers. Stock up on prospects.

3. Move Kyle Lohse into the bullpen. Slowly work him in then give him a chance at closing. The guy has great stuff and a dominating fastball that reaches 94-95 mph. Putting him in the bullpen allows Lohse to avoid the big inning, something he has has trouble doing all year. The move also allows the reds to bring up one of their young and promising starters.

at 4:33 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently most of the Red's fans don't know how to count...3 people..ended up scrolling through a bunch of garbage.

at 4:47 PM Blogger Laura B. said...

I don't think we should make any changes with players, they have talent. They lack motivation, and it all seems psychological right now. Money motivates: Roger Clemens gets paid about a million each game he will pitch....I think players should be paid PER their performance. Clemens should get paid for every game he WINS. You want a high salary? Pitch a win....hit in some runs.....EARN IT...Don't pay high dollar for guys sitting on the DL half the season with a broken toe nail, invest in success. (What is with players these days and these weak injuries? I've seen girl scouts suck it up faster with worse injuries.) Also, big names don't mean jack, look at our 1990 team....
I also think that teamwork is important, so if there is a "cancer" in the dugout, THAT person is who should go. Bad attitudes can ruin a team's morale. Unhappy fans can ruin a team's morale. Stay positive, Reds AND fans! (I miss Pete Rose....I'd like to know what HE thinks should be done, but in all I think motivation is key here.)
-Laura, Loveland Ohio

at 5:27 PM Blogger Shawn said...

I have posted these ideas on my blogs "Cincinnati Reds Blog" (www.shawns.blogspot.com) and Redlegs Rundown (http://mvn.com/mlb-reds/) but I can't expect you to read those with your busy schedule. To summarize:
Plan for a 2009 contention run, when Bailey and Bruce are ready. To do that (1) trade the team's oldest players (Conine, Stanton, Hatteberg, Weathers, and even Griffey) for what the market will bear. Trading Weathers and Griffey will hurt the team in the short run (assuming Griffey would approve a deal) but will help in the long run. (2) Bring in some young players, especially Joey Votto to play 1B. Get some of the minor leaguers, like Calvin Medlock and Carlos Guevara, into the major league bullpen to see what they have. Let Phil Dumatrait pitch some major league relief, to get his major league feet wet. Those thing will take some time to implement, so to show fandom you are serious about making changes (3) fire the manager. I don't blame Jerry Narron for the sorry state of this team, which is equal parts bad luck and bad play. But the captain must go down with the ship.

at 5:31 PM Blogger John Fay said...

I appreciate all the responses this post. But, remember, three comes after two and before four. Some of you ignored the Three Moves Rule, just a bit. The passion of fans amazes me.

at 5:47 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. I would see if Tom Kelly is willing to come out of retirement to oversee a youth movement in Cincinnati.

2. I then spend all summer dismantling the Reds. Patience is necessary. The season is lost. But you need to get the best value in return. Restock the minor leagues.

3. By late July, begin the youth movement in Cincinnati. Let those players who figure to be the future of the Reds, begin playing at GABP. Hopefully by 2009, we will see the same success at the Marlins, Indians, Brewers & Tigers.

at 5:57 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I were GM I would do one of the following:

A) Trade Griffey to the WhiteSox for Ryan Sweeney and Pitcher. He is close to the end of his carrer and won't ever see the playoffs with the Reds.

B) Trade Dunn (MAJOR PRIORITY IF I WERE GM). Possibly to the A's for Nick Swisher and Jay Witasick or Alan Embree (Swisher is locked up for a few more years very reasonable and would give us a solidfied 1B and also more bullpen help. The A's have been rumored to want Dunn for quite some time.

c)Trade Conine to the Yankees for either minor league pitcher Ian Kennedy or Joba Chamberlain

d)Trade Hatteberg to Boston another potential young arm (Votto is waiting in the wings)

e)Trade Weathers to anyone who will take him, he is a good veteran that could help a team in the running after the all-star break (try to get young catcher if possible)

f)Release Milton after the season becuase we are so terrible that we might as well use his arm since we will have to pay for him anyways. We can't give him away. (Thanks Dan O'brien)

g)Let David Ross walk and sign Johnny Estrada who will get you much better quailty AB's and handles pitchers really well.

If all went well this could be our opening day lineup.

1B) Joey Votto
2B) Brandon Phillips
3B) Edwin Encarnacion
SS) Alex Gonzalez
LF) Nick Swisher
CF) Ryan Sweeney
RF) Josh Hamilton
C) Johnny Estrada

Ryan Freel (platoon inf/of)
Javier Valentin (back up C)
Juan Castro (back up OF)
Norris Hopper (back up OF)

SP) Aaron Harang
SP) Bronson Arroyo
SP) Homer Bailey
SP) Phil Dumatrait
SP) Kyle Lohse

RP) Bill Bray
RP) Gary Majewski
RP) Eddie Guardado
RP) Jay Witasick / Alan Embree
RP) Jared Burton
RP) Matt Belisle
RP) Brad Salmon

Final roster spot could go to a lefty reliver that shows they are the most ready.

I am not sold on firing Narron, it looks like the management likes him, but I would shake things up with the players fur sure. Our future is Harang, Hamilton, Phillips & Edwin (who I really think got a wake up call by going to AAA) If we did let go Narron I would hire Joe Giradi who is hard nosed and won't deal with ego's.

at 6:27 PM Anonymous JeffB said...

1) Fire Narron (hire me).
2) Cut Stanton, move Milton to his spot and bring up Homer.
3) Bring up Livingston and send Santos down.

Lineup should be

1) 2b Phillips
2) LF Dunn (he was ripping the ball early in this spot, and Griffey will protect him).
3) RF Griffey(RF is looking good for his bat.)
4) Edwin (best RB guy, shows him some confidence.)
5) Hamilton
6) 1b whoever is there
7) SS Gonzalez (where is Lopez again?)
8) C Ross
9) P

Harang Arroyo Belisle Homer Livingston is rotation.

4th move would be to bring up Joey and put him at 1st.

at 6:40 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is more talent on this team than fans are giving them credit for. I really believe that the problem is a lack of leadership.

-Fire the pitching coach, whom I don't even know the name of because I have not seen him make a visit to the mound once to try to calm a pitcher down. I hire another pitching coach and I keep Don Gullet in mind if he would be willing to come back after the way we treated him. Hopefully whoever we get can get Lohse to pitch to his talent level.

-If that change doesn't seem to spark motivation in our team, I also get rid of Jerry Narron citing lack of ability to motivate his team and keep their heads in the game (citing the lack of fundamentals this year in some of the errors we have seen... plays little leaguers make because they are taught fundamentals). I give strong consideration to Joe Girardi, Barry Larkin and Billy Hatcher and open it to the public for others that are interested.

-Shop Griffey to a contender for can't miss prospects or a strong proven major league starter or closer

-Look for trade offers for Dunn, I weigh the offers against moving him to 1B. He must get out of left field. If I can get a strong pitcher or a right-handed OF with decent power I probably pull the trigger on the deal.

-Give Mike Stanton 3 more appearances to correct his act, meaning 0 R, 0 ER in 3 straight performances.

