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Saturday, April 26, 2008

What would I do?

Through a wireless/blogger glitch this didn't get posted whewn the headline went up. You guys did fine without me. Here's my take:

I think a blowup or youth movement may be the way to fix things. A lot of you think the same thing. For that to happen, Walt Jocketty has to agree and sell it to Bob Castellini on it. The only way he'll buy it is if he's convinced it's the fastest way to win.

Given what Castellini said the press conference, I don't think he's going to sign off on blowing off this season for 2009 or '10.

Short term, there's not a lot to do except hope the players play better. Bringing up Jay Bruce to play center, doesn't solve the leadoff problem. (But I'd have Bruce and Homer Bailey here pronto). There's no one to bring up catch. Trading Adam Dunn and/or Ken Griffey Jr. isn't isn't going to bring much in return -- in terms of young players. It would free up money, but there's nothing to spend on right now.

My guess is Jocketty has a plan, he just wants to be very sure of it before he begins to launch it.

I'll expand on the subject for the paper.


at 1:01 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

I would hold a press conference and tell the fans that I too feel the pain and that I have made the following changes.

Dusty Baker is moved into baseball operations to work with Jocketty

Ron Oester is our new manager. Pete McKannin returns as Bench Coach

Mark Berry and Billy Hatcher have been released as well as our hitting coach

EE is moved into left field

Bruce is brought up from AAA and is our new centerfielder

Both Adam Dunn and Ken Griffey have been traded to the American League

Josh Fogg has been released..
Ryan Freel has been released
Todd Coffey has been released
Hairston has been released
Patterson has been released

any needed players will be brought up from Lousiville
More changes on Monday

at 1:11 PM Blogger gannfan said...

I would decide whether I wanted to be a Tigers/Cubs type of team and spend my way into contention, or whether I wanted to try to build an organization through drafts and trades.

I favor the latter, and if I were Jocketty I'd start finding the best talent scouts available and try to improve my player selection in the draft. I'd trade for prospects.

Obviously all teams screw up the draft...Albert Pujols sat on the board through 12 rounds. I'm still wondering how the Reds missed Ashland KY native and UK product Brandon Webb?

at 1:16 PM Blogger Chillicothe redfan said...

Not much right now. It's too early in the season for trades to really get going, and I wouldn't want to bring up Bruce or Bailey with the logjams this team has manufactured for themselves in the outfield and the rotation (Arroyo, Fogg, Belisle, Bailey). Let the young guys play in Louisville till June, then trade away some of our pieces and go young. There's alot of great talent in the minors, we just need to clear out the extra baggage on the Reds roster and bring them in at the right time. We need to also insure we get fair value for the guys we do decide to trade away, and I think Jocketty will do just that

at 1:27 PM Blogger Icedawg said...

Since we can't get in a time machine and insert Dunn into the Texas trade instead of Hamilton, it is time to bring up the 3 B's - Bruce, Bailey & Bray. Send Coffey down. Put Hatteberg, Freel, Dunn and Arroyo on the trading block as well as Junior after he hits 600. Time for an all out youth movement. In that case, Walt needs to ask if Dusty is the right manager for a youth movement.

at 1:50 PM Blogger Milenko said...

That's a little excessive, but I like where your head is at. Namely moving EE to left field, essentially acknowledging the fact that he doesn't have infield skills and would do fine, possibly excelling in the outfield... I would agree with a 1/4 of what you said, but really anything to stop the hurting would be a plus. How about VICODIN day at GABP to, "STOP THE PAIN"!


at 2:14 PM Blogger Charlie said...

Here's what I would do!!!!!

First, off-I'd trade BOTH Griffey and Dunn and take what you can get in return, looking for a hitter who can hit and drive in runs when runners are on base, and or a catcher who can hit with runners on base and who can both manage pitchers well and who has a strong arm.

Just so you know how I feel...I believe Griffey took Dunn and the outfielder we traded to Washington a few years back and inspired them to NOT hustle defensively to keep from getting hurt. I believe this is a CANCER to this team. Again two nights ago, Dunn hit a ball to the fence and should have had a doubloe but only half heartedly ran to first thereby once again eliminated any chance he had for helping the team...but it kept him from possible having to slide or even kept him from maybe ppulling a muscle so that he once again could later swing for the fence and not move a runner up or possibly whiff again. We do not need either he of Griffey swinging for homers.

Then, I'd probably go with Hairston ans our leadoff hitter, followed by Keppinger. I'd stop moving Keppinger around because he can move runners up. He has excellent bat control. Then, I'd bat Votto third followed by Encarnacion. Votto has proven he can hit both lefties and righties, and Edwin has a track record of driving in runs. And, I'd leave in those spots.

Batting number five, would be either Bruce or Phillips. I believe I'd leave them in that order which should relieve some pressure from Phillips for now. Bruce has shown over two years now that he can drive in runs. I'd also, tell Phillips to start hitting to all fields. I believe he is capable of that because I believe he has enough hand/eye coordination to do that. We need line drive hitters, NOT homerun hitters...he and everyone elses home rune will come if they only work on hitting to all fields and driving the ball on the line.

I believe by bring Patterson on board hurt team morale because I believe most on the team thought he was here to stay this season from the start.

Then, I'd probably hit the new catcher seventh, depending on who we could get, or else I'd bat Reed here. Then whomever, we brought up from AAA, or Freel, or Hopper when he returns could bat eighth.

Check it out!!!!!!!!

at 2:19 PM Blogger Pat said...

I'd hire Wayne Krivsky to be the GM. I hear he did wonders in his last job with a lousy organization.

at 2:26 PM Blogger redbeard said...

I think it is time for a bit of a youth movement and time to see if some of the current role players on this team can be moved for some more minor league talent.

I'd start by bringing up Bruce, Bailey, and Bray. To make room for them you get rid of Fogg and Coffey. The next move is to try and move some combination of Freel, Hatteberg, and Patterson (granted Freel and Patterson are probably tough to move due to contracts but I wouldn't want much more than an A ball pitcher in return).

