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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Patterson cf
Keppinger ss
Griffey rf
Phillips 2b
Dunn of
Encarnacion 3b
Votto 1b
Bako c
Harang p


at 5:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why continue to bat Dunn and EE in the #5 and #6 slots? Bako has a hot bat. Why not take advantage of that while he has it?

at 5:31 PM Blogger kingseyeland said...

Insanity: n. doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

at 5:35 PM Blogger PJFan16 said...

Why didn't we get news of EE being the newest Louisville Bat today?

at 5:46 PM Blogger Mike said...

Bako wouldn't hit 6th in UC's lineup.

Is Javy only going to catch Fogg going forward?

at 5:47 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

You have go with what you've got. Dunn hits well at Wrigley, if he doesn't get going now, I would swap him and Votto in the lineup or bat Votto 5, Dunn 6 and Encarnacion 7.

at 5:53 PM Blogger Greg said...

i completely agree... why keep those 2 together in the lineup? split them up! i saw a suggestion the other day about putting edwin in the 4 hole and put someone behind him to protect him... i guess i wouldn't be apposed to going EE then Dunn then Votto/Hattie and Bako... but the Dunn then EE isn't working while they are both slumping and killing our bats and opportunities.

at 5:58 PM Blogger Pokey Reese said...

Phillips should bat 5th moving Dunn to 4th. It would give Dunn protection because pitchers are not afraid of EE.

at 6:07 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding your Not Enough Buttons article today... It certainly is too early to become alarmed about the roster vs. lefties. Just as it was too early to start ordering post-season tickets after Cueto's first two outings. Things have yet to shake out and level off as always happens.

at 6:08 PM Blogger Bengal43 said...

John, if Belisle has a good night is there any chance that either he or Fogg is traded and Bailey and/or Belisle comes to Cincy?

at 6:24 PM Blogger Rob Dicken said...

You have go with what you've got. Dunn hits well at Wrigley, if he doesn't get going now, I would swap him and Votto in the lineup or bat Votto 5, Dunn 6 and Encarnacion 7.

Oh my lord...I actually agree with you for once! Light is shining down from above!


at 6:54 PM Blogger cReds1 said...

Do you guys even know what Dunn did last year in Chicago or do you just read what Dusty says and repeat after me? Dunn batted horrible at Wrigley last year. He was 6 for 28 or .214 with 9 Ks. You call this hitting? Dunn is overrated and I will always say that and he is not worth $13M. We need to trade him, but you guys keep believing he is an awesome player. LOL

at 7:04 PM Blogger Joe said...

Lets hope this is the series Dunn and EE get it going. Not that Dusty has a whole lot of options, but I'm still glad to see him sticking with EE if he isn't going to go to Luavull.

at 7:15 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

If I ask you for your opinion on Jorge Cantu will I get an honest answer or just the Reds company line, whatever that is? I think that he would have been a much more logical choice than Hatteberg (or Freel for that matter) for this team. But we all know why Freel is still here.

at 7:36 PM Blogger anti-media said...

Why haven't we heard that W.K. has been relieved of all duties ?? I posted many times that this is a disfuctional lineup !!More & more now agree....that Cluless has not addressed our obvious problems.HOW could we allow Cantu to leave ?? WAKE UP CINCY FIRE KRIVSKY

at 7:46 PM Blogger Joe said...

JF: are you sure you are a Reds fan? I'm not advocating you drink the coolaide but are you sure there isn't another team lurking in the background? Being honest about a teams' chances and talent level is one thing, but you may want to root for some other team if you're that down on this one.

at 7:51 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

I sorta am impressed with both Cueto and Volquez io far ..it should be a fun year with some improvement..Next year will be key and I think Griffey and one or two others will be gone

little bit too early to throw in the towel though

at 7:51 PM Blogger Bengal43 said...

WK is at the Bats game tonight watching Belisle and Ross.

at 8:03 PM Blogger JF said...

When Cantu was dumped for no good reason I complained on here (and was abused for it) that it was a stupid move. And it was.

But in defense of WK, he makes good deals too. WK needs to stop signing bozos to long term deals and while WK is really bad with money he also acquires (apart from his dumpster OF habit late last year through spring training) good players too.

Losing this year is going to seem worse and more painful than last because of the RAISED expectations.

