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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dunn done

From the Reds:

Reds OF Adam Dunn tomorrow will have arthroscopic surgery to clean out his right knee.

The surgery will be performed by Reds medical director Dr. Timothy Kremchek.


at 8:18 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is Ellison starting?

at 8:35 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like father (Griffey) like Son (Dunn). Amazing how this happens every year at this time of year. If his knee was really hurting why did he not get the surgery earlier or why did he just not wait until the season was over? Can I see his scar when he has this done? LOL I am willing to bet you don't post this.

at 9:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess you are heading down to the Florida Keys with Griffey and Dunn to go out on Griffey's boat and fish since you won't post any comments. Just like last year, right! Figures! If I send this informaton to Paul Daugherty, I would be willing to bet he would bring this up in his column or on his radio show. Let the truth ring!

at 10:22 PM Anonymous MONEY MIKE said...

First all I would like to thank John for maintaing this blog, I have had to manage one before and it can be a pain in the butt. As for the Dunn issue, why in he double hockey sticks would Dunn fake being injured. That is just an insult to the man. Yeah he does a lot of things wrong, but he also has done a lot of things right. I hope he gets well soon and is ready to go come march. Also props to Votto with the dinger tonight.

at 10:57 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Elison Stinks. Dunn's knee will mean the Reds won't get squat for him in a trade, it's either re-sign or let him walk in free agency for the draft picks...

How can anyone think that Dunn's injury is somehow fake?

at 11:16 PM Anonymous PDX Brett said...

Mr. Anonymous, your labotomy scar is showing again.

at 11:47 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's sad that people hate Giffey and Dunn so much that every little thing they do is a reason to rip them. Dunn has played 152 games is that not enough? Should he got out play and make it worse to satisfy your hurt little feelings?

It's amazing how everybodys "knows" these two are "heading" down the freeway with fake injuries just to piss you off. So you will show them by sending this little bit of information to Paul Daugherty like a little school kid trying to get people in trouble.

It might be time you invest you hate for players in a more positive direction like working on your sour surly outlook on life.

at 2:24 AM Blogger Phill said...

Man is everything a conspiracy with you people?

Dunn is a gamer. Look at how many games he plays, look at his size, a seemingly minor leg injury at the end of a long season can and has happened.

I'm sure after this, will come the whole Dunn is lazy, Dunn doesn't try, Dunn doesn't care, Dunn doesn't do something blah blah blah.

at 4:45 AM Blogger John Fay said...

One of the good things about the blog is when somebody posts something ludicrous, others shoot it down. As was the case with the anon posting about Dunn. Good job.

at 8:03 AM Anonymous CHEVIOT SPORTS AUTHORITY said...

What a pleasure to watch (and listen)to the game last night. It is so refreshing to not have to listen to the non-stop bombardment of meaningless dribble from George Grande's mouth.

Are the Reds planning on replacing him completely next season?

at 9:08 AM Anonymous Gary214 said...

The guy has improved in every facet of his game, has put up numbers either comparable or better than last year's MVP Ryan Howard. He has played hurt and sick and never complains, yet some of you morons are never satisfied!

The same ones who are clammering for his ouster are the same ones that are willing to hand his job to a whiz kid minor leaguer with no major league experience. Dunn used to be one of those can't miss minor leaguers, and the last time I looked no other Red in history has hit 40+ dingers in 4 consecutive seasons. Sure he has his shortcomings, but he still has quite a few years ahead of him, and if he shows the same improvement next year as he did this...his numbers could be even more impressive in what appears to be a very bright future!

I hope when the current Whiz Kid comes up and earns an astronomical salary you guys don't berate him for the sake of envy...which is exactly why you guys are intimating Dunn and Griffey have ended their respective seasons early to get on with their off-season play time! It has to be jealousy...or you were run out of Philly for being even below their standards for a baseball fan!

I hope Dunn is back in left next year...and for many years to come!

at 9:09 AM Blogger Dan H said...