Next I'd make my decision on Adam Dunn. I really feel he is pressing due to it being a contract year. If you want to keep him around long term then sign him and get it over with. If your scouts think that others in the system will be ready by next year and you don't want Dunn then trade him. Personally I'd sign him long term if the money is right (and he might take a bit less right now considering he is hitting right at the Mendoza line).

Griffey is probably not movable but if you can find a taker that is a contender near the deadline I think it would make Griffey happy to go to a place where he can be with a contender then be a free agent after the year.

This leaves you with a team that conceivablely looks like this:

Hairston/Hopper CF
Keppinger SS
Bruce RF
Phillips 2B
Dunn LF
Encarnacion 3B
Votto 1B
Bako/Ross C

as your everyday lineup. If you can't move Griffey then Bruce moves to center and Griffey stays in right.

The rotation would look like this:


Your bullpen would have these guys:
Belisle (long relief)
lefites: Affeldt, Bray, Merker
righties: Cordero, Burton, Weathers

Your bench is left with either Hopper or Hairston (whomever you choose not to play in center that day), Valentine, Gonzalez (if he is ever off the DL), and a guy or two currently in the minors to fill out the active 25 man roster.

Then you just suck it up and hope the youth matures this year to make 2009 a year to contend.


at 2:34 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

If I were Bob Castellini I would ask the fans forgiveness for still another pathetic season and then roll some more heads, starting with my buddy Adam Dunn and the guy who taught him his lazy, who-cares habits Ken Griffey Jr.

Dusty Baker would be put in his place (on a bus to New Mexico) for convincing the previous idiot GM to sign Patterson and Hairston.

Then you just start dumping the dead weight, which is just about the whole team excluding the infield and a few pitchers.

Since no one wants these overpaid non producers, it is going to be a very expensive proposition to fix this team. Lets hope Castellini can eat a whole lot more cash.

Just one more thing. This needs to be done in a hurry. Jay Bruce needs to be here playing RF now. If there is anyone else in the system that could be ready, we need to look at them at the major league level now. Some decent free agents will need to be signed (this winter) to fill other positions since we won't get much for what we are unloading. A catcher is a must.

No more patience for losing after 8 straight seasons as the attendance will attest to.

at 2:42 PM OpenID r2theoman said...

I'd rehire Krivsky and apologize for not being up front and honest when telling him it was the 9-12 record that did him in (that's the worst excuse in the world). I bet Karl Rove...I mean Walt Jocketty has been running this ship since he came aboard!...

Joking...sort of.

at 2:44 PM OpenID MrGemsbok said...

First off...FIRE DICK POLE! It is clear he is not communicating with the pitchers and not getting them prepared properly for the games. How is it Belisle and Bailey (and others) put up such amazing numbers after working with Ted Power in Louisville yet get hammered in the majors with who they claim to be one of the best pitching coaches? Even look at Arroyo. How was it he was so dominant 2 years ago with Hume and Ruhle as his coaches, but with Pole he has struggled?
So Pole is the biggest problem they have. Get rid of him, bring in Ted Power.
Next, I'm afraid Jacoby will have to go. I was cutting him some slack because he did help Dunn some. But I noticed early last year, the Reds had not come up with many extra base hits (other than homers)----they were surprisingly low on doubles. I liked Jacoby when he played for the Indians. But they need a new hitting coach, someone who the players will listen to. I think it's time to bring back Tony Perez.
We're stuck with Baker as the manager for another year at least. It would cost too much in the long run to fire him now. But I would definitely have someone on the coaching staff who would be ready to jump in and take over when needed.
They should sign Dunn to an extention, but as for Griffey, it might be best to see what he wants to do, if he wants to stay or go. He's had a lot of tough luck during his stay, but his biggest problem has been the unbelievable disloyalty from the fans. I would have expected that from Mets or Phillies fans, but not Reds fans.
Finally, load up on prospects thru trades of players who don't fit into future plans anymore. It doesn't matter if they end up with some class A midrelievers and journeymen infielders----you never know when the next Keppinger will crop up. So trade off Coffey, Patterson and Valentin, even if it's for pennies. There's no risk. This would also be the best time to trade Encarnacion----right when evryone's expecting a breakout year from him. That would clear up the problem of when Gonzales comes back and where to play Keppinger. Plus, looking another year or so into the future, they'll need to make room for Todd Frasier.

at 2:44 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

QUOTE: "I'd hire Wayne Krivsky to be the GM. I hear he did wonders in his last job with a lousy organization"

As the team he put on the field's record will attest. LMAO.

at 2:45 PM Blogger RedsfaninOregon said...

I agree with a lot that's been written above. First, i'd trade at LEAST one of the griffey/dunn tandom that is KILLING rallies, preferbly both of them. I just can't believe how many times i've seen them have TERRIBLE at bats, strikeouts, weak grounders ALWAYS to the right side of the infield, or pop ups. GOOD players make GOOD contact most of the time! don't think the reds could get too much for them, but put encarnacion in left, play kep at 3rd base, and gonzo at short, bruce in right field.

at 2:47 PM Blogger Mr. Doom and Gloom said...

i would dream impossible scenarios for trades that would never happen, (ignoring little things like contracts, service time, etc.), and tell everyone how much smarter i am then the current mgmt and wonder why they won't listen to my suggestions

at 3:13 PM Blogger NVreds said...

I decided its laughable how bad this team is. we add pieces, and the record gets worse, somehow the reds figured out how to do it.

#1 thing i would do - trade dunn.

its too bad bruce got that stupid #1 prospect ranking after 1/2 a season in AAA (if that) thankfully the reds are smarter than their fans and are being patient with the kid.

at 3:17 PM Blogger Craig said...

