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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A's 5, Reds 3

Stop me if you've heard this one before: The Reds walk into the seventh inning with a one-run lead . . . of course you know how it turns out.

Marcus McBeth gave up a infield hit, got an out, gave up another single. First and third, one out.

Jerry Narron goes for the lefty-on-lefty matchup. "I like doing that with a runner on third," he said.

So in comes Jon Coutlangus. He walks Mark Kotsay to load the bases. Then he walks Nick Swisher to force in the tying run. Eric Chavez hits a sac fly. You can start totally your scorebooks, this one is over.

Narron said he didn't let Matt Belisle pitch the seventh because he walked two in the sixth. He also said he hit Juan Castro for Josh Hamilton in the ninth "to try to get anything going. Two outs, nobody on. He was 1-for-1 off (Alan) Embree. If someone was on, I would have given Josh a chance to whack one out of the park."

Fair enough, but it looked like a this-is-my-roster-and-I'm-going-to-play-it move to me.

But this was bullpen's loss. It's happened over and over again. Different setup guys, same results. David Weathers is 14-for-16 on save chances, the rest of the roster is 0-for-8.

What do you do? I'd keeping switching the setup guys. Ricky Stone is tearing it up at Louisville. Calvin Medlock is lights out at Chattanooga. Bring 'em up. Could they be worse?

It's on to Seattle for the Griffey return.


at 8:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Castro for Hamilton partly because of his 1-1 performance history against any pitcher is obsurd. You can now put me in the fire Jerry column because not only does he have obvious problems managing a pitching staff but he clearly is having difficulty putting players in situations where they are most likely to succeed. Castro is the last hitter off the bench, even if he's hitting 1.000 off the guy. My families annual one week trek to Cincy is in danger of not happening for the first time in 20 years.

at 8:40 PM Blogger tennesseered said...

That is the lamest explanation I've ever heard for pinch hitting Castro. Hamilton has been hitting pretty well and already had a homerun. Castro is under the Mendoza line. If this isn't cause for a manager change, I don't know what is.

at 8:44 PM Blogger boobs said...

what do you mean "fair enough?" that was the dumbest decision (pinch-hitting castro for hamilton) i have ever seen. Dumber than not pinch hitting dunn for hopper, dumber than walking the bases loaded for ryan howard.

at 8:53 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

To be fair to McBeth, he didn't exactly get hit hard. He gave up an infielder bleeder, and a bloop on a hit and run. He didn't pitch poorly. Somebody needs to teach Coutlangus to throw strikes.

In the meantime, I will continue to call for Narron to be fired. Castro PHing for Hamilton. wow.

at 9:07 PM Blogger Brad said...

Pinch hitting Castro for Hamilton is inexcusable. Narron would be lucky if he goes with the team to Seattle.

at 9:12 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

John, you're 100% correct. Bring up the kids, ditch these awful pitchers.
If you can't throw strikes you don't belong in a major league bullpen. Coutlangus is too inconsistent. As for Narron.

YUCK! Pinch-hitting a scrub for Josh Hamilton is outrageous! So Hamilton isn't a .300 hitter, big deal. If he hits one out the tying run still comes to the plate. Nothing against Castro but no sensible manager brings weaker in for stronger.

He needs to GO, NOW!

at 9:29 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Uh, I've heard that one before John. But that didn't make it any less funny (in a painful sort of way).

Even in the mythical Nationally Ridiculed Central Division the Castellini, Krivsky, and Narron (Mo, Larry, and Curly) team would be barely out of last place!

S.F. 30 41 .423
Wash. 30 41 .423
Balt. 29 41 .414
K.C. 29 43 .403
Cincy 28 45 .384
Texas 26 44 .371

You guys (Owner, GM, and Manager) are making me hate the Reds. Again, it's not losing per se but the manner in which loses are produced.

All three of you would be fired by now if it were up to me!

