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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

LaRussa and rumors

From Buster Olney's blog on espn.com:

Tony La Russa has been manager of the Cardinals for 12 years, and St. Louis chairman Bill DeWitt noted over the phone Tuesday that his contracts have been neat and consistent -- three-year deals, four of them. "Every time his contract has been in its last year, I've asked him -- how about a renewal?" DeWitt said. "And every time, he's said, 'You know, I'm going to wait until the end of the season. I think he just doesn't like doing a deal in advance. ... I'd like to do a deal with him now."
But DeWitt understands, and says he will talk to La Russa at season's end, again. "If he says he's fired up to come back, we'll negotiate an extension," said DeWitt. "This is a Hall of Fame manager. His record speaks for itself. ... He's been extremely important. His biggest asset is getting players to play as hard as they can. He's got this motto that you play nine innings every night, and good things happen."

I have a feeling, maybe it's more than a feeling, that the Reds will try to make a run at LaRussa after the season. What makes all this really intriguing is the relationship DeWitt has with Bob Castellini and Joe and Tom Williams. Would DeWitt give LaRussa permission to talk with the Reds?

LaRussa would be expensive, and he'd bring his coaching staff, which is expensive, too.

Olney's also got a Braves-Bronson Arroyo rumor posted. Chip Caray asked me last night if the Reds were going to trade Arroyo. I think they're listening. If the Braves are offering Jarrod Saltamacchia, they could go from talking to trading quickly.


at 3:15 PM Blogger RickNMd said...

LaRussa doesn't need anyone's permission to talk about this season. His contract expires.

I also agree with some earlier comments that this Reds-Cardinals pipeline is overrated. Castellini was a minority owner, so why does he have this big relationship with the Cards GM and manager?

Like LaRussa is coming to thread-bare Cincinnati. There could be 8-10 job openings this winter. He's going to have pick of the bunch with perhaps a bidding war.

at 3:22 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey John thanks for the inside info on the trade rumor stuff. I hadn't mentioned it yet and it is a little late but I was very impressed with your "knowledge" regarding the Reds firing Narron days before it happened.

I agree with you that Salty is too much of a talent to pass on. That being said the Reds problem hasn't been as much the offense but the pitching. And to trade a quality starting pitcher that is locked up for 3 years at a reasonable salary doesn't seem to make logical sense. Arroyo may not be a #2 type starter but I'd say he's a very solid #4 type guy.

Looking into the future rotation of the Reds you can count on Harang, Bailey, and Arroyo being there. Beyond that it gets pretty murky. So I can't see how trading Arroyo without some other plan in place (i.e. trading Dunn to get a starter of similar value) was in place.

So as an insider are there any other trade rumors you believe might merit mentioning?


at 3:47 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

LaRussa is not the answer. Neither is bringing in a Castallini crony. LaRussa would have to be crazy to leave St. Louis until Pujols retires anyway. He'll stay in Missouri.

at 4:02 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

the rotaion will look like harang,bailey,jonny cueto,travis wood, and sam lecure with sean watson as are closer.

at 5:22 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to Lance's blog, the latest HOT rumor going around MLB is Dunn to the Brewers for Matt Wise, Tony Gwynn Jr., and some hot infield prospect. Unless the "hot infield prospect" is Ryan Braun, this deal would be worse than horrendous. Worse than the Kearns-Lopez deal. If this is true and the Arroyo trade is true, we get ZERO pitching in return for either of our top 2 trading chips. Does this organization have a plan? Or a clue??? Geezz...

at 6:19 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geez, 4:22, do you realize how much fuming you're doing over RUMORS? Breathe ... breathe ... breathe ...

at 6:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just heard a rumor at our local McDonald's. Bronson for 2 fila-0-fish sandwiches and 2 months of free coke refills for 2.

I say jump all over that one.

at 6:32 PM Blogger John Fay said...

Thank you, anon. 5:19, I was going to post that, but this game kept going and going. Rumors are a lot of fun to talk about, but most don't come true.

at 6:35 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

We finally have two front of the rotation starters and we want to trade for a young bat. NO! Please. Let's build around Harang, Arroyo and Bailey. With Phillips, Encarnacion and Hamilton blossoming, Bruce and Votto coming and Junior turning back the years, we have a good foundation. Let's go get a closer and pony up for a true No. 1 starter like Zambrano and get this franchise back to where it belongs. One of the best in baseball.

at 6:49 PM Blogger Scott said...

