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Friday, October 26, 2007

3 claimed

Phil Dumatrait was claimed by the Pirates off waivers, and Michael Gosling and Pedro Lopez were claimed by the Blue Jays.


at 5:05 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

judging from the pirates current roster it appears that dumatrait may be starting against the reds at some point next year

at 5:05 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

John: What the heck is going on? When were Dumatrait and Gosling waived? Wow. I thought there could've been a future for either one; Gosling wasn't that bad out of the pen - better than a lot of other guys that were run out there. Did Dusty have anything to do with this?
Why are they willing to give up on Dumatrait after just a couple of bad outings in his first stint with a big league club? Lefties are hard to come by. Help.
Jim in AZ

at 5:23 PM Anonymous Brad said...

John, while Krivsky may not have thought these 3 guys were going to have an impact in 08 anyway, do you think the main reason he was clearing spots on the 40-man was, first timers needing to be protected, possible trades where they get back more guys than they give up, or possible Rule 5 draftees this off-season?

at 6:19 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Were they on the 40 man roster?If so who will take there place

at 7:49 PM Anonymous MONEY MIKE said...

we got rid of dumatrait...thats great...im being serious there...lopez i dont really care either way...but with gosling i havent looked at his stats, but I liked what i saw when he was on the mound, but i guess that is why krivsky gets paid the big bucks

at 9:15 PM Anonymous Trev said...

As mentioned by other posters, Gosling is the one I find a bit surprising. Especially, when he was one of Wayne's very first pick-up. Good for Wayne though that he's willing to jettison one of his guys. Mike consistently showed a 92/93 mph fastball and while his command was spotty he did have a few successful outings. To me this signals a significant FA pitcher signing on the horizon.

at 10:10 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

as if there are any...

at 11:34 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like evryone else, I didn't expect Lopez back next year. And Dumatrait just wasn't getting it together. He got worse rather than better. Even Brian Reith improved after the first 5 losses. Dumatrait was heading into Terry Felton territory.

But, yes, Gosling was a surprise. If they were going to put a lefty reliever on the waiver wire, why couldn't it have been Stanton?

at 3:13 AM Blogger Phill said...

Gosling over Stanton...of course. Believe it or not Krivsky isn't going to just DFA Stanton. He has a year left on his contract and well there is a good chance that he can rebound next year. He is a veteran who when effective is a good to great left handed specialist. I imagine he will get the Rheal Cormier treatment. If he is still just awful next season he will cut him.

What exactly did Gosling do to make people want him on the roster?

at 8:05 AM Anonymous jc said...

i think that it is safe to say that stanton is on the waiver wire.

at 9:13 AM Blogger Jeff Lehner said...

My take on prospects.

It wasn't that long ago people were talking about Dumatrait being a fixture in future Reds rotations...doesn't this tell us something about "prospects"?

I'd trade Votto and Bruce for veteran starting pitchers in a second. Hatteberg's been very good at first and there's no room for Bruce in a Hamilton-Dunn-Griffey outfield next year.

With upgraded pitching, the Reds could chase the NL pennant next year, with Bruce and Votto they'll chase .500...again...

at 9:31 PM Blogger John Fay said...

I was out of Internet reach for a day or soi. Stanton and gosling aren't apples and apples. Stanton is owed $3 million. No one is going to claim him off waivers. Gosling is likely out of options; that's key to the move. I did not see him making the team. His numbers vs. Right-handers weren't good.

at 11:38 PM Blogger Phill said...

There is no room for Bruce next year but after Griffey is gone(after the season) there will be plenty of room for him.

at 12:21 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fair point about Gosling. I guess all we can hope for about Stanton is that he was embarrassed enough about his numbers last year that he'll decide to call it a career. Otherwise, he likely will get the Cormier treatment.

I didn't see any of the games that Cormier pitched this year, so I don't know what the problem was----whether he just didn't have any velocity or he couldn't get his locations right. At the time I thought 6 games and 3 innings wasn't a fair enough amount of time to judge how he'd do the whole year. Maybe he would have done better with more time?

But Stanton and Majewski were given way too many chances. The Reds suffered because of it. All told, they blew at least 10 games the Reds could have won if those two didn't pitch.

