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Monday, June 11, 2007

On Dunn, Bray and Milton

Wayne Krivsky had not heard about the SI.com report saying the Reds are listening to offers on Adam Dunn. But he had the usual to say about it.

"I'm not going to comment on that," he said.

So I tried a different approach. Given the Reds' place in the standings and the inconsistency this year, isn't it reasonable to assume that everything is on the table?

"I'm not going to comment on that," he said.

Dunn is obviously pretty attractive to a teams looking for a power bat. But how much he would bring in a trade will be affected by his contract. He has an option for $13 million with a $500,000 buyout for '08. But the option is voided by a trade, and he becomes a free agent. So for Dunn to get maximum value, the Reds would probably have to allow him to negotiate with the club he's being traded to, so the club will know its getting more than a two- or three-month player.

"There's a 48-hour window that allows you do that," Krivsky said.

Other Reds news:

--Bill Bray was examined by Dr. Tim Kremchek today. "It was really good news, just some shoulder inflammation," Krivsky said. "He could be throwing off the mound by this week."

--There will be an announcement coming on Eric Milton this week. "I'll let (PR man) Rob Butcher handle that," Krivsky said. About only thing Butcher announces on injured players is surgery. It's typical for pitchers to try to rehab elbow injuries, then when it doesn't respond have Tommy John surgery. If that's the case, Milton's career with the Reds is probably over.

But back to first item. Do you trade Dunn? If so, for what?


at 4:46 PM Blogger daniel said...

How about Dunn for Bill Bray and Gary Majewski. What a bargain it'd be for the Reds, and it would certainly sure up their pitching woes. Oh, wait...

I don't mind trading Dunn. But for goodness sake get value in return! Some combo of Broxton/Kemp/Billingsley from the Dodgers seems the best fit to me.

More important, what do you think John? You're the insider, what are the rumblings? You must have heard some kind of rumors. Let's hear them, because the play on the field has certainly not been entertaining.

at 5:06 PM Blogger PROPACKY said...


This organization is long overdue in ridding players like Milton, (Paul Wilson, Jimmy Haynes, Austin Kearns, etc). Having stated that there's your first problem. Your second problem is there is more talent in the farm system than there is on the Major League level.

The Big League Club has holes everywhere, and they have since the beginning of this decade. There's been a black hole behind home plate since Eddie Taubensee left. Alex Gonzalez was brought in to upgrade the defense, not downgrade it. His bat is nothing special, nor is his tenure with the Reds. Adam Dunn is nothing more than a walking talking version of what's wrong with baseball these days. He doesn't hit for average, he doesn't play defense, he doesn't hit in the clutch, he doesn't drive in runners in scoring position, and he's not even in the Top 15 in RBI's in the National League.

The solution isn't too hard to figure out, every other successful team in both leagues (Detroit, Minnesota, Milwaukee, Atlanta) has been able to see the writing on the wall. Younger is better, rid yourself of the Adam Dunn's, the Ken Griffey Juniors, the Alex Gonzalez's, the David Ross's and that's at least a start.

The farm system needs young infielders, especially catchers, as well as more arms. You can never have enough arms.

My opinion, deal Dunn for the best young short-stop prospect you can possibly find while also stock-piling a few arms. And loose Loshe, Ross, Milton, Stanton, Gonzalez, Valentin, Chad Moeller, and Juan Castro.

at 5:08 PM Blogger Adam said...

Pitching of all sorts and/or a position player that gets on base. We generally don't have an everyday player that hits for average. That would be nice, at a minimum so more people are on base, and thus we could manufacture runs.

Potentially, packaging Dunn with one of the first basemen and/or Lohse would seem to get the most in return.

at 5:10 PM Blogger DrMikeB said...

Don't you think that it's not so much what they can get for Dunn as the salary space you clear and what you can get on the market next year? I mean with Dunn's 13 and Milton's 9 off the books, I would think you could get some middle relief help and maybe a RH bat to help Edwin and Brandon. You could use Livingston in the spot that Lohse is in now and not tax the payroll; McBeth and Coutlangus won't cost much either, and I think both can help. Do you see them pursuing the likes of an Andruw Jones or Mike Cameron; maybe Torii Hunter would want to play with Jr for a few years.
Mike in New Albany IN

at 5:21 PM Anonymous tony said...