The first and most crucial change is to fire Narron. Don't stop there Bob!

at 9:39 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good lord, now he's making decisions because a guy is 1 for 1 off of someone and sitting down a guy who A) has a good eye and B) had already homered (this could mean he's getting hot, Jerry) and C) Hits better against lefties than Castro does.

Good one, Jerry. Keep it up, nobody is holding you accountable anyway.

at 10:11 PM Blogger JoshB said...

The Reds are the best comedy since Seinfeld. If I were a fan of another team, I would be laughing my tail off. I envision The Benny Hill theme song playing when Narron makes a desision. Sadly, I am a Reds fan and this stuff is not funny to me. I am so ashamed to be a Reds fan......for another year. NFL training camp starts next month, right?

Who Dey!

at 10:16 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


I agree with your assessment about giving some guys in the minors a shot, but Jerry Narron is simply incompetent. Why, when you know your bullpen -- except for David Weathers -- is worthless, do you call on guys who have failed repeatedly in clutch situations? Weathers should have gotten the call, and should have stayed out there until the game was over. Coutlangus' wildness is ridiculous. A manager can't pitch, hit, steal bases or bunt. However, he can make clear to relief pitchers that he will not tolerate walks. He should have yanked Coutlangus after the first walk. That sends a message. And pinch hitting Juan Castro for Josh Hamilton? Honestly, if he felt compelled to pinch hit to get a right-handed bat, he would have been better off sending Homer up there. Bailey definitely has a better approach to hitting. Reds' fans don't detest losing as much as they detest the poor managerial decisions and lack of discipline that cause the losses. And, to add insult to injury, the best managerial candidate out there, Joe Girardi, is about to sign with the O's because of Krivsky's failure to act decisively ... and let's face it, there's only one reason Krivsky hasn't fired Narron ... because Bob Castellini is sitting on his rump sipping Pinot while we all suffer. Aargh!!!

at 11:03 PM Blogger Mark said...


I heard that 31,162 attended Sunday's game at GAP against the Rangers who have a slightly poorer record.

The way I see it if "fans" are willing to fill up the stadium 3/4ths full for this caliber of play... why should the front office care or make a move??

The ONLY ACCOUNTability they know is ticket receipts. Motto: CHA-CHING 4 nah-THING!

at 11:13 PM Anonymous Red Faced - Really Red Faced said...

This game should be Narron's one-way ticket out of here. I can not believe the moves this man makes over and over and over again. It's like the movie Groundhog Day except it won't end until Narron's gone. Why, oh why does he consistently stick with a reliever who comes in and issues a walk to the first guy he faces (or hits the guy). But to make matters worse he let's him walk the first 2 guys he faces and still leaves him in there. A real manager would have walked straight to the mound after the first walk and said I brought you in to pitch strikes and get outs, if you can't do it I'll bring in someone else who can. (of course I'm not sure who that would be unless he was looking at someone elses bullpen).

Then the move that seals the deal in my book is pinch hitting the might Juan Castro and his All-World Batting Avg when we're down to our last out. I'm not sure if there is a regular positioned player on the team that I'd pinch hit Castro for them, heck there aren't many pitchers on the team I'd pinch hit Castro for them. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS GUY DOING? What could the guys on the team be thinking when he announces that pinch hitter? If they had any confidence in Narron's abilities then surely it's gone now.

Speaking of gone, there is no way I'm driving 3 hours one way to take in another Reds game with this guy as our manager. I don't care if they clone Babe Ruth and bring him back as a Red I'm not spending another dollar on this team until they put someone in place who knows a little bit about baseball and the players on this team.

And one other thing, by all means call up guys from Louisville and see how they do in the lineup. Or if you want to call up another starter and move someone from the rotation to the bullpen then that might not be a bad idea either. But please don't ever let Narron pinch hit Castro in that situation ever again. I just don't think I could take it.

at 11:20 PM Anonymous Aaron D Swink said...