I think JackBlueAsh has the right idea.

at 3:31 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

Dick Pole is the one coach I would keep

You keep Griffey/Dunn..you keep the foundation of malaise and complacency that has permeated this team for years. Why would anyone suggest giving Adam Dunn an extension. My God

And one other thing Castellini..bring back my 5 dollar cheap riverview seats sections 509 and 537 thank you

at 3:34 PM Blogger NVreds said...

we need some players who hit for high average on this team.

jacoby might need to go, we need a hitting coach that can get players to stop hitting for the fences.

Pole isnt responsible for arroyo losing velocity on his FB. overall the pitching's been pretty good.

Dusty moved to baseball operations and oester to manager?? LMAO. wow thanks for the gutbusting laugh, thats hilarious.

at 3:38 PM OpenID bashbrother12 said...

id release coffey and bring up bray , release fogg and bring up bailey , release patterson and bring up bruce , sign dunn to 3 years extension , trade griffey to seattle for jeff clement , trade belisle and bring up thompson and put him in the bullpen

starting lineup

keppinger ss
votto 1b
phillips 2b
bruce rf
ee 3b
dunn lf
bruce rf
clement c



at 3:47 PM Blogger Dave from Louisville said...

Find a way to get Benji Molina.
Find a way to get Mike Sweeney.


Honestly how hard is to to WIN with Harang, Cueto, and Volquez.

Bring up Brey. Bring up Bailey for long relief.

Find a way to get rid of Freel,
Hatteburg, Fogg, and Coffey.

at 3:48 PM Blogger ADMS said...

I "love" the whole trade our scrubs and overpaid utility players to other teams in exchange for top prospects and proven stars. This isn't fantasy baseball or an EA Sports season! Is there real value for a $3m Freel or a $1m Coffey and an insanely overpaid Patterson? Nope. It's early but if we have another crummy two weeks...and what parts of our previous west coast trips have given us hope...2008 will be a lost cause and GABP will be looking mighty empty come July (and $4.50/gal gas will have a say also.)
It's coaching, plain and simple. We have so much raw talent on this team, including some of the best young pitchers we've had in years and yet we can't get the **** ball out of the infield! We can barely bunt, run the bases, read the signals from the dugout, and so on...you know, high school baseball stuff.
Personally, before we all throw Junior under the bus, remember that he does come through in the clutch (I remember a nice 10th inning double last Sunday) and he still has some speed in the field. I would kill to have one Cincinnati Reds' player call the press and say "I'm taking charge!"
There are just some simple facts why this season is a disaster - Harang is getting close to zero run support. Arroyo can light up his overpaid checks and smoke them. Fogg...whatever. Dunn - at least finish the season .200, OK big guy? Leadoff hitters with a .240 OBP. Coffey continues to stain GABP just by putting on a jersey. Our best young players are still 100 miles SW from here.
Forget it...eat the contracts. This city has supported the Reds for what, 140 years? Tell us the stinking truth. We deserve it.

Oh, and if the question "What Would I Do?" was directly answered to John...several months ago, I had a week very much like the one he just had and it's a day-by-day thing to finally come to terms with things. Maybe the struggles of overpaid kids at a stadium don't mean a thing.

at 3:51 PM Blogger Branden said...

"Josh Fogg has been released..
Ryan Freel has been released
Todd Coffey has been released
Hairston has been released
Patterson has been released"

Hairston and Patterson have had some bright spots, no way would i realse them especailly after patterson solid start. Cant the guy go through a slump?(hes starting to come out of it) And you better have alot of money because with those moves we would be wasting multi-millions.

at 4:08 PM Blogger schlemdog said...

Identify the players who don't care that the team is losing. Get rid of those players. Something has to be wrong in the club house.

Bring up and play all of the young guys. Surround them with veterans who are leaders and can teach them how to win.

at 4:09 PM Blogger Mike Grayson said...

I would simply be patient, and give the boys moral support, pizza, and beer.

Everything will come around just fine. If it doesn't, then we need to double the amount of beer.

at 4:12 PM Blogger BATSFAN said...

I would call a team meeting, threaten Dunn tell him to hit or your going to be benched, make Keppinger the clean up hitter.I would make sure Majewski is released, I would trade Valentein for something desent, call up Bray and Caberera from louisville, I wouldnt Bruce or Bailey, good idea not to rush them. Well Im heading to the Bats game to watch winners. I really hope the Reds win tonight, if they get swept Dusty should be fired and the person on here with the best ideas should be hired.

at 4:17 PM OpenID PROPACKY said...


Is there any way to get your thoughts on Jeff Clement. The former first round draft pick of the Seattle Mariners.

All Star, Kenji Johjima was just signed to a 3-year, $24 million deal. You'd have to think that with this signing as well as the immense depth that organization has in catching (Jamie Burke, Rob Johnson, Adam Moore) that would make Clement expendable.

He's been overly successful at each level he's been at. His left-handed bat, age (24), and skills behind the plate would warrant him a perfect fit for Cincinnati and Great American Ball Park.

I can't see Seattle asking for an absurd deal featuring Johnny Cueto/Edinson Volquez/Jay Bruce for Clement. Other than that, I don't see who else can possibly be labeled as untouchable in this organization.

Weathers, Dunn, Junior, Hatteberg, Dickerson, Stubbs, Burton, Bray, Thompson.

Cincinnati hasn't had a top of the line catcher since when? Johnny Bench? Eddie Taubensee? Joe Oliver?

The Reds who should be known for catching excellence behind the plate have the worst catching core in the baseball today.

Jeff Clement would answer the call behind the plate for this organization for many, many years.

This would be a HUGE step in turning around this ball club. As you know John, the catcher is the most important player on the field as a leader, as a player, and as a captain. Something this team could definitely use.

Clement was a collegiate leader at USC as the best catcher in the nation.

He'd be an absolutely perfect fit for the Reds.

at 4:22 PM Blogger OhioJim said...

Last year's team started off looking like it could be a contender if only it had a bullpen.

Then after they got a different manager and stabilized the bullpen, they actually played like a contender for a couple of months until they were beaten down by injuries.