Every relief pitcher that we can find.

at 5:22 PM Blogger cincikid said...

Yes, if GM Krivsky truely feels like this season is all but over and 9.5 games back is just enough to say, "the h&77 with it, let's start preparing for next season."
Trade Dunn for nothing less than one: a future legit closer (LA's Broxton), a top 3 young starter (preferably one that is proven) or a young RH Bat (Either, Loney) that can play left or right field. If he can't get that then I say, "heck no, don't trade him."
I have mentioned some Dodger players because I believe that they could provide us the best package for Dunn. I sure the Padres, Yanks, Angels, or a few others have just as good players.
Dunn is worth one of the previous players only if he'll negotiate. If he decides not to, well he will probably be gone at the end of the year anyways. I say that because honestly I'll be surprised if Krivsky will want to pick up that option. Krivsky is a defensive, good at bat oriented. Only my opinion. I could be wrong.

at 5:39 PM Blogger Dan H said...

Looking at the big picture (the future) I would trade him for a solid right hand hitting LF and a pitching prospect. The LF player should have above average fielding skills and a contact hitter (#2 type) hitter. The pitching prospect I'd prefer should be at least a AA or AAA player. $13 million frees up budget space for a free agent signing over winter. John, Brady Clark was designated for assignment by the Dodgers today- would the reds be interested?

at 5:40 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dunn to LA for a pacage involving Matt Kemp and a pitcher? If the Reds trade Griffey and Dunn, which appears may happen, not only do they need pitching back, but they need to get a young OFer, and hopefully one who is right handed. Kemp would make sense.

I trade Dunn. I don't see him in the future plans in the Reds. Joey Votto has been playing some LF down in AAA, is that writing on the wall?

I'd also attempt to package Junior and Loshe down to Atlanta to get Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

at 5:40 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

What for Dunn? How about Matt Kemp, Chad Billingsley & Jonathan Broxton from the Dodgers. We might need to add a couple players to make it happen, but I love the idea of Harang, Arroyo, Billingsley & Bailey as a top 4. I believe having those 4 pitchers in '08 equals a minimum of 95 wins.

- John in Florence, KY

at 5:42 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Assuming that Dunn will be allowed to negotiate with a club that he will be traded to, I think Dunn would be able to bring us a major league-ready reliever in minor league and a MLB outfielder.

at 5:43 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I absolutely trade Dunn. I think that the emergence of Norris Hopper (and this assumes Freel is able to come back within a month or so) gives the Reds 4 quality outfielders besides Dunn. Hopper and Freel both do things at the top of the lineup that Dunn cannot do. They also both play superior defense. So what I'd like to see for Dunn is probably like a package deal. I say put Dunn with Hattesburg and trade them to the Yankees for one of their stud young pitchers in either AAA or AA. Dunn and Hattesburg can take the place of their loss of Giambi and Mientkiewicz. If the Reds can get a catching prospect in the deal too that would be great. So generically I'd say I think Dunn can bring a quality prospect at pitcher and catcher.


at 5:46 PM Blogger concepcionsf said...

If I am an American league team with relief pitching to spare and a mid level outfield prospect (AA or high A), I'd make the trade. Of course, you would want the contract extended and have a DH position to fill.

From the Reds perspective, this might make sense as the chances of a run this year are slim giving the huge hole and number of teams to leap. In addition, he is probably gone after next year regardless as a small market team can't expend that much resources on a one-demensional player.

at 5:49 PM Anonymous Tim said...

Dunn for a fungo bat, a bucket of balls, and maybe a happy meal would seem fair to me.

at 5:52 PM Blogger Teal'c said...

I think it is more likely that he would be traded (if he is traded) to an AL team. His defense (or lack thereof) is going to be a liability and a NL team would have to be willing to live with that.

Just guessing, I'd say maybe to the Yankees. I'd like to see them trade him to Seattle for Ben Broussard and Justin Thomas.

