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Friday, September 28, 2007

Manager talk

The Reds have not talked to Pete Mackanin about his status. It sounds like they won't until at least next week.

Wayne Krivsky said there's no timetable.

That would seem to indicate, they'll at least look outside. I still think they'll make a run at Tony LaRussa if he leaves St. Louis. If he stays of turns them down, Mackanin has a shot. Bob Brenly and Joe Girardi are the obvious outsiders. A name I heard tonight is Dusty Baker.


at 9:00 PM Blogger Dan H said...

Please not Baker... if the Mets fail to make the playoffs there is the possibilty of Willie Randolph being fired. Anyone have any thoughts on Randolph as manager if he is available.

at 9:27 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are only two people with name recognition that should be considered ahead of Pete.

Davey Johnson and Bobby Valentine. All the others already mentioned are losers and none of them will make this team better.

at 9:54 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Mets will not fire Randolph for the collapse. It's been Wagner's collapse and the Nationals' bats going nuts that ruined the Mets season (if in fact it's ruined now that they're out of first place with 2 to play...)

I agree, no Baker. Please no Baker. Only Narron or Mackanin would be worse than Baker.

at 10:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is amazing how far this franchise has sunk. People now want the Reds to hire Pete since he has the Reds 2 games over 500. Amazing. Spend some money and hire a real manager.

at 10:06 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you're going to need someone who will play the younger ones on the team and thats not Baker.

Brenley as never really given me the impression of a good manager. Yeah he won it all in Arizona but he had a pretty heavy laden team of veterans who did not need much guidance.

Larussa I seriously doubt he'd have interest in this team. I would think if he left St. Louis he'd want a team close to winning it all.

Giradi probably be the best fit for the guys that are mentioned.

They don't need the big name manager, they just need the right manager!

at 10:11 PM Blogger Rob said...

Dear God no, not Baker.

Personally my top 3 would be LaRussa, Brenly and Bobby V.

at 11:19 PM Anonymous jc said...

as i said in may... in june....in july... in august and now in september..... bobby valentine is the right guy to manage this baseball team.

at 11:36 PM Blogger RPA said...

if baker is the manager of this team next year it will end my 20+ years of being a reds fan.

no dusty baker.


/looking for that angels hat i bought a few weeks ago at a game in anaheim.... just in case.

at 12:13 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brenly is just about as worthless as Baker.

at 1:54 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 9:06 has it right - the RIGHT manager. Someone who the team will respond to and someone that can bring in a good staff of coaches. I don't see the value of spending a lot of money on a big name. I hope Baker, LaRussa and Brenly are noy in the mix.

How about Ron Oester?

at 6:43 AM Blogger Rawk Gurl said...

I think Davey Johnson would be the best choice. He knows how to win and he wouldn't eat up as much needed payroll as LaRussa.

I think LaRussa is a bad choice because of his managing style, the Reds are loaded with young guys and all of Tony's quirky micromanaging makes the game more complicated than it should be. We saw how the team rected to Narron's micromanaging.

at 8:16 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

9pm and 9:06pm anons

I agree with both of you

We need the right manager

Love Joe Girardi..hes tough but bright and aticulate

Heck..Id be happy to see Ron Oester

Pete has not done a great job. I like the guy but I do feel the results would eventually be the same as we had with Narron and Miley

John I like your blog and appreciate your effort..you seem like a very nice man..But me thinks u start rumors on occasion and thats not necessary to stir interest in your blog.

If they trade Hamilton and keep Ken Griffey.. Im marching down to Castellinis office and personally giving him back the 100 tickets that I purchase every year

at 8:54 AM Anonymous mikec said...

Please for the love of God not Dusty Baker.

And Bobby Valentine is a bad idea too.

Davey Johnson would be good though.

at 11:23 AM Anonymous Pat said...

My personal feelings are as such:

I do not see LaRussa having any interest. Not many of the teams he's handled in the past are as young as this one. It's tough to guess what an outcome with him trying to control rookies may be.

I'll agree with most that Baker would probably not work. The majority of his teams have also been veteran-laden. Given that he spent so many years "guiding" Barry Bonds, I'm unsure of what would happen here.

We've tried Davey Johnson before with horrid results.

Also like many, I'll say Girardi would fit well. He succeeded with a young team in Florida. He was let go because he butted heads with those above him.

Bobby Valentine might not be such a bad idea. He's had plenty of success. Brenly also succeeded as we all know. However, the drop-off after the success was quick and extreme.

As 9:06 stated, only the "right" manager is necessary. The only thing a "big-name" guy would do is bring attention to the franchise. However, wins will do the same while also upping attendance.

at 9:06 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

For everyone who complained about Jerry Narron over managing the game, you certainly don't want Tony Larussa to be your next manager. I have my doubts that he'd be interested in the Reds job anyway. If you want to look to St. Louis for help, Walt Jocketty is the man you need.

at 11:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not going to say Dusty Baker is a racist, but he is definitely a racial chauvinist. It was very clear in SF and Chicago that he gave preferential treatment to black players. MORE IMPORTANTLY however is the fact that he had no idea how to handle pitchers. His teams failed to win consistently because the pitching was often shaky or got hurt a lot.

One thing I'm seeing that is really bizzarre is the idea of bringing Davey Johnson back. He may be able to get a winning team together for a year or so, but they very quickly collapse. The Mets win in 86. They're under .500 by 88 and Johnson's gone midway thru 89, with most of the Mets players at eachother's throats. Johnson had similar results with the Reds. His personality is cancerous. On top of that, he hasn't had a job in baseball in several years. He last managed the Orioles and no one seemed to notice he got fired. Johnson's a joke.

Girardi is a big maybe. Keep in mind the Marlins last year were a bunch of kids who were just glad to be in the majors. They were ready to obey what anyone told them just for the chance. The Reds are a predominantly veteran team. They don't have the same things to worry about than a bunch of kids. Girardi couldn't teach them what they don't already know. He would have to get by on his personality and strategic ability.

I think Ron Oester would be a great choice, except...would being a local hero be enough for the fans to overlook his lack of experience as a major league manager? Let's face it, Redsfans...you're not the same kinds of fans as you were 20 years ago. I see a lot of hostility and disloyalty in some of these postings and for the most trivial things. Several other posters have said some are as bad as Phillies fans. That should have been a warning to you all!

I also think Bobby Valentine would be a good choice. He was able to put together some good pitching staffs in Texas and NY.

Here's an idea I had. What about Rickey Henderson? This is someone evryone would respect and listen to without question

at 1:26 PM Anonymous Pat said...

Here is something that will never happen, but it's worth at least thinking about...

Ron Oester has always been brought up when the Reds are changing managers. He would indeed be a nice choice. He spent this season leading the Cincinnati Steam in the Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League. I know, I know, 19-year-olds are different than those that have been in pro ball for 10+ years. Once more, let's elaborate...

Consider this: Oester managing, Randolph as infield/third base coach, Jeff Brantley as pitching coach. The biggest question mark there is if Randolph would even consider doing something like that because of his "success" managing.

How about this: Oester/Girardi managing, Jeff Brantley pitching coach, and if Girardi were to get the gig then fit Oester in again as third base coach.

It's fun to imagine and dream of such situations and the success that may result; but chances are something no one expects will happen.

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