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Monday, February 11, 2008

Krivsky on Lofton

Actually, I have nothing from Wayne Krivsky on Kenny Lofton. In a stunniung upset, Krivsky would not confirm or deny the foxsports.com report that the Reds are talking to Lofton.

I'd say they probably are. Ken Rosenthal's right on on this kind of stuff.

The question is whether Lofton would come for a minor leugue deal. I doubt that he would. He made $6 million last year.

Marty and Thom Brennaman and I were talking about Lofton before Hot Stove League broadcast last week. Thom, who been around Lofton a lot, thinks he'd be a good fit. Lofton has been in the playoffs 11 of the last 13 years.


at 6:54 PM Blogger Kyle said...

Do you think that a Lofton signing would keep Jay Bruce in AAA all year? If he signs a major league contract there wouldn't seem to be room on the team for him with Hopper and Freel already penciled in.

at 7:18 PM Anonymous lukerichmond said...

WHY? A Lofton signing makes no sense to me with the current makeup of this club. Nothing against Lofton, but we have plenty of outfielders. If a trade involving outfielders is about to happen okay but if not...I just don't know.

at 7:21 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally, I like these moves. Wilson, Mercker, and maybe Lofton, all provide veteran depth during spring training. Bruce, Votto, and the young arms have more brains to pick during Spring Training, if not throughout the season if these guys make it. I know there are a lot of players coming into camp this year, but it only provides for more competition and brings out the best in players on the bubble. Plus, you never know, one of them could be a pleasant surprise.

at 7:27 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

CSA on Krivsky: bphssst!
On Kenny Lofton: Who cares? Sounds to me like Kenny Rosenthal writing dribble cause nothing is going on. Signing Kenny Lofton is not going to put the Reds in the World Series.

at 7:34 PM Anonymous johnny said...

yep, krivsky can't comment at all on lofton for fear of driving up the market for him with all the other teams clammering to get him.

jeeeez.....can the guy ever try to play nice? this is one instance where at least admitting interest in a player wouldn't hurt him or the reds at all. but no, it's all top secret info that no fans or media folk would understand anyway.

at 7:43 PM Anonymous redsfanwoody said...

Granted he's been to the playoffs,but realsitically how would he fit on the roster? Who is going to lose at-bats?

I just really do not see the value of signing Lofton.

at 7:47 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is why it's good to have Dusty here. I really didn't even read the article about Lofton, but just thought of it, brought a warm smile to my face. Not really for getting Lofton, but the simple fact that Dusty has been around and there are a litnay of veteran, big name players that would come and play for him.

at 7:54 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

getting loftonblanton, shows reds are in a win now mode. remember dusty, doesnt mess with a inexperienced roster, he didnt with giants/cubs.

the blanton story is hot right now, olney, now heyman has reported the rumors. olney even went as far as saying reds appear to be front runners. with spring training a few days away, something might go down soon. remember the longer this lasts, reds do not want to get in a bidding war and the price going away.

at 8:00 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

Why the Lofton interest?

Leadoff—Lofton last year: .296 avg., .367 OBP, 23 steals. Paired with a platoon of Hopper and this is really decent at the top and adds a left-handed bat off the bench.

Deal in the Works?—The righty-righty combo of Freel and Hopper confines the lineup and bench. If Freel proves healthy he can be dealt. Contending teams love guys like him who can do multiple things and play 110 games or so.

Bruce Factor—Golden Boy will not be handed a job. He'll need a Hamiltonian spring to make the club out of camp.

Remember, he started 2007 at A-ball, has only 187 at-bats at AAA, and achieved a whopping 135 strikeouts in 521 ABs.

Now that's in A, AA and AAA. You really think he's ready for big-league pitching?

He gets 75-100 days in Louisville (200 ABs) and the brass sees where he progresses. There's no hurry. He's 21.

Outfield Depth—The trading of Hamilton was a gamble but the Reds figured they were selling high and pitchers who blow 98 are a lot harder to find than outfielders.

But if Griffey or Dunn go down to injury, oh boy, this team is in more trouble than already perceived.

A Lofton-type can fit a couple of roles and works better than a righty-righty. If Bruce comes along and is ready, Lofton has been dealt about 30 times at the trade deadline. You can always make it 31.

Deal in the Works II?—Buster Olney of ESPN.com wrote about Blanton's market today, and buried amid the hardscrabble, ". . . the Athletics aren't necessarily looking for major-league ready prospects in return for Blanton. They would take talented players from Class A or Double-A."

The Reds can certainly comply on those terms, which would open them for a move or two in a different direction for, say, another starting pitcher?

All for your consideration. . . .

at 8:01 PM Blogger Champ Summers said...