How about to Toronto for Brian Wolfe, Reed Johnson and Justin McGowan?

at 5:56 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the Red's continue with recent trade history they will probably trade Dunn for a pitcher in his mid 60's, a couple of minor leaguers that were rookies sometime in the 1990's, $50 cash, a half dozen players-to-be-named-later and the 500th pick in the next rule 5 draft.

at 5:57 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, you trade Dunn for a good veteran mid reliever like Mike Myers

at 5:59 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would trade Dunn for Santana and Liriano, make Liriano the closer next year, and Tori Hunter so we have somebody else for the outfield. What an inane question. It takes two to trade.

at 6:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would trade Dunn if they could get quality pitching help in return. I've read where San Diego is interested. While Scott Linebrink has never closed, many feel he's got the stuff. I believe he too would be a free agent after the season, but Dunn would be as well if the Padres agree to a deal. Plus, if Linebrink works out, you've freed up some money to sign him.

at 6:17 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

Good grief, what fantasyland do these fantasy-leaguers live amid?

Sure, the Dodgers are going to tear up a great young nucleus of players for Adam Dunn. Right-o. Like Dunn is the difference between the Dodgers winning and losing their division.

Fans read the paper. They watch SportsCenter. They participate in blogs. yet time and again I am awed by their complete lack of aptitude on how such deals are made with high-contract guys like Dunn.

But most of all, how it actually takes a trade partner so stupid, so inept, so malignantly clueless to actually make such a deal.

Here's the type of trade the Reds can expect for Dunn: Mark Texeira, with perhaps each team tossing in some parts. Tex's contract situation is almost identical to Dunn's, the caveat being that Dunn gets closer to home and is willing to sign an extension.

The Reds badly need power, have a slot at first base, aand since Tex will likely go free agency (Baltimore?) after 2008, the Rangers would have to drop in a high-end player/prospect in the deal.

In any deal with big contract players, it's always about swapping money for money, or money for less value. That's the only choices you have.

at 6:47 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


Most folks want to trade Dunn away and, given his contract situation, get more than he's worth in return.

It looks as if the Reds may not be competitive for a division title for another 2 or 3 years. Why not trade for a promising minor leaguer who'll be ready in 2 or 3 years???

at 6:49 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dunn and Freel to the Angels for Reggie Willits and Dustin Moseley

at 7:27 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

>There's been a black hole behind >home plate since Eddie Taubensee >left.

You're kidding right? Taubensee was one bad defensive catcher. I'd rather have a good defensive catcher that knows how to handle a pitching staff then a mediocre hitter, which Taubensee was.

> Alex Gonzalez was brought in to >upgrade the defense, not downgrade >it. His bat is nothing special,

I never liked this move, but his bat has been better than expected. This all said, I wish they had kept Lopez and put him at 2B and moved Phillips to SS, his natural position. Would have cost them the same.

>Adam Dunn is nothing more than a >walking talking version of what's >wrong with baseball these days. He >doesn't hit for average

Who cares about Avg from a power hitter? OPS is much more important.
However, Dunn's OPS isn't as high as usual this year.

> he doesn't play defense

Move him to 1B.

>he doesn't hit in the clutch

Unproveable, on both sides.

>he doesn't drive in runners in >scoring position,

Wrong. Check out his stats. Not as good this year, but his past performance proves otherwise. Common misconception about a lot of players.

>and he's not even in the Top 15 in >RBI's in the National League.

Who cares? RBI has to do with players in front of you. Plus he's been hitting lower this year. It's not like Freel was tearing up the league getting on base for anyone to knock him in before he got hurt.

>The farm system needs young >infielders, especially catchers, >as well as more arms. You can >never have enough arms.

Have you looked around the majors? Everyone needs a catcher. You don't win titles with catchers, you win with pitching.

>My opinion, deal Dunn for the best >young short-stop prospect you can >possibly find

I'm sure many GM's are beating down the door to trade their fine, young shortstop prospects for Dunn.

at 7:31 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I absolutely trade Dunn. I think that the emergence of Norris Hopper (and this assumes Freel is able to come back within a month or so) gives the Reds 4 quality outfielders besides Dunn."

The emergence of Norris Hopper? He's 6 months OLDER than Dunn by the way. He's a career minor leaguer who is doing well in limited at bats.

Freel. Blah, he's OK. His stats are worse than whipping-boy Dunn's this year. Now if you say move Freel to 2B, move Philips to SS and dump Gonzalez, then I say good idea. And move Dunn to 1B and bring up Votto to play LF.

at 7:52 PM Blogger Scott Evans said...

Dunn to Angels for Fransisco Rodriguez, Jeff Mathis, and a PTBNL. Who did we get from the Angels for Mosley by the way?

at 8:12 PM Blogger John Fay said...