So, if I were Jocketty, I would take a step back and try to figure what is different about this year's squad. On the surface it doesn't look like much difference except for the manager being different and Hamilton being gone.

Maybe betweeen them the owner and the departed GM hired the wrong type manager for their personnel and also picked the wrong guy to trade for a legitimately needed commodity, starting pitching.

I guess they are "stuck" with Dusty (who it turns out I actually like quite a bit, a little to my own surprise). And they aren't going to get Hamilton back anytime soon; but maybe they can find a lead off man who can play centerfield and do both roles better than the guys they have run out there so far this year. Or maybe they might try Keppinger in the #1 hole since his approach is the most like a true lead off approach.

I find it hard to really take off on Dunn or Griffey when the situation is that they very rarely are gettng to bat with the table set for them. A lot of very good power hitters look pretty poor and helpless when the deck is stacked in the pitcher's favor. The same holds true for Phillips if he is up there most of the time with two outs and nobody on.

at 4:23 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

Patterson and Hairston have been in slumps their entire careers

defending marginal players like the aforementioned is what keeps us marginal..

nothing funny about an "Oester like" manager..this is what this team needs

at 4:32 PM Blogger jnkclass said...

Get rid of Griffey and Dunn

at 4:51 PM Blogger Joe said...

I would fire Jockety, hire Jackblueash as the GM and let him worry about it. Then I would go walk the dog and drink a couple cold ones..

at 4:55 PM Blogger Krawhitham said...

You can not trade both your corner outfielders, Trade the one that you will lose after the season anyway Dunn. Look for a starter or a right handed bat for center field and prospects. Jr will veto any trade, and Dunn can only veto till sometime in June.

Jr leads the team in RBI 2nd (by 1)in Runs.

Plus trading JR is hard, everyone is afraid he will break down, you will not get anyone that puts up his numbers unless they are 3-4 years away from the majors

Dunn has been useless and his glove works makes it that much worse.

Moving Dunn will open of a spot for Bruce. But the problem with moving Dunn unless you get nothing but prospects he would have to agree with an extension with the new team. Maybe you could get someone like Aaron Rowand, Rowand will have problems getting the ball out of SF's park where Dunn would not. Rowand is like a .412 hitter at Great American Small Pack. But Dunn would have to sign an extension and he would like to test FA I would think.

with that trade
LF Bruce/JR
CF Rowand
RF Bruce/JR
3b EE
ss Kep/Gon
2b Phillips
1b Votto
C Ross

Or maybe you could move Dunn for Salty, Texas has a log jam at C & 1st and Dunn might want to go home

You could also move Bailey, we have 3 solid starters (4 if arroyo finds is fastball again). Since Bailey has a problem listening to coaches make him someone else's problem. Maybe Bailey for Melky Cabrera or Jacoby Ellsbury

LF Bruce/JR
CF Cabrera/Ellsbury
RF Bruce/JR
3b EE
ss Kep/Gon
2b Phillips
1b Votto
C Salty

Not much you can do for this season without giving up talent for talent. Come trade deadline when it is to late for this season better deals can be had for teams looking to fill one void for a playoff push

at 5:04 PM Blogger Rob said...

There is nothing else that can be done. When players dont perform, they dont perform.

at 5:11 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

Griffey and Dunn have gone "to the table" plenty of times over the course of the last three years.. And the fans have left very hungry

I am most concerned about Mr Castellini getting rid of my cheap seats

thank you

at 5:44 PM Blogger REddlegg in Colorado said...

I'd try to gut the team & try to trade Griff, Dunn,Hatty,Javy, Patterson,Ross,Freel, 0r Hairston(keep atleast 1 utilty guy,so one of the other),Fogg,Belisle,Arroyo,(If not to able to trade,then he goes to bullpen)EE,(or move him to LF)

Release,Coffey, & Fogg(Try to make trades for these two,but come on.Nobody wants them)

Bring up, Bruce,Bailey, & Mcbeth.

My 1st team would be as follows,

1.BP 2B(RH)
2kepp 3B(RH)
3,EE LF or RF depending who they tarde(RH)
4LH RF or LF(Reliable power bat)GriffDunn,or Someone Bonafided
5.Votto 1B(LH)
6 .Gonzo SS(RH)
7.Bruce CF(LH)
8.Catcher(Trade Ross & Javy)Use Bako as a back up & get a bonafided defensive Catcher that can bat .250 or higher & has enough power to hit 15 HRs.
9.Pitcher(Get a hitting coach that can teach the pitcher corps how to sac bunt)

Arroyo(If not traded)Maybe Livingston when he comes back from DL,if not then move BAILEY up & use Shearn as 5th until a better option arises

Of course this all depends on personnel & attributes.It could go a lot of differnt ways.

On any other team BP is a leadoff guy, 30-30 SAYS IT ALL.Put fear in the team from the top with power & speed.Plus, if Bruce & Catcher are getting on base it's more runs driven in by BP in the bottom to top,then Kepp comes in either drive's BP in or he plays to get on base,then you got EE & your back in the heart of the lineup with some Offensive(Power) threat.

Now send my contract over to Bob,let Walt Know he can stay at home, & let the media Know the New & improved version of T.Epstein has arrived.

at 5:58 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

john if you could provide insight on three issues

1) why has this team played with a lethargy the past couple of years?

2) do we have to change the chemistry of the team

3) what do you envision for Griffey and Dunn?


at 6:11 PM Blogger pelagius said...

I'm with some of the other people.

Get a better pitching coach.

Get a batting coach who can teach people to occasionally hit to the opposite field or go for singles. All these big swings gotta get cut down.

Fogg was a nice try that did not work.

Belisle was a good long relief guy, but a horrible starter.

Stop hating on our players, and they might feel like playing more. After a few years of being treated like they're playing for the Phillies, some of our guys might be justified in feeling fed up. If Griffey works too hard, he's "injury prone," if he tries to be more careful he's "lazy." Some of you seemed determined to hate him no matter what he does, so why SHOULD he bother? Would you like him better if he used Barry Bonds' happy juice to stay on the field more?