You don't see the value in a true lead off guy?

Are you really prepared to count on Norris Hopper?

This would allow us to not push Jay Bruce. He will get an opportunity this summer. No need to push the guy.

at 8:06 PM Anonymous J-Diggety said...

The Reds don't have a leadoff hitter, Lofton is a VERY good leadoff hitter. How would he not fit?

and to answer kyles question, I think it keeps Bruce in AAA until Dunn or Griffey are traded or get hurt. Bruce is a corner outfielder not a centerfielder. If you bring him up as a centerfielder, thenyou have to hurt his pride later when you tell him no you need to move over because this guy is better than you in centerfield.

at 8:06 PM Anonymous tutorkey'sfavoriteson said...

signing lofton would be a fantastic move in my opinion. he's a solid veteran who can play center and bat leadoff. it's simply insurance, it takes the pressure off jay bruce. i think all reds fans want to see jay bruce in center, but i want him there because he kicked someones butt and took the job in the spring, not because he got it by default. while hopper is a nice player, he can go to triple a for all i care and lose at bats. if bruce isn't the cf starter, you would have freel and lofton platoon and bat leadoff. i hate those platoons, but until bruce is ready to play 150 games in cf, we'll take what we can get.

at 8:09 PM Anonymous J-Diggety said...

I made my last post before Mr R's showed up, but for once I think I agree 100% with mr.redlegs

at 8:11 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Now I will be able to sleep tonight. Mr Redlegs has explained the logic of signing Kenny Lofton.

at 8:25 PM Anonymous PresidentJohnAllenJr. said...

Yes, a big trade in is the works between the A's and Red's. It's a blockbuster. The A's wants younger players that aren't ready for the forty man roster plus dumping contracts. The Reds could part with Maloney, Stubbs, and etc.
Maybe the Reds are looking for a playoff team this year. If the Reds are interested in that, then I see them acquiring Chavez too.
Street could be in the mixed too.
I left a comment about the leadoff spot and I said that Lofton was available. He could provide the spark that the Reds need in the leadoff spot. Just think if the Reds could acquired Street then the Reds have Weathers, Street, Burton, Bray and Mercker for the setup role. The bullpen could pitched the seventh inning on and give the starters some rest.

at 8:33 PM Anonymous Coffeeman said...

Maybe if we sign Lofton we can trade Bruce for some pitching.

at 8:44 PM Anonymous redsfanwoody said...

The stats Mr. Redleg reels off are some what convincing but I still would say no. I am in the minority believing Bruce could be ready. Lots of scouts/coaches say he could be so that in my mind gives it some credibilty.

My guess is Hopper would be the odd man out. Unless Bruce struggles or Freel is moved in a deal. Thats just my opinion.

As for the "rumors" you hear about what the A's are looking for, you can ask ten different sources and get ten different answers.

at 8:57 PM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

worthless stats can't make up for team chemistry.Isn't Lofton the selfish type.(We know Griff & Dunner both are)It would be a OF of selfish players with those 3 playing fulltime.Plus the injuries would be more expected to happen w/ the old age of Griff & Lofton.

I'm going w/ the time when Lofton played in N.Y. He was upset w/ the utility role that Torre gave him.He was a total distraction for the yankees that season.Not what the reds need.

Sounds like a "Tony Womack" signing to me.
Anyone remember that signing by O'Brien?

at 9:16 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chavez!, there's a player that the Reds could use. Eddie E. has had ample time to prove himself, and he hasn't lived up to his potential.Good hitter, average 3rd baseman. Chavez is a gold glover, and solid hitter. How 'bout Chavez and Blanton for Votto and Bailey?

at 9:32 PM Anonymous okie Red said...

Lofton makes sense to push competition. Only Freel could push Bruce who needs to be truly tested.
My question is what Lofton will take if he made 6 million last year. Reds crazy to go above 3 million.

WK won't give up as much as people are afriad of for Blanton. WJ and BC won't let it happen and I don't see WK being that drastic....even in last year.

The great enjoyment of this off season is strategy. Maybe not obvious but you can see there is some thinking going on and thankfully the majority of opinions show that Reds fans are cool with building for winning seasons rather than just a chance of winning it all (which is crazy) in one year.

It has to be nice to have a strong farm club like back in the 70's rather than a barron waste we've had the last 20 years. I can't remember the last time Reds were mentioned in the top 5 minor league systems.

at 9:34 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the Lofton signing would be a very good move.
I believe Bruce needs a season at triple-a to grow into his full potential.

Maybe Hopper could be traded for Blanton??

at 9:42 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

worthless stats can't make up for team chemistry. Isn't Lofton the selfish type.

