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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Key to the Nats trade?

Daryl Thompson, the fifth of the five players, the Reds got in the big trade with the Washington Nationals, is off to quite a start.

He pitched six innings of two-hit, shutout ball tonight for Chattanooga. He's pitched 12 innings in his two outing. He's allowed five hits, one walk and struck 13.

He's a 22-year-old right-hander. I saw him in spring training. He struck out the side against the Yankees, I believe. He's got good stuff.


at 8:34 PM Blogger NVreds said...

hopefully we end up getting something out of this trade, this was a good move to add a throw-in player.

Bray was the key to the trade. its too bad he keeps getting injured, if he works out then I'm satisfied with this trade, they got nothing we got nothing, however we should have gotten more no question.

past is the past, heres a question for the krivsky haters. is the team better than when krivsky started? yes. did the team get better when bowden was here? no. who cares whose draft picks are coming through the system, bowden/old owners quit on this team when he realized it was going to be a challenge to turn it around. not the attitude I want from my front office, good riddence.

at 9:47 PM Blogger Lets Talk Reds Blogger said...

I've never really been upset about that trade. Even if Bray and Majewski don't pan out, giving up Kearns and Lopez wasn't a huge loss. Lopez wasn't all he was cracked up to be and as much as I liked Kearns as a player, he wouldn't have a place on this roster right now. Anyone else feel the same?


at 11:42 PM Blogger Another losing season said...

good comments! I agree and have always felt that Bowden was and still is way too impressed himself.

Lopez wasn't clutch and seemed to play with no sense of urgency. Kearns was a fan favorite but that was about it.

at 12:17 AM Blogger Dave said...

Bray's gonna replace Weathers next year. Watching Stormy this year, he doesn't have the stuff he did a few years ago. As such, he's nibbling and then having to bring strikes in (high in the zone to Kendall). Mercker is 40, as well, so Bray's here next year. However, Mercker and Weathers are solid for '08, and you gotta love Burton, Coffey, and Cordero thus far.

at 9:17 AM Blogger Rob Dicken said...

However, Mercker and Weathers are solid for '08, and you gotta love Burton, Coffey, and Cordero thus far.

Definitely gotta love them! I think it's great that we actually have someone that knows how to manage a bullpen effectively. Narron definitely didn't know what he was doing (Stanton and Coffey in every game).

at 9:40 AM Blogger robby said...

Can someone define better? Last year the team was worse than the year before. This year it is way too early to say one way or the other. The pitching looks like it may be improved. The offense looks like it may continue its downward spiral. Certainly the offense still appears to be way too reliant on the long ball. If the Reds fail to reach the .500 mark this year Mr. Krivsky will not be around to see if the team is better in 2009.

at 9:56 AM Blogger jfrizn said...

The thing about that trade was Majewski was supposed to be the centerpiece. He had just finished playing in the world cup of baseball, or whatever that thing was called. representing the US, I guess he was a big deal. All I know is Bowden wasn't forthcoming and now he's yet again down in the minors. We wuz robbed!!!

at 10:30 AM Blogger docproc said...

I saw him strike out the side against the Rays in St. Pete and he looked electric.

at 11:43 AM Blogger MJ said...

What exactly has Kearns or Lopez done since they were traded to the Nationals? Absolutely nothing! Reds really didn't lose out that much. Time to move on.

at 11:55 AM Blogger reaganspad said...

Bray was and is key. Majewski is like Ryan Wagner, only with more pro innings. There is potential, but the guys is hurt.

Mike Lincoln looks like a guy who came back well from arm surgery. It would not suprise me to see Gary under the knife soon.

Pitching is hard to come by, and people take fliers (like Lincoln) every year.

I think Ryan Dempster has done ok since we ran him out of town on a rail...

at 1:15 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Blogger docproc said..."I saw him strike out the side against the Rays in St. Pete and he looked electric".

I once struck out 5 batters in a row in a slow pitch softball game (the sun was right in the batter's eyes) when I was almost 40 years old.

at 5:28 PM Blogger KingsPoint said...

The most knowledgable people knew at the time of the trade that of all the players involved on both sides that Bray had the most upside and Thompson was second to Bray, the only question being was how Thompson would respond after his surgery. We have our answer, and thus, all the fans who criticized Krivsky for making this trade who why they are "fans".

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