What exactly did Hopper do to earn his way onto the bench of a team that cannot hit for average? Since when has playing too hard, like Freel does, become something that makes you a bad player for your team? And if you look at the short time Patterson has spent with this organization, how has he earned a starting spot, other than having a hot couple of weeks?

Try not panicking. It's still April. We can all panic in a couple of weeks.

Maybe if we all cheered FOR this team, instead of whining ABOUT it, we'd see better play, but that would make us too much like the Cincinnati I grew up in during the 1970's, and we can't have that.

at 6:18 PM Blogger NVreds said...

leave bruce and bailey with a winning team, not this loser team, keep their spirits high.

See: brandon phillips/dunn they are pressing and failing miserably, you bring up some rookies to save a season, they will press too, get into the loser attitude (this team needs to shake), then get sent down, the organization loses money because of bruce's super 2 status. bailey already showed he wasnt ready. bruce is 20! of course he isnt ready for this garbage. the clubhouse has to be in disarray right now. leave them there, we don't gain much by bringing them up when you look at the risks involved and the complete picture. sometimes the minority (me in this case) is right.

well...i would at least consider bringing bailey up. but we have to free up a spot for him, and DFAing someone is not something i would do tomorrow, you have to look into trades because it would be brainless not to.

Anyone else realize the BobC's win-now mentality is really what got us into this mess in the first place?

at 6:23 PM Blogger robby said...

Still amazing to read this blog and have people defend the job Krivsky did in his short tenure. Maybe he has dramaticlly improved the minor league system, but the major league team on the field today is no better than the team Krivsky inherited. And from what I can see there is not much help in Louisville (other than Bruce and Bailey maybe)so that when the fire sale starts the Reds will either be trading veterans that have little or no trade value or the minor league talent that is two or three years away from being ready.

It is unfortunate that Castellini did not understand when he bought the team that there would not be any quick fixes. His impatience is as much to blame for the strange player moves as Krivsky. Why spend all the money on Cordero for a team that is not going to contend anytime soon? Why pick up Dunn's option, then obviously have no interest in resigning him? Why trade likely the most talented everyday player on the team when it means playing Corey Patterson, Ryan Freel and Jerry Hairston in center field? Why let Cantu leave then bring in Craig Wilson for a tryout? Why are Hairston, Patterson, Freel and Hopper all on this team? Why was Dusty Baker, a manager who seems to prefer playing veterans and had trouble motivating his Cub team, brought in to manage this team?

Anyway, what do you do? Where do you go from here? Keep Votto, Harang, Cueto, and Volquez. Everyone else is available, but to be honest other than Phillips and Edwin there isn't much talent that will bring anything in return.

Jockety needs to tell Castellini that this will take a couple years to fix and hope that he'll wait.

One final point and I know many of you will chime in that the trade was made, let it go and it brought the Reds there best young pitcher. But there is no way the Reds should have moved Hamilton and I say that for this reason. The Reds have so few players that are worth the price of admission to see, so few players that are exciting and so few players that have speed and play with a sense of purpose. Hamilton has special skills and was a player fans loved to watch play. He gave fans a reason to come to the game.

at 6:29 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Don't worry Jack. The way this team plays, he will be giving away seats very shortly.

at 6:40 PM Blogger 24/7 said...

i am so glad some of us aren't gm's. well, all of us really but you guys know what i'm saying.

bring up bray, bailey and thompson

send coffey down

release fogg

trade belisle

find a way to keep weathers at louisville long enough to see thompson

get rid of freel via trade or louisville if he has options. eat the excess if you have to

make valentin strictly a pinch hitter and SPOT starter

start bruce in center and have votto leadoff.

tell phillips he can't hit 200 homers even in cincinnati

tell keppinger to stop swinging at low balls inside you can't drive anywhere but to dp land

tell dunn that wherever he thinks the ball is, assume it's 2 centimeters higher and swing accordingly


bailey- needs more starts
arroyo- needs less starts

we haven't went 9-20 in may yet so keep hope alive. detroit is climbing back to .500 and they didn't hit a lick for ten games with superior talent. just chill, ya'll.

at 6:45 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

I have been harping on the fact that Griffey has got to go for a long, long time. I think management has known it too, but because of his contract have not been able to unload him. It will finally come to an end when this season is over. Reds are sure making a killing on the 600 homer count down aren't they?
Its kind of boring being right all of the time.

at 6:45 PM Blogger Red Faced said...

No doubt about it this team is drastically underachieving right now. When a team is doing that you have to point the finger at the team leaders. On this team that is Griffey, Dunn, Harang and Dusty. I'd say Harang is the only one doing his part but he's not a vocal leader so he has to lead by example. Dusty needs to be the vocal leader since Dunn and Griffey have NEVER been that. We have not had a vocal leader since Sean Casey was traded.

Start the Youth movement as soon as it makes sense from a Super 2 perspective and bring up Bruce. Griffey NEEDS to be traded as soon as the big counter turns 600. Then play Bruce in right and let Hopper get his chance in Center and leading off. Keep Keppinger in the 2 hole, bat Votto 3, Dunn 4, Phillips 5, Bruce 6 and EE 7, with Bako 8.

See if one of the young guys can emerge as a leader and if Dunn can start hitting finally. If not then we NEED to move Dunn at the trade deadline and try again next year when we can use the Griffey/Dunn money to bring us a big bat that can be a leader in the club house and hit with runners on base.

Homer needs to come on up and start. Fogg and Coffee need to go and Bray can take Coffee's place

at 6:51 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

"Anyone else realize the BobC's win-now mentality is really what got us into this mess in the first place?"

That doesn't make a lot of sense, considering that they had 5 straight losing seasons before he took over. I agree though that he hasn't done much to help matters. I think he is trying but the Krivsky and Narron signings really hurt their chances of being successful quickly.

at 7:07 PM Blogger Steve said...

