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Monday, March 24, 2008

Early tidbits

From the pre-game session with Dusty Baker:

--Jeff Keppingger has been sick the last few days. He's back today and will be in the lineup. Paul Bako was sent home sick today. Because Javier Valentin caught seven innings yesterday, Chris Kroski was called up from the minor league camp to catch today.

--Baker was asked if David Ross was close to getting in the big league game. "Closer," he said. The Reds will probably keep him out of big league games for a few more days. Until he plays in a big league game, they backdate putting him on the DL. The maximum for that is nine days.

--Homer Bailey getting the start, instead of Josh Fogg, tonight is get another look at Bailey. "It's a big start for him," Baker said. "Not do or die, but it could sure help his cause. Starting in the A game means more to Homer, Fogg has a longer track record."

--No lineup yet.


at 3:04 PM Blogger redsfanwoody said...

Sounds like the sink or swim.

at 3:07 PM Blogger tb in bexley said...

john- if homer pitches lights out tonight, and forces his way onto the roster, what would that mean for fogg? can he be optioned, or be the long-man in the pen? i think that regardless of how homer pitches tonight, he will start the year in aaa and be better for it; but, you get a lot of value with fogg on this staff or in louisville for $1 mil.

at 3:11 PM Blogger Ari said...

Any word on acquiring a catcher?

at 3:21 PM Blogger Red Faced said...

Yes sir, could be Homer's last of the spring if it's another rough outing. Here's hoping he has a kick-butt outing.

Thanks for the info John, I know the game is tonight but I was having Reds info withdrawal and needed something.

at 3:29 PM Blogger Mr. Red said...

This game will be on FSN tonight won't it?

at 3:34 PM Blogger Hey Barry Larkin! said...

anybody know if the game is on WLW tonight?

at 3:40 PM Blogger John Fay said...

I think you're right on Homer, TB. But right now, they only have six healthy starters in camp. So why not keep him here and hope he pitchers well?

Nothing on a catcher. If there's anything going on, Krivsky would keep it quiet.

at 3:41 PM Blogger Reds in 2008 said...

Yes sir, could be Homer's last of the spring if it's another rough outing. Here's hoping he has a kick-butt outing.

Here's hoping he doesn't. I don't want any second guess going on in the decision making process. If he does good in this ONE start, it just confuses things. He needs a month or more at AAA for more 'seasoning'.

at 3:44 PM Blogger ST fan said...

On XM radio this morning, the guys there made a brief mention of a possible match between Texas with two good catchers (Laird and Saltalamacchia) and the REDS surplus of young pitchers. Is Bailey being showcased tonight? If such a trade does occur, I hope REDS get Laird because we'll never learn how to pronounce the other guy's name along with that Bengal WR with a long name. You have to give good players for a good player so maybe REDS could offer Bailey and EE? (or Hat or Freel). Be funny to send Back Volquez!! I'll be at the game tonight, freezing. Sunday the Easter Bunny threw out the first pitch and the REDS should have kept him on the mound because he threw better than CUeto. Cueto will be fine though.

at 4:02 PM OpenID abs1176 said...

since catching and third base (ee cant hit) seem to be issues for the reds, brandon inge wants out of detroit (due to cabrerra) and plays both positions, as well as outfield. maybe we could trade for him somehow.

at 4:07 PM Blogger RyanRico said...

Alright Homer, pound the strike zone tonight baby. If they hit it, they hit it...gotta grow up though, if you want to make this staff.

PS - I noticed that the Rangers just anointed Gerald Laird as their starting C, with Salty most likely slated for AAA.

Krivsky: Hey Jon, help me out here..I've got a bonehead manager who needs help at C. What'll it take to get Salty?

Jon Daniels, Rangers GM: Cueto.

Krivsky: Seriously.

Daniels: I'm just kidding, how about Freel and Jared Burton?

Krivsky: Deal.

Krivsky: PS, Any jobs open on the Rangers? Cause obviously Jocketty is going to be GM here next year.

at 4:16 PM Blogger BubbaFan said...

Cool. I'll be at the game tonight. Nothing against Mr. Fogg, but I'd rather see Homer.

For better or worse...

at 4:19 PM Blogger MJ said...

I'd be ok with the Reds trading for Jarrod Saltalamacchia. I have him on one of my fantasy baseball teams but don't know what to do with him. Rangers may send him down making him unusable but if traded he'll be of more value.

at 4:25 PM Blogger Greg said...

Liard would be worse than Ross... Atleast Ross can hit HRs. If we are gonna trade for a catcher, it better be Saltshaker. The kid is 22 and has decent hitting stats that should improve.

I rather have Homer over Fogg. EVERYONE seems to forget his 4-2 stint in the Majors last year. The kid was outstanding but he did get it done. Keep the kid up here and he'll learn more up here than AAA.

at 4:55 PM Blogger tom dunne said...

Homer's record is exactly why you shouldn't judge players by win-loss numbers. He pitched lousy last year, walking just as many guys as he struck out and his ERA was worse than Matt Belisle's. It was pure dumb luck that Bailey only lost two starts.

In December 2004, many fans were excited that the Reds signed a "proven winner" who had racked up 14 victories the year before. Remember that? With 14 wins, he's gotta be good, right?

The pitcher was Eric Milton. Don't judge pitchers by their wins.

at 5:21 PM Blogger Hugh D. Pohl said...

EE lead the club in hitting and clutch hitting last year- yes he can hit.

at 5:46 PM Blogger redfuture said...

As I've mentioned a few times before, they really need Fogg in the pen as the long man. They need a guy who can go 4 to 5 innings when someone blows up in the 1st or 2nd inning, and that is especially true to back up the studs.

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