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Monday, January 14, 2008

Arizona pitch

John Allen will be in Goodyear, Ariz., Wednesday to hear a pitch about the Reds relocating their spring home there.

As I said in the earlier post, the Reds aren't getting offers from Florida cities. Orlando apparently is the only city trying to land the Reds.

Goodyear built a $75 million complex for the Indians. The town is talking to Reds about sharing that facility.

Allen, the club's former COO, is helping with search on consulting basis.

Again, I see Sarasota coming up with another pitch.


at 9:27 PM Blogger Pat said...

The Reds and Indians sharing a complex is what I've said would be great for 10 years now. The only way it could be better, is if it was 10 miles further west in the town of Buckeye.

at 9:27 PM Anonymous California Redlegg said...

John, With the Dodgers moving to Arizona,how about the Reds moving to Vero Beach? I understand they are looking for someone to move there and it is a first class facility.

at 9:35 PM Blogger John Fay said...

Another club has signed an option on Vero. They haven't said it is. But everyone thinks it's Baltimore. That opens up Ft. Lauderdale. But that's a very isoloated spot, i.e., a lot of travel to play games.

at 10:16 PM Anonymous redfuture said...

I live in the Dallas area so either AZ or FL are about equidistant for me. My wife and I went to Sarasota last spring for our first ST ever. It's much better to have the Gulf beaches during the mornings and evenings then the cactus. If the politicians decide they want the Reds to stay it will get done regardless of the voters just like everything else.

at 11:15 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please do not leave Florida. AZ is to far away.

at 11:18 PM Blogger Scott Evans said...

Its best for the Reds to stay in Sarasota and quit playing the game of give us money or we will leave. Taxpayers are sick of paying taxes period.

Ed Smith stadium is not bad, and Sarasota is a perfect spot. With John Allen leaving the Reds, hopefully Bob (what he told us to call him at the season ticket holder meetings) will get more involved and keep tradition alive in Sarasota.

at 3:56 AM Blogger BATSFAN said...

Hey I heard about trying to get Blanton that would be a good pickup, I also heard they might want Bailey or Cueto. Ive seen them pitch both pitch in louisville because I live there. Id trade Bailey hes not really that great hes just lucky at times. Cueto is way better!

at 8:04 AM Anonymous mikec said...


at 10:07 AM Blogger poynorch said...

Don't you think that besides the fan standpoint, the Reds would be better served in the Grapefruit League in the way of seeing pitchers and hitters in their own division more in the Spring? I know the Cubs are in AZ, but isn't the rest of the central in FL? It seems like it would make sense to stay where you can get a feel for how certain guys are throwing or hitting, maybe see some of the younger guys before you have to see them fore the "first" time.

at 1:38 PM Anonymous Joe A. said...

Phoenix is such a logical Spring Training location, I'm amazed it the Reds haven't entertained this until now. Travel alone makes the Desert League a better option for the Reds--with the exception of 2 teams 2 hours away in Tucson, the Reds will save mucho $$$ on travel and hassle. Plus the facilities at the new complex are PHENOMENAL, along with training opportunities with the Indians next door.

Now for the downside: Travel to Phoenix is further for Reds fans (no direct flights to Phoenix, btw) and the new ballparks in the Desert League, while ammenity-rich, lack some of the character of Grapefruit League sites.

Overall, a can't miss opportunity for the Reds if they don't screw it up!

at 2:02 PM Anonymous Tonylarussa said...

I think the move is the important thing, it doesn't matter where. Ed Smith Stadium and the complex are some of the worst in baseball. That stadium is dirty, terrible, and somehow depsite the yellow grass in the outfield with the plumber advertisement on the foul poles they still charge More than the Yankees for spring training tickets and merchandise. Seriously, all the front office does is complain about ticket sales, etc... Well how about a different field? They are on the right track. I don't care where it is as far as Florida or Arizona, but I've never been to a bad stadium in AZ, not one they're all great. I've been to some real dumps in FLA including first and foremost Ed Smith Stadium. I'm looking forward to AZ or FLA it's time.

at 2:28 PM Anonymous joe in erlanger said...

Although an occassional trip to Arizona would be nice, it seems to me that Orlando would be preferred by the fans here in Cinci and from other locales. I enjoy the spring training games and have no problem making the games as a primary reason to go. But for many families, it allows them to justify the trip as a vacation since they can also visit Disney World, Universal, etc. This allows other family members not as enthusiastic about baseball to find other things to do on the trip as well. Of course, as usual, it will come down to which city is willing to pay the dollars to get them there.

at 3:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Joe A. for the most part except there are direct flights to AZ everyday.

I wonder if Dusty will have any input.

I've been going to Cactus League games for the past five years and it's a slice of heaven.

I bet the players would prefer AZ.

FL is old and tired, hot and sticky.

at 3:16 PM Anonymous Kramer1 said...

I wonder if any thought has been given by any club or MLB to have some spring training facilities located in Mexico? Just thinking out loud.

at 3:54 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am from Mason, and spend winters in Sarasota. The Reds and Sarasota are a great fit.

Sarasota and the Reds need to step it up, and get a deal done.

I don't think there are as many Reds fans in Arizona? I rest my case.

at 4:53 PM Anonymous goodsnake said...

From a baseball perpsective, AZ is much better. The complexes are closer, the facilities are better, and there is no rain in AZ in March.

at 5:28 PM Blogger docproc said...

Sorry, I'm a big fan of Ed Smith Stadium. It has character and charm, unlike the newer complexes. I go there for a few games every Spring (I already have my plane tickets for March) and I'd hate to see the Reds go elsewhere.

Hey John, I recall hearing that the Reds were considering Al Lang Stadium in St. Pete, which apparently the Rays are vacating soon. Know anything about that?

at 5:40 PM Anonymous A Florida Native said...

Please, please move to Arizona. It's about a thousand times nicer than the dump that is Florida, it doesn't rain and the teams are much, much closer together.

Oh yeah, the food's better,

at 6:26 PM Blogger Sarasota Sandy said...

Hey John, check out the Sarasota Herald Tribune. The Trib is reporting that the Reds are near a deal to keep them in Sarasota by rebuilding the Ed. It also reports John Allen is in Sarasota. I didn't know Goodyear and SRQ were so close.

at 6:48 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hopefully Mr Allen finds everything to be up to par here in Goodyear. I for one would be there everyday to watch my favorite team play!!

at 10:53 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"(no direct flights to Phoenix, btw)"

Not true. I just got back from Scottsdale, AZ via a direct flight to Phoenix last week.

The flight isn't terrible, but driving there would suck. The ability to drive to ST is the only real plus I can see for staying in FL...and in my mind, that's a pretty big plus.

at 11:05 AM Anonymous Joe A. said...

I stand corrected, there are direct flights from Cincy to Phoenix--just not affordable ones :)
Just one more reason to make the move IMO! Plus, I bet Delta (who gauge us to death in Cincy--but that's another story) may create baseball packages to Phoenix to serve Reds fans.

at 1:17 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arizona is a much better place to be. Restaurants are better, travel is easier, and the facilities are nicer. Sharing a facility with the Indians would make for some nice promotional possbilities.

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