-Resign Bronson Arroyo long term as I believe he, Harang, Bray and our minor league prospects are the future.

at 6:53 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is not easy! Fire Narron first of all. Replace him with Joe Torre, soon to be fired by the Yankees or Davy Johnson. Trade Dunn, Encarnacion, Kyle Lohse, Phil Dumatrait, Todd Coffey, and Gary Majewski to the Nationals and drop the grievance in return for Austin Kearns,Ryan Zimmerman, and Chad Cordero. It is a trade that helps both teams and would bring Kearns back to Cincinnati where he belongs.

at 6:54 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


The Reds Should:
1)Fire Wayne Krivsky because it appears he has no idea what he wants to do with this club and I lost all respect for the man after he made no attempt to improve the team this past off-season.
2)Fire Narron its obvious he doesnt know what to do anymore and what he is doing isnt working. Hire Joe Girardi, a guy that earned manager of year in his first season with a very young Marlins team. He knows how to lead a young ball club and I think he would be a great fit for the Reds.
3)Ask Griffey what he would like to do. See if he wants to be a part of the rebuilding process. If not, trade him to and A.L. contender. If he decides to stay, tell him he needs to step up and take a on a more leadership role.
4)Like everyone else, trade Dunn to Oakland A's for either Dan Haren, Rich Harden, or Joe Blanton. All three of these pitchers are between the ages of 25-27 and have proven they can win ball games and will be a boost for the rotation. Also, in this deal try to get minor leager Connor Robertson who can help the bullpen or develop into a closer, and LF Travis Buck, hes young and more athletic than Dunn and can hit. Dunn would fit perfectly with the A's as a DH because Mike Piazza is currently on the DL and is almost 40 years old.
5)Bring up Homer, McBeth along with Votto. Its time. Fans will be more intrigued to come watch the club's future then the players that they have now.
6)Trade Stanton, Hatteburg, Ross and Milton. Take whatever you can get for them, even if its not going to make an impact right away.
7)Try putting Lohse back in the bullpen because the rotation doesnt seem to be working for him. The guy did beat out Joe Nathan for the 5th spot in the Twins rotation so you know the talent is there.
8)Next off-season, replace Ross with a new catcher out free agency. Many will be available including Jason Varitek. The chances of Boston parting ways with their captain is unlikely, but if the opportunity is there go for. Varitek would bring experience and a winning mentality to the club and along with Griffey could provide veteran leadership for the young players. If the Varitek signing doesnt happen I like Johnny Estrada.
2008 Opening Day Roster
C. Jason Varitek(if not Estrada)
1B. Joey Votto
2B. Brandon Phillips
SS. Alex Gonzalez
3B. Edwin Encarnacion
RF. Ken Griffey Jr.
CF. Josh Hamilton
LF. Travis Buck
1)Aaron Harang
2)Rich Harden/Joe Blanton/Dan Haren
3)Bronson Arroyo
4)Homer Baily
5)Matt Belilse
CL. Marcus McBeth
S. Gary Majewski
S. Bill Bray/Connor Roberston
M. John Coutlangus
M. Jared Burton
M. Brad Salmon
L. Kirk Saarloos
Bench: Ryan Freel, Jeff Conine, Chad Moeller, Norris Hopper

at 7:04 PM Blogger jeremy brooks said...

1. Re-hire Davey Johnson, if at all possible. We've had three quality managers in the past 17 years (Johnson, Lou Piniella and Jack McKeon) and somehow let all three slip away.

2. Trade Junior for minor league pitching, unless you can get a quality major league pitcher or two.

3. Ditto for Adam Dunn.

at 7:09 PM Blogger JvilleRedsFan said...

It's obvious the loses are related to three main causes, Pitching, Hitting and Hustling. I've seen three coaches, GM's, batting and pitching coaches come and go over the past four seasons and we're still having the same losses year after year.
The first move I would make would be to find someone who could show our players how to HIT. Secondly, teach our pitchers how to THROW and last but not least get rid of the slackers. Where to start? Here's for starters, LF, RF, 3B, Milton, Stanton and a couple of others.
I'm tired of seeing the over paid
pre-madonnas stand there when they hit a ball to see where it's going and find out it's not a HR and only get a single instead of an extra base hit. Then, when a fly ball comes out into the warning track they stand there to see where it's going next. There is only one guy who dives, hits the wall and comes up with the ball. As for the pitching, take a lesson from Roger Clemens. He takes his laptop to bed with him and studies every batter he's coming up against. He knows their strong points and their weeks points. Check out those who strike out the most and watch were which balls is being thrown at them, make the change. There are only four guys who hustle that are on the team, #1) FREEL, #2) PHILLIPS, #3) HAMILTON and #4) HOPPER.

Last but not least, leave Narron alone. He hasn't much to work with.

at 7:10 PM Blogger JvilleRedsFan said...

It's obvious the loses are related to three main causes, Pitching, Hitting and Hustling. I've seen three coaches, GM's, batting and pitching coaches come and go over the past four seasons and we're still having the same losses year after year.
The first move I would make would be to find someone who could show our players how to HIT. Secondly, teach our pitchers how to THROW and last but not least get rid of the slackers. Where to start? here's a starter, LF, RF, 3B, Milton, Stanton and a couple of others.
I'm tired of seeing the over paid
pre-madonnas stand there when the hit a ball to see where it'd going and find out it's not a HR and only get a single instead of an extra base hit. Then when one comes out into the warning track stand there to see where it's going next. There is only one guy to dives, hits the wall and comes up with it. As for the pitching, take a lesson from Roger Clemens. He takes his laptop to bed with him and studies every batter he's coming up against. He know their strong points and their weeks points. Check out those who strike out the most and watch were what balls is being thrown at them, make the change. There are only three guys who hustle on the team, #1) FREEL, #2) PHILLIPS, #3) HAMILTON and #4) HOPPER.

Last but not least, leave Narron alone. He hasn't much to work with.

at 7:22 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Kiss this season goodbye. Our guys have to play almost .700 ball to post 90 wins, and that may not win the division.

2. Hope Dunn and Jr. have stellar seasons. Don't necessarily look to trade both, but one could be available for trade or sale. Opens a OF spot for Hamilton and frees up payroll $. Trade only for pitching.

3. Look at next year. Who are we losing to free agency? Who do we need to develop for next and future years? Who would develop best in the majors, who would develop best in the minors?

4. Buy some tickets and go watch some games. Where else can you see professional softball?

5. Hire Nancy Zimpher. She'll know when to pay the manager to leave and cause the most harm for future seasons.

BearCat bball fan.

at 7:40 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) Trade Adam Dunn to the Chicago White Sox for Jose Contreras. The White Sox have the worst team Batting Average in baseball, which Dunn will help with. Contreras not only has a 3.71 ERA this year, but he has only given up 4 home runs. Put Freel in left, Hamilton in center, and Griffey in left.
2) Bring up Homer Bailey to the bullpen and send down Saarloos (like Jonathon Papelbon). Saarloos has a 7.04 ERA and Bailey could help out.
3) Fire Narron and bring in Joe Girardi.
- By redsawx07@aol.com

at 7:45 PM Anonymous Dave H, Eastgate said...

I don't think this team is that bad, they're just performing terrible and need a shakeup. The Houston Astros in 2004 and 2005 are examples of how you CAN come back in a mediocre NL Central. Here are my 3 moves:

1) Fire Narron and hire Joe Girardi. They need a former big-leaguer who knows how to get guys fired up.

2) Don't trade for pitchers, you have 2 studs in Harang and Arroyo, bring up Homer Bailey in 2 weeks and make him your #3 stud.

3) Move Saarloos to starting rotation and drop down Lohse.

at 7:49 PM Anonymous Chris N said...

1. Trade Adam Dunn for ANYONE. His defense is horrible, strikes out way too much and contributes nothing to this team.

2. Release E. Milton (eat the contract), K. Lohse, T. Coffey (w/ how bad he's been, I wouldn't mind if we never see him again in a Reds uniform), V. Santos, M. Stanton (has been terrible), E. Encarnacion, and I would dump the 3 catcher system (the Red's don't have one that is any good, so why are they keeping 3 on the roster?

3. I would start the youth movement. Bring up Livingston and Dumatrait. Call up J. Votto to play 1B, have J. Keppinger play 3B. Trade Hatteberg and/or Conine to a contender. When Hamilton is activated he needs to play everyday. Votto can hit and this offense is in desperate need of run production. I am so sick of when our starting pitchers do well and then the offense can't hit or the bullpen blows up. This has become a trend recently. There are relievers in AAA that should get a look such as M. McBeth.

