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Monday, June 11, 2007

It's official: Tommy John for Milton

From the Reds:

On Friday, Eric Milton will have season-ending "Tommy John" surgery to repair the torn ulnar collateral ligament in his left elbow.

Bill Bray had an MRI today that revealved inflammation in his left shoulder. He has been recalled from his rehabilitation assignment.


at 9:13 PM Blogger Teal'c said...

I hate to hear that about Milton. I know he is a nice guy and a great competitor. I know all Reds fans wish him the best in his future and will have him in our prayers during his surgery.

at 10:34 PM Blogger Pat said...

they say you come back stronger from TJ. good luck to milty.

at 11:09 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself, PM teal'c. Your words don't quite capture my Uncle Milty sentiments.

at 8:00 AM Anonymous Sedi said...

Is that the sound of money going down the toilet?!..

Who pays for the Tommy John surgery, the Reds or Milty?

at 8:15 AM Anonymous Andy H said...

I agree, speak for yourself teal. I don't want to see anyone get hurt and need surgery, but right now we don't have to watch him give up 7 home runs a game either. Maye be Weathers and a few others will take a leave of absence to visit him if we are lucky.

at 8:31 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...


This now seals the deal on Eric Milton being the WORST free agent signing in the long, proud history of Reds baseball.

at 9:29 AM Anonymous Dan said...

Geez John, when I read the header I thought that we had trader Milton for Tommy John, and thought that it was a great deal for the Reds.

at 9:33 AM Anonymous Nick said...

Who will the Reds send down or let go when Eddie and/or Bray comes back from the disabled list?

at 9:55 AM Blogger John Fay said...

Reds will pay the surgery. I'm not sure who will go when Guardado and Bray return. Santos, maybe? Depends how the club is doing and who's pitching well.

at 10:04 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Santos has struggled lately, so I can see where maybe he'd be the next to go, but isn't he the only guy in pen capable of going long? And a bullpen with Guardado, Bray & Majewski will be full of guys who most likely won't be pitching back to back days, at least for a while. A couple of long games or bad starts in a row & that pen will be spent.

John Burroughs
Hyde Park

at 10:28 AM Blogger Pete Rose Colored Glasses said...

Wow, we really got some great use out of him this year. Only $1.6 million per start!!!

Easily the worst move in Reds history. I would argue that trading Brooks Robinson is nowhere near as bad as signing Milton.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

at 11:25 AM Anonymous Phil Jefferis said...

I'm assuming you meant Frank Robinson to the person who said that the Reds traded Brooks Robinson.

However, letting Paul Konerko go when they had him ranks up there on my list. He's put together quite a nice little career on the South Side.......

at 11:32 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, Reds fans, stay classy. Andy H, you might want to check on Weathers' stats - he's actually been quite effective this year. And Pete Rose Colored Glasses - just FYI, the Reds never traded Brooks Robinson, it was Frank - and wasting 25 million on Milton was nowhere near as a big a blow to this franchise as that bungled move. Somehow I think Frank Robinson's bat (2 HR, 4 RBIs) might have come in handy in the 1970 World Series, as opposed to him, you know, playing for the other team.

at 11:37 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trading Robinson was a huge blow to the Reds. However the most bonehead move was trading Tony Perez to Montreal for Woodie Fryman. Hands down the worst move, it affected the Reds for years.

at 8:07 AM Anonymous Andy H said...

I realize Weathers stats are what they are, but do you feel comfortable when he comes into the game?? His stats are smeared because the pen has been so bad the runs he lets in are not his, so his ERA doesn't look as bad as he really is. He has pitched better of late and was real good last night, but his latset stint with the Reds has been a bomb. 88 mile an hour fast ball belt high is his best stuff. No way in the world would I want him in a high pressure situation (ie. if we ever make the playoffs). We will have to deal with it again next year, the club seems to think he is the next best thing since sliced bread. We are in the same boat with Stanton, (who has been a little better lately)- both are signed through next year. Maybe if we got a weight loss program for ageing MLB pitching millionaires, we could get them into playing shape and do something. I know I sound hateful, and I do like Krivsky, and Castellini. They will get it right and it is a five year plan, it is just frustrating to watch this and I watch every game and go to the stadium for alot of them. The are playing really well right now and it is a weak division. You never know.

at 9:09 AM Anonymous Dan said...

Weathers does not elicit much as a closer. I like him, but just not as a closer. Secondly, we are in crisis mode for middle relievers and he would help dramtically here. We need a shut down closer and should be able to get one this off season with the money that we are paying Milton(that will not have to be paid next year)Francisco Corderro @ Milw is a FA next year, for example. A solid closer helps in 2 ways because it allows Weathers, who can pitch multiple days and extended innings to move also and shore up a horrible area.

at 12:25 PM Anonymous Andy H said...

Not to mention the wasted roster spot we have in Jared Burton? I realize the potential but it has hurt the bull pen badly. It will be intersting who goes when Everyday Eddie and Bill Brey are ready to go, but Burton is wasting a valuable spot. Too bad we can't send him to AAA because he has a very live arm, just not MLB ready yet. I still disagree with Weathers, he needs to go. His arm will blow up and the injury's will begin soon. Mark my words.

at 1:20 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

As long as we're talking bad trades, let's not forget Harvey Haddix, Smokey Burgess, and Don Hoak to the Pirates for Frank Thomas.

at 1:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

As long as we're talking bad trades, let's not forget Harvey haddix, Don Hoak, and Smokey Burgess to the the Pirates for Frank Thomas.

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