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Friday, June 29, 2007

Guess you are

The attendance for Friday night's tilt: 35,508. Bronson Arroyo went seven innings, allowing one run on six hits. Five strikeouts, one walk. Left with a 2-1 lead. It's first and third, no outs in the eighth, however.


at 9:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually Arroyo went 7 innings because the bullpen came in and blew the game in the 8th again. Good job Narron.......when will he be fired?

at 9:36 PM Blogger John Fay said...

Corrected to seven innings. I know that fans wanted Narron's hide. But what would you have done in the eighth -- other than use David Weathers for two innings. Todd Coffey or Ricky Stone instead of Marcus McBeth and Brad Salmon.

at 10:11 PM Blogger Don said...

I wonder how many of the 35K plus were Cards fans though.

at 10:13 PM Blogger Ray Kinsella said...

If I were Narron, I would resign. I would tell Krivsky that noone can win with this bullpen and that I am tired of have migraines every night after these games.

at 10:19 PM Anonymous Gary214 said...

I agree John! No way am I a Narron fan, but he has to see if MacBeth can do the job, and Coutlangous (never know if I spell that guy's name right) is supposed to be a left handed specialist. Can't blame this one on the skipper.

at 10:40 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

What we would have done in the 8th tonight is not the point, it's what we would have done 8 weeks ago and 8 months ago that's the point.

Narron and half the bullpen do not belong in the Major Leagues and you have to be on hallucinogens to think otherwise!

The 8th tonight and the 8th for the rest of this lost season doesn't matter. It's the lack of anger that matters. What is wrong with you and the apologists for this team?

It's like you guys value politeness over results.

WIN damn it! That's what Castellini's and Krivsky's and Narron's jobs are, start to finish.

Any successful person in ANY profession would never settle for the kind of product Castellini has put out there. Ross and Belisle ought to get into a fist fight in the dugout and Narron ought to get himself suspended for a few games by pulling a Pinella. THAT'S THE KIND OF STUFF THAT FIRES UP A LOSING TEAM! Not this "oh what can we do, we're helpless, blah blah blah!"

If this season isn't making Bob blow his top by now, I guarantee you that the Reds have a DECADE of 100-loss seasons ahead of them.

I've changed my mind though, I want Castellini out of here more than I want Narron out of here. Narron is a creature of Castellini.

Mr. Wishing Really Really Hard is the biggest problem.

And you and the fans who defend this JOKE of a team and who attend games aren't helping one bit. Supporting a losing team is okay but supporting a team that doesn't care ENOUGH about losing, who don't go ballistic after losing half the games the Reds already have during this not yet half-over season is VULGAR and STUPID!

at 11:31 PM Anonymous redlegsfan21 said...

So there were 35,500. I thought the boos sounded louder than normal.

at 1:18 AM Blogger cincikid said...

Geez Justin, your right if watching Reds baseball made me this mad I would just quit watching them, quit making comments about them, I would probably turn my attention to some other team like the Red Sox or Yankees. I would take my frustrations somewhere else on some other blog so that so many people wouldn't have to just scan past my post loosing I.Q. points in the process.

at 1:37 AM Blogger cincikid said...

Does anyone here really believed that this team was going to make the playoffs during Spring Training? This team, sadly, is doing exactly what all other analyst and reporters suggested that they would do. Struggle. All of you that hate Castellini for some stupid reason like, "he said we would compete" or, my personal favorite, "he promised that we would contend." should grow up and realize that building a small market contender just does not happen in one, two, three years. Sure, I remember what Mr. Castellini said. And I believe that he is probably upset with the way that this team has played. But what would all of you had said if he came out of the press conference after his group purchased the team and said, "Geez people you're going to have to give me some time to rebuild and retool the farm system and give me afew more years after that to get the right group of players out on the field with a pay roll less that 70 Mill and we are never going to see the Big Red Machine agian because that era of baseball is over..... Yeah you would have booed then too. My goodness it's not easy being a Reds fan. But I know that I'm not alone because there were 35,000 strong supporting our home team. Years like this is what we are going to have to experience so that we may enjoy the real Reds exploding out of Spring Training tearing up the National League in the races, hopefully in the future. I know I'll be proud then. As alot of you true fans will too.

at 4:47 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

cincikid- do you really believe that stuff about exploding out of spring training and tearing up anything? Or are you on BIG BOB's payroll? This current organization has miles to go just to get back to mediocrity and semi-respectability. The current coaching staff for pitchers throughout this organization needs to be shown the door. Either they can't evaluate talent or they can't develope it. I believe that has been proven over the last few years. And the managing/coaching at the major league level is atrocious. I see laughable decisions night after night and wonder how long can it go on! The first step back towards respectability should be earning the fan's trust by ditching this joke of a coaching regime.

at 10:08 AM Blogger cincikid said...

Yes I hope that it is in my lifetime that the Reds can bust out of Spring Training. No, I'm not on Mr. Castellini's payroll. I'm just a fan with patience and common sense. I know that this organization has miles to go, which I believe I stated that before and it was also the point of my prior post, if you even read it before criticizing my opinion. The current coaching staff was mostly in place, Narron, Hume, Barry, Dent. The new additions since the new regime are Hatcher, Jacoby, Pole. I do believe that Narron will probably be gone after this season. And maybe rightfully so. We haven't really seen if this administration can or can't produce talent and make prospects, because the new ownership group and Krivsky has only had this team for one season and a half. It's even more laughable when ANONYMOUS people try to step out of the realm of just being a fan and try to start being a evaluator of a person in Narron's job. You speak of "atrocious" and "laughable decisions". I'm willing to bet Pete Rose's Cookies that your not a Major League evaluator or a Consultant to the GM. And last but not least it is a common misperception that the ownership needs to earn our trust. WHATEVER. They don't owe us a thing! Either you choose to go buy a ticket and try to enjoy the game or you don't. They don't owe you, ANONYMOUS, or me, or anyone else. They bought a business. It's in their best interest to put the best product as possible with the least amount of money. They are here to make money and to try to win a championship so that this great franchise can once agian be fruitful for the city. Either quit taking every lose so personal or just quit watching and going to the park. I'm not saying you shouldn't Boo or bad mouth Jerry's moves because that is part of being a fan. But all this crap like "they owe us." "Fire Narron, Krivsky" "Castellini must sell" "trade the whole team" "Get rid of the whole Coaching Staff" is just ludricus and childish. Grow up, enjoy the game, and leave all the personnel moves to those that actually make them. Just my opinion and it is working for me.

at 1:04 PM Anonymous Gary214 said...

Well said, cincikid! After all, to us, the 'fans', this is really JUST A GAME!! One of these comments the other day suggested that Castellini is worse than Linder!! Let us not forget that 'the product' the current ownership group is trying to put out there is what is left of the Linder/Bowden regime. Did those guys leave any talent from which to draw in the minors? NO!! If they did, those guys would be in a Reds uniform right now. Granted, we have Dunn, who everyone within shouting distance wants out of here. Careful what you wish for!! Check the stats on the guy!! How many offensive categories is he either at, or near, the top for this team? Take his bat out of the lineup behind Griffey, and see how productive he would be!!

I have only been reading these blogs for a few weeks now, and I have to say I am amazed at the number of 'experts' we have in this region! I knew that this was once a 'hot-bed' for creating young baseball talent, but was apparently unaware of the obvious wealth of out of work coaches and GM's here. Get those resumes in the mail guys...Bob 'has' to be looking for a fix to this mess!

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