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Monday, March 10, 2008

Lineup, transaction

Rule 5 draftee RHP Sergio Valenzuela today was sold back to the Braves. RHP Ramon Ramirez was optioned to Class AAA Louisville. Taking Valenzuela wasn't the wisest way to spend $25,000. The Reds spent $50,000 to pick him; the Braves get him back for $25,000.

Reds. Yankees, 7:15, FSN Ohio

Jay Bruce CF
Scott Hatteberg DH
Ken Griffey Jr. RF
Brandon Phillips 2B
Adam Dunn LF
Edwin Encarnacion 3B
Joey Votto 1B
Javy Valentin C
Paul Janish SS

Homer Bailey P, followed by Edinson Volquez and Mike Stanton. Also available: Jon Coutlangus, Justin Lehr, Mike Lincoln, Grary Majewski, Adam Pettyjohn, Brad Salmon, Tom Shearn.

Yankees are running out the A lineup:

Johnny Damon CF
Drek Jetrer SS
Bobby Abreu RF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jason Giambi 1B
Jorge Posada C
Hideki MatSui DH
Nick Green 2B
Brett Gardner LF

Joba Chamberlian P


at 3:57 PM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

This should be a good one.I look forward to the 1st pitch,Homer's going to prove everybody wrong,I expect to see the heat from him & Cueto.

I like how the yanks are bringing the A team(With the exception of Cano').This should be a great tester for the young guys.

Expect a blowout after Stanton,Majik,& Cout.

at 3:58 PM Blogger ankurv5 said...

I like the lineup Dusty's putting out there. And finally we'll see how Homer responds to facing real competition. If Homer's on the edge as far as making this team, Dusty could refer to this start as a measuring stick. Either way, I hope they tear up Joba.

at 3:59 PM Blogger ankurv5 said...

Can you guys give updates on how Homer and Edinson look, as well as how the Reds hitters look against Joba? I'm not in Cincinnati anymore, and box scores don't do justice. Thanks.

at 4:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a diehard Reds fan living in New York. The Yanks have their own network, YES, and they aren't showing this game tonight. Last year I got my introduction to Josh Hamilton on YES, tonight I will be sad. Looking forward to hearing you on my walk home on my XM, Doc.

And I agree 100% with you about 'the book'. Let Dusty manage by the seat of his pants - how much does it really matter??!?! We haven't made the playoffs in 13 years.

at 4:05 PM Blogger GeneParmesean said...

It's good to finally see Bruce playing CF. Hopefully Homer brings his A-game

at 4:13 PM Anonymous KyRedsfan said...

Who did we have to drop from the 40 man roster when we picked Valenzuela? What a stupid move.

at 4:13 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

so does this mean we can bring cantu back, and have a right handed first basemen in the mix?

did anyone pick jorge up??

at 4:16 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

marlins picked up cano

at 4:16 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry cantu....not cano

at 4:26 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

Homer is not going to prove everybody wrong until he gets better command of his pitches. The dude has a big heart and what appears to be ..mental toughness..yet he will be a 4..5 inning pitcher unless he does so

We spent 5 innings last summer with two scouts ..both felt the same > Jeff Brantley told Hal Mc Coy that Homers breaking stuff is not at the major league level yet..

regardless this year will be pretty cool with some new faces and young talent. We cant wait to see Keppinger play..he reminds us of a young Pete rose..a solid player not fancy but just very good

at 4:41 PM Anonymous Red Faced said...

I'm afraid Jack is right concerning Bailey's command. This has been his weak spot even in the minors, it just didn't hurt his as badly there as it will in the big leagues. He throws WAY too many pitches and will rarely go past 5 innings if he doesn't learn to have better command. If I'm not mistaken he was forced to rely on his fastball too often last year when he was brought up when falling behind in the count because he could not throw his curve for a strike. I think that's what The Cowboy must have meant when he said Bailey doesn't have a major league breaking ball. He has a good break on it but can't throw it for strikes when he needs to do so. This makes it halfway effective if he's ahead of the hitter and zero effective if he's not.

I hope he proves me and Jack wrong tonight, and is able to maintain solid command throughout the year. I'm just telling you what I've seen of him in Louisville and with Cincy last year.

at 4:41 PM Blogger tom dunne said...

Taking Valenzuela not only cost the Reds money, but also Jorge Cantu, who was released outright in order to open a spot on the 40-man roster. They also lost Carlos Guevara in the draft to the Marlins, a player left unprotected so they could get Valenzuela.

To sum up, the Reds lost Cantu, Guevara, Valenzuela and $25,000, and they gained absolutely nothing. Yeesh.

at 4:50 PM Anonymous Dan said...

We lost Valenzuela, just like that? Without even pitching in a game?

So he stunk, just as his numbers suggested?


