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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

David Lee Roth -- back in the saddle

David Ross looked solid in his spring-training debut Wednesday night in the Reds' 6-3 loss in Dunedin, Fla., to the Toronto Blue Jays.
"I felt fine," he said.
"I've felt fine throwing the minor-league games," he said. "I had some guys down there who tried to steal bases. Legs feel good, arm feels good. I thought my arm was going to be the thing that took the longest. My arm responded good. It feels good to be back in a big-league game playing with my teammates and getting the feel of just being out there.
"Being under the lights was good. I hadn't played any games under the lights. That helps out a lot. Just the atmosphere; I had a little Adrenaline pumping."
Ross said that even though he has caught Johnny Cueto and Edinson Volquez in the bullpen, he is anxious to catch them some in spring training games. Bronson Arroyo starts Thursday's day game in Sarasota, and Ross wouldn't likely catch a day game after a night game, anyway.
The starters for Friday's and Saturday's games haven't been announced.
If Cueto and Volquez do any final tuning up, look for Ross to be in there.
"(For a catcher), it usually takes a couple innings just to see how they go," Ross said. "You want them to get in trouble. But yeah, three or four innings just to see what they like to throw in certain situations and see how their rhythm works. Javy (Valentin) and (Paul) Bako have been doing a good job of catching those guys, so maybe they'll start off catching them (in the regular season), I don't know. But they do a good job, too. So, I think we''ll be all right."


at 10:43 PM Blogger NVreds said...

Not sure where else to write this, but I want to vent a little after reading the article about the new congressional report:

It makes me sick to my stomach when I saw the partison split over the clemens fiasco. literally it makes me want to puke, I watch sports because thats pretty much the only place anyone can ever escape the dem v. repub garbage. Now when finally there is something presented to congress that should have no partison preference, they still find a way. I am offended by our government, baseball is one thing I can think of where the 2 people with different political views can just get along for the love of a great game, then congress steps in and screws it all up. This IMO is a huge problem, and sadly I don't see an end.

at 10:48 PM Blogger NVreds said...

looking forward to ross back, because I'd much rather see him at the dish than bako

at 11:34 PM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

Is the David Lee Roth Mullet next?

at 12:47 AM Blogger Branden said...

thats great news, we could deffenitly use ross back for his defense, and hopefully he can have a suprise offesive season as well!

at 7:38 AM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

I see Castellini got rid of the 5 buck seats with the wonderful river view..and we liked those

Dusty Baker said Homer has shown improvement this spring. In fact, Homer looked much better after coming back late last year. If anything, Homer regressed this spring. Baker don't know what hes talking about

And who is this Baker retread in centerfield? Pathetic

I have a prediction.. Volquez goes 9-11 and Josh Hamilton hits .300, 145 RBIs and goes to the Allstar game

Yeah I cant wait for a catcher that hits .203 to get back in the lineup

at 8:11 AM Blogger Brad said...

Is there any indication that Javey will catch Volquez and Cueto due to the language barrier?

at 8:48 AM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

Isnt back in the saddle an Aerosmith song?
Maybe I just dont get this headline.
Anyway, I just hope hes 100%, as hell probably get the most starts through the course of the season.

The $20,000 question though, hows he swinging? The BIGGESTroblem with this injury is he wasnt able to rework his swing and his approach @ the plate. At this point, even if he does hit better, it will probably take him a month to show it.

Im concerned that the catcher and center field posistion will be the deciding factors in how the Reds do this year. Neither hit well, and as we all know with the pitcher in the lineup your looking at 2 outs from those 3 guys every time through the lineup.

Pretty tough to turn over a lineup that way.

at 9:34 AM Blogger redsfanwoody said...

Hmmm. If they deem Ross fit,does this mean we go i the usual three catcher mode for the beginning of the year? I'd hope not.

NVreds,you are correct in your vent against the Congress. When I saw the scroll of the Republicans questioning the Democrats take on Clemens, just shook my head. I'd hope Congress would not try to us this to score points with voters.

I seriously doubt anyone is going to use either parties view on Clemens as a guideline on who to vote for.

at 9:37 AM Blogger hey hey redlegs said...

I hear ya NVreds politics suck and just b/c clemens is buddies with bush all the R are gonna do what they have been doing for the past 7 years and blindly follow.

at 11:27 AM Blogger reaganspad said...

actually, what is congress doing with this issue anyway?

Oh, I forgot, we don't have a commissioner.

I sure do miss Buie Kuhn (sp?) even if he cost the Reds Vida Blue

at 11:29 AM Blogger reaganspad said...

Come on Kevin, Steven Tyler has no ties to baseball.

That was Gene Autry's back in the saddle

at 11:38 AM OpenID miami87 said...

Anybody else find it curious that the small market fiscally responsible Reds paid 10 players that won't be on the Opening Day roster an extra month's salary at the major league minimum because they didn't get off their collective duffs and make the cuts on or before yesterday?

When are the cuts coming?

at 11:39 AM Blogger peter said...

I'm pretty sure Volquez speaks fluent English so having a Spanish speaking catcher isn't a high priority for him. On a side note, I also like that Dusty speaks fluent Spanish, a coach should be able to communicate with the vast majority of his players.

at 12:24 PM Blogger MJ said...

I still say there is a solid chance the Reds make a trade for another catcher. Javy has been great but Bako isn't exactly the future either.

at 12:39 PM Blogger Jeff said...

Homer's best two outings of the spring were his last two. Plus, according to reports, he's beginning to listen to Dick Pole and others. Sounds like progress to me.

Interesting predicition: 145 RBIs from a guy who's never played a complete season at either the major or minor league level. I do expect he will hit around .300.

Ross was .255 with 21 HRs in '06 and .240 in '05. We'll have to see how he does this year.

at 2:28 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

miami, I do not find it curious that they have not made cuts.

Tells me that there are trades in the works, maybe the kind where send 2 roster players (such as Hatte and Freel) for something and need the flexibility of having them on the spring roster.

So they spend $650,000. I think Wayne is a master at this time of year, with Keppinger and Phillips picked up at this time.

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