I guess another reason Dumatrait, Gosling and Lopez (as well as the other 3 players who got released a couple weeks ago) got cut was the numbers crunch. I can see Krivsky wanting to put a few more prospects on the roster----Bruce, Cueto, Janish, Pelland. I hope he doesn't waste any space on journeymen who have a couple years major league experience who ultimately won't make it by the end of spring training (Bubba Crosby, for example). Money wasted on those kinds of player could be put to better use to help pay for a proven commodity

at 12:34 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Must be the out of options thing. Gosling and Lopez have ML talent and Dumatrait can't be as bad as he was this year. Trading Votto and Bruce for starting pitchers reminds me of Dewitt trading Frank Robinson for pitchers Milt Pappas and Jack Baldschun.

at 12:36 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

As for the ridiculous comment about trading Bruce and Votto. This is Yankees thinking. Sounds good on the surface, but ultimately it would backfire. The Yankees traded prospects for veterans all the time and haven't gotten past the playoffs in 6 years.

The Reds rely very heavily on power. Griffey will likely leave after next season. Bruce is destined to take his place and will likely be there for years. Votto is a high average hitter with some power----definitely more than Hatteberg and likely more than Casey. It's a hitter friendly park. I like Hatteberg, but how many more years is he likely to play? It's better to have two young players for even 5 years than two players in their late 30s for a year or so.

But if we're talking about trading prospects, let's talk about trading Cueto? If prospects are a crapshoot, that goes double for pitching prospects. Mark Prior, anyone?

So for all we know, Cueto could end up being the next Dumatrait. I'd be more willing to trade him for an established starter. Package Cueto up with Encarnacion. They might just get something useful

at 10:29 AM Anonymous MONEY MIKE said...

not even as a lefty specialist john?

-I know it would be a stretch to say we have a specialist of any sorts in the bullpen but its worth a shot to ask. Other than gosling who are "specialist"?

at 11:46 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trading Votto and Bruce would be incredibly stupid.

They're the UPGRADES on this team in 08 or 09 at first and OF.

Trading Barbaro and Hatteberg would be far better.

Dumatrait was horrible, which means he'll turn into the Pirate's Ace...

at 6:13 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have say, I always hated the idea of specialist relievers. You want to pay a guy a couple million a year just to face one hitter per game? That is a huge waste of money. That's another reason I don't like Stanton. He has more total appearences than total innings in his career. Huge waste of money.

If you want to put someone in just to face one hitter, why not put in a starter on one of his off days? What ever happened to the days when starters could throw 10 complete games a year and a 2 or 3 inning save wasn't such an oddity? It's all about building up endurance and not relying on your fastball so much. And forget the split-finger fastball. It's not a coincidence that the number of Tommy John surgeries increased with the growing popularity of the split-finger.

By the way, you realize the Reds need a left-handed starter now. Harang, Arroyo, Belisle and Bailey are all right-handers. It's going to be tough finding a lefty. They'll have to get one thru trades and you can bet it's going to cost something serious

at 9:11 PM Blogger Jeff Lehner said...

Fair points, but show me a 2008 Reds squad that starts Votto at first and Bruce in the outfield (over who - Dunn, Hamilton or Griffey?) with this starting rotation and bullpen and I'll show you a 2008 Reds squad that'll lose 90 games. Again.

As for "Yankees thinking" - Yanks play baseball in October while Reds go on fishing trips. I'd be happy to have some Yankees thinking going on down at GABP...even if it's "stupid"

at 5:51 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

how about Oliver Perez.
hes solid, always played us tough and has good mechanics... plus the Mets may want to change some things after the way the season ended for them.

at 7:25 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, now that the Reds have waived,(Unloaded) three non performers, Dumatrait, Lopez, & Gosling. I am waiting to see how they can Unload some players of significance that cost them real bucks: Namely: Coffey, Stanton, Castro, Freel, & Ross. Now that's some players under contract that the Reds would be better off without the albatross of their salaries. This is particularly in view of the emergence of Hopper, & Keppinger. They have no need to spend the money for Castro, Stanton, & Coffee in particular. & Heaven forbid if they offer a contract to Guardado !!. Dick Gose Southport, North Carolina

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