There were other interesting Rule V picks who were still available when the Reds were up, including an outfielder who Baseball Prospectus thought would be the first Rule V pick. (I don't remember his name... I think he went to the Cardinals actually... he had a nice history of .400 OBP's in the minors...)

This is a real head-scratcher.

at 4:52 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was down in Sarasota and St. Pete for a couple games this weekend and I have decided this is how I would love the roster to shake down. What do you think?


Stanton (I don't want this, but it will happen. I'd prefer Bray)

Joey V
Javy/Bako (Assuming Ross is on the DL to start)

Right handed bat off the bench TBD



at 4:53 PM Blogger Ol' Timey Redsfan said...

Who did the Reds add to the 40 man roster?

at 5:17 PM Blogger Brandon said...

I'm so happy the game is on FSN haven't watched Baily actually pitch since the last game of the season last year.

at 5:17 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoa! Shearn is pitching tonight? This is gonna be great. Just one question....did Dusty make the lineup by using his sense of smell? I heard he manages with his senses. Did this one smell good?

at 5:18 PM Blogger Steve said...

Rule 5 draftee RHP Sergio Valenzuela today was sold back to the Braves. This was one pick where the fans were 100% right. Everyone said WTF?

Didn't someone in the upper ranks say: why are we picking this guy?
Jocketty would have never made that move. Wayne, you're on a short leash.

at 5:25 PM Blogger Rob said...

Dunn should hit cleanup. His average was much higher last year hitting right after Griffey than anywhere else. I know you would like to seperate the lefties but hitting is hitting- ask Tony Perez. Phillips isnt a prototypical cleanup guy, Dunn is.

at 5:27 PM Blogger redbeard said...

Joel --

I think you have a very good list there. I wish Bruce would be in Cincy to start the year, but I imaging you are right that he'll be in Louisville to begin the year.

The only thing I think will happen differently is that I suspect you'll see a Patterson/Hopper platoon in center to start the year. I'd say Freel will get some spot starts in left and right against lefties to get Ryan some ABs throughout the week (maybe even a start here or there at 3B once in a while too.)


at 5:34 PM Blogger Will T. said...

John, is Roenicke going to be given some innings pretty soon? It seems like he pitches and then waits for days without another appearance. Do you think he will be given a fair shot at a roster spot? He has one of the best arms of anyone in the bullpen.

at 5:37 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

Let's see, How have we done the past 2 years in Rule 5? We have taken 3 fliers. TWO OF THEM WORKED PERFECTLY.


at 5:38 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

As far as Keppinger being a young Pete Rose, I can go with that. Rose was very versatile (5 positions) but couldn't play Short. I think Pete could hit a little bit like Kepp. Kind of your old school lead off guy, not great speed, just a great hitter and knows the zone.

at 5:43 PM Blogger Doug Gray said...

Re: Brantley on Bailey's curve.

That guy may have been a good pitcher for most of his career, but he isn't a good scout. Bailey's curveball is not only thrown for strikes, it was called for strikes last year pretty often and despite throwing it for a strike 67% of the time last year, he allowed only 1 double, no triples and no home runs on it. Bailey's curveball is rated as a 70 on the scouting scale, and is his best pitch. Stick to what you are good at Brantley, whatever it is.... because playing scout isn't one of them.

at 5:49 PM Blogger Jack in Blue Ash said...

doug..no offense but his lack of command was not specific only to his curveball

at 6:40 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

I like Dusty going to the mound for Belisle after 2 walks, with a 6-0 lead.
"Looking him straight in the eyes"

Belisle retires the next 5 in a row.

Hope Dusty gives Homer a little eye treatment also. Seems to improve the concentration of the young pups

at 6:52 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

$25K to take a a close look at a prospect isn't a bad use of $25K. What else can you do with $25K in baseball? If you consider what the RULE 5 produced last year for the Reds it wouldn't be crazy to say WAYNE is the king of the RULE 5.

at 11:18 PM Anonymous smtides said...

Doug Gray:

I can't decide if I am amused or annoyed at your constant criticism of guys like Baker and Brantley. These guys have actually spent their entire adult lives playing and working in big-league baseball with extreme success, not manning an obscure website filled with graphs, spreadsheets and spray charts.

I was at the game tonight. Bailey wasn't fooling anyone. The Yanks looked awful comfortable in the box against him. He really needed to step it up a notch tonight and failed to do so. Despite all of the hype and rankings, I've yet to see much more than 3-4 talent out of him.

On the other hand, I've now seen Cueto for about 5 (I think) innings and Volquez for 6. Their arms and presence are much more impressive than Bailey's. The hitters look much less comfortable against them and take far more weak swings.

It's only my opinion, but I were Bailey I'd take advantage of Soto being around and learn how to throw a quality changeup and quit screwing around with the cutter.

And if I were Baker and Krivsky, I'd send Bailey back to Louisville with specific instructions to do so.

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