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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Majewski, Coutlangus cut

The Reds optioned to LHP Jon Coutlangus and RHP Gary Majewski to Triple-A Louisville, reducing to 38 the number of healthy players in camp.

Majewski was a bit frustrated.

"I would have liked to pitch more," he said. "That's what happens when you've got 34 pitchers in camp. I feel good. I came in in shape. I'll go down there annd work on things."

Eighteen pitchers remain in camp. Jeremy Affeldt, Bronson Arroyo, Jared Burton, Francisco Cordero, Johnny Cueto, Josh Fogg, Aaron Harang, Mike Stanton, Edinson Volquez and David Weathers are locks or semi-locks.

Matt Belisle is hoping to throw off the mound today, but his sore forearm makes him a candidate for the DL or Louisville. Homer Bailey and Jim Brower will end up at Louisville. Rule 5 pick Jose Capellan will likely be offered back to Boston. That gets you down to 14.

My guess is two of the following four will get the last spots: Mike Lincoln, Bill Bray, Todd Coffey and Kent Mercker.


at 9:39 AM Blogger Bengal43 said...

If the 26th date that I mentioned last night is correct, wouldn't Lincoln and Mercker get a quaranteed contract on the 26th and therefore make the team. (Coffey & Bray are "Optionable", Lincoln and Mercker are not)

at 9:48 AM Blogger Y-City Jim said...

Isn't that 0 for 2 on Rule 5 picks this spring?

Majewski needs to go to Louisville and develop a reliever's attitude. Learn to thrive on pressure rather than fold because of it. Also while there were too many pitchers in camp, stop making excuses.

at 9:56 AM Blogger smtides said...

If you're correct and it's down to those final 4 candidates then my picks would be Mercker and Coffey.

I'd pick Mercker over Bray because Bray has options and I think Mercker would retire rather than go to Louisville. If Stanton flames out, then you bring Bray up then.

I'd pick Coffey over Lincoln because Coffey is younger and seems to have overcome his problems from last year. Lincoln can be an injury replacement in Louisville.

at 10:23 AM Blogger MJ said...

Lincoln and Bray can stay. Coffee for sure can go. Merker day has come and gone.

at 10:34 AM Blogger Red Faced said...

I'd say that Coffey makes the club, who the other candidate is I am not so sure. My guess would be that Mercker makes it and Bray is sent to Louisville since he has not been able to throw as much this spring. Bray has had an excellent but short spring. I have thought since the BIG trade that he was the best of what we got and it just hasn't worked out for him. It just seems like Mercker has earned a spot and this is the only way we keep him. Bray would be the first guy brought up when someone stumbles (Stanton is finally released) or someone goes down with injury.

at 10:35 AM Blogger cincikid said...

How can they say, "I'm going to take the best pitchers north", when they are still carrying Stanton? Anyways, I've always been a fan of Mercker. Coffey, despite last season, still has the ability. And he has worked hard in the off season, Lincoln is pitching with the arm strength that he once showed in Pittsburgh. I like all four. Bray should be pitching innings in the majors, not minors, before he gets hurt agian.

at 10:39 AM Blogger Red Faced said...

One more thing. These tough decisions are exactly why this team is in much better shape than in previous years. There is way more talent to be picked from and top to bottom the pitching staff is lightyears ahead of where it was. The young guys might be a year or 2 away from bein great but they are still much better options than what we've had in the past (Milton).

If we can add a solid left-hander to the rotation next year, an excellent leadoff hitter, a dependable catcher and move an aging and overpaid RF then this team could compete with the elite next year. Perhaps Livingston will be that left-hander next year.

at 10:41 AM Blogger RyanRico said...

MJ...wouldn't that be quite a story if Lincoln ended up making the team?! That's amazing, he came out of nowhere. He'll be 32 years old in the 3rd week of the season, TWO Tommy John surgeries...wow.

I'm just throwing it out there...I just am hoping he doesn't play to the numbers on the back of his baseball card. We've had 'feel good' pitchers make this team before...Victor Santos, Josias Manazanillo come to mind...kerplunk.

at 10:43 AM Blogger Mike said...

Here's the roster as I see it now:

The Lineup:

The bench

The rotation

The pen

That's 22 locks

Belisle and Gonzlalez are headed to the DL. Bailey and Brower to the minors.

That leaves the following in the pen(my guesses are first):

And the final bench spot is between:
Green, Cabrera, Gil, Hairston, Andy Phillips.

My guess is Cabrera gets it because he has the most experience at short and besides Keppinger, no one else on the roster can play short.

at 10:52 AM Blogger redfuture said...