-This list could go on forever and J. Narron my be part of the problem or the problem, but overall this team has a terrible bullpen, poor situational hitting, and NO FIRE OR PASSION! IT IS DISAPPOINTING AND FRUSTRATING FOR REDS FANS and changes MUST BE MADE!!!

Chris N (Albuquerque, NM)

at 8:16 PM Anonymous D. Williams said...

Before things get any worse, I believe it is time to consider how long this team is going to go with so many utility type players who have either reach their prime or will never be regular starters.

A major trade should be considered for a couple of regulars (Dunn and Encarnacion) and hopefully get a decent righthanded batting outfielder and possibly either another starting pitcher or relief pitcher.

At this point, what is there to lose by bringing up some young prospects that have been waiting in the wings ?

Shop Milton, Stanton and Conine for maybe another pitcher or even pinch hitter.

When a business is floundering, shareholders will demand changes and this applies to the Reds organization as well.

at 8:18 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before things get any worse, I believe it is time to consider how long this team is going to go with so many utility type players who have either reach their prime or will never be regular starters.

A major trade should be considered for a couple of regulars (Dunn and Encarnacion) and hopefully get a decent righthanded batting outfielder and possibly either another starting pitcher or relief pitcher.

At this point, what is there to lose by bringing up some young prospects that have been waiting in the wings ?

Shop Milton, Stanton and Conine for maybe another pitcher or even pinch hitter.

When a business is floundering, shareholders will demand changes and this applies to the Reds organization as well.

at 8:20 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before things get any worse, I believe it is time to consider how long this team is going to go with so many utility type players who have either reach their prime or will never be regular starters.

A major trade should be considered for a couple of regulars (Dunn and Encarnacion) and hopefully get a decent righthanded batting outfielder and possibly either another starting pitcher or relief pitcher.

At this point, what is there to lose by bringing up some young prospects that have been waiting in the wings ?

Shop Milton, Stanton and Conine for maybe another pitcher or even pinch hitter.

When a business is floundering, shareholders will demand changes and this applies to the Reds organization as well.

at 8:30 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to the game today and sat in seats that were not mine. There was literally not a soul around us. Security made a big sean and told us to sit in out own seats. I went on to go off on them how you overcharge everyting {hotdog 3.25, beer 6.50 or one} and the team is absolutly terrible, why are they so uptight about seating. They should be happy we went to yet another terrible game.

at 9:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Changes that should be made now.
1 - Just suck it up and release Milton, Stanton, Lohse. No one would be dumb enough to trade for them anyway.

2 - To fill Milton/Lohse spots in rotation call up Dumatrait and Livingston. Possibly Homer, but be careful to not wreck his arm.

To do later:

- Try to trade Conine/ Hatteburg, knowing you won't get much and bring up Votto.
- Trade Dunn (preferrably to an Amer. League team) to fill in other holes.
- As soon as the season is over fire Narron, and get a manager with experience and that knows how to win.

at 10:04 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Top three moves..

1. Offer Adam Dunn to prospect rich, offensively challenged clubs. I've narrowed it down to three.
1. Oakland.
2. LA Angels.
3. La Dodgers.

All three teams lack offensive punch. All three three teams are rich in prospects.

2. If Boston would agree, I'd trade Junior and Weathers to Boston for Coca Crisp and Clay Buckholtz and another top 20 prospect.

3. Dump Stanton, Saaloos, Santos and Lohse. Keep Majewski, Bray, Burton, Salmon and Coutlangus. Bring up McBeth.

This would be the lineup on August 1st.



1. Harang
2. Arroyo
3. Belisle
4. Clay Buckholtz
5. Bailey

Milton-You're payin him anyway, he can be the long guy.

At the end of the year, Fire Narron, bring in Girardi. Let Conine walk and pick up a right handed hitting firstbasemen to give Votto a day off against lefties. Promote Bruce to Triple A for the rest of the year and Stubbs to Double A. Bruce can replace Freel after next season.

at 11:10 PM Blogger poynorch said...

We are building for 2009. 2008 is a bonus if we can contend. If we stay in it this year? Well ,Merry Christmas Punky. Three moves? Well, don't know if these would work out, but here we go. Contrary to popular demand I would not fire Narron. I would make 3 trades looking to the near future:

1) Conine, Bubba Crosby, and Todd Coffey to Seattle. Reds get Cha Seung Baek and Eric O'Flaherty.

2) Adam Dunn and Kirk Saarloos to Atlanta. Reds get Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Joey Devine.

3) David Weathers, David Ross, Jerry Gil, and Jeff Keppinger to Toronto. Reds get Jeremy Accardo and Adam Lind.

Those are 4 pitchers (all near ML ready, or already there) that can pitch in late innings (obviously a need). The Reds have starting pitching out the wazoo down the stretch when you take into account the big 2 plus Lohse, Bailey, Dumatrait, Livingston, Ramirez, Belisle. Salty is a greast young catching prospect that has little hope of breaking out in Atlanta with Brian McCann in his way. Adam Lind is a solid young outfield prospect. The Reds have plenty of those, but relying on guys as far out as Bruce and Stubbs can be risky. With the departure of Deno, I think that the Reds could use someone like Lind.

From the other side of the deal, Seattle is a team that finds itself in contention and probably didn't expect to. A veteran and a pro like Conine could do wonders for them. Dunn and Jones in the same OF in ATL could be scary (both for HR and K records). Toronto is lagging. They wanted to contend this year but find themselves sub-.500. Weathers and Ross are worthy additions to any ML roster, and Stormy's veteran know-how is a welcome addition. Kepp and Gil are solid young guys. Gil has a cannon, and when healthy is very versatile. With the likes of Clayton and Olmedo in the system, the Jays could use and upgrade on the IF ;-)

-Chris P. (Gainesville, FL)

at 11:10 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Three trades...
1)Trade Encarnacion(DH), Burton, Dumatrait, Livingston, & Coffey to Tampa for Crawford.

2)Trade Dunn, Freel, Loshe and Milton to Texas for Young and Teixeira.

3)Trade Votto & Hatteberg to the Angels for Rouwenhorst.

1B - Teixeira
2B - Phillips
SS - Gonzalez
3B - Young
LF - Crawford
CF - Hopper/Hamilton
RF - Griffey
C - Ross

SP - Harang
SP - Arroyo
SP - Belisle
SP - Rouwenhorst
SP - Saarloos/Bailey

RP - Weathers
RP - Majewski
RP - Stanton
RP - Coutlangus
RP - Salmon
RP - Santos/Bray

Bench - Valentin
Bench - Keppinger
Bench - Moeller
Bench - Hamilton/Hopper
Bench - Conine
Bench - Castro

We need a new attitude on this team and guys like Young and Crawford - intelligent hardworking ballplayers.

at 11:36 PM Blogger goxavier said...

1. Trade Adam Dunn and David Weathers to a contending American League team, and get their best starting pitching prospect. How appeasing would a consistent reliever and a big hitting lefty look on a team like the Tigers who have power issues and bullpen problems with Jones not producing, and Zumaya on the DL. The Tigers have a good left handed pitcher named Andrew Miller. He was the sixth pick in the 2006 draft and many considered him to be the top pick in the draft though.
2. Trade Scott Hatteberg and Chad Moeller to the Braves for Jarrod Saltalamaccia. Saltalamaccia is the top catching prospect according to Baseball America and the braves don't have much use for him because of Brian McCann is in that role. The Braves also need a productive first baseman for the playoff push.
3. Release or trade Mike Stanton, Eric Milton, Victor Santos, David Ross, and Kirk Saarloos before the trade deadline. In Stanton's spot bring up Phil Dumatrait, in Milton's spot bring up Homer Bailey, in Ross's spot you have Saltalamaccia, and in Saarloos's spot you have Bobby Livingston come up. In Santos's spot bring up Bill Bray. Also Bring up Votto after the Braves deal.

