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Monday, August 13, 2007

Minor matters -- Cueto deals again

Johnny Cueto went six ininngs, allowed one run on eight hits. No walks, six Ks. You'd think he'll get serious consideration for that Aug. 18 start. He's 2-1 with 2.05 ERA in four starts at Louisville -- 22 IP, 22 hits, two walks, 22 Ks.

The rest of the minor leauge report from Jamie Ramsey:

Louisville beats Norfolk to sweep the brief 2-game series…Johnny Cueto turns in another solid outing…Joey Votto and Chris Dickerson both homer…Chattanooga burns the Biscuits to win the 5-game series…Matt Maloney with another quality start…Luis Bolivar with 4 hits…Enrique Cruz extends his hitting streak…Sarasota splits a doubleheader and exchanges complete-game shutouts with St. Lucie…Ben Jukich simply outstanding in the first game…B.J. Szymanski heating up…Dayton falls to Burlington…Drew Stubbs with his fourth consecutive multi-hit game…Kevin Gunter perfect in relief…Billings loses to Idaho Falls...GCL Reds rained out.

Pre All-Star Game: .273, 51-187, 20r, 7 doubles, 1hr, 21rbi, 29bb, 44k, 7sb, .365obp, .348slg.
Post All-Star Game: .297, 43-145, 21r, 7 doubles, 8hr, 23rbi, 18bb, 35k, 2sb, .374obp, .524slg.

24 starts overall (Sarasota, Chattanooga, currently with Louisville)
10-7, 2.83 ERA (2nd among Reds minor leaguers), 14 quality starts, 136.2ip, 48r/43er, 30bb, 136k (first among Reds minor leaguers), .237oba

This date in baseball history:
1980: 2b Pete Mackanin scores both Minnesota runs in the 6-2 loss at Oakland…Mackanin goes 3-for-4 with a home run (#2 off former All-Star Matt Keough) to lift his batting average to .292.
1987: RF Billy Hatcher goes 2-for-5 with a double and a home run (#9 off Mike Krukow) as his Astros lose 7-6 in 11 innings at San Francisco.


at 2:07 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are most of the good young pitchers I have seen you post about guys the Reds drafted in the last few years (since Dan O'Brien) or guys we have traded for?

If it is guys the Reds have drafted, then the future is bright as it means the Reds can draft! Also a good gauge for the GM...


at 2:46 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Instead of a different lineup made by the same clown each day, how about a different clown each day?

The Reds could use a new manager every single day, which, according to their present "it's okay to bat whomever wherever provided he didn't bat there yesterday" philosophy, would be a very positive thing. And to get more tickets sold, each day's "manager" would be picked at random from the ticket holders present at Great American Ballpark.

Obviously, if you can bat Conine cleanup even ONCE per season, then you really don't need the same manager every day.

If that idea isn't Bob the Baseball Genius's "cup of tea" then he should fire Mackanin and replace him...

...with no one!

Let the players take turns filling out lineup cards. I'll bet even Conine wouldn't bat himself cleanup!

Then take Mackanin's pay check and go hire a scout that can speak Spanish and live in the Dominican Republic year-round.

at 2:47 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that in that Louisville game, Coffey pitched 1 inning gave up 4 earned runs and threw 2 wild pitches. How long until the Bats' fans run him out of town?

at 3:15 PM Blogger Ron said...

Any thoughts on what the Reds might do in the off season? It appears that Gonzalez or Encarnacion might be used for trade bait? If Pete M stays as manager, will there be any changes in the coaching staff?
What's the status of the Thompson, the third pitcher received from the Nationals in the big trade last year?

at 3:32 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The good players that have been discussed (Bailey, Cueto, and Bruce) were drafted/signed by the O'Brien/Almarez regime.

at 3:37 PM Blogger John Fay said...

First question first, Dominican guys like Cueto aren't drafted. He was signed in 2004 by Johnny Almaraz.

The Reds have scouts in the D.R. and they done pretty well sigining players from there.

The Reds are 12-16 with Conine batting 4th. The only player with a better record in the 4 hole is Griffey (7-4).

I don't know if the Reds would be willing to move either Gonzalez or Encarnacion. But the way Keppinger's hit, I think it's much better possibility than it was two months ago. Thompson was very good in Dayton. He's struggled a bit at Sarasota.

at 4:02 PM Blogger omnired said...

I've never understood assigning a W-L percentage to a position player. Assigning a W-L percent to a player based on his position in the lineup would seem to be even less proof of anything.

at 4:11 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

John if wayne gets fired next year how about the reds bring in the dodgers old gm and bring in Dan O'Brien as are scouting director

at 4:45 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

John says: "The Reds have scouts in the D.R. and they done pretty well sigining players from there."

No, they haven't done "pretty well." Not even close!

There are no stars on the Reds who are undrafted free agents from the D.R. which the Reds FOUND and SIGNED. Sometimes you're just so over-the-top gushing with praise for this poorly run organization, it's ludicrous!