Applying that same logic to Chad Johnson and the Bengals?

Didn't think so.

Sports are full of selfish people. No one cares as long as they produce.

at 9:43 PM Anonymous unblogger said...

Reddddlegggggggg in Colorado,

Lofton has no such rep for being selfish, he is considered a great clubhouse presence, which is whycontending teams keep signing him and trading for him. He has been to the World Series twice and played in the playoffs 11 times.
The year you are talking about, the Yankees were one out from making it to the World Series, so I can't see how he had such a terrible effect.
Also, Womack was traded for, not signed, and he never was anywhere near the player Lofton is and was.

at 9:51 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chavez and Blanton for Votto and Bailey?

Two established major league starters--one a power-hitting Gold Glove 3b and the other a 200 innings starter--for two kids with a month's experience each?

Never mind Chavez has missed a bunch of time with injuries the past two years and EE is five years younger, cheaper and on the upswing of his career.

The A's GM is not exactly an idiot.

at 1:50 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can Lofton Pitch?

at 7:15 AM Anonymous Dan said...

Depending on price, I actually think a Lofton/Hopper platoon in CF and batting leadoff is a pretty cool solution... a ONE-YEAR solution, of course.

I'm fine with Bruce getting most of the year in AAA (he's 21!). In fact, I'd put him in CF full-time in Louisville and see if he's a viable CF or not.

At some point, if we're going to stick w/ Griffey and/or Dunn past this season, we need a fast, GREAT defender in CF. I think that is hugely important (and would suddenly make all the pitchers look a little better). Where is 23-year-old Eric Davis when you need him?? ;-)

Actually, I'd love to see Drew Stubbs start to put it all together at the plate, b/c apparently he's fantastic in the field.

at 8:55 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I worry about bringing in somebody who will only be able to help us for this year - maybe two - before they are just plain old too old, in exchange for guys who have their whole careers ahead of them (i.e. Bruce, Votto, Cueto, etc.)

Keppinger can lead off. Hopper can lead off.

Gonzalez should take a seat for Kepp. Hopper showed he's major league ready now.

1. Hopper CF .329 R
2. Votto 1B .321 L
3. Griffey RF .277 L
4. BP 2B .288 R
5. Dunn LF .264 L
6. Keppinger SS .332 R
7. Valentin C .276 S
8. E2 3B .289 R

I don't see the need to sell the babies for a soon-to-be-washed-up hack.

at 12:10 PM Anonymous Red Faced said...

Hey now, I've been telling everyone our second biggest need is a leadoff hitter and I think Lofton would be an excellent fit. Question is where do you stick him? Well I say we will end up moving Freel or Hopper, Lofton will start most days in Center, Bruce will start in AAA and once Griffey hits 600 and is traded Bruce will get the call up for Right Field. Dunn gets a long term deal, so does Phillips and we end up making the Blanton trade. Bailey will likely be moved in that trade along with Stubbs.

I like these moved personally and man o man am I ready for spring to start. Later gang.

at 12:35 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

If they didn't think that one of the guys up for Center field could do it, they wouldn't have traded Hamilton. Maybe Lofton's going to be part of a trade? For Blanton? But with Lofton being overlooked for the most part, they could probably get him pretty cheap.

at 1:41 PM Anonymous Dan said...

I have a little more on the Lofton idea (over my lunch break)...

I posted this over at redlegnation, but check this out:

Lofton vs. RHP (career): .304/.375/.440

Hopper vs. LHP (career): .386/.423/.492

YOWZA! Now, Hopper only has 132 AB's vs. LHP in the majors, so take that with a large grain of salt.

Also, this seems just about right for Hopper -- depending on him only for 200-300 AB's. The guy has been good so far, but it's only 346 AB's total. I'm really concerned he's not actually going to be nearly this good in the future.

Check out his minor league stats:

Hopper (minors) - .289/.343/.335 in 3407 AB's

3407 AB's in the minors say Hopper just isn't all that good... 346 AB's in the majors say he is. Which do you trust?

at 5:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lofton is not right for the Reds.

The A's will trade Street to the Reds? Not a chance in the world. Stop dreaming.

This is a .500 club at best unless we get a new addition to the Harang plus 3 trainwrecks and a guitar crew.

Hopper, Keppinger, and Freel are a fine trio to rotate leadoff, as injuries dictate--again, no need for Lofton, get more pitching instead!

This is going to be a worse year in some ways than 2007 because so many are convinced Dusty is special instead of highly overrated, so there's a let down to come there; and then of course all these great expectation for a pitching staff that is going to fail to impress.

.400 by June 1st and ahead of only the Pirates would be no surprise to me at all.

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