Great, great moves there. I'd like to see Bailey as the 5th starter for three reasons. He needs to witness the Cueto/Volquez success, pitch against MLB hitters, and work with Pole to take the next step. Homer will probably be sent down but there is a scenario whereby the use of options on other guys allows him to stay. Options will play a key role and they may still try to work a trade. GMs are playing chicken with each other right now to see who is released or refuses assignment. So taking advantage of options, here is a bullpen: Cordero, Weathers, Stanton, Affeldt, Mercker, Lincoln, Fogg.
Optioned are Burton, Coffey & Bray. Belisle to DL or AAA to recover. Capellan sent back & Brower reassigned.

at 10:53 AM Blogger Aaron said...

No Gary, that's what happens when your worse than 33 other pitchers in camp. Either the guy is in denial at how bad he is, or he is just plain stupid... either way good riddance and let us pray we never see him in Cincinnati because that likely means the wheel fell off our wagon.

at 10:54 AM Blogger Scottyb said...

Wow what a tough choice

I am glad I don't have to make it. I am a huge Mercker fan but he is getting older and there is much more long term potential in the other three. I say start with Mercker and Lincoln. Coffee has disappointed before and Bray could use a bit more time since he missed so much spring

at 10:55 AM Blogger Scottyb said...

And I have no patience for Majewski's whining.

at 11:25 AM Blogger Brandon said...

So Bray has only pitched 1 inning less then Mercker with much better results.

Mercker: 5 IP, 4 H, 2 ER, 1 BB, 1 SO, 1 HR.

Bray: 4 IP, 1 H, 0 ER, 1 BB, 3 SO, 0 HR

Mercker is great and all but Bray has so much more upside its a waste to have him in the minors. Coutlangus could come up if the need arises from a Stanton cut or how about we just bring up Roenicke since we would still have 2 lefties.

at 11:50 AM Blogger MJ said...

Well Ryan I've always been a fan favorite for rooting for the longshot. If he makes the team the Reds have this year's feel good story. He's got a shot. Bray I think for sure is in. I'd rather trade Coffee and Freel for Bengie Molina so we have veteran leadership at catcher.

at 12:06 PM Blogger Mr. Doom and Gloom said...

mercker will stay over bray...dusty loves the old guys. if bray proves he can stay healthy and pitch back-to-back games he'll be up as soon as stanton flames out or mercker gets hurt. affeldt and stanton will both have a long leash cause of the contracts.

coffey over lincoln cause of the contract, though i bet dusty would have it the other way if he had his druthers. he seems really high on lincoln, i hope he'll accept an assignment to l'ville.

at 12:51 PM Blogger RedScoop said...

So, some of you guys are saying that we should keep bad pitchers on the MLB roster because the better pitchers (Bray) have options? And we don't want to risk losing bad pitchers by exposing them to waivers?

at 1:05 PM Blogger MJ said...

Game is on Fox Sports Houston channel 639. I think our pitching staff is going to end up being as good as its been in quite a long time. Our bullpen may not be a nasty boy rotation but its much improved over last couple of seasons on paper. It should translate to the field.

at 1:22 PM Blogger Aaron said...

Hmmm Jerry Gil playing short today. I really like how this kid looks this spring, but probably another victim of the options game. I agree I don't like hanging on to old players who are being outplayed by younger guys just because they are out of options... but I guess that is the nature of the beast.

at 1:35 PM Blogger Ol' Timey Redsfan said...

I posted this once before, but here goes again. I'm not 100% sure that Jared Burton is a lock to make this team. Lincoln has looked better and Burton does have options. He will have to turn it up a notch IMO. Bray has look outstanding, I can't see picking Mercker over him.

at 1:37 PM Blogger redsfan8557 said...

I think who that was the right moves.

at 2:07 PM Blogger Don said...

Majewski is all talk and no action. I certainly do not think this organization would be any worse off if Majewski was sent packing.

He says he felt good and still posted a spring ERA of over 12.

at 10:21 PM Blogger Michael said...

I feel like the best options would be Mercker and Coffey for the remaining two spots. Merk has been around and is an awesome guy to have in the clubhouse. Coffey seems like he has gotten past last year and is ready to be that 6 or 7 inning guy. Merk will be the situational lefty and clubhouse kangaroo court judge with Jr. I'll be disappointed if Mercker doesn't make it.

at 10:25 PM Blogger Michael said...

Gil can play short and I think he would be awesome to keep as the 25 man. Cabrera is in his mid 30's and there is no reason to think he will be able to help us in the long run. Mercker makes the squad because he is an awesome clubhouse guy, a Baker guy, and better at getting righties out than Bray.

at 8:48 PM OpenID rmul said...

I have another theory for Majewski's demotion:


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