John -
I've been reading the blogs and your/reader comments since the start of the season and I thought we reached an all-time low after the disaster called "The invasion of the powerhouses Pittsburgh and Washington, DC." Guess I was wrong...
After covering the Reds for so long and having an ear on the inside, I must ask - in your opinion, is there any kind of fire or even emotion in the bullpen given their performance? Day in and out, we give them a lead and they blow it. We've had 8 run leads and watched them blow it. On other teams, that performance is rewarded with a demotion or release. On the Reds, the reward is to pitch the next day.
The general theme of the season is that the players aren't playing hard enough, the bullpen wouldn't make it in Single-A, management has no clue how to talk to us, the fans and season ticket holders, and Narron is staring at the blonde in the second row instead of watching the game.
John - I've been a Reds fan for over 20 years now. I was 11 when Pete got the hit and thank you mom and dad for letting me stay up late! I was the only bleary-eyed person in my Philly-area high school wearing Reds gear after we stompted the A's in 1990. I even hunt for 700WLW during long road trips even up in Canada to get the games. This year has been harsh and has tested my resolve as a fan since there has been no improvement in the bullpen.
Your insight is always appreciated and at least on this end, it helps explain the trainwreck on Pete Rose Way.

at 1:52 AM Blogger Chris at Redleg Nation said...

You and Marty both with the Ricky Stone?

Take a look at last year's scorebook. Something like 30+ IP with a 6.75 ERA, as I recall it.

Marty, in all his wisdom, has decreed that McBeth, Coutlangus, and Salmon "don't belong" in the bigs. But Ricky Stone has suddenly become a pitcher at age 32.

Proven vets like Stanton, Cormier, and Majewski have crapped the bed. I see no reason not to try out young guys. This season is lost - let's sort out the arms for next year.

at 1:53 AM Blogger Chris at Redleg Nation said...

Castro's 1-for-1 off Embree, BTW, occurred in 2000. Bill Clinton was president; Britney Spears was virginal; and pterodactyls ruled the skies.

at 2:06 AM Anonymous Grant Turner said...

tell you what i wanna be at the front of the line to fire Jerry.
As we all know he cant manage. players dont respect him.Anyway my choice is Marty heck I remember years ago the San diego Padres fired there manager and hired there radio broadcaster Jerry coleman who did a better job than the person he replaced.
If not Marty how about jeff brantley there knowdledge is much greater than our current manager.
My other selections would be to talk to the yankees and get the former manager of the year joe geradi next bet Billy Hatcher who has current players respect and hes a teacher not to ever forget he has a world series Ring as a Red at that.

at 8:15 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is Davey Johnson doing these day? This is rediculous! Adam Dunn and Ken Griffey Jr. are not the problem with this team.

at 8:27 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on guys give Narron a break. He had to hit Castro for Hamilton. He was already out of sunflower seeds and Josh had a better chance at prolonging the game. At least 1-1 was an excuse, not a good one but an excuse. At least Pete bet on them to win when managing.

at 8:28 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Juan Castro shouldn't pinch hit for me, let alone Josh Hamilton. A career .230 hitter with a career OBP of .269. I'm sure he's a nice guy and all, but how he's still in the majors is beyond me. A slick gloved defensive specialist (who should NEVER bat) is not a luxury this team can afford.

at 8:31 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is the front office thinking? Being a season ticket holder, I assure everyone in Red's Nation that if this continues throughout the course of the rest of the road trip, there will NOT be any fans in the stands when they return home. It's time to fire Narron, and it has been time to do so. Do we even take a look at getting Krivsky out of here too if they (the front office) cannot fathom that we need more on the field, staff and players?

at 8:41 AM Anonymous Thadd Scott said...

"You can start totally your scorebooks, this one is over."

Shouldn't it be..

You can start *totaling* your scorebooks, this one is over.

at 8:45 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

After being a Reds fan for over thirty years, this is the "worst ever" I seen a management team from the owner down treat the fans. Sometime even "nice guys" get fired, I know they don't want too, but a major change is in order! Lets make some management changes before we lose even more fans. You can't fire the team, but new ideas and field tactics are needed!

at 8:57 AM Blogger Greg said...