In my opinion Dunn had a pretty darn good year, evry part of his game improved, less K's, more RBI,higher average, and yes marginally better in the field. Oh, and how long was he playing hurt ohn those knees this year? And he has played how many games each year...probably close to 160 with out checking his stats! Pick up his option. Enough said on this. John, how about a season ending topic on what would the blog contributors do to improve the club next year ( put yourself in Krivsky's office).

at 10:46 AM Anonymous Monroe said...

Seriously, it's become embarrassing to be a Reds fan when I read the constant whining about Adam Dunn, the most productive guy on the team, and Ken Griffey, a future HOFer who had a fantastic year. It's starting to sound a lot like Philadelphia around here. Any objective observer can see that the Reds are not where they are due to the play of either one of those guys. The team scores runs, their problem lies in their inability to prevent the other team from doing the same. Geesh. Welcome to the reality based community.

at 1:11 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems like Dunn and all the other Reds have been swinging for the fences less, or at least more selectively, since McK started. It seems like they're doing a better job of making contact and going for the hit or sacrifice, rather than just going for the home run on every swing. I live downtown and hear all the fireworks, and it seems like I've been hearing fewer mid-game fireworks than under Jerry, although they've been winning more games.

Any stats that might prove or disprove this?

Also, I think they should change to do the fireworks after every run is scored, not just after home runs. Place the value and excitement on every run.

at 1:26 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Votto, Hopper, and Hamilton in the outfield. I know we havent seen these guys over an extended period - but from what I have seen Hopper makes a good leadoff with plenty of power from Hamilton and Votto. I hate to use Votto in the outfield - but this opens up first base for Cantu. Keppinger and Phillups stay in the infield. Griffey, Dunn (I hate to say), and EE are trade bait. Of course the Reds need some arms - but give the new blood a chance. Harang is the only pitcher I wouldnt consider leaving out. Billy Hatcher needs to work with Hopper and Phillups and work the bases a bit more. Speed will open up the offense.

at 2:17 PM Blogger Phill said...

I don't get the idea that putting a first basemen(Votto) into the outfield to open up first base to a second basemen(Cantu) and moving a super sub who isn't exactly a spring chicken to third and getting rid of your pretty young third basemen who has improved each season since he's been in the majors. I imagine next year is the make or break year for Edwin,he's only 24 now and if he can control everything like he has this second half of the season next year...he'll be a beast. Defensively he's gotten leaps and bounds better. Offensively he's putting up solid numbers and is one of the most clutch hitters on the Reds. I can see Keppinger in a Juan Castro role next year. Any infield injury...he'd take over. Any days off needed, he'd take over. Anyone just playing awful(like Edwins first half) he'd take over. Keppinger is not a defensive upgrade at any of the positions and that is probably why I don't really want to see him as a starter.

and CSA, I doubt we'll ever hear the end of George Grande. That bloopin' moron gets on my nerves so much. One of the biggest tick off moments was Junior hit a monster looking shot. The camera wasn't following it. George was hooting about 521 and then...the ball was foul. If I'm at a game I can usually tell these things. He's at so many games for so long and he can't tell the difference between a homerun and a long fly or a bloop and an easy out. For a guy who is so knowledgable(and he really is) about baseball and stats and who's who...he's pretty bad at calling the game. I try to tell myself don't get excited about anything on the tv unless you see it with your own eyes cause chances are Grande is making a stupid mistake.

at 3:31 PM Anonymous Tom said...

Phill and CSA, true on George Grande, but lets be fair. The thing that ticks me off the most about any Reds announcer is when Marty tries to call the action before it happens and then has to correct himself. JUST LET THE PLAY FINISH. Who is he tring to impress. The TV has a delay and the Vast majority of people are not at the game to watch it as he is calling it. Fans react to the first call. Its very frustrating to hear him change a call HE made before the umpire did on a close play or whether a play is made or not. By the way, are we allowed in this town to criticize Marty or is there a law against it?

at 3:44 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

George Grande is a Hall of Famer, literally, compared to most of the TV announcing teams around MLB. He's nowhere near as bad as you think once you've heard the Pirates, Astros, Mariners, Rockies, A's, Rangers, White Sox, Devil Rays and even the Yankees.