After the deadline the Reds lineup should be like:
C: Jarrod Saltalamaccia
1B: Joey Votto
2B: Brandon Phillips
3B: Edwin Encarnacion
SS: Alex Gonzalez
LF: Ryan Freel
CF: Josh Hamilton (right now freel is a better center fielder, but Hamilton has the potential of being a gold glove winner.)
RF: Ken Griffey Jr.
Starting Rotation:
1: Aaron Harang
2: Bronson Arroyo
3: Matt Belisle
4: Homer Bailey
5: Bobby Livingston
Eddie Guardado
Gary Majewski
Jon Coutlangus
Bill Bray
Jared Burton
Brad Salmon
Phil Dumatrait

at 11:52 PM Anonymous Mark Pack said...

Jerry Narron is an IDIOT. You can't bat David Ross 8th. You need someone with some speed batting 8th. Give guys roles and let them do that job. These guys don't know what their role is becasue it is constantly changing, so how can they be consistent? Don't fall in love with any reliever. Just because you like a guy in the bullpen doesn't mean he's the only guy you've got. If you aren't going to use all the guys in the bullpen, why have them at all??? A good manager could easily have won 10 more games with this team. If we make the change soon enough we can still win 80-85 games this year and that might be enough to win the division. Note to Wayne--Homer isn't major league ready, but Saarloos is??? Fire Narron, Bring up Homer, trade for a right handed power bat. We'll see you in the playoffs this year. Keep "Baseball Guy", leave Homer in AAA, and keep your lineup heavy on the lefties, and watch your team set a team record for losses.

at 1:06 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Untouchables:

Brandon Phillips
Josh Hamilton
ALex Gonzalez
Drew Stubbs
Jay Bruce
Joey Votto
Aaron Harang
Bronson Arroyo

Everyone else is expendable. Trade Griffey to the White Sox for bullpen help and prospects. Trade Dunn to the Dodgers for Matt Kemp, James Loney and Chad Billingsley/Jonathan Broxton. Release Milton, Coffey. Fire Narron. Hire Joe Girardi or Davey Johnson.

at 9:01 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was clear before the season began that the 2007 version of the Cincinnati Reds was going to be one of the most uninteresting teams in a long while (my 84 father says it reminded him of the 1934 Reds). The team has no effective hitting: consistent hitters, clutch hitters. Not Dunn, not Griffey, not Conine, not Freel. None. Hamilton has been the one bright spot; the reason to go see a game in person. GM Krivsky may be the most intelligent guy around but he's building a team for Riverfront Staduim (read: astroturf) not Great American Ballpark. As for Narron, he outwardly appears to be a good manager but my friends who work at WLW and the Enquirer tell me that his players have no respect, scoff at practicing the fundamentals of the game. That, if fact, would have alot to do with losing. Hello! No quick fixes here. Let's get some hitters. If the Reds need big name pitching, I would suggest looking at the rest of the retirees: maybe Browning, Soto, Rijo, Brantly, Doug Bair...maybe Gary Nolan's arm is finally healed.

at 9:30 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reds to energize their lineup with young, hungry players. Fans these days are excited about teams and the potential of the Marlins, Devil Rays, Brewers and to some extent even the Pirates. Let's see what we can do...

1. Eat the salary of Milton for this year and designate him along with Stanton and replace them in long relief with Bailey and Gardner or Dumatrait. Didn't the "easing in" concept work for Santana and Liriano in Minnesota? Plus it gives the fans something to be excited about when they go to the park.

2. Trade the following while they have value: Dunn because he has value as a power hitter but is a complete liability in the field and in a lineup that has trouble making contact already, Griffey because (as mentioned in an early blog) his stock is at its highest point and he deserves a shot at a World Series, Freel because a .260 hitting leadoff hitter is dreadful and with the fact he plays hard all the time he should bring returns, A-Gon because we don't need anther .250 hitting SS that plays defense regardless of the fact he has more errors this year than all of last year -- Juan Castro could play better defense and hit .250, Scott Hatteberg again because he will bring returns and its time to bring the 23 year old Votto into the mix and finally Kyle Lohse if anyone will take him. We are going to lose him to FA next year anyway.

3. The loses of Dunn, Griffey, Milton and company will save the team nearly 35+ million in payroll and allow them to be active in free agency next year. Also, if trading partners are selected properly, not the Nats, but rather the Angels, Dodgers, White Sox and Braves are loaded with young talent; i.e. Willits, Weaver, Broxton, Ethier, Jenks and Saltalamacchia (sp?) to name only a few.

Let's get younger and better -- thanks for allowing me to vent.


Raleigh, NC

at 9:54 AM Blogger JP said...

I have to wonder if we can bring another "pitching expert" to instruct our bullpen.I have never been impressed by Tom Hume the last 7 years and cannot remember (during that time)when we have had a decent closer.
Also, do we know how to "pitch the other team"? Do we have scouts that give helps to the staff?
We keep saying that GABP is a hitters stadium but our opponents still always keep us off the boards.Good coaching? Good scouts?

at 9:58 AM Anonymous md said...

1. Trade Griffey and Dunn for immediate starting pitching. A one- or two-man rotation can't win little league.

2. Call up Votto and make Conine (my fav player, btw) the everyday first baseman.

3. Trade Encarnacion for two outfielders.

Narron isn't the problem. Miley wasn't the problem. They both manage the game well. Cinci has needed pitching, particularly starting pitching, since 2000 and still needs it now.

To win in the majors you need speed and small-ball skills, and good solid pitching. Watching Griffey try to go from first to third on an outfield single and get thrown out at third against Colorado convinced me that baserunning is an issue.

at 10:01 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

First thing you do is bring back dollar hot dogs and half price tickets. You need fans to have a good time whether the reds are winning or losing.

Next you send EVERYONE down to Louisville. You need to send everyone because everyone is losing. This is a team sport that is supposed to be self policing and it isn't working out. Send them down for a game, two games or a week for all I care. Embarrass the crap out of them because I'm pretty embarrassed to be a reds fan right now.

Lastly, from here on out all contracts will have incentive clauses out the yin yang with a base salary. I think all teams should do this in all sports. When I do bad at work, there are repercussions. Why not for major league baseball players making millions.

at 10:47 AM Blogger Larry Pope said...

1. Do not trade Griffey, he is a home grown hall of fame player who should be coveted and respected, and he continues to put butts in the seats at the stadium.

2. Fire Jerry Narron and hire Joe Gerardi. Gerardi is a firey young experienced winner who is knowledgable of the game of baseball and he would light a fire under the Reds players. He would still be the manager in Florida if not for the ego of the pompus owner.

3. Bring up Bailey and Votto and put Lohse on waivers and send Moeller back to triple A.

at 11:11 AM Anonymous Ray Acra said...

PmI would trade Adam Dunn for the best pitchers you can get from the Rangers. How about Brandon McCarthy and Eric Gagne. Dunn might be happy to go home. The fishing is better in Texas. Trade Milton to Japan. Get Yugio cards if nothing else. trade Ken Griffey Jr., Edwin Encarcion, Homer Bailey and the afore mentioned Yugio cards to the Yankees for A-Rod. If Bailey isn't allowed to pitch in the majors here let him pitch in the majors somewhere. I guess my thing would be DO SOMETHING!

at 11:15 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Plug in the 1975 World Series discs and pretend the 75-76 Big Red Machine is playing today.

Apparently the Red's current management are pretending that they have a manager who can manage and so called core players who can play.

at 11:27 AM Blogger GeezerfromNY said...

50 years! I've followed the Reds since the Dodgers went west in 1957. And it NEVER changes. Pitchingpithingpitching...WHY can't this team develop a pitching culture? You HAVE the bodies. This is a good team with a manager who knows his stuff! Keep the ball down! Work fast, change speeds, throw strikes. Is it catching or coaching? I don't know. But it never ends. 50@#$%^&* years! FIX IT!

at 11:33 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...