I wouldn't do anything for a couple of weeks. I'd want to gather as much info as possible. No sense making a deal or move just for the sake of it.

First, I'd look at solidifying the catcher position. Ross will never hit his weight again. Bako's been beyond good but history says he'll fall back to earth. Valentine is gone in my book.

Next I dump Dunn to an American league team who needs a DH. His days are numbered as a Red. Griffey can go too. It's time. Keep Bruce in Triple A for now. If Belisle or Arroyo continues their lackluster performance, Bailey's my first phone call.

at 7:11 PM Blogger John Fay said...

I'm the blog administrator 90 percent of the time. If have a problem with something getting rejected email me.

at 7:27 PM Blogger _Sir_Charles_ said...

Sometimes, Reds fans astound me. First off, it's only one month into the season. Yes, we've started out slowly in terms of hitting, but the pitching staff has been supurb (compared to previous seasons). But, that being said, yes some changes could be made. Here are my suggestions.

1. Shop Dunn. Yes, I know...he hits a ton of HR's and he'll probably knock in 100 RBI's. But until he manages to hit the ball safely at a decent rate, he'll always be a glorified rally-killer. If, for some reason, we decide to keep Adam...it MUST be made clear to him that he simply HAS to switch (or begin to switch) to first base permanently. His defense in the OF will continue to hurt our pitchers' development.

2. Leave the decision of Griffey to Griffey. He has earned the right IMO. The only thing I'd ask from Junior is that he let management know his plans...SOON. If he wants to play next year in Cincy, he has to agree to a hefty pay decrease than what was originally planned for the coming extenstion. He'd also have to be willing to have his playing time cut down some. If he wants to look into another team, he needs to let us know SOON...again. We've simply got to start planning on how we're going to develop our young players and our starting lineup.

3. Look to trade some of the redundant pieces on our team. Hopper/Freel, Patterson/Hairston, Votto/Hatteberg, Bako/Ross, etc. Obviously we don't deal Joey, but getting rid of at least half of those combinations would open up spots for youngsters blooming in Louisville/Sarasota/etc.

4. Hold a team meeting and make it mandatory that players show up earlier to the ballpark for more work on the fundamentals. Fielding, hitting the cut-off man, baserunning. Watching some film isn't a bad idea either. Seeing what your mistakes are is a lot different than simply being TOLD what your mistakes are.

As for all the people wanting to release half the team...give me a huge break.

Coffey needs to be sent down...not released.
Fogg needs to be in the pen to give the young arms a break...not released. (that's mainly what he and affeldt were brought in for...not to be stellar starters)
Hairston & Patterson are fill-ins until our kids are ready, but getting them playing time should be secondary to the playing time for the kids.
EE could eventually be moved to the OF, but for now he just needs more IF practice to get those throws FEELING routine. It's a mental block...not a lack of physical gifts. He's talented enough to play AND SUCCEED at third. This is the responsibility of the coaching staff...and EE himself.

But dismantling the team after less than 30 games is idiotic. But then again, so is thinking we're going to win the division this year. This year should be all about DEVELOPMENT and IMPROVING. Not contending...not yet.

at 7:37 PM OpenID muffinhunter82 said...

trade dunn & jr. asap for anything

OF - votto, hopper, bruce
IF - ee, kepp, phillips, hatteberg

hopper .300+
kepp .300+
votto .300
ee .280+
bruce .290+?
phillips .270+
hatteberg .300
bako - .270+?

..not necessarily in that order

then all you have to fix are a few pitching issues:

release or trade fogg - bring up bray
bring up bailey or lehr - move belisle to pen or demote (probably demote & keep coffey - see opinion below on coffey)
release or trade weathers when he returns from dl (i keep coffey instead of weathers. he would have a 3 era this season if you take away one bad outing. weathers is about out of gas)

at 7:54 PM Blogger NVreds said...

"I agree though that he hasn't done much to help matters."

thanks, pretty much exactly what my point was. he pressured krivsky into "having to do something", so he made a lot of signings that went wrong because they were the only available option and if he did nothing bob would've probably fired him sooner. he has to sign the checks, he didnt axe kriv because he did a bad job, he axed him because he had a way better option available.

at 7:55 PM OpenID PROPACKY said...


My blog posting got erased. So Sorry if this was posted twice.

What do you think about Jeff Clement of Seattle.

Chances of the Reds getting this young catcher for the future?

at 7:56 PM Blogger NVreds said...

"Its kind of boring being right all of the time."

dont flatter yourself, because your not, neither am I, neither is anyone. I'm happy i can admit I am wrong sometimes.

at 8:09 PM Blogger NVreds said...

"I have been harping on the fact that Griffey has got to go for a long, long time."

I've been saying this since last offseason, and before that at the trade deadline that season when there were rumors around him.
Kind of boring being right about something really obvious. thanks for that CSA/JBA/T/JStL

Grif would be an alright LF for us, problem is he needs to hit 6th/5th.

at 8:14 PM Blogger John Fay said...

The Mariners would have to want to trade Clement and the Reds would have to want him. I don't know if either is true.

Jocketty's main catcher in St. Louis was Mike Matheny, good defense, not much of a hitter. That may hint to where they'll turn.

at 8:24 PM Blogger Mike said...

Aren't Ross/Bako similar to Matheny only not quite as good behind the plate and Ross has more pop?

Griffey has a no-trade clause right? And Dunn can't be traded til June right? ANyone else have restrictions like that?

at 8:27 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

cheering for the Cincinnati reds is going to make them a better team..

Thats just moronic

at 8:37 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

If people are gonna defend and continue to make excuses for players like Griffey and Dunn..then be prepared to accept mediocrity.