Hey, anonymous, 5:35 - "A true number 1 starter"?...the disrespect for Harang continues. Who's put up better numbers than Harang the past two years. The guy had more wins and innings pitched last year than anyone in the NL and didn't get ONE vote for the CY...now this year he's 9 - 2 going into the break and is left off the All-Star team...and now anonymous, 5:35, doesn't think he's a number one starter...wow.

at 9:16 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Let's go get a closer and pony up for a true No. 1 starter like Zambrano and get this franchise back to where it belongs."

If the Cubs don't re-sign Zambrano, then I would love to see the Reds put out the money to sign him.

Zambrano, Harang and Arroyo would be a really nice 1, 2, 3 in a 5 man rotation.

at 2:07 AM Blogger Phill said...

Aaron Harang not a true starter? That's a pretty insane comment anon...

His numbers are great he's just overlooked. Be it usually a slightly higher ERA than other top pitchers or playing for a small market team as reasons for him being over looked. I can't believe someone would question his role as a number 1 starter. He's a beast when he's on fire and when he isn't he can and has still gotten the job done.

at 7:51 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rumors.......Lance's Blog...

I'm still waiting for Arrington to sign with the Bengals....

With Dunn's contract terms, he darn near has veto power.

at 8:36 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

519, John:

Have to agree. People get too worked up over these rumors.

John, at what point do you think it becomes a realistic possibility that Mackanin become a legit contender for the job next year? I'm pretty impressed by what we've seen so far and I know there's a lot of baseball left, but I'm wondering what the guy will have to do to get some consideration.

Any thoughts or insight?

at 9:55 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The brewers haven't been in the playoffs since forever. I see them making a big trade and going for it, even if it's a rental like Dunn.

They could trade two prospects for him, and they'd still be loaded, that's how good their system is.

(why didn't we hire melvin when we could have?)

at 10:42 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the manager front, I thought the public was more behind getting Girardi anyway. He's still available, right?

at 1:50 PM Blogger John Fay said...

I think he's taken the first step. If he starter 4-9, there would be pressure to replace him now. He's bought some time. If the Reds are 18-8 two weeks from now, I'd say he's a legit contender. To actually get the job, I think he has to put up an incredible record for the rest of the year.

at 1:56 PM Blogger Daedalus said...

NO MORE "ORGANIZATIONAL GUYS." We've been down this road so many times. No more guys from the organization.
No more hiring interims. No more sub .500 career managers. Spend the money to get someone who knows what the heck he's doing.

Jerry Narron did pretty well when he was interim manager, too. That didn't work out too well, huh?

at 2:08 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hilarious that people still think the Kearns/Lopez trade was a bad one. Go look what those two are doing this year. THEY STINK.

at 4:31 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"With Dunn's contract terms, he darn near has veto power."

Very smart contract for Dunns agent to get him.

at 12:23 AM Anonymous George Hale said...

I can't get past why would a hall of fame manager come to Cincinnati? Cincinnati needs leadership but not at the everyday player level. One can talk all about he shortcomings of some of the players or the failure of a superstar to keep himself in playing shape and being all that he could be. Their numbers (home runs, and RBI's) lead most other teams in baseball year after year or compete near the top. This team needs pitching like the Big Red machine had om the 1970's, like the Nasty Boys, like Jim Maloney and crew in 1961. No Reds Team before or since performs consistently well without it. Maybe this team needs new ownership. How about a DeWitt duo? Let's get Sr. to buy back the Reds and bring back the glory days. Maybe he could steal LaRussa away from Jr.

at 12:35 AM Anonymous George Hale said...

By the way, Bill DeWitt Sr. passed away in the early 1980's. I think the point is the DeWitt's, including DeWitt Jr., had their run at Cincinnati and no amount of money will get Tony LaRussa here even if one could resolve the debate about his effectiveness. It would be a too diverse break with history.

This team needs new ownership with a lot of money. Pray for that.

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