Got Ramon Ortiz, aka, the Red Napper, from the Angels for Moseley. A Dan O'Brien trade.

at 8:31 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a great trade by O'Brien. Not.

at 10:22 PM Anonymous Gary214 said...

As long as we are talking about trades...has anyone checked out how Justin Germano is doing with the Padres? Something like 4 - 0 with an era around 1.50? That Cormier trade, and the zilch we got for Lopez/Kearns sure speaks volumes for Krivsky's evaluation skills! If he doesn't get anymore for Dunn than he did for these guys...what's the point?

at 10:25 PM Blogger Don said...

What does the term "a career minor leaguer mean" exactly?

Perhaps he peaks a bit later than some other guys. Just because he spent a few years in the minors does not mean he will not contribute for years to come. There are many "career minor leaguers" who played years worth of big league baseball.

I wouldn't dismiss Hopper's contribution/potential based on limited at bats.

I'd like to see Dunn traded too, but only if the deal is of quality. I am not one to dismiss Dunn as an offensively void player as some Reds fans do, but the fact of the matter is that he is a relatively hot commodity. Play the hot hand and improve the team.

at 10:45 PM Blogger Pat said...

the problem isn't who we get for dunn, griffey, hatteberg or anyone else. The problem is that the Reds are really the triple a team for the big market teams. we have them for a short while and then need to trade them becuase we can't afford to keep them. we need to start thinking about what we're going to do with philips, hamilton and bailey. Soon we won't be able to afford them.

at 10:52 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dunn to Angels for Fransisco Rodriguez, Jeff Mathis, and a PTBNL

The Angels would laugh at that trade offer.

at 11:00 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Dunn should not be traded by the Reds. The Reds are not deep enough in the OF to trade a guy who hits a home run almost as often (per At-Bats) as Manny Ramirez. That said, Dunn needs to show Reds fans that he's willing to fix his awful K-BB ratio and get some extra fielding practice. Maybe cutting back on the guitar practice could help more than just Arroyo? (or whatever Dunn does in his spare time, which is obviously not studying the most disciplined hitters in Baseball history to learn how to emulate them).

The Reds problem is not offense. With the kind of Starting Pitching we've had lately, we could actually win a playoff berth (beating Cleve 2 of 3 proves the Reds are pretty good and can actually show it on the field now and again). Some of our relievers seem on the verge of consistency. With Guardado coming back, Dunn needs to stay with the Reds. An AL team might want Dunn for a DH but I'd be shocked if any quality pitching is going to be parted with in exchange for Dunn. That said, if Seattle wants to give us Felix Hernandez for Dunn, okay then, we can live with that!

Anything less shouldn't be considered. I have a feeling the Reds will get next to nothing for Dunn (as per usual) and then Dunn will average 55 HRs a season and find a way to hit .290 for his new team.

Keep Dunn. Dump Narron.

at 11:11 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am obviously in the minority here, but why trade Dunn? Yeah his salary and his shortcomings defensively, as well as all of the strikeouts, but for prospects???

At least with Dunn you know what you are getting. He seems to be very cold or very hot, but over the course of a season, it will take several prospects to equal his offensive output. Hopper has been great lately, but overall, Im not going to get too excited about a 30 yr old AAA player, he is, in fact, older than Dunn.

All this being said, does anyone really think another GM will be willing to give up someone, particularly a reliever, who contributes on a consistant basis? I find it funny how the same guys on here who constantly rip Dunn are the very ones who think we should get a ton in return for him. Dunn definately has his flaws, but I dont think he will be as easy to replace as many here seem to think

