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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

LaRussa v. Harang

Tony LaRussa said this after Tuesday's game in which Aaron Harang hit Gary Bennett on the back of the head with a pitch:

"There isn't anything in baseball that I object to more," La Russa said. "Whether we hit them or they hit them, I've said it for almost as long as I've been managing: I'd suspend a guy two weeks to start with. A month the next time and then a season, if a major league pitcher doesn't have better command than that."

Bennett left the game with contusion on the back of his head. Harang was slightly taken aback when the what LaRussa said was relayed to him.

"He can say whatever he wants," Harang said. "Accident happens."

Harang said he had never hit anyone in the head at any level.

"It got away from me," Harang said. "After the game, I called over to talk to Gary to make sure he was all right. He understood it wasn't intentional. There were no hard feelings."


at 6:00 PM Blogger Jeff Tweedy said...

What a chickens**t comment on Tony Larussa's part. He's a pompous ass. You know what Tony? They should send all DUI offenders (no matter the number of offense it is) straight to jail for a month. This guy is the biggest horses ass in baseball. Just ask anybody.

at 6:06 PM Blogger Jaybee said...

I wonder how "Mr. Baseball" (aka Tony LaRussa) feels about mandatory jail sentences for DUI?

at 6:41 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

That comment is a joke another joke is Narron not sticking up for his ace, who by all accounts is one of the best guys in the game. LaRussa was not afraid to stick up for his guy even though he was completely out of line.

at 8:28 PM Blogger Chris at Redleg Nation said...

This is one of the dumber things I've read in a while. I wish it wasn't getting so much play (just saw it on ESPN.com), simply b/c Harang doesn't deserve the b.s.

I fully expect LaRussa to take the lead on this one, and voluntarily suspend any Cards pitcher who hits someone in the head. They are also going to tear down the Bob Gibson statue.

at 8:34 PM Blogger John Fay said...

I actually was surprised it didn't get more play. It wasn't in the St. Louis paper. But can you imagine the uproar if Joe Torre had said that after a Boston pitcher hit one of his guys?

at 9:28 PM Blogger Don said...

Narron should come out and suggest that LaRussa should take the lead and start by suspending any of his pitchers who throw at an opponent.

Judging from LaRussa's remarks, it would appear that the Cardinals didn't actually ban alcohol in the clubhouse.

at 10:09 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Larussa= DUI
Harang= Good guy
Larussa is a jerk and should just keep his mouth shut...... what's worse a pitcher having a ball geting away from him or driving drunk?? Larussa is just embarrassing himself again.

at 10:12 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the hell is Jerry Narron doing?

at 8:56 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

First off, Tony's DUI record has nothing to do with the topic so any of you that mentioned this are obviously venting because your team is in last place. Second, it seems that some of you missed the point that Tony is trying to protect players from getting hit in the HEAD. Players are going to get hit, but there is no reason to get hit behind the ear, under the helmet. It seems Harang had no control on that pitch. End of story.

at 11:21 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

LaRussa has never gotten over 1990!
John H

at 11:34 AM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

If I were Harang, the next time I was warming up for a start, I'd BEAN LaRussa (maybe I'd use a tennis ball though, in case I actually connected) to send a clearer message about ignorant rude disrespectful mouthing off! But then again, Harang has more class than I do! He deserves much credit for a balanced, rational response to the Saint LoDUIs manager.

at 5:17 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

John H., LaRussa has also never blown under a .1990. And to the "fan" saying that DUIs have nothing to do with Tony's whining...WRONG! Bad judgment is bad judgment. Besides, you admitted that Harang had "no control on that pitch" and that means he did not intend to throw the pitch at the batter's head. Duh!

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