To say this team is "underachieving now" is ridiculous..this team has been underachieving for the last eight years

Griffey has not earned the right to do anything except void a trade.. This is a team sport not Griffeys personal playground

They have had numerous team meetings over the past three years ..none help

EE has already
had plenty of playing time the past two years to improve his

Anyone wanting to keep any sempblance of this team has to have lost his or her marbles.. no offense

at 8:37 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

I think that everyone in this blog needs to remove their bunched panties.

We all know that there is not chemistry problem with this team because Keppinger is playing, just look at the record.....

Why would we dump Patterson (21 runs) and not mention Keppinger (21 runs). They are both decent players. chill.

Their is a reason that Ross and AGon are starters. We run off 7 in a row, and a lot of the guys in this blog get off the sauce.

hate the cubs

at 8:47 PM Blogger Dave from Louisville said...

Jeff clement also bats from the left side of the plate. We really need a RH catcher.

at 8:52 PM Blogger robby said...

If the Reds are dismatled it would not be happening after 30 days. It would be happening after 2 plus seasons of the same basic team not getting it done. A few parts have changed but Ross, Hatteberg, Phillips, Encanarcion, Griffey, Dunn, Valentine, and Freel have been here for over two seasons and they continue to play the same emotionless and unispired baseball.

There's nothing idiotic about suggesting some major changes are in order. If the Reds had started the overhaul last year they would be that much further ahead of the game. Unfortunatley, sound baseball decisions haven't been made because management has been dillusional in thinking they have a roster that is good enough to contend for a division crown.

at 8:53 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

I cant beleive everyone wants to keep Dunn and get rid of Griffey.
Look I wouldnt care at this point if BOTH were gone, but if only one is going I would adios Dunn.

Griffey is on pace for 115+ RBI, Dunn is on pace for 58

Reality is, nobody is going to give much for either of them. Maybe if a team worse off than Cincy wants to bring Griffey in as a side show, you might get a little more, but with his no trade, he would veto that.

Fact is, Griffey is more productive. Even if you get rid of him and keep Dunn, do you think Dunn will all of a sudden turn into David Ortiz at the plate?

Dunn is younger and of the two has some trade value.

Trade Dunn, get something back, and let JR finish 08, at least he'll hit. Then if Jocketty wants to let him go for 09... whatever.

Griffey is a poor leader, but not one that a REAL leader couldnt over shadow.
As long as were talking about Griffey not being a leader, does anyone think Manny Ramierez is a leader? No?
He doesnt have to be because of guys like Varitek and Youklis.
Get a couple leaders on this team and the Griffey being a poor leader problem goes away.

Keep Dunn and get a couple leaders on this team, and Dunn still strikes out 150+ times and walks when he should hit.

at 9:14 PM Blogger Reds Fan of Toledo said...

Sir Charles is exactly right. I really agree and actually enjoyed reading your ideas. Many of you are calling for heads too quickly and that is not going to happen. I know many of you want cahnge now, but April and May is not time that teams look for trades. Be patient and lets see if the team can improve on its own. May first we start over at 0-0 and it is an open audition for the rest of the season.
Go Reds

at 9:16 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

Ross was a much better catcher/hitter 2 years ago when Jason LaRue was pushing him for PT.

I like wayne, but the team really misses Jason. Valentin is not a catcher.

Bako and Ross can get us back to where the position was in 2006, and we can use Ross to dent some LF seats

at 9:20 PM OpenID Caser3846 said...


Has anyone on here (including John Fay) seen Clement catch??

This is a first round draft pick, whose stuck in Seattle with Johjima just signing a 3-year deal.

It's foolish not to go after him. This organization has ZERO catching depth.

And I'm hearing the Reds wouldn't be interested in going after Clement??

Who are we waiting for then? Someone else to add to the trio of terror perhaps.

Because we all know Paul Bako is on his way to an all-star caliber year. Whoever doubts Jeff Clement will be eating those words soon enough.

at 9:20 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

Dusty is bringing his son to the dugout again..No offense but if I had an administrator running one of my facilities as bad as Dusty is running this team ..I would be none to happy to see him bringing his kid to work..same as in Chicago


with ross and Gonzalez last year our record was what when Narron was fired?

at 9:22 PM Blogger kingseyeland said...

Don't we do this every year? What's the point?

at 9:27 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

Why would Seattle trade Clement for Griffey? If they want him they can just wait till October and sign him without giving anything up!

MAYBE, just maybe at the deadline if they are on the bubble, they would want him earlier than next year, but at that point The Reds are in a posistion of little or no leverage because his contract is up. So its a "rent a player" situation, and you dont give up top prospects for "rent a players".

IF Seattle wants Griffey, its probably no more than a sentimental, finish out his career in Seattle type thing.
If thats the case then next year is as good as this year.

Not that he couldnt help them, but I doubt they are syaing "If we just had Griffey..."

at 10:03 PM Blogger Monclova Steve said...

I agree with your take that the Reds have 2 options -- BLOW IT UP and/or go with youth.
The fact is the Reds aren't winning -- not because of lack of leadership or any other intangibles -- because the talent on this team just isn't that good.
Not one player on this team is of All-Star caliber except Harang and possibly Cordero and Phillips.
We can debate about the coaches, batting order, Dunn, Griffey, etc. all we want to.
The fact is the Reds simply aren't very good. There is no ability to climb in the standings, simply because other teams in the NL Central are better than us.
I hate to say it, but there is no light at the end of the tunnel for this year.

at 10:14 PM Blogger Aaron in SC said...

I would trade Dunn and Griffey for a ton of prospects. You get a ton because none are ever guaranteed to make it, but the more you get the better your odds are. Just like the Orioles did with Bedard and Tejada. They got a ton in return.

BTW, Do you think Krivsky would have traded Bruce for Bedard if he saw this coming? I know everyone is in love with Bruce, but if this organization / ownership was truly committed to winning this year, we would have made that trade.

I think the following need to go (cut/release trade)

Josh Fogg, Todd Coffey, Bronson Arroyo, Ryan Freel, Scott Hatteburg, Paul Bako.