Buy the MLB.TV package one month and listen around. It's pitiful out there.

at 4:36 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

What difference does it make if Griffey and Dunn don't play at this point? The Reds were eliminated last week! When a player is injured, and they are, it's better to treat the injury and begin rehab as quickly as possible so these players can be ready for the following season. Is there a better time to treat an injury than when the games don't mean anything?

at 4:47 PM Anonymous CHEVIOT SPORTS AUTHORITY said...

Mr Redlegs: You have to be related to Mr Red. The fact that you think that George Grande is even tolerable on TV proves your lack of baseball intellect.

George Grande is the worst baseball announcer that I have ever heard.
Yes, he has been around for a long time and he knows a lot of people and I understand that he is a 'great guy', just like everyone that he mentions and he mentions several every broadcast. He talks & talks & talks from the moment he comes on until the broadcast is over. Very rarely is it about the game itself and when it is about the game it is usually wrong. Enough of George Grande. Even Chris Welch does a pretty good job when George is not in the booth.

I can usually only last for a few innings when George is on. I have to turn the TV off and listen to the radio or just watch something else, but I hate missing KGJ hit those 400' singles.

at 4:52 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree Dunn and Griffey don't deserve the grief they get in light of their statistics this year (and past years). Reds' fans are just fed up with losing. Dunn is a convenient target because he strikes out so much and continues to be a defensive liability. Griffey is a convenient target because he doesn't relate particularly well to the fans and sometimes appears to be loafing.

While reasonable minds can differ about whether these guys deserve the criticism they get, one thing is clear ... the Reds' fortunes will not appreciably change until the Reds either significantly upgrade the pitching staff, move back the fences or both. Since we all know management's not going to move the fences back, acquiring pitching is the only option and the money's gotta come from somewhere. Most of us would be thrilled if Dunn and Griffey were moved so the dollars invested in these guys could be used to acquire proven arms like Ted Lilly.

at 4:58 PM Anonymous Scott said...

mr. Redlegs is right, but George is a bit verbose. Still, a real professional and nice man. As far as Tom, he is more dead on. Marty, just call the action on the field. Don't create it. Oops, did I break that law too?

at 5:00 PM Anonymous Monroe said...

I agree with Mr. Redlegs, except that literally being a HOFer would, you know, require that George Grande actually be in the HOF, not just be an MC at the induction ceremony. Nonetheless, as a subscriber to the MLB package, it is indeed rough out there. Most of these guys are terrible, some even worse than the painful stylings of George Grande. Thankfully, with the recent additions of Brantley and Thom Brennaman, the Reds have 2 of the better guys out there.

at 7:47 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Redszone.com bunch made it over here to protect their precious Griffey and Dunn. FOOLS will always be FOOLS! Enjoy the circus when they have to pay both Griffey and Dunn over $13M a piece and then you guys will start whining about Pitching! Bwwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaa

Enjoy the circus and the Losers!

at 9:34 PM Anonymous Gary214 said...

Anon 6:47, thanks for proving my point! THAT was easy!

at 3:10 AM Anonymous George Hale said...

I like Votto in OF as well. Anybody know why Dunn hasn't been back at 1B? As the stats go, that was his highest fielding pct.; close to Gold Glove numbers. I just don't remember the issues. I remember some mental mistakes, but Votto's made a couple there himself (not covering 1B on a ground ball the pitcher could field).

And, I too appreciate the flak J. Fay takes. Good job on facilitating the blog all year, John, especially the professional way you handle people and your ability to keep up on the stats.

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