Narron doesn't appear to half a clue as to how to manage a ball club. This is just another example of his poor decision making. He needed to be fired by now and I pray for the day it finally happens!

at 9:02 AM Blogger Shawn said...

Remember that Stone is 32 and wasn't exactly successful for the Reds in 2005. Now, Medlock, I like.

at 9:06 AM Blogger John said...

The last time the Reds had a good manager was Jack McKeon (1998 1/2 - 2000). Coincidentally, that's also the last time they had a winning record. Hmmm....Could the manager be the key to this mess after all?

at 9:06 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's time to start firejerrynarron.com!

at 9:27 AM Blogger Heat Mizer said...

The job of the manager is to get your team to believe they can win every night. The way that Narron over coaches these boys, does anything but that. His ridiculous attempts at "pulling strings" with line-up shifts, lefty/righty match-ups and bullpen fiascos has removed any notion from the players that they can win on their own. If he wants to manage, focus on strategy, like hit-and-run, sacrifice bunt, and defensive adjustments. His sorry attempts at getting the magic combination at just the right time are infuriating. The line-up is solid enought to let it ride most nights. Get-em comfortable and confident. My rant is over.

at 9:28 AM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Obviously, Bob Castellini is a "no accountability" type owner. He is making me miss Lindner (who knew as much about baseball as Rosie O'Donnell knows about exercising).

Time for a new owner. If he won't fire Narron, then someone please buy (and save) this team!

at 9:39 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

How much longer are we going to keep Narron? His decisions are just down right dumb! Inconsistent lineup, batting order, pitching moves etc....enough is enough besides the pitching woes this team has more talent than any other team in the Central weak division. Yet the have one of the worst records in baseball. Clean house now starting with Narron and yet again Reds fans we will wait until next year...

at 9:54 AM Blogger Bob said...

Here is a very valuable link for Narron. Apparently, this is how we are going to do business for the rest of the year.


at 9:55 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't think of one good reason to have anyone to ever bat for Hamilton.
Where do the Reds get these managers? I didn't think it could get worse than Bob Bufoon or Ray Knight. Jack McKean is the only decent manager the Reds have had since 1990. Then there is the bullpen. We get washed ups, guys just coming out of surgery, guys on the injured/disabled list, guys from the senior citizens hangout. What next, digging up good dead relievers at the cemetary.
R.A. Deer Park

at 10:06 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that it's a shame that the ownership group is sitting back and letting this happen. I thought they were "BRINGING CHAMPIONSHIP BASEBALL BACK TO CINCINNATI." If i were a season ticket holder I wouldn't be very happy right now. The team should seriously fire "the baseball guy" and bring in Joe Giradi.

at 10:09 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish they would send Cout to the minors to work on his stuff before he is ruined. I think he has a great upside. He was a great Centerfielded at South Carolina, let him grow into a pitcher in the minors

at 10:14 AM Anonymous nick-heb said...

Does this come as a shock to anyone? The bullpen blows a lead and Narron makes another bone head move. Hamilton is one best and most consistent hitters we have. I'd much more prefer him being up there 0-100 than Castro. Nothing against Castro, but Hamilton is a player I like hitting for me in a pressure situation. As hard as it is for me to say, I hope the Reds lose everygame until the All-Star break, just so Narron gets canned...Apparently that's what it will take for the GM and Owner to realize, he's nothing more than a decent minor league manager at best and that might be pushing it.

at 10:35 AM Blogger Pete Rose Colored Glasses said...

Pinch hitting Juan Castro for Josh Hamilton makes it seem like Narron wants to be fired. That made me sick yesterday! His explination did not do him any favors.

I agree with ken, I am now 100% on the Fire Narron Bandwagon.

at 11:00 AM Anonymous Tmac said...

