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Monday, April 7, 2008

Business Man's Special Lineup

Ryan Freel CF
Juan Castro SS
Brandon Phillips 2B
Adam Dunn LF
Jeff Keppinger 1B
Edwin Encarnacion 3B
Norris Hopper RF
Paul Bako C
Bronson Arroyo P

The Phillies are throwing left-hander Cole Hamels. Phillies lineup is the same as yesterday's, except for Hamels.

The Reds are leading the NL with 54 strikeouts in six games. They haven't led the league in strikeouts since 1992. That, in fact, is only time since 1967 the led the NL.


at 10:59 AM Blogger kingseyeland said...

Apparently Dusty is content with a split.

at 11:00 AM Blogger Bob Loblaw said...

Castro in the 2 hole? Yikes. I'd bat Kepp in there and move Castro down as far as possible. He's rubbish. Hamels is tough on left and right handers with that change-up. I hope Arroyo can outduel him.

at 11:03 AM Blogger Freddy said...

castro hitting 2nd while Hopper is 7? don't we want people on base for phillips and co?

at 11:11 AM Blogger RedsManRick said...

I understand why he's playing, but is there any possible defense for Juan Castro batting 2nd? Do we really want him getting more at bats than Phillips, Dunn, EE, or Keppinger? Is Dusty aware that Casto is literally among the worst hitters in major league history -- no hyperbole?

John, any chance we can get an explanation from Dusty -- one that doesn't explain his batting order because he's playing SS? Dusty does realize he does have to lead off with his CF/SS combo -- he can actually base his order on how good they hit?

at 11:13 AM OpenID jumpupanddance said...

Why is Castro batting second? Does Dusty want to lose?

at 11:16 AM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Your headline should be: THROWAWAY GAME LINEUP

Haven't seen a lineup like that since Dave Miley. This is a throw away game, I presume.

at 11:27 AM Blogger kingseyeland said...

Did he not just call Keppinger a "prototypical #2 hitter"?

Hopper CF
Keppinger 1B
Phillips 2B
Dunn LF
Encarnacion 3B
Freel RF
Bako C
Castro SS

Not sure what's so hard about that.

at 11:33 AM OpenID greggers05 said...

I wouldn't consider this a throw away game. They might surprise you..

On another note; I am watching the 1975 World Series DVD set I got off amazon.com. If you haven't had a chance to pick this up, do it. It's worth it. That team was so fundamentally shound, it's just not even funny. Hitting the cutoff man, good base running. It's a tutorial on "the little things".

John, any chance Dusty gets Joe Morgan to come in next year and work with baserunners? Curt Gowdy, Marty, and Tony Kubek kept saying how Joe was working with Griffey Sr, Geronimo, Concepcion, etc on their baserunning. Amazing. He would have made a great manager.

at 11:34 AM Blogger BATSFAN said...

Keppinger at first? everybodys right handed in the lineup except for Dunn, and he better start hitting, o well go reds!

at 11:38 AM Blogger IndyCat said...

I would rather see Hopper hit 2nd, too... but Castro in the 2 hole is not quite as bad as you think. Castro's batting average since 2000 is a pedestrian .241. It is a far cry from the horrible numbers suggested above.

Additionally, he strikes out only once every 5.6 ABs. Thst means he puts the ball in play. This fits Dusty's philosophy of having a good situational hitter in the 2 hole.

This lineup just illustrates how weak the Red's lineup can be against left-hand pitching. WE need to trade for a right-hand bat with some pop we can platoon with Votto or Griffey.

at 11:40 AM Blogger Eric said...

Seriously - we are 4 and 2. Give Dusty a break with this lineup - geez. You need to give some players a day off, especially with no off day coming up. I agree about Castro, he shouldn't be in the 2 hole or in the lineup at all, but wow - have a little bit of faith, it is only the 7th game of the season! Go Reds - whomever is in the lineup! What a bunch of "fans" on here.

at 11:42 AM Blogger BATSFAN said...

Castro is going 3 for 4 today

at 11:45 AM Blogger Frank Robinson's Ghost said...

I am amazed that we have so many baseball geniuses posting here who are not, for some reason, employed in that line of work.

at 11:54 AM Blogger Matt Gorrasi, Cincinnati OH said...

Seriously after seeing this lineup I went to my fantasy baseball team and picked up Cole Hamels. I'm thinking CG, 5 hits, 2 runs, 10k's, 2BB's for him today against this lineup. GO HAMELS!!!!! THANKS DUSTY!!!!

at 12:01 PM Blogger WVU Eyes and 'Eers said...

The lineup is because Hamels is a lefty who has had much success at GABP, and we all know how the Reds usually do against any lefty. So, Dunn is the only LH in this lineup. Makes perfect sense.

at 12:02 PM Blogger outtatown tim said...

