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Saturday, September 1, 2007

More to come

Wayne Krivsky said the Reds will call up more players Tuesday. The rosters expanded Saturday, but Triple-A Louisville's season ends Monday.

Krivsky wouldn't say who would get the call.

"We've got to tell the players first," he said.

Marcus McBeth got the callup Saturday because the Reds needed a right-hander in the bullpen. On Tuesday, I think you'll see pitchers who have been with the Reds earlier -- Todd Coffey, Brad Salmon, Kirk Saarloos -- plus Joey Votto and Ryan Jorgensen. I wouldn't be stunned one way or the other with Jay Bruce.

Depending on how Phil Dumatrait does tonight, I think Johnny Cueto or Matt Maloney could get a callup. If Dumatrait has another short outing, they can't continue to run him out there. Or at least I think they can't.

Homer Bailey will not be in the group called up Tuesday. He's going to pitch for Sarasota in the playoffs. "He's tweaking things," Krivsky said, "all with the idea of getting more consistent."


at 2:42 PM Blogger Bob said...

I agree that Krivsky is so secretive and that is just as well because no one knows what he is doing or thinking. Just look at the same call-ups; over and over with the same people and same results. I was of the opinion that when something fails over and over you try something different. The same hens' keep laying eggs so what do you expect.

at 2:52 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

john do you believe that maloney and cueto have the possibility of both being called up or do you think if they do get called up it may just be one of them . i really dont understand the concept of allowing dumatrait to get another chance hes had 4 and has not been impressive why not give someone else a chance i also believe they should call up jay bruce and get him a spot start here and there and let him be a bat coming off the bence so he can get some experience ive seen votto and bruce play in lousiville and in my opinion and others i have talked to i believe they are both ready and should be up with the reds next year i was just wondering what you think

Rusty H.

at 3:30 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

John do you think that Bailey will get a call up at some point later in September for a start if he has a couple of good ones in Sarasota?

Continuing with the same subject of Bailey, a lot of posters don't like the way the Reds handled Bailey -- going as far to say they ruined him already. What is your opinion of that? FWIW I think he was handled fine although I didn't buy that whole thing about sending him down at the All-Star break coming off a good outing, but maybe they knew about the groin injury and didn't tell the public about it until later.


at 4:40 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey John,
When are the Reds going to realize they have to cut their losses with the Majewski deal and release him. I know that he's had shoulder trouble, but his results/ lack thereof speak for themselves. The same could be said with a few other bullpen members. These guys have cost the Reds at least 12-15 games this year. As usual with the Reds, it's all about the pitching deficiency. Say what you want about bring up Homer too early, but Dumatrait, Elizardo, and Shearn are not the answer.

at 5:01 PM Blogger John Fay said...

I think there's a chancde Bailey gets called back up, depending on how he does in the Sarasota. I think the Reds handle him just fine. The groin injury makes it hard to grade this year.

Ruined? Come one. He's 21.

at 7:46 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why can't you keep running Dumatrait out there, they do Guardado, and he has absolutely no business on a major league mound right now

at 9:39 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listening to Chris Welch these last two nights he needs to be the pitching coach or suit up and be the fifth starter.

He must believe he was better than he was and/or have a short memory. His big league stats were horrible. He had 189 walks and 192 K's in 538 innings. The only reason he got 5 years in was because he was a lefty.

at 11:58 PM Blogger robby said...


Kind of strange. The Reds win a game in Pittsburgh and this site is loaded with posts blasting Griffey for not hustling. The Reds lose on consecutive nights to a team with a makeshift line-up that is far inferior to the Reds starting eight and there isn't one post complaining about the dysmal defense and horrible pitching. Until the Reds get an effective pitching staff they will continue to lose more than they win. Simple enough to understand. One can only hope that Krivsky does a better job this offseason of addressing the real problem with the team. Pitching, pitching and pitching..

I guess it is easier to rip Griffey than to address wht is really wrong with this organization.

at 1:39 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

We'll likely see most of the players who had some time in the majors this year: Salmon, Saarloos, Coffey, possibly Santos, Jorgenson. Probably not Dewayne Wise, mostly because he was a favorite of Narron's. Votto will get his chance. Maloney too. Plus they just got Buck Coates from the Cubs, so he'll be up as a pinch hitter. If Bailey has proven he's over his injury, he'll be back. Jay Bruce is more of a possibility than Johnny Cueto. How many starts would Cueto get at this point? He'd be better off closing it down for this year. Good as his numbers look, I don't think he's as ready as you all want him to be. Give him another year at AAA. Bruce would be getting an audition just so they can guage where his developement is so they can decide how much longer to keep Dunn. But what about a few unknowns who might be in the mix? Paul Janish or Jeff Bannon?

at 2:22 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

the bottom line in my opinion is that after dumatrait struggling again tonight either maloney or cueto deserves their opportunity before the reds even consider throwing dumatrait out there to lose another for the reds if he gets another start before someone like cueto or maloney that tells me wayne krivsky cares nothing about getting guys ready for next year hes content with letting a young pitcher go out there and get hit hard and thats doing absolutely nothing for his confidence the reds are not going to the playoffs this year lets get everyone up this year and get some experience and be ready to take the central next year why are we just throwing the same guys out there everytime WAKE UP WAYNE WE HAVE OTHER PITCHERS CAPABLE OF DOING A BETTER JOB THAN ELIZARDO AND DUMATRAIT GIVE OTHERS A SHOT

at 2:43 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hope wayne krivsky was watching the red sox game tonight and see clay bucholtz throw a no hitter , boston in the middle of a playoff race brings up a good young arm and look what he does im not saying bringing up maloney,cueto,or bailey and they would throw a no hitter but when a team going to the playoffs had lost 4 straight and need a win with the yankees closing in who do they go to a rookie making his 2nd big league start and with the reds pretty much out of the playoff picture needing to get people ready for next year who do they go to ..... the same people time after time not having no faith in their young arms and you see what happens when a gm has faith his young pitcher can do the job congratulations clay bucholtz ... hey theo called wayne give him a few tips about running a ball club

Rusty H.

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