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Friday, November 2, 2007

Doran, Browning named

The named Bill Doran minor league infiled/baserunning coordinator and named Tom Browning extended spring training and Billings pitching coach.

Browning had been part of the organization on an informal basis the last couple of years. Doran had spent the last two years as Buddy Bell's bench coach in Kansas City.

Needless to say, these are two guys you want in the organization.

Here's Rob Butcher's Hot Stove release:

TODAY’S NEWS: Today the Reds named Bill Doran minor league infield/baserunning coordinator and Tom Browning pitching coach at extended spring training and rookie Billings...Doran, a Cincinnati native and resident, was an instructor in the Reds’ minor league system from 1995-August 1999, was minor league field coordinator from August 1999-November 1999, was director of player development from November 1999-September 2000, was a special assistant to the general manager during the 2000 season and was the club’s Major League first base coach in 2001...he spent the last 2 seasons as bench coach in KC under manager Buddy Bell...Browning previously worked for the Reds during Major League spring training camp as an instructor.

STARS & STRIKES FOR KIDS: Ken Griffey Jr.’s Stars & Strikes For Kids Celebrity Bowl, held in September at AMF Kingpin Lanes on Beechmont Road, raised $100,000 to benefit Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

UPCOMING EVENTS: From 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. tomorrow, Reds Hall of Famers Tom Browning and Lee May will sign autographs at the Furniture Fair location in Fairfield (7200 Dixie Highway, 513-874-5553)...beginning tomorrow, fans can visit any Greater Cincinnati Furniture Fair store and receive 4 free tickets to visit the PETE exhibit at the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum, while supplies last...no purchase is required.


at 10:06 AM Anonymous Joe said...

Nice to see Doran and Browning working for the organization. However, I think the fact that they are in a non-visible role is no coincidence. I get the feeling Wayne keeps these former Reds types at arms length. I visited Sarasota in the early stages of Spring Training last year, and while on the back fields, I could clearly hear a group of the former Reds who were invited down to be Spring Training instructors complaining to each other about how for the second year in a row Wayne was preventing them from working with any of the players. They also mentioned how a couple prominent former Reds declined to come back because the same thing happened to them in 06. I am not saying you have to have a major and minor league organization full of former Reds, but it really does seem like Wayne wants to keep them at arms length. I wonder if Castellini had something else in mind.Also, I agree with a poster the other day- Tommy Hume got screwed. All of these recent years that the Reds had poor records, it seemed like the bullpen outperformed the teams record. This year, Krivsky gave him garbage to deal with and then when the bullpen had problems, he makes Hume the fall guy while keeping almost all of the other coaches. Even the other one not brought back(Kelly) was offered a job in the minors. So much for Humes loyalty and doing a good job these years with not a lot to work with.

at 10:22 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are the sort of good minor league moves the Reds need to be competitive in the future. IF they could get Rijo and Soto and the payroll in their respective hometown areas, nad get both into spring training that would another great step.

Good moves Wayne! Lets keep it going...

at 11:11 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who were the former players you heard?
It's true Krivsky hires a lot of his own people, but then so did O'Brien. So do a lot of people. I agree that it's very important the Reds have more of their former players working in the organization, since they know what playing in Cincinnati is like and because the fans want to see their old favorites. Something Castellini should do is for a special event, bring back the Old-Timer's game once a year.

Another thing the Reds should do is retire some more numbers. I've been trying to wage a campaign to get Joe Nuxhall's number retired for some time. If anyone wants to jump on that bandwagon, say something in your posts. John, who should I talk to to get that done?

at 11:45 AM Anonymous Jared said...

Qestion for John Fay- that was an interesting first post. I don't think that is the type of thing someone would make up. Without getting anyone in trouble, did any of these former Reds talk to you off the record about this. Also, are there any former Reds in real prominent roles with this organization?

at 11:40 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope the current signing of
Doran is better than the one in 1990 when Mariano Duncan was playing like an all-star for the Reds organization and the fans were in love with the hometown guy, who's back was so back
he could no longer swing with any authority. But, everyone loved Billy. Duncan got screwed out of his position Doran turned out to be horrible. As you can tell I am still hurting from that sad episode
of Reds history.

at 1:10 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? DOran hit .373 in 90 after joining the Reds, then hit .280 in 91. The Reds picked him up because they could, primarily. However it is also known that Duncan and Piniella didn't get along all the time. Duncan was the evryday guy at 2B, but Doran added some flexibility off the bench, playing 2B, 3B, 1B and LF in his time there

at 1:36 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats to Bill Doran and the Reds. This is a decent move.

Congrats to Tom Browning for throwing a perfect game which will be keeping him employed. I like Tom Browning the player but this is a bad, bad move. Hopefully Wayne and company keep a good eye on those arms down there for possible injuries.

I won't get into details about it, but I assume this was done strictly because of the dollar amount alone.

at 2:56 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a good reason that Browning has been out of the game so long. He did a poor job in Florence and has a less than spectacular reputation off the field. Not the guy I want my new draft picks meeting their first day in pro ball. Outside of the perfect game Browning is nothing but below average in every regard.

Doran is an excellent choice. Surprised that Mark Berry was not reassigned from the Major League staff. Doran would have been a great Bench Coach for Dusty with Speier taking over at 3B.

at 7:39 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two words: bo-ring! The Reds could have hired Girardi or Torre and instead chose Dusty, a players manager whose idea of a post-loss, swift kick in the butt is a post-game happy hour invite. Look, Billy Doran and Tom Browning or good guys, but next year will be no different than this year because it's players, not managers or coaches, who determine a team's fate ... and the Reds' players are as second rate as their management and stadium.

at 8:50 PM Anonymous Gary214 said...

Anon 7:39....make up your mind! First you cry because we could have had Torre or Girardi (at how much $$$$????)...then you say it is the players that determine a team's fate! If you are correct...why do you care who the manager is?

at 1:22 PM Blogger Concepcion is HOF worthy said...

Anon 7:39 .... Sports is supposed to be fun. Not everything has to be negative. It would be nice to let Dusty have his chance and wait to jump all over him if he doesn't pan out.

John, Are you going to be at the GM meetings? Do you anticipate any moves?

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