1) Fire Jerry Narron and his staff. All of the problems on this ballclub cannot be attributed to him but he is doing nothing to motivate this team. He is too even-keeled and calm, when this team needs a fireball manager. Additionally, only Ryan Freel stood up for him publically in an Enquirer article a couple of weeks ago. Option: Bobby Valentine or even former skipper Davey Johnson.
2) Trade Adam Dunn and get a solid #1 or #2 pitcher with a good outfield prospect. The Dodgers would be a team that needs Dunn and might be open to trading one of their younger arms. Additionally, they have a great farm system which the Reds could pick a player or two from.
3) Bring in the youth movement. Time has come for Bobby Livingston, Phil Dumatrait and Mike Gosling a chance to make the rotation. With great young arms on the farm, then can team up with Harang and Arroyo to form a tough starting rotation. They will need time and patience from Reds fans, which is what this season can be for the youngsters.

at 12:14 PM Blogger cow town said...

1. Trade Hatteburg and bring Votto up.

2. Put Milton & Lohse in the bullpen to see if Milton can be effective in that role and poosibly garner trade interest as a lefty reliever by the trade deadline and find out of Lohse can be a closer between now and the end of the season. This means Dumatrait and Bailey join the rotation and will take their lumps with 5+ ERAs for the remaining 4 months of the season.

3. Play Josh Hamilton as the regular centerfielder when he comes back. Use Freel as a utility guy getting five starts every two weeks by giving EdE, Phillips, Dunn, Junior and Hamilton each a day off every two weeks.

at 12:52 PM Anonymous Hoff Daddy said...

I will be going with the Fire sale idea.
1- Trade Adam Dunn and Carlos Fisher to the Dodgers for Matt Kemp and Jonathan Broxton. It will give the Reds bullpen help and a right handed outfielder. It gives the Dodger the power hitter they need and a future starter.

2-Ken Griffey Jr. and Scott Hatteberg to the Redsox for Kyle Snyder and Jon Lester. The Redsox need more power in their lineup and Griffey deserves to end his career on a winning team. This gives the Reds some more bullpen help and a starter.

3-Send Ryan Freel, David Weathers, and Jeff Conine to the Yankees for Humberto Sanchez. The Reds can't trade Mike Stanton because of how bad he has been doing. The Yankees needs some players to help them salvage their season so this would give them the right-handed bat they need off the bench, a decent reliever, and a great utility man.

at 1:25 PM Anonymous Ben said...

First of all get rid of Adam Dunn, he's garbage. So he has power? He's averaging almost 5 strikeouts (while leading MLB in strikeouts) per home run. That, coupled with his poor defense is not worth whatever it is the Reds are paying him. We could very likely trade him for some bullpen help. Plus, we already have 4 other outfielders , so it's not like we'd be out much. It's pretty obvious to me that the bullpen is the major problem on the team this season. The starting pitching staff is able to give the team a chance in most cases but the bullpen blows it. I'd also look at bringing up some of the pitching prospects from the minors in case no one is interested in Dunn right now.

at 1:26 PM Blogger rodger said...

Just three, eh? Ok. Here goes:

1) Trade Dunn for Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Atlanta could use Dunn, can afford him and we could get that catching prospect we lack in the system. Ross moves to reserve role (where he'll no doubt light it up), we can drop Moeller and make Valentin the official big-bat PH (which I guess he is right now). Salty cuts his teeth the rest of the year and begins his major league maturation. He'll also meet and start working with his new best friend Homer Bailey, in the first of many years together.

2) Yes, bring up Bailey. Starters, even studs, don't start to light it up right away. They need MLB experience and likely a rough start. So start it now, while it means nothing in this season that's more Lost than the TV show.

3) Please keep Junior. He will be the only reason to care and watch while we rebuild. Again. Anyone remember the ballpark when he approached 500? I think 600 will be even better. As he climbs the career list, it will be fun to watch. And that - more than a pink hat ladies night - will bring rears and sell beers.

at 3:08 PM Anonymous Aaron F. said...

First thing that you have to do is figure out what your identity is going to be. For years, and still, the Reds have been homer happy and defensivly/pitching poor. I would say, identity is a la the 1990 Reds/2003 Marlins/2004 Red Sox/2005 White Sox/2006 Cardinals... the basics/pitching/catching/hitting/running... So on with the list if this were done...

1st, Fire Narron at the end of the season, let him play out the year... you can't get anybody now... My choice for manager is Tony LaRussa... pry him away, a good manager is worth at least 10-15 wins a year easily...

2nd, Dunn/Ross/Freel/Milton/Stanton/Moeller all have to go... they do not fit in the new model... Hatteberg stays, is a great bench player and has played on winning teams... As for Griffey... he still knows how to play and sells seats... I don't know why anyone wants to get rid of a HOF'er that is playing good and chasing 600...

3rd Start practicing... You all know what they say... practice makes perfect... or at least better fielders which translates into less errors which translates into better pitchers less runs given up less time on field more confidence...

This would be a major shakeup that would take all year but build a better team for next year and years to come...

at 5:07 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ummmm....PITCHING PITCHING PITCHING!!! But no-one has figured that one out in 15-17 yrs.

at 8:16 PM Anonymous matt said...

fist you trade adam dunn for jason giambi. i think that in a new environmeny he will be the giambi of old. With that you move hatteberg to ss gonzalez to 2nd and phillips out to the field.

then you trade ross for a catcher from atlanta named saltammachia, he is an excellent catcher and hitter, mike piazza type.
then you tradegriffey for scott kazmir of the tampa bay devil rays, they want more power and we want the pitching so maybe some prospects plus griffey makes it a deal. the the starting line up looks like. hamilton, freel, phillips - outfield. encaurnacion, hatteberg, gonzalez, giambi - infield. then bronson, kazmir, belisle, sarloos, harang

at 8:55 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

tfiI would start from the Ground up and do a total rebuild of the team. I would place more of the salary on Pitchers instead of power hitters like Ken Griffy Jr. Dont get me wrong power hitters are good but we need base runners to get runs and a base hit could get us the runners, so work more on better pitching

at 9:59 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't fire anyone. One of the problems in recent years is revolving door management and no long term consistency in policy. Let's stick this out for a while. Don't fold to the pressure to bring up minor leaguers before their ready. We want a long term fix even if it means suffering through some tough times for a while. The only change I would make right now is to release Stanton and bring up a young pitcher for long to middle relief.

at 11:26 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The great Cinci Reds are without question gripped by the same poison that killed the Bengals for a decade, and the only solution is to root it out at the source. Unfortunately unlike football there is not a quick solution (No Marvin Lewis&Carson Palmer waiting to join up), however there is hope, as the Reds now at least have an owner who burns to field a winner, so the only thing to do is start almost from scratch. The two darkest days in recent Reds history are the promotion of John Allen, and making Barry Larkin the team captain. nothing has been right since. Allen has no idea what winning is, and Larkin played only to be cool. and not look like he cared, because that would be uncool. That attitude has become the Reds face, they have no heart, no guts, no passion. Veterans from winning teams come here now, and are quickly enervated by the "so what" attitude. When was the last time a Reds pitcher threw high, and inside to an opposing batter like Jason Bay, or a Damion Miller for that matter. When was the last time a Reds "STAR" charged the mound, or slid hard enough into 2nd base to provoke...anything? When was the last time a Reds Manager threw a base, or shoved an Umpire? The Oakland A's ran up record run totals against the Reds 3 yrs or so ago, and sat on their bench laughing;What did the Reds do? Paul Wilson gets body slammed, and mugged by the Cubs in front of the Reds bench; What did the Reds do? An Atlanta catcher basically spikes a ball off Sean Casey's chest as he tagged him out at the plate; What did Casey, or the Reds do? The answers to all these questions is NOTHING! An opposing team's batter gets a crucial two out hit against the Reds; Sean Casey yuks it up with the player while holding him on. These are memorable situations, but many more exist. You need to unload anyone who was on the team at the time, this is cancer removal. That means Dunn&Griffey, has much as I personally hate to do it's the only way. The starting rotation is going to be fine, and the bullpen now has some arms to work with, use this year to work with them. Jerry Narron needs to be reassigned. The Reds need a Manager who burns to WIN, and will do whatever it takes to do that...Some names like Larry Bowa, Bobby Valentine, maybe right an old wrong with Ron Oester, or Ray Knight, but get someone with passion. Then next year sign a Rightfielder, and third baseman, who has a fire in their gut. It is not a coincedence that the last time the Reds had a competitive team it had a man like Greg Vaughn pushing Larkins influence aside. The Larkin, Griffey, Allen, Bowden, Linder, O'Brien, Schott days have to be pulled out and forgotten about for this franchise to move on