at 11:50 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dunn doesnt produce runs at ALL. PLEASE!! HE is a joke. 40 Homeruns a year....99 RBI. Is that Run Producing? Especially in GABP! Look at Run Producers, Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz, Alex Rodriguez, NOT ADAM DUNN. HE is a beer league softball player...(Ive seen him drink his share of brew) Dump Narron? Why? and for Who!? Sweet Lou, Joe Torre and Terry Francona couldnt get this bullpen to throw. Deal Dunn and Lohse and one or the other 1st basemen. Use the money saved on Milton and Dunn to buy a stud Arm in the offseason. and 2 middle age relievers. Get what you can for Dunn Lohse and Hatteberg. AAA starter with huge upside? Young "would be" closer. and for god sake can we please start Josh HAmilton everyday. Im sick of watching him sit against lefties, and having to watch Adam Dunn miss pitches by 4 feet. He cant play 1st base, you need to be able to catch the ball at 1st base. And be able to move a little bit, he cant do either. I like Jr. in right. Hamilton in Center and Hopper in Left. Votto at 1st. Phillips 2nd Gonzalez ss and Edwin at 3rd. I dont mind Ross. He had his best year last year, but with a man on 3rd and less than 2 outs id rather Ross up than Dunn., 4 Sure. Hopefully Bray and Majewski pan out. I think they will long term. And i dont mind that deal at all btw. Without it, would we have Josh Hamilton?? Nope. Play #33 everyday.

at 5:49 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dunn's nothing more than a .250 40HR 63RBI stiff. He'll hit the towering bomb and strike out with the bases loaded.

This guy is the epitome of a primmadonna. He has the size and power to effortlessy hit 420ft HRs yet if he actually worked on his game he could be a force. Why? Everybody loves power and that's gotten him 10mm a year.

Dunn had DH written all over him. Take advantage of the overspending RedSox or Yankees.

at 7:43 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would give Dunn away. No trade necessary. Put a sign on him that says "Free to a good home" and set him on the curb. He is a lazy and selfish, content to live on his reputation rather than his performance. That kind of crappy attitude is cancerous and it shows throughout the whole team.

at 9:09 AM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

By Jove I've Got It! (best Stewie voice from Family Guy).

Trade Dunn to Tampa Bay for these three players: OF Dukes, SP Howell, and RP (really pathetic) Orvella.

Orvella with his 14.63+ ERA would be an inspiration for Messjewski and the rest of our gassed-house bullpen, and would be the perfect donor of two ligaments for Milty's elbow reconstruction surgery! Why not give Milty two ligaments for one? After all, we paid him two million times more than he was ever worth.

Howell is a 24-year old lefty starter who might be tone deaf and sings like Krivsky at the county fair (seeeewwwwwwwwwweeee!) but has more raw pitching talent than Arroyo by several dozen hemidemisemiquavers.

The Rays are talking with the Natsys about dumping Dukes, the only player in MLB who makes Wily Mo Pena (physically and power-wise at the plate) look like David Eckstein by comparison, and while he'd be a great role model for our Nation's (Crime) Capitol, he'd be an even better mentor for our Bengals, who apparently need help with the manly art of telling the little woman she's going to be offed if she doesn't play nice-nice.

If we can't get Chad Donor Arm Orvella, J.P. "Fire & Rain" Howell, and Prisoner #35 from Tampa for Dunn we just aren't trying hard enough to make medical history, the playoffs, and The Smoking Gun.

Bob, Wayne, get 'er Dunn!

at 9:09 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although my proposed trade would be with a division rival, how about sending Dunn home for Lidge?

at 9:26 AM Anonymous Dan said...

Blow this team up! We are last with Dunn & Griff, are we any worse off without them?

Francisco Corderro is a FA after this season with Milwaukee. Make him an outlandish offer of $8.0M(most quality RP are in the $5-6M range except for Rivera and Ryan) per year(geez, what SP will we be rid of next year that makes that salary?) Milwaukee has a ton of young players who are all eligible for arbitration in the next 2 years(Hardy, Fielder, Weeks, etc.) and will not be able to keep him and pay those guys. Move Weathers to long relief along with Bray, McBeth, Coutlangus, etc.

Trade Dunn if you can, or regardless, don't pick up his option. Poor Jr., you just know he is going to break down sooner or later so move him too, as much as it pains me. Now you have $23.0 million that you can invest in a decent corner OF and a C or SP. Votto replaces Hatteberg @ 1B next year.

at 9:47 AM Anonymous redsnut76 said...