But there's little doubt that this team is extremely lacking in character in several critical positions (starters) although WK has improved the talent here too.

I think most guys on the team look at Dunn and wish they had his frame and athletic gifts--yet most are probably glad they don't have his lazy oafish careless thoughtless approach to the game.

Does Dunn every get mad at himself? He should be completely embarrassed at this season's version. What a mess. What a losing attitude.

When the Reds keep losing, it will be interesting to see how Dusty is viewed by all the gushing sycophants who think he's anything special.

He's not. And this team is headed for another losing season.

But Krivsky is building a winner. I wasn't believing that last year but his gutsy trade of Hamilton (too bad the Rangers wouldn't do that deal with Dunn instead of Hamilton) has improved the team, and he should have the chance to continue to address the problems that run deep here. It will take 2-3 more years before the Reds make the playoffs, at best. I doubt we break .500 this season, and doing so next year will require some difficult moves. Yet WK can do it.

I'm sold on WK now. Despite the Cantu fiasco.

Arroyo, EE, Dunn, Coffey, Mercker, A-Gone, Hatteberg, and Fogg are players that will not be on the next playoff bound Reds team.

Getting rid of Stanton was a great thing. But getting rid of WK doesn't cut out the dead wood on this team. Hopefully WK does so over the next year or two.

At least Junior will hit #600 this season, so we have something monumental to look forward to...

at 8:05 PM Blogger JF said...

I root for the Reds but I detest Baker, Arroyo, A-Gone, and Hatteberg (as players) and I'm a realist. This team has many many problems still. And I used to be a big Dunn fan. He's the most disappointing pro athlete I've ever seen and rooted for.


at 8:07 PM Blogger JF said...

My first post was apparently removed? Why is that? What communist violation did I commit this time?

at 8:09 PM Blogger Jeff said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

at 8:12 PM Blogger JF said...

The Reds keep doing the same things over and over and over, season in, and season out.

So imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

at 8:35 PM Blogger Rob Dicken said...

Okay...how many times does it have to be said? Jorge Cantu is a borderline AVERAGE player. Look at the guy's statistics! He makes an out about 70% of the time. 70%!! His lifetime OBP is .311, which is only 13 points higher than Corey Patterson. NOT GOOD.

Jorge Cantu has had ONE good major league season. What does that say about the guy? He can't adjust to changes in the league.

Not to mention, his lifetime OPS (On base + Slugging) is a horrid .715 AND he hits worse against left handed pitchers than he does right handed pitchers!

His fielding is also very, very bad. In his "good year," his Zone Rating was .708, which calculates how much range and how well a fielder gets to a hit ball. .708 is NOT GOOD.

You can bet Wayne Krivsky evaluated all of this.

Get over it already! Not a good choice for this team. Not any better than Andy Phillips or Scott Hatteberg!

CSA, that answers your question, please quit mentioning it, and move on.

Do you guys even know what Dunn did last year in Chicago or do you just read what Dusty says and repeat after me? Dunn batted horrible at Wrigley last year. He was 6 for 28 or .214 with 9 Ks. You call this hitting? Dunn is overrated and I will always say that and he is not worth $13M. We need to trade him, but you guys keep believing he is an awesome player. LOL

He has 20 HR and has scored 43 runs in Wrigley Field since 2001, which is more than any player since 2001. He's not too shabby in Wrigley field, despite the way he hit last year.

at 8:41 PM Blogger Greg said...

this needs said....

here's another point... Dunn is hitting .167 yet everyone is focused on Edwin's .179.... why aren't we more focused on our 100 RBI man? "oh he'll come out of it he always does".... well.... gotta say the same for Edwin...

i'm personally sick of the 100% Edwin bash! he is not the only reason the Reds got swept in Pittsburg... Dunn was up just before him and had a chance to get some runners in.... no one cares... "Edwin didn't come thru with the bases loaded again! TRADE HIM... SEND HIM DOWN" it's just ridiculous! he could go 4 for 4 or 5 for 5 tonight against the cubbies and no one would peep about it. if he goes 3-5 with 4 rbi but 1 strike out with someone on 2nd or 3rd ... everyone would rip him for that and not a word would be spoke about the 4 rbi... give the kid a break! no wonder he has trouble getting out of slumps, 1 mistake everyone talks about it for 2 weeks!

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