at 9:32 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Griffey,Weathers,Conine for A-Rod straight up. Outfield then stays Dunn,Freel,Hamilton every day. Bring Homer Bailey up and leave him up as the number three starter. Trade anyboday and everyboday else for two closers!!!

at 11:55 AM Blogger Dave S. said...

I'm a huge Reds fan living in Miami, FL and I have watched the Marlins go through 2 fire sales. I know fans sometimes lack the patience for rebuilding. However, if done correctly, rebuilding works. The Reds desparately need young pitching who throw gas and cause hitters to hit into the dirt. If I was GM, I would implode the roster (except for Hamilton, Phillips, Encarnacion, Arroyo, and Harang). They should bring up Votto and Bailey. Get them MLB experience. They must target pitching. That's what the Marlins did and they are loaded throughout the organization with quality arms. When you stockpile quality arms not only do you establish depth (especially in the bullpen where the Reds need it) but you also are able to make trades when you need to inject offense. I do not feel Narron is the answer. I do not know enough about Narron to know if he is the best to work with a young growing club. If he isn't, the Reds need someone who is patient and is willing to nurture young players. The current crop of players obviously is not going to work and the Reds need to start with a new blueprint. The Reds do not have one single pitcher on the 25-man roster that initimidates. They need some fireballers who can bring it consistently in the mid-90s. The Marlins were brilliant at trading quality players for top pitching prospects. The Reds would be well-served if they followed the same recipe.

at 12:06 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do what it takes to get a pitcher smart, solid-hitting catcher.

That's it.

That's the only thing I'd change.

Everything else will eventually fall into place.

at 12:40 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Fire Narron and hire Joe Girardi immediately. His one year in Florida shows he can motivate players to play, no matter the talent level.

2. Trade Adam Dunn for Ervin Santana of the Angels. Santana is a young pitcher that eats up innings in the A.L. His 4.00 era in the A.L. would translate into about a 3.50 in the N.L. A middle of the rotation type of pitcher is all you are going to get for Dunn right now w/ his salary. Trade the following veterans to playoff contenders and see if we can get an everday catcher (Estrada) or prospects: Weathers, Hatteberg, Conine, Stanton, Milton, Freel. Call up Bailey and Votto from the Minors and let them play everday.

3. Do something as an organization that's a little out of the box for a small market franchise. At the end of the year go after Ichiro Suzuki. His asking price on the FA market is going to be about what you are going to pay Dunn next year, plus you save on the Milton contract. Put Ichiro in RF, Hamilton in CF, and Griffey in LF. You now will have one of the top defensive outfields in MLB and you've just added speed to the top of your lineup. This will help in the department of manufacturing runs which we are missing right now.

With just a couple of moves your '08 roster can look like this:

RF Ichiro
2B Phillips
CF Hamilton
RF Griffey
3B Encarnacion
1B Votto
C Estrada
SS Gonzalez

Starting Pitchers:

1. Harang
2. Arroyo
3. Santana
4. Bailey
5. Belisle/ Dumatrait

Majewski, Bray, Coffey, Salmon, Burton. As for the final 2 spots, I think they should give McBeth a crack at closing. In addition, especially as good as he looked on Monday, Lohse would seem to be someone that definitely has the stuff to be a closer. Give him a a chance as well.

at 1:28 PM Blogger SolarAl said...

Do nothing yet...a 10-game win streak will fix everything...However unlikely that scenario is. If the Reds still stink (meaning still 10+ below .500) by mid-late June, trade Dunn, Harang, Connie, Hattebeburg, Weathers and maybe even Arroyo. Bailey, Livingston, Dumatrait, Votto...maybe Fisher need to see what MLB is like

at 2:25 PM Blogger bigmac_in said...

First, let me say this - there are some really far-out ideas posted here. Having said that - here is what I would recommend.

1. Replace the manager. Although I have no problems with most of Narron's game decisions, I don't think he has shown that he can manage at the personal level. I think this team needs a big kick in the pants.

2. Trade both Griffey and Dunn. I like them both as ball players, but right now this team sucks and these two guys have value. What is the worst that could happen, we'll have the worst record in baseball? Plus, I don't like what I see out of these two guys during a game - I don't see much "fire". Somone needs to inspire this team.

3. Talk to the new manager about continuity in the line-up and defining rolls to the players. I think this is a big problem on this team. Nobody knows their role, and are not confident due to the uncertainty. Look at the bullpen. It's no wonder nobody pitches well - Narron obviously has no confidence in any of them, except Weathers. And if Weathers is your top option out of the bullpen, you've got bigger problems than you can fix in one year.

at 4:20 PM Blogger notredamefan8420 said...

The Reds need to do something now in order to salvage the season and build for the future.

1. The Reds should replace Stanton and Milton (permanently, not only while he is on the DL) with pitchers such as Marcus MacBeth and Homer Bailey (even though he is "not going to be pushed," Bailey will be more of an asset to this club than Milton is.)

2. Trade any combination of Griffey, Dunn, Conine, and Hatteberg for young pitching prospects, another starter, or a young quality closer. All of the aforementioned players are expendable, due to the fact that the young, immensely talented Josh Hamilton could play outfield along with Freel and Hopper, and Joey Votto would be able to replace Hatteberg and Conine.

And if I have not yet reached my limit of three (the release of players/ bringing young ones up could be counted as one or two), I would make one other move.

3. Although this may seem very minor, move Castro as we near the trade deadline. Any playoff contender would love to have a high quality infielder on their bench for the playoffs, and the Reds may be able to get a few talented prospects for Castro.

Hopefully that would fix the Reds, if anything can...

at 5:49 PM Blogger Brett said...

Fire Narron (he blows games by putting in clowns; he then sticks up for them.)
Fire Krivsky.
Trade Dunn; and Edwin;release Weathers and Coffey.

I would let my starters pitch until they didn't want to.

I would trade Freel for a mediocore closer (Freel has no bat.)
Bring up Bailey.

Lets face it, Narron interviews are like watching a slow robot.
"Our guys are doing a great job, I have all the confidence in Coffey, something will happen."
what kind of manager is that?

"Fire narron and Trade Coffey."
- Almeida April 22nd, 2007

at 5:55 PM Blogger Brett said...

Fire Narron and Krivsky
Trade Dunn; Edwin; and Freel
(Freel has no bat)
Release weathers and coffey

I would let my starters pitch until they didnt want to. thats why they are starters.

I would not call in bullpen help unless we were up by 3.

pickup a decent closer and bullpen help.

Bring up Bailey

I am sick of watching Narrons interviews its the same monotone voice and comment.
"Our guys will come around, we need Coffey to do what he has done before."
my translation:
hit batters,walks and 2 run bombs.

get rid of them.
"Fire Narron and trade Coffey."
-Almeida April 22nd, 2007

at 8:34 AM Blogger sljenkins said...