Its pretty obvious the Reds HAVE to trade Dunn in order to get what they need in more ways than one. Trading him will allow them to either play Hopper in left everyday, which by the way, is a good idea. Sure, he's a bit older than Dunn, and a career minor leaguer, but he's fast, he plays better defense, he had a batting title last year...the man can hit! He brings more to the table than Dunn ever did! Hopper is hungry to show what he can do. At least he was willing to sacrifice a runner over Sunday!! Dunn, with the shift on, cant hit a ball to left side with that big hole over there, and neither can Jr.! It drives me crazy teams putting on that shift, and Dunn and Griffey keep hitting the ball to short right field to the 2nd baseman all the time! The Reds need a better catcher also. Ross had a career year last year, and has a loop in his swing. Brantley sees it and yet, Jacoby hasnt been able to fix it?? Get rid of Narron, Pole, Jacoby, and Hume too. We need some old Reds as coaches..Oester(finally manager?), Browning, Soto, Rijo(pitching coach?), keep Hatcher, Davis, Parker, Larkin(hitting coach?)...this whole team needs a transfusion of younger talent, and better leaders!!

at 10:24 AM Anonymous Red Faced said...

Anonymous said... 'Dunn doesnt produce runs at ALL. PLEASE!! HE is a joke. 40 Homeruns a year....99 RBI. Is that Run Producing?'

I wish you had posted your name because I'd like to thank you for being one of the more intelligent posters on this subject. I've been trying to say the same thing for weeks now on this blog.

I really like Adam Dunn but he's not going to suddenly develop into a better hitter. If he could only cut back on about 30 SO's a season he could be a .280 BA, 50 HR, 125RBI guy but for 4 seasons now he has gotten worse at the plate not better. And he is a defensive liability and this team can spend the money better on pitching.

An AL suitor seems more likely and may get us more value for Dunn. At best I'd see us trying to get a young arm, perhaps an up and comer in AAA. I don't see us getting a top of the line guy who we can insert into our rotation this year and make a difference for us. The Angels seem like a potential fit. I won't even begin to speculate who we can or can not get though as I'm just not that versed on other team rosters especially in the AL.

I keep hearing that the Mets may be looking for pitching help. If we can get a top notch prospect for Dunn why not try moving Lohse to the Mets for Lastings Milledge? Good potential, young firey guy with good speed could be a leadoff type hitter. His BA could be better but his OBP seems decent. Just thinking down the road more than this year of course. While I like what Hopper has been doing for us I don't think he is a long term solution for LF. He has brought to light what we can do with a more versatile leadoff hitter and a better defensive leftfielder. The Mets really would like to solidify their rotation before the playoffs and might part ways with Milledge in order to do that.

One more side note... Does anyone think that Narrow's difficulty with making bullpen calls and pinch hit moves have anything to do with his AL background where these moves don't happen as often or usually have as much bearing on the game?

at 10:53 AM Blogger Brad said...

Lance McAlister on Dunn:

I just don't get it
Why are people so afraid to deal with life without Adam Dunn?
What am I missing? He's a one trick pony that has no desire to get better.
Trading Dunn dramatically impacts the dynamics of this team....in a positive way.What is the downside to dealing a guy that is not getting better, doesn't seem to care, K's too much, doesn't play defense, doesn't hit in the clutch, doesn't run the bases all that way? My goodness......getting out from under his 13-million for next year would be a gift from heaven! What is the fascination with a NL DH?
If you thinkDunn fits with this team, I really have to question what you know about baseball and this team. I think support of Dunn is the perfect indicator of what has happened to fans in this town......they live for the longball......more than playing the game the right way and winning.
Or maybe it's about a love for beer league softball, or fantasy baseball, or you think he's cute or you just don't know any better.
I get the biggest kick out of the argument of..."How will they replace him?"
It's not like they are going to play with 8 guys in the field. They would spend the 13 mill on pitching and defense. End of story.
Kids...he's on pace to strikout 218 times.
He's tied for 34th in RBI's
He's tied for 29th in walks
He's 83rd in OBP
He's 42nd in OPS
Yep, my knees shake wondering what we would do without him.
The day the Reds deal Dunn is the day this franchise gets serious about winning. Are you ready to get serious about winning? Or is your vision of Reds baseball an overweight, swing from the heels softball player?

at 5:41 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

start big with going after someone like broxton and if that doesn't work out steadily go down in value.

at 10:21 PM Anonymous mikec said...

Lance is dead on.

One thing I watched a few weeks ago with Griffey and Dunn (before I stopped watching) is both of them come up with the Reds down two late in the game. The other team had the shift on. Neither even tried to hit the ball the other way. Even though a homer would still leave the Reds down one.

Playing for stats?

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