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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Talking to Krivsky

I finally talked to Wayne Krivsky today after playing phone tag for a day or two. He sounded good, obviously still disappointed. He wanted to clear up some things:

--No talks have gone on with Adam Dunn about an extension. No figures have been exchanged. Nothing.

--The Gary Majewski case reached Bud Selig's deck within the last month or so.

--He didn't reveal that A's picked up Rheal Cormier's $2 million salary as part of the trade for Chris Denorfia in order not to make Billy Beans look bad. That is classic Krivsky. He wouldn't throw the other guy under the bus, even though the local media -- me included -- continually mentioned the Cormier deal as one of the Krivsky's failure.

--He's been contacted by two clubs about jobs. My guess is he'll have one soon. "I wouldn't mind scouting the National League out of Great American Ball Ball Park," he said. "I'd be comfortable walking in there."

He's still thinking like a guy with budget to meet. I told him that all the front office people are here in St. Louis. I ran off the list. "Man, that's got to be costing a lot money to have them all there."

Communication was a big factor in him losing the job. He regretted not putting things in writing for CEO Bob Castellini. "I communicate on the phone or in person," Krivsky said. "He likes things in memos."

He talked wistfully of how things may have worked out with him staying as GM and Jocketty as team president.

"The relationship got better," he said. "Walt and I are 180 degrees different as far as style but we're close as far as baseball philosophy. Walt may be able to do a better job of managing Bob."


at 4:51 PM Blogger Another losing season said...

Now that he is gone, I like Krivsky a whole bunch more and think he is a class act.

While you're there John, how about getting with Kyle Loshe and asking him why he hasn't lost since leaving the Reds?

at 4:57 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

managing the boss is a very important function. But, I wish Wayne the best.

Yet,i t might be best that he let the matter drop and move on before burning any bridges

at 5:00 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Cormier deal is still a great Amazing Krivsky blunder. So what if Oakland paid off his contract in return for Denorfia. If they hadn't done that the Reds could have gotten something else instead. So what he is saying is that he gave Denorfia to Oakland to pay off Cormier. Jason McBeth certainly is no prize. I don't understand at all, how that would justify the Cormier deal.

at 5:02 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Bottom line: Thank God he's gone and just for the record, he had been whining about losing his job for a week now, sounds ridiculous.

at 5:41 PM Blogger RyanRico said...

John, Great Q&A w/ Krivsky. On a very similar note, I just got done reading Hal McCoy's recap of a conversation he had with Kriv-dawg.

On Corey Patterson - "I was told to get him signed, whatever it takes," said Krivsky, who signed him for $3 million. Patterson was paid $4.7 million last year.

That is a huge indictment on someone OTHER than Wayne Krivsky... either Bob Castellini himself, one of the many family or business cronies brought into this organization since he became owner, or perhaps maybe Walt Jocketty. Somebody OTHER than Krivsky was obviously gung-ho on signing this below par CF.

After the signing of F. Cordero and the deal for Edinson Volquez this past winter, the decision-making with this franchise took a really bad turn for the worse.

at 6:02 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

C Trent told Lance thatBaker went to Castellini and asked him to get Patterson

Castellini then tells WK to get Patterson at "all costs"

As the story unfolds it appears Mr C is just as guilty for the fine mess this team is in..maybe more so

Hopefully Jocketty reins him in

at 6:14 PM Blogger Mark T said...

In his shoes I would be a basket case - full of anger. I like Krivsky, and this is his team. His firing was probably unwarranted, and I doubt we've got anything more in Jockety than we had in Kriv. I hope he finds a job and soon, and outside this division.

at 6:41 PM Blogger Mr. Doom and Gloom said...

if there's anything to the story about the great communicator, dusty baker, going over kriv's head to castellini on patterson, that is a serious bush league move on baker's part

at 6:50 PM Blogger Jon said...

Castillini is looking a little like "crazy boss guy" that can't really stay in touch with reality. This could get bad unless Walt can play therapist.

Good point, too, RyanRico, things have looked less deliberate since WJ got on board.

at 7:02 PM Blogger Chillicothe redfan said...

He could be full of anger, and I would not blame him a bit.

Sure he made some moves that were less than stellar, but show me a GM that hasn't made a mistake on a player and I'll show you a GM that hasn't been in the job very long. WK had a contract with a defined time n which to turn this team around and make it a contender. To me, not giving him that amount of time is reneging on your deal.

Bottom line is this team's farm system went from #27 to #3 (Baseball America rankings). Considering that developing young talent is what small market teams like the Reds need to do to compete with the big boys, I would say he has set us up in a much better position than when he took over

at 7:23 PM Blogger Shawn said...

I'm not getting the whole "the A's picked up Cormier's salary" bit. Did the Reds trade Cormier to the A's? Did the A's give the Reds $2 mil out of the kindness of their hearts? Then how does that work exactly? It doesn't make any sense.

at 8:09 PM Blogger Richie Rich said...

Isn't that 2+ million bucks for Denorfia who at the time was going to be injured for a year? Another good deal for Krivsky. It's not like Denorfia is anything to write home about.

at 8:09 PM Blogger Jeff said...

Let me guess, he also didn't release how much they were paying Corey Patterson bc he didn't want Castellini to look bad? Give me a break. If he had been this forthcoming when he was GM, maybe he would have gotten some better press and still would be the GM. At least Castellini might have been more willing to wait because of the backlash from the fans.

at 9:07 PM Blogger Pat said...

I hope you guys don't get too upset when Jockety signs Matt Morris.

who said baker went over krivsky's head to get patterson. he may have said it in a meeting where everyone was present. And I bet most owners talk with their managers.

good thing we didn't sign Zito, huh?

at 9:19 PM Blogger Steve said...

If a dollar raise is even mentioned for Dunn, I will spit. Get rid of this guy ASAP! A one-armed monkey could play better "D". Awful!

at 11:47 AM Blogger schlemdog said...

Thanks John.

This is great stuff.

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