When the Reds find and sign and HAVE a Jose Reyes or Hanley Ramirez type undrafted free agent star, then the organization's scouts get props.

(Conine doesn't belong in the 4th hole any more than Coffey belongs in the Major Leagues).

The undrafted guys on the Reds rosters are:
(3) NOT A CREDIT TO THE REDS' DOMINICAN "STAFF" (whom I strongly suspect are "freelance" rather than full-time employees....

Do the Reds have a full-time EMPLOYEE SCOUT who focuses on nothing but young Caribbean talent?

If the answer is "yes" (highly doubtful), who is it? How long has he been a full time scout on Castellini's payroll?

No matter what scouts the Reds do have, the nonsensical nightly butchering of lineups has to stop.
Again, this is the only major league team that prevents its starters from getting in a groove in a certain spot in the lineup.

Different teams juggle lineups throughout the season, sure, but not every single day like the Reds nearly always do!

at 4:48 PM Blogger John Fay said...

W-L with position player in certain spot in the lineup isn't a telling stat. So many other things affect it. But a lot of people who post on this blog seem to think batting Conine 4th has a lot to do with why the Reds are where they are. I don't think it does. The fact that the Reds are playing at higher winning percentage with him 4th than overall would seem to support that.

at 5:02 PM Blogger John Fay said...

Jared: The Reds have 22 people listed in their international scouting dept. I don't know when you started paying attention to the Reds, but Marge Scott pulled completely out of Latin America. The Reds have been trying to re-establish themselves there since. Players like Cueto and Juan Francisco are a start. It takes time.

The director of Latin American scouting is Tony Arias, who worked for Toronto before coming to the Reds. He hired after Castellini took over.

I'm not gushing about the organization. But Castellini took over less than two years ago. How many players from the D.R. go from the being signed to playing in the big leagues in two years?

at 5:13 PM Anonymous jc said...

interviewing list: time to get busy.

GIRARDI- one year. still a legend.
VALENTINE- wins. being an ass should not be a minus. should be a necessity.
MATTINGLY- Indiana boy. Torre not going anywhere.
MACHA- Oakland worse without him than with him.
OESTER- Desreves an inteview.
JOE MORGAN- You have to ask though his girl is some big gymnast in California.
BRENLY- Deserves an interview.
PEWRLOZZO- No one could win in Baltimore. Mazzone comes as a package.

at 5:29 PM Blogger John Fay said...

Nice list. Perlozzo, however, can't bring Mazzone. He's signed through 2008.

at 5:58 PM Anonymous jc said...

john, i was told by someone here in atlanta that... if perlozzo gets fired.... and gets another job.... mazzone can opt out of third year. just what i heard.

at 11:11 PM Anonymous ADMS said...

(Hopefully John will get this entry before moving onto a new subject) -
Adding to the Latin America scout question, with more Japanese position players crossing the Pacific and some having some solid success in America, do you know if the Reds have a full-time scout in Japan? I know the number of Japanese-born players in MLB is still quite low, but if any of them down the road have the same kind of success that Hideo Nomo and Ichiro Suzuki (and...please excuse the spelling...with So Taguchi improving in St. Louis), I would personally spend the money and have scounts drum up more interest in Japan to come here.

Just curious about this. It seems to be a still untapped market, much like China is for the NBA.

at 4:42 AM Blogger Grizzlyfox said...

Its gotta be Cueto for that start on the 18th, and if he does well he should stay up, as I doubt Bailey will be ready before September callups anyway, but if he is the odd man out could well be Dumatrait anyway. Cueto's line of about 2BB/9IP bodes well for him. Also, is it really fair to continuously bash Castellini and Krivsky? Granted Narron was a poor choice and resigning the Cannon would be basically the same poor choice, but the team's going to be on its way up if it has some luck with Bailey, Cueto, Votto, Bruce, and Cantu.

at 2:15 PM Blogger omnired said...

You're right. W-L percent with a position player isn't a telling stat. In neither adds to your position if it's a high number or detracts from your position if it's a low number.

The Reds aren't winning because this team allows too many runs. Moving Jeff Conine to a different position in the batting order in the few games he plays doesn't change that.

at 6:02 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


Conine is batting .214 with a .274 OBP in the 4 hole, with 3HR.

12 and 16 translates to a .428 winning percentage -- which does reflect the Reds' current losing record.

I expect better from you. The math does support a finding that Conine should not bat 4th (unless you think a .428 winning percentage is good). If he plays, he should bat 6, 7, or 8 -- however, I must agree with Justin he is wasting a roster spot on this team and deserves to be here as much as Cofee. To the extent that the Reds have won with him in the 4 hole, based upon his stats, it has nothing to do with Conine.

Why are you supporting Conine? Is he a friend of yours?

at 6:45 PM Blogger John Fay said...

The Reds have played almost exactly the same with Conine in the 4 hole as overall. I'm not "supporting" him. I don't care where he hits. I just think people get too worked up over him hitting 4th.

We're not friends, by the way. I don't have any friends on the Reds, or enemies for that matter.

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