Time to send Narron packing. Milley was with the reds organization for 20 years and didn't get this kind of support!

at 11:01 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

While it's easy to understand the logic of getting a righty vs. a lefty in some situations, it makes no sense to me that Narron uses this logic as his sole means of making a decision. He threw common sense out the window long ago. While the Castro for Hamilton at bat is actually small in the grand scheme of things, he has consistently shown the inability to make the crucial decisions that make the difference between being a good manager and a poor one. While he certainly is not the only reason the Reds are losing right now(bullpen, poor OBP hitters) I've counted at least 5-6 games that have been lost as a direct result of poor managing decisions. Very poor, considering the season is not even officially half over.

at 11:02 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now, Jerry has really done it. He has messed with Hamilton. If you want to raise the fans' ire, just sit the local saint. Anything but that, Jerry, anything.

Seriously, that move probably didn't cost the Reds the game, but it is ignorant & the logic behind it is so flawed that you wonder why Wayne would have any confidence that Jerry can turn it around.

Mostly, I have given Narron a free pass (even though the team seems to have tuned him out) for the Reds problems because the bullpen is not his fault; it is Wayne's. But I can't imagine Narron managing the 2nd half of the season.

John Burroughs
Hyde Park

at 11:12 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The dearth of talent in the major leagues, and especially on the Reds is sad to see.

If you go back, as I do, to the era of an 8 team league; 95% of this roster wouldn't make it to AAA ball.

What we have here is a bunch of over-paid, under-achieving so-called ballplayers, who can't throw strikes, hit when needed or have any idea of the aspects of the game.

Not only is the player talent watered down, look at the pool of managerial talent. It's sadly lacking, and we saw proof of that again yesterday.

at 11:45 AM Blogger JS said...

My opinion on why they will not Fire Narron: Josh Hamilton. If Jerry went, Johnny would follow. Johnny is there with Josh to make sure there are no issues...Josh needs that person he can trust, and he trusts Johnny Narron. I really feel that is why Jerry still has a job.

at 12:03 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a couple hundred Mom's coaching Tee Ball in the Tri-State that could do a better job as manager than Narron.

at 12:26 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Narron is quite possibly the worst manager i have seen in my 38 yrs. Not only are his moves insane but his reasoning is ignorant!! I can handle a losing season if the mistakes are player driven, but when the captain of the ship is clueless, we have no hope. And by the way, why is castro even on this team? I have had more than my share of bad " baseball guy " decisions!!!!!!!!

at 12:31 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

At this point, given the way that Narron manages & the fact that the Reds allow him to continue, makes me think that the Reds are playing to lose. I guess they want a really high draft pick for next year. I suppose they can't admit it publicly -- in the meanwhile, however, they are going to alienate everyone in Cinci.

I have lived in several cities, generally following the team that is in the city in which I live. I have been in Cinci for 5 years -- I actually found myself thinking last night that I need to root for some out of town team. The Reds are pathetic -- they are as poorly run as the Bengals before the Marvin Lewis regime. Krivsky/ownership have released players when they are not performing -- eating contracts -- the Reds have to eat Narron's contract.

For Narron -- Castro for Hamilton -- that is par for his course unfortunately. One hates to see someone fired, but Narron has got to go. Incompetence can not be rewarded because it stands in the way of someone else's opportunity to succeed. I know that sounds corny -- but I believe it to be true.

Narron's comment that he is surprised that batting Dunn after Griffey generally produces good results -- well duh -- you need to provide protection for your hitters. Also, your 3,4,5 hitters should be power hitters.

The only decent hitters in the Reds lineup, that could potentially start elsewhere, are Griffey, Dunn, and Hamilton -- the rest of the Reds would not likely start for anyone else, much less make other team's rosters. Yet, Narron subs Castro for Hamilton -- nothing against Castro -- he is a good fielder & has his place on this team -- but not subbing for one of the better hitters on the Reds??? Well, that is Narron...