While Hopper is a better hitter than Castro over an extended time period, to me he hasnt seemed 'in sync' yet this season. Of course he has only had 4 chances (I think), all pinch hitting with no hits and a sacrifice ... but he has been somewhat impatient, swinging at the first pitch his last two opportunities (not including the sacrifice bunt). In Saturdays game, he pinch hit with runners at 2nd and 3rd and no-outs, and his first pitch swing was a ground out to third base that failed to score anyone. Maybe that's why Hopper is hitting down in the lineup.

at 12:04 PM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

Maybe it's a experiment?The lineup that is.

Let's see what happens before we chastise.I agree though Castro over Hops in the 2nd hole,has me scratching my head.Love to see some "under appreciated"players make a splash in todays game.

Kepp in the 5th hole?I like to see how that pan's out.

One thing I do like about Dusty's managing compared to Narron is the continuity in the batting order,this is the 1st time he has shook it up.He does get paid the big bucks people,lets see how it pans out.I also Like the late inning defense replacements,getting everyone(& making everyone feel) involved.Makes for good team chemistry.

Any word on why Votto was replaced by Hatty yesterday?Votto had a horrible game at the plate,but they were up 8-2.

at 12:10 PM Blogger BG said...

I'm with kingseyland. Lineup is a little stange. And yes the Reds are 4-2 but shouldn't the goal be to win the series? Just saying. Of course watch them score a bunch of runs and make me look stupid.

at 12:14 PM Blogger Arden Dulou said...

Why is Hopper not leading off? Oh well.

I had before the season a 5-5 start would be good, and this start is great for the team. Over the next 4 turns of the rotation we should have a good feel for the rookies and Foggy night. The question is if Fogg continues what do the Reds do?

Another great discussion topic, what do

at 12:16 PM Blogger Arden Dulou said...

Why is Hopper not leading off? Oh well.

I had before the season a 5-5 start would be good, and this start is great for the team. Over the next 4 turns of the rotation we should have a good feel for the rookies and Foggy night. The question is if Fogg continues what do the Reds do?

Another great discussion topic, what do the Reds do about AGon and Kepp? Too early for a trade, but Kepp is making the argument for putting AGon on the bench.

at 12:19 PM Blogger Frank Robinson's Ghost said...

Why bat Castro in the 2 hole? Doesnt' seem obvious, but . . .

I would think Dusty wanted to avoid having a bottom 3 of Bako, Castro and Arroyo. Bako's been hitting pretty well so far, but that would basically be a lost inning each time.

at 12:21 PM Blogger John Fay said...

When the Res faced Hamels last year, the lineup was:


The Reds had one run on five hits that day. Hamels struck out 15 and Ross hit in a triple play.

at 12:39 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

Baker is, Bako is, Patterson is, Volquez is, Fogg is, Cordero is,

The Reds ARE 4-2

Give it a break. I could understand all the criticism if we were 0-6.

Wayne's pick ups have been very good, with Fogg yet to show up, but Volquez is well worth it....

And Dusty is doing a great job so far, including resting players like today.

88 wins might be conservative... but I don't mind admitting when I am wrong

at 12:44 PM Blogger Red Faced said...

John, I was at the game last year and it was miserable. I posted last night that I thought Freel and Hopper should both start and I'm happy to see that Dusty and I were on the same page. I know, I'm not a baseball coach but come on that doesn't mean you can't know a little about the game. But I will agree with everyone on this board, Castro should not be in the 2 hole. Swap him and Hopper around. I don't think this lineup will do any worse than we did against him last year.

I expect a good outing from Arroyo, let's hope our batters don't waste it for him.

at 12:46 PM Blogger Red Faced said...

OK, I was obviously wrong about Arroyo having a good game. The game might be out of reach already.

at 12:47 PM Blogger John Fay said...

Votto was part of double switch. The pitcher's spot was up first in the next inning. It's a way to save a player. It was 4-1 game at the time. Hatteberg walked to start the 4-run inning that made it 8-1.

at 12:50 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

I missed something. When did the Reds clinch the division? This is the kind of lineup you run out there after you have clinched..........or been eliminated.

at 12:56 PM Blogger Red Faced said...

What was I thinking. I'm stupid, I forgot that last year Arroyo was awful in day games. He was 1-6 with an ERA that was almost 1.5 runs higher in day games. With numbers like that I think you alter the rotation to make sure he doesn't start day games.

at 12:02 AM Blogger Dave said...

Keppinger should be in the 2 hole since Hopper doesn't have it going yet...however, with EE struggling, they needed some more pop in the 5 spot and dropped Big K in. As for the split, so what? Rest Jr. and all the lefties who struggled so badly against Hamels last year (Righty Valentine would've trumped Dunn today, too). The next three series are in-division, which means they all count for a half game more in the standings than non-divisional games do - take the split and go get 'em on the road. Also, I like that Dusty looks long-term over one day, and a better outing by Arroyo or a big hit at the end would've changed it. Now if we'd only learn not to throw Bronson before 6 PM...

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