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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Reds get Coats

The Reds obtained outfielder Buck Coats from the Cubs for a player to be named. Coats is going to Louisville.

Coats, 25, was hitting .303 with 11 home runs, 18 steals and 59 RBI with Triple-A Iowa.

He played 18 games for the Cubs. He hit his only career homer off Aaron Harang on Sept. 24 of last year.


at 4:19 PM Blogger Taylor said...

How many infielders can you have at one time? 5? Apparently Krivsky thinks you can have a lot more than that with the acquisitions of Cantu and others.

Can someone explain his philosophy, please?

From Rotoworld.com

Reds acquired outfielder Buck Coats from the Cubs for a player to be named.
Oddly, the Reds apparently weren't confident he'd get to them on waivers. Coats, 25, was hitting .303/.363/.435 for Triple-A Iowa before being designated for assignment last week to make room for Craig Monroe on the 40-man roster. He can play some infield, while will help his chances of having a career as a 25th man. That's about the best he can hope for. The Reds figure to call him up next month.

at 7:19 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

This is too funny (except it isn't).

So the Padres cut Wells shortly after his Aug 6th loss to St. Louis, and Wells goes fishin' in Michigan.

I write on Fay's blog that the Reds ought to consider signing Wells because Ellison is such a terrible player (he was signed by the Reds a day or so after Wells was cut by San Diego), that if we're going to sign apparently AWFUL players, Wells would make a better expenditure than Ellison BY FAR (that plus we don't and didn't need outfielders nearly as much as we need/needed pitching).

Well I got flamed for the Wells comments, one pointing out how "far away" Wells is (referring perhaps to where he wanted to play but he owns land in Michigan which means he's going to visit the midwest anyway, so why couldn't he play half a season for the Reds? Turned out the Reds are only 2 games farther out of the division race than LOS ANGELES right now...hmmmm...)

Then the squirrels chimed in when I said we should have tried to get the Tiger's MONROE because of our lame Ellison pickup...

Once again, "oh, we don't need Monroe, that would have been stupid" was heard on here...

Please! That's why they make squirrel traps.

And so now the guy they got rid of to make ROOM for Monroe gets picked up by the KRIVSKY, the GM equivalent of RUMPKE (no disrespect meant to the waste haulers).

Could it be that the Cubs really screwed up, and Krivsky pounced, which will force me to compliment Krivsky AGAIN? (Coats is far ABOVE Ellison in terms of skill and potential but hmmmm....I have my doubts that the Cubs just waived a great prospect (they had to cut someone though...and Scot Eyre, for example, was somehow more valuable than Coats????)

Stop it Wayne, yer killin' me!

That said.

We could have LOHSE AND DAVID WELLS AND CRAIG MONROE (it was only last year he hit 4 home runs in the post-season right?) on this team right now.

But instead, we have Ellison....and not just coming off the bench but STARTING TWO GAMES NOW THIS MONTH....


If it weren't for the Cantu pick-up...Krivsky would be on the chopping block.

Seeing Wells pitch for the Dodgers in the post-season would be HIGHLY IRRITATING this year given his availability....and how (I believe) the Reds made ZERO effort to woo him: Wells was available for two weeks...what was Krivsky doing for those fourteen long days and nights? COMPOSING A MULTI-YEAR DEAL FOR ELLISON???

Wayne, if you can't even tell the difference between a Mike Stanton and a David Wells (besides the look -alike physiques) maybe the Reds need you to LEAVE after all!

Besides, it's not like the Reds had to sign Wells to a 3-year deal...look at what PEANUTS the DODGERS had to pay to GAMBLE that the old man had something left?

Krivsky and Castellini are often too conservative when they need to be more aggressive, but then with washed up players they play (and PAY) THOSE GUYS way too aggressively...


at 7:38 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

Hey Justin, if you think Wells was signing with a non-contender like the Reds, there's a one-way ticket to the baseball nuthouse punched for you.

Shoulda saved your rant, and breath.

at 9:40 PM Anonymous mikec said...

I agree with Mr. Redlegs. Justin you have no clue once again. Wells a) wanted to stay on the west coast and b) wouldn't have come near the Reds even though the Reds and LA are now close to the same length back.

And don't I remember you complaining the Reds should deal Loshe because otherwise they get nothing for him? Don't I remember you complimenting the Maloney pick up?

at 1:34 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Redlegs and MikeC...

Krivsky has a job to do. If he made ZERO effort to at least talk to Wells, he didn't do a very good job.

Players and agents say all sorts of things in the media. Wells owns land in Michigan and might have considered an offer.


You can't claim to know for sure what Wells would have done. What a joke!

You both are idiots. You call people nutty for simply being WRONG or being inaccurate? FY

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