Also, Narron does not seem to realize that your lead off player should have speed -- the only players with speed (who should also play) is Philips and/on occassion Hopper. Philips should bat lead off when neither Hopper or Freel are playing -- Narron should go though. Freel would not start for anyone else but the Reds -- yet he gets an extension -- what an organization...

at 12:38 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob Castellini is no different than Mike Brown when it comes to professional sports owners in this town. They know they can make money by putting a team out on the field that hovers .500 and makes a playoff run every 3-4 years. Just enough to excite the fans in this city to fill the stadiums to make a buck. Then you send the good players who become high priced talent to the competitors and start the cycle over. Don't believe me - our attendance in 2006 while the Reds were in contention paralled attendance during the Championship Days of the 1970s. Championship baseball back to Cincinnati - not even close. Bob - from a season ticket holder, fix the problem or get rid of the team and go back to St. Louis ownership. Until then, you lose my future revenue and support.

at 12:49 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I turned the radio off when I heard Castro was hitting for Hamilton. It has should that Narron has been burnt so bad with his relievers he is second guessing himself everywhere. Let the poor guy go... hire Oester or some firecracker for at least the rest of the year. Separate the wheat from the chaff(?).

Dunn, Griffey, and all the trade abit guys are guys we need for next year. Though I believe Krisky and Bob C. are the right team to rebuild the Reds where was the money or the moves in the offseason to get one high caliber reliever? Everyone had to have known we needed that (seemed very obivious to a lot of people), so why not make a move in an obiviously weak Central? Try to deal for Gagne... the Rangers make silly moves like trading away star players. Play them for Coffey, Bray, and Hopper (while his trade value is high for a guy we might get another year out of before Bruce arrives).

at 1:07 PM Anonymous BobThe RedsFan said...

We've seen this whole sorry act before. The organization keeps shuffling the same tired faces who talk about we're so close to winning. The team goes on a small win streak during each season and the losing goes on year after year.
The Bengals finally brought in someone who knew what it took to win and 80% of the old Bengals were quickly gone including the coaches.

The Reds look slow and their bat skills are non-existent. The bullpen is up there with some of the worst in the history of baseball. And the ownership and management are both arrogant and complacent at the same time.
Who would have thought a city could have two of these swell operations?

at 1:51 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

One hates to see someone fired? Huh? There are so many incompetent people in jobs they don't deserve to have and can't perform well (see, the U.S. Congress) that should be fired, why feel bad about it when it happens? I'm throwing a whopper party when Narron is fired. I don't like him as a manager and I don't care if he's a great person he is one lousy manager, strategist, tactician, teacher, and I am convinced the players don't respect him at all as a leader or motivator and hate playing for him.



The Reds are the most loathesome organization in town (Delta Airlines and their fellow price gaugers are technically not "in" town) so long as they continue to embrace mediocrity and helplessness I will continue to boycott them.

Not a penny to the Reds until they Fire Narron!

at 2:00 PM Blogger Mark said...

Who's available for managing right now? Joe Girardi. Who just turned down the O's? Joe Girardi. Which team has the better minor league system and 40-man roster to work with? The Reds (minus the bullpen...ok other than Weathers). Keep Johnny Narron on as a special consultant for Josh Hamilton. Yes, Jerry has made stupid moves, can't manage a bullpen or a team. Joe Girardi should be on the owners radar and a move should be made now.

at 2:17 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is beyond sad...I'm a lifelong Reds fan--I'm talking over 30 years now. I don't know what the owners are waiting for to fire Narron, but I think fans should simply stop going to the games. The poor guy does not know what he's doing, and the team has no competitive edge, emotion, or desire. Changes should have been made a long time ago--this thing with Hamilton and Castro is minor compared to some of the absurd things calls that have been made this year (sitting guys when they are on a streak, playing sub .200 batting average players, mis-using the pitching staff, and the batting order merry-go-round). The Reds need to clean house--start with the GM, manager and the bullpen, then guys on the bench and any starter that is not giving AT LEAST 100 percent. BTW, the only guys that usually play well when they are called on are Harang, Belisle, and yes, Valentin (his defensive skills aside). Griffey is doing well this year, but he needs a consistent supporting cast around him. I hope something is done before the all-star break; I can't take this anymore!

at 3:08 PM Blogger JeffJRedsFan said...