The Reds had the golden opportunity to rid themselves of Narron during the off season. Frank Robinson was available and the Reds should have done the right thing in bring a proven BIG LEAGUE Coach that would have turned things around for the Reds.

But with Cincinnati being one of the most racist cities in America, they wouldn't dare allow two African American professional head coaches to run the only professional sports teams the city has but its not too late Cincinnati Reds fans - Frank Robinson is still available.

Mr. Castenlini GO GET FRANK ROBINSON and save the Cincinnati Reds.

at 8:34 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leave the top 8 alone for now. Release Stanton, Send Livingston back down and bring up Sarloos for the bullpen only and get Homer Bailey with the big club as the 5th starter.

at 8:53 AM Blogger TMcD said...

The Reds need to make moves to get better, but I wouldn't panic. I wouldn't fire Krivsky, and I don't think there is any real benefit to firing Narron.

1. Trade/release: Milton and Stanton. Lohse should be on a short leash, but earned a reprieve Monday. Call up: Bailey/Dumatrait and Coffey/Bray. This involves eating money, but spend the money to get rid of these players as they aren't productive and they are impeding the development of a couple of other pitchers.

2. Trade Hatteberg/Conine--maybe both, but definitely one. Bring up Votto and let him play almost everyday.

3. Trade other spare parts if deals present themselves: Moeller, Castro, Lohse, Sarloos; maybe even Encarnacion if a deal is there.

Those are the three moves I'd most make. However, if the right deal presented itself I'd trade Dunn--probably to the Dodgers or White Sox (but other teams are possible too). I wouldn't do this unless it was a really enticing deal. Talk to Griffey. See if he would like the chance to play for a contender. If he would like to be traded, and a deal can be made with a team of his choice, then trade him. Otherwise, keep him and watch the drive for 600. He is still productive and brings people to the park. Treat him with respect, whether that means keeping him or trading him if he prefers it.

The three moves I'd most likely make (that is apart from Dunn/Griffey, who I'd prefer to keep) aren't earthshattering, but they help the team look toward the future while putting the best team on the field today.

at 8:55 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Red's problem, for years, has been pitching. They are among the leagues best in offense, but always among the worst in pitching. Also, if you look at the reds scoring, they’re first in the NL in HR’s but fifth in RBI’s. They need to do more with runner’s in scoring position. Here’s my list of changes to the club.
Players: They should trade Hatteburg for solid middle relief. Guardado will be back in a few weeks which should shore up the closing. Stanton and Weathers would pitch better if they dropped some lbs. I don’t see how they get anything over the plate with those big beer bellies. Move Dunn over to 1st base permanently where he can't screw the pooch defensively. Then, they could move Hamilton over to left field. In the choice of trade Griffey or Dunn, I would choose Griffey. He's only going to be around for a little bit longer, where Dunn could be around for another 10-15 years. Dunn has the ability to be the next Bonds, Sosa; he just needs a good hitting coach. I always remind myself that Babe Ruth had a high strikeout percentage too. But I don’t think we need to talk about trading either of them as of yet.
Coaching: I think it’s a little early to talk about firing Narron. But the Reds have to work on their pitching coaches. They’ve been pumping out mediocre talent for the last 10 years (with few exceptions) and need a big overhaul. It’s also a little early to talk about firing Krivsky. He did a great job, for the most part, in trying to build a winning team. And you know he has the motivation to go on.
Team Improvement: Notice that I wrote “team” improvement. There needs to be a team goal to improve. 2007 Team goal should be to improve pitching. Maybe they need to bring in that Brian Cain guy to lecture on “Peak Performance” like the Vanderbuilt team did. They’ve got some good talent that are not living up to their potential. They need something to improve their performance.
Fan Support:Everyone I know complains about the cost of going to the ball park. Just the other week, I went to one of the games against the Nationals. I paid $10 to park, $40 per seat (2) $4.00 each for soda’s and $5.25 for Nachos. I can’t get out of a game for under $100. That really makes it so that I can only go to a couple of games a year. Can parking be cheaper? Can there be one item beside relish that is a little cheaper? It gets hard to spend a good percentage of your income on something you don’t really see a return for. Remember the $1 hot dog days last year? Those games were packed. They could afford to do that every day and I think that alone would raise the attendance some. Also, during that same game against the Nationals I came early and stood with about 50 people or so as to get an autograph from one of the Red’s players. Not one of them came over. Why would I care about them if they don’t care about me?

Lastly I’ll ask, “Where is the Red’s history beside behind a museum wall and a $5 ticket?” Of that I’m not sure.

at 9:32 AM Blogger Steve said...

It's very tiring hearing that trading Adam Dunn is going to make the Reds a better team. Now, if management is deciding they don't want to put Milton's dollars (who won't be back in '08) toward Dunn, then they should try an trade him, but to not want a 40 homer guy in your lineup, even with his defense, is ridiculous. The Reds will scare NO ONE offensively.

Griffey... being a 10/5 player, he controls the situation, do what he wants, he is valuable to the team.

Two options on Bailey: Bring him up now. This is getting a bit ridiculous to have him in Triple A if he's healthy. Or, trade him now. Yes, trade him. The Reds should be able to get a top line reliever, or a 1st baseman and prospects (pitching). There is no guarantee he will translate to the Cy Young winner everyone has penciled in for him.

The Reds need to find a regular place for Freel if they like him so much. Move him to 2nd and trade Phillips, or sign him to a long term deal, now.

The primary need is to get the bullpen in order. The starters have done a decent job and if you keep Bailey, and Belisle continues his progress, that gives the Reds a very nice rotation moving forward.

Keep Hatteberg, he is too valuable, but probably more as a spot filler, etc...

Bottom line is they are playing like (^$!@#! and if fans think that a managerial change is in order, or they don't need Dunn is the answer, I think they are mistaken. 2007 is 2007 and no way they can play for this year. But to make trades that appear to discount 2008 would be a mistake.

My guess is that this team ticks off fans as a whole because they just don't have the do or die persona that the Cincinnati crowd rallys around. If they can get some of that, it will go a long way in the PR dept.

at 10:34 AM Blogger nhelmstetter said...

These are the three moves I would make to improve the Reds:
1. Quit screwing around with the veterens such as Stanton, Lohse, Weathers, Milton, Saarloos, etc. Replace those five with the following: Homer Bailey, Phil Dumatrait, Calvin Medlock, Bill Bray (when healthy), and Tom Shearn.
2. Trade Dunn. Griffey is too old and injury prone to trade and will draw fans as he closes in on 600 hr's. Send him to baseball hell, Tampa Bay, for a guy like Rocco Baldelli (and prospects) who is the odd man out in a crowded TB outfield and desperately in need of a change of scenery as is Dunn.
3. Trade Hatteberg. He is probably the only player outside of Dunn and Griffey that anyone would want. Send him off for some prospects and bring up Joey Votto. The guy is tearing up AAA and is ready. Just like the Reds are doing with Homer Bailey they are being the overprotective parent...at some point in time you just have to let them go.
And a fourth suggestion that is a non-personnel move: Institute mandatory pregame fielding practice. Obviously I don't see who is out there and how much everyone practices fielding, but it couldn't hurt could it?

at 11:42 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trade Dunn or Griffey to Los Angeles Dodgers for Johnathan Broxton and a Prospect. They are having trouble with power numbers and the reds need a power pitcher.

at 11:51 AM Anonymous keith said...

