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Friday, July 6, 2007

Reds 8, Diamondbacks 1

When Kyle Lohse pitches like he pitched and the Reds hit three home runs, managing is a pretty easy gig.

“That was one of the nicest games to watch,” Reds manager Pete Mackanin said. “I felt like I was sitting in rocking chair. Kyle Lohse was in command the whole way. Not once did I feel like he was losing it.”

Mackanin is 3-1. He's done exactly what he need to do and get off to a good start.

Lohse’s line -- nine innings, one run, two walks and five strikeouts – belied how well he pitched.

He only gave up one hit through the first eight innings.

“Boy, oh, boy, it he could do that nine out of 10 times, or eight of 10, he'd be special,” Mackanin said.

And if bull frog had wings, it wouldn't bump it's butt on the ground, as old editor of mine used to say.

That's the rub on Lohse: He's wildly inconsistent. That’s why Friday’s win only made him 5-10.

Trading Lohse, who is free agent after the season, makes sense. And an outing like Friday's only ups his value.


at 11:38 PM Anonymous jc said...

sorry john. i dont trade lohse. no way. he is too young. i keep working on his consistency and his head. i know people will think i am nuts.... but he still has the opportunity to be dominant. make an effort to sign him for another year or two. they have no confidence in livingston or dumatrqit or they would be here. cueto is a year away as is gardner.
i think belisle is stalled... he is the guy you try and peddle.
lohse has been no more inconsistent than arroyo.... nobody trying to dump him.

at 3:30 AM Anonymous redifil said...

I agree about Lohse. He would be great if he found some consistency, but he's always been like this - a good game or two followed by three or four bad ones. It would be best to trade him if the Reds can get bullpen help or a good prospect.
Saw the comparison of Dunn's and Rose's on-base percentages. Were those for their careers. If so, it might not be a good study. Pete played so long his on-base had to go way down from where it was before his last five-10 years. Whatever the case, no statistic could prove to me that Dunn - not that I hate him as a player - is anywhere near as valuable as Rose was. And he definitely needs to take a shot at left field in certain situations like Bench often did. It's the best appraoch for any hitter.

at 7:45 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

great idea trade kyle loshe who has more potential and stuff than any reds pitcher...

hopefully we can get a good pitcher in return

same old stupid crap...lets trade just to be trading

at 9:34 AM Anonymous mikec said...

John your last line is dead on. Every good start makes Loshe that much more valuable of a commodity.

at 10:31 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Reds might be better off to try
and resign Lohse. What will they get for him? A couple of lower level minor league players that may never work out. Let's assume he pitches to his potential the rest of the year the Reds would have a pretty decent starting rotation.

at 11:36 AM Blogger Aaron said...

No way do we trade him, John! You can count the number of pitchers who have dominated at GABP with one hand. The entire team was struggling when he was struggling how can you single him out like that? Also he is still young enough where you have to assume he can only improve with time and more experience. I don't know what you could get in return that would make you think it would be a good deal for us but a solid starting pitcher is a rare commodity in baseball and we can't just start gift-giving because we are out of contention. Sign him now while he is still reasonable, he will always have trade value as long as he remains healthy which is another thing in his favor -- no history of injury or arm trouble. These guys are hard to find. You seem to forget what the free agent market looks like when it comes to decent starting pitchers with any kind of potential. Of course if we cannot sign Lohse now and we are gonna lose him to free agency then I certainly advocate getting something for him while we can, but I am inclined to believe he would take a reasonable contract now if he was approached.

at 12:21 PM Blogger IU88 said...

Trading young players is not the answer. We will never get the value in return. This is a viscous cycle that keeps the smaller market teams unable to keep pace. We need to be patient, build from within and make good trades that bring better players to the team. Trading in July does not do this...it only helps the contending teams.

at 12:28 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to be able to resign Lohse but what are the odds the Reds can sign him?

Why wouldn't he test the free agent market with a chance to possibly sign a long term deal with a contender?

at 2:09 PM Anonymous mikec said...

Potential and stuff gets you a 5-10 record with an ERA in the mid-4s. We can get the same from Belisle or Livingston for $4 million less. Resigning Loshe is a dumb idea. And if you're not doing to re-sign him, trade him now for whatever you can get.

at 3:54 PM Blogger Jim said...

Lohse alternates between brilliant and BS. To me he has a million dollar arm and a ten cent psyche. Whenever he gets men on base he seems to mentally lose it. I'd get something for him while we can.

at 6:01 PM Blogger rallynova350 said...

The Reds need to trade Lohse while he is hot, simply because he is a client of Scott Boras.

His clients are always overpaid, and the last thing I want to see if the Reds offer another ridiculous, multi-year contract to a pitcher who will not consistently perform.

at 8:49 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be better for the Reds, at this point, to try and trade Lohse. The biggest reason...he is a client of Scott Boras.

Most of Boras' clients sign ridiculous contracts. The last thing the Reds need is to overpay for another pitcher, who is inconsistent.

With Milton off the books, why not save the $4M+ that Lohse would get and go after someone else.

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