As a native Ohioan/Reds fan living in California, I was at the game yesterday in Oakland and was totally shocked when Castro pinch hit for Hamilton. Even if Hamilton is lefty versus lefty Embree, he still had a better shot to get a baseknock than Castro.

Hopper looked great defensively even though losing the flyball in the sun and recovering to catch it.

And finally, I knew were were in trouble when the bullpen had to try and get the win for Belisle.

at 3:14 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

not sure where else to put this... but i found a great article on griffey's return to seattle and what he means to the city.... http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/sports/2003753289_griffey19.html

at 3:22 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fire Narron! This ridiculous! What has baseball come to in this city that we accept such bad baseball! Has Narron ever had a winning season as a manager? The guy was a journeyman back catcher and that is all he is as a manager. Plus, can anyone hear the way he talks? He sounds like an idiot! Fire Narron! Enough!

at 3:40 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Castro and Moeller are wasting roster spots for younger players that could be developed. Which is better to bring in Castro to pinch who continues to hit right around his weight or give a young hitter currently in AAA the same opportunity. That experience would help the team in the future this does nothing.

at 4:35 PM Blogger Musical Justice said...

As a relocated Reds fan I've been watching this from the Kansas City area. I just hope that Krivsky doesn't pull another deal like the Kearns trade trying to fix this team when the problem isn't the players. This team has plenty of talent and is probably the most under-performing team in the National League. I have to assume that Narron's lost the respect of the team. Anyone that reads the box scores daily can see that Narron seems totally overmatched with even making out a lineup card. Players know when they are being misused and that's probably one of the most demotivating things that a manager can do. Honestly, I can't believe that he's stuck around this long.

at 7:31 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't be silly. While Jerry is generally clueless, the team does lack talent in important spots, especially the bullpen.

at 12:05 AM Anonymous C Beatty said...

I guess the owners are not listening (ore reading these blogs). They need to make a move now! The Reds continue to lose for the same reason every single time--unmotivated, mis-managed, and mis-used players. And playing guys that should not be starters for any team in the big leagues in the first place. There are no consequences for poor performance, except maybe a couple of weeks rehab in Louisville. What a great employer!!!

at 1:40 PM Blogger Musical Justice said...

I'm not gonna get suckered into defending the performance of the bullpen. I do think that Weathers, Stanton & Coffey can form the nucleus of a solid bullpen. I'd just suggest that the issue isn't talent, but rather having clearly defined roles. When players are being used haphazardly, it messes with their rhythms and gets inside their heads which ultimately impacts performance.

In most cases, the difference between the best AAA players and the non-everyday role players in the bigs isn't talent, it's attitude, opportunity and consistency. A top-shelf manager could win the NL Central with this team... or at least have them playing above .500... that's all I'm saying when I say this team has the talent to win.

Don't get me wrong. I'd still like to upgrade the back half of the starting rotation and get someone with more pop than Hatteberg at 1B. But teams win all the time with 2-3 strong starting pitchers, a couple of stars having great seasons and solid performances from the rest of the team. The Reds have players who could easily fit into those slots at levels where they'd be in the upper half of the league. We're not talking the KC Royals here. Trust me, I live in KC. I know a team that just doesn't have the talent to be much more than it is today.

How hard is it to etch in stone the 3-4-5 hitters as Griffey, Dunn and Hamilton? Do it. Walk away and let it be. Who in their right mind thinks that Brandon Phillips or Scott Hatteberg should ever see the 4 hole on a big league lineup card?

Install Phillips and when healthy Freel (Hatteberg will do for now) in the 1-2 slot. Motivate them to be the tablesetters. Give them both $100k performance bonuses if they walk 75 times during the season. If they do, it'll be the best $200K the Reds could spend this season (unless you could get Dunn to cut down his K's by 1/3rd... getting him to put the ball in play 60 more times a season? THAT would truly be money well-spent!)

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