I love baseball and have been a Reds fan since Joe Nuxhall was still pitching. So it's disappointing that they usually aren't contending over the last 7 years.
If I were GM, the first thing that I would do is focus the organizations pitching strategy to increasing strikeouts. In the last 7 years (including this one) the Reds are 15,14,13,14,15,11, and 9, out of 16 NL teams in K's. Obviously, many games are decided by home runs, but also bloops, and seeing-eye grounders win quite a few. All of these individual hits are less of a factor with more K's.
On offense, I would focus on improving On Base Percentage and decreasing Strikeouts. In the last 7 years the Reds are 10,10,14,9,4,7, and 9 out of 16 teams in OBP, and are 3,2,1,1,1,5, and 8 in most Strikeouts.
I would commit the organization to these priorities, and test various strategies to achieve them. For pitching - acquire strikeout pitchers, teach changing speeds more often, emphasize better control. For hitting - learn how to bunt, protect the plate with two strikes, and please please hit the ball to the opposite field. If I'm paying someone 5 or 10 million dollars a year, when they have two strikes, surely they can swing late and hit the fastball foul or to the opposite field some of the time.


at 12:36 PM Blogger John said...


Most of this has been said already, but here are some seconds to other motions:


-Start taking infield before every game;
-Trade "Golf club" Dunn and Conine for bullpen arms;
-DFA Milton and Stanton;
-Double E to left, Freel or Castro to 3rd;
-Bring up Homer for a rotation of Harang, Arroyo, Lohse, Belisle, Bailey;
-If Lohse or Belisle can't be consistent, replace them with Dumatrait or Livingston;
-Leave Junior alone and let him play!


-Bring up Votto
-New Field Manager
-New bullpen coach

at 12:58 PM Anonymous Red Faced said...

I'm late posting but here's what I would do as GM:

#1 It starts with the leadership and I think we sorely miss a strong leader so I replace Narron (I like the Girardi idea I've heard others calling for) and replace Tom Hume as well.

#2 Move guys who will not be here to contribute next year, get what we can in prospects. Flat out release Stanton, shop Milton and release him if no takers, release Moeler as well (I don't see any value in 3 catchers and I don't see any value in Moeler). Trade Conine, Castro and see if we can get any real value in Encarnacion and Dunn. EE and Dunn are guys we can keep but both have some major wholes on defense and both strike out a lot which really hurts our offense. We could use a true leadoff guy, someone who hits for average and has above average speed. Why not make a run for Ichiro and sign to a long term contract?

#3 Bring up some youth to finish the season. It may or may not be too late to salvage this season but regardless we need to call up these guys to help out and to let us see what they've got. Let's see Bailey, Votto, Keppinger and Dumatriat in the big leagues.

Starting Rotation:
1. Aaron Harang
2. Bronson Arroyo
3. Homer Bailey
4. Matt Belisle
5. Phil Dumatrait /Lohse/ Bobby Livingston/

1B: Joey Votto/Hatteburg
2B: Brandon Phillips
SS: Alex Gonzalez
3B: Trade Acq/Keppinger/Freel
CF: Josh Hamilton
RF: Griffey Jr
LF: Hopper/Freel
C: Ross/Valentine

These changes allow us to keep Freel as a utility sub and pinch hitter. Eliminates some of our offensive inconsistencies (strikeouts), improves our team batting Avg and team speed, Solidifies our bullpen, rotation, and team defense.

at 1:19 PM Blogger RBare38 said...

Here are the 3 moves I would make...

Reds send to Braves –
P – Phil Dumatrait
1B – Scott Hatteberg
C – Chad Moeller

Braves send to Reds –
C – Jarrod Saltalamacchia
P – Joey Devine

For once the Reds are deep enough in minor league starting pitching to be able to trade for need. There is no up and coming catcher in the system and with the Braves already having a young catcher in Brian McCann that should make Saltalamacchia available. He will immediately split time with David Ross. With the idea of taking over full time in 2008. Hatteberg provides a veteran bat for the stretch run and Moeller becomes the Braves backup catcher. Devine is the closer at AA Mississippi. Good, young relief pitching is a need. Joey Votto takes Hatteberg's spot.

Reds send to Angels –
OF – Adam Dunn

Angels send to Reds –
OF/INF – Chone Figgins
P – Nick Adenhart

Angels receive power DH they have been looking for. Reds get speedy, versatile switch hitter that gives them another alternative at the top of the order. Adenhart is ranked #34 in Baseball America’s top 100.

Reds send to Yankees –
P – Kyle Lohse

Yankees send to Reds –
OF – Melky Cabrera

Yankees need starting pitching (and this opens a spot for Bailey or Livingston) and the Reds need to build up their bench.

at 2:44 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, the Reds are 9.5 games back at this point. But look at this division. It's the worse it's been in a long while. Because of the weak division I can't imagine starting a fire sale at this point. The season is salvagable with a couple moves. Don't give up on the season, the BREWERS are in first place.

at 10:33 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Left Cincy when I was ten, lived in Dodgertown for thirty years now, still rooting for the Reds. Went to spring training this year for a couple of games, finally bought XM and MLB.com so I could hear all the games of the great team I saw in Florida. Still waiting...
My opinion for more than a few years is that Griffey was a mistake. Ever since, and especially while waiting for him to get off the (never-ending) DL list, coaches wait for him to carry the team, and the rest of the team live down to that expectation. I feel sorry for the guy. He'll never have the rings his dad does, which everyone expected. But I'd rather have a TEAM that plays like one than have Maybe-Ruth and the seven dwarves, all waiting for the others to cover.
Lose Griffey, gain a team.
- one of Uncle Al's kids from Fairview

at 10:23 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thankfully the Reds are in the weakest division in baseball. They can rebuild and still have a shot.

-Trade Adam Dunn to the Atlanta Braves for Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C, and Joey Devine, RP. They need a first baseman, and we could possibly sell them on the idea that Dunn can play 1B. Saltalamacchia is a stud catcher, but is behind McCann in ATL. He should replace Ross. Devine should be groomed to be the closer. And then Hamilton can play OF everyday.

-Trade Joey Votto and Johnny Cueto (and probably another high prospect) to the Florida Marlins for Miguel Cabrera. Sign Cabrera to a long term deal to be our 1B. I would rather be paying him $15 mil a year than Dunn $12 mil a year.

-Trade Eric Milton, Kyle Lohse, David Weathers, and Mike Stanton for any useful prospects. Bring up Homer Bailey & either Livingston or Phil Dumatrait or Richie Gardner for a starting corps of Harang, Arroyo, Bailey, Belisle, and one of Livingston, Dumatrait, or Gardner. Relief corps should be Burton, Majewski, Salmon, Bray, Coutlangus, Coffey, and Devine.

-Finally, fire Narron and get a better manager. We need someone who is more charismatic to coach these young guys.

Mike from College Hill

at 1:37 PM Anonymous Erik Stultz said...

Mr. Fay,

Here is what the redlegs need to do in order to bring a contender and put people in the stands.

Move 1- Trade Adam Dunn and Scott Hatteberg to the Atlanta Braves for Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Rafael Soriano and Single-A pitcher Beau Jones.

Move 2- Trade Kyle Loshe, David Ross, and Mike Gosling to Arizona for Tony Pena, Dana Eveland, and Double-A pitcher Abe Woody.

Move 3- Fire Mr. Narron. You can do this now or at the end of the year but it needs done.

The goal of my moves are to free up payroll so we can go after free agents this offseason. My deals free up roughly $15 Million and when you add not signing Eric Milton that puts us at $25 Millon to get players from free agency.

-Erik from Milford

at 6:53 PM Anonymous tpa5 said...

The Reds could cure two big ailments with one big trade with Baltimore. Send them Adam Dunn, Brandon Phillips and Mike Stanton or Todd Coffey for leadoff man/2nd baseman Brian Roberts, closer Chris Ray and player to be named. The Reds get a great leadoff hitter who hits for average and has speed in Roberts and a good closer in Chris Ray. With Roberts hitting first and Freel hitting second you'd have some good speed at the top of the order for your big hitters Griffey and Hamilton. Ray in the bullpen immediately makes that a big improvement for it allows you to move Stormy Weathers to the 8th inning and Majewski or Coutlangus to the 7th.

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