I would call up Bruce & Bailey pronto.

This team needs some Thunder in the lineup from the right side of hte plate. Edwin and Phillips are not really power hitters. As much as I hate to say it, I would love to swap Adam Dunn for Pat Burrell. I think having the big RH hitter would make a big difference in this lineup.

BTW, if the Reds don't trade Griffey & Dunn and they become FA's don't they get 1st Round Draft picks from the teams they singn with? Can someone confirm?

I wonder if we can get Salty from the Rangers since he is in the minors?

at 10:25 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...


love your photo.


Best ST movie made, no contest.

at 10:31 PM Blogger sabr_blogger said...

Top priority: Dismiss Baker. I would say this if they were 20-0. The Reds have an embarrassment of riches in terms of good or great young players, and Baker has demonstrated repeatedly throughout his sorry career that he is the LAST human being out of 300 million in this country that you want managing a team of promising youngsters. Simply put, in a reversal of the old adage from the 1960's, the man simply does not trust anyone under 30. The Reds will waste, ruin and otherwise stymie the develop of their gold mine of youngsters as long as he is here. Send him packing with a promise that you'll consider calling him back in 3-4 years when these guys are all well established. Then, rip up his number and forget about him.

Has Joey Votto walked yet this year? God help him as long as Dusty is around.

at 10:33 PM OpenID MrGemsbok said...

Has anyone noticed how often a name comes up whenever there is the slightest bump in their status? It's like commodities brokers here! Darryl Thompson! Jeff Clement! They will lead us to the promised land!
No they won't. Thompson is at AA for a month. Let's just wait and see how he's doing at the All-star break. If he's moved to AAA by then, maybe. And Clement? I don't know, maybe there's a chance he could become something. But wouldn't Saltalamacchia be a better bet?
And I am really tired of the people still complaining about Cantu. There's a reason he went from 100 RBIs to the minor leagues and gone over the course of 2 years with the Rays. Sure, he made a good impression in his 2 months last year. But didn't Todd Hollandsworth do pretty much the same thing the year before? No one complained when he wasn't resigned. There's probably a player a year who does the exact same thing and is gone by November 1. Cantu is gone. As gone as Krivsky, as gone as Kearns, as gone as Biittner in 82, as gone as George Foster the year before. Get over it. Let it go

at 10:39 PM Blogger sabr_blogger said...

By the way, to those whining that the Reds need "someone who can hit with runners on base", I hope you are aware that you are shouting about acquiring a skill that simply DOES NOT EXIST.

Hitters are simply as good or as bad as they are. Hitting with RISP (typically looked at in small sample by restless fans and made much of and then forgotten when the tide turns in the opposite direction) is basically an expression of luck. When you see that so-and-so is hitting .260 but ".359 with RISP" and you start crowing that he is a "clutch player" you are making the equivalent of an homage to a special kind of Lincoln penny when said penny has just come up with 7 heads in ten flips. It's funny that when that same player has an opposite differential two years later, nobody dredges up their own old comments about what a clutch player the guy used to be, and wonder why that imaginary "skill" has miraculously reversed itself.

This has been proven by sabermatricians like the folks at Baseball Prospectus time and again. There are good, mediocre and bad hitters but "clutch hitting" is a figment of myopic fans' imaginations.

You want good players. Forget the "clutch" business. It doesn't exist.

at 10:51 PM Blogger The Dunce Cap Marvel said...

All the people who want to trade everyone on the team, including BP, need to get their heads examined. Last I checked, Brandon is our best everyday player and probably one of the best defensive players in MLB. He offers plus offense and speed in a traditionally defensive position. This is also the guy who has publicly stated multiple times that he wants to be the next Barry Larkin for this team and this city.

The guy is TRYING people. The big reason he tries to swing for the fences every AB is he wants so badly to ignite this offense and this team. If he wasn't a leader, he could have given up on defense a long time ago and given less effort. This is not the case. It's amazing that a guy gets in a slump and everyone wants to trade away the guy who has become our franchise player. What are you gonna get in return that is so much better than this guy?
Chill out...

I don't know how to fix all the problems but I do know that I'd start with bringing up Bruce and play him everyday. From everything I've read about him, he sounds to be the natural leader that this team needs. Last year a rookie came up for a struggling team in Colorado and completely changed the attitude there and had a large part in taking them to the World Series. Hopefully Bruce can be that guy for the Reds, albeit with much lower expectations. And in terms of him batting leadoff -- sure, it wouldn't be ideal and shouldn't be something he does for his career, but he could do ok there for this season I think. Look at guys like Chris Young in Arizona or Granderson in Detroit. They weren't typical leadoff guys (too many Ks or too low OBP) but have done well in that role. Try it out; maybe it works out great.

And if you all are so worried about bringing Bruce up so early and having him wilt under the pressure, is he really going to be that good of player anyway? It's Major League Baseball: you play well or you lose your job. There's always pressure. When should the Reds bring up Bruce? After we win the World Series and are a winning ballclub?

at 11:35 PM Blogger reds fest said...

First of all, I would replace Belisle with Homer. Belisle to the pen as a long relief. Keep Fogg as a reliever.

I like Dunn and Griffey but they don't work well in this team although they finally make some of records. I think we can trade Arroyo relatively easily. He also doesn't work well so far. Jr. and him to AL for a few players or prospects. They'll be fine there. Dunn is still young, we can keep him. Bring up Bruce. We need his aggressive attitude. I want Reds to play like Diamondbacks, Rays, Marlins, Orioles.

I like all players in this team. Booing never can help them, we shouldn't do it. But obviously, Reds need to fix.

at 12:05 AM Blogger NVreds said...

the reds would get compensation draft picks for dunn/grif if we offer them arbitration and they decline. so long as dunn hits better and griffey doesnt get hurt, they would be A-type players and net us two late first round picks and late second round picks. if they drop to B-type i think the picks just go later, but im not 100% when they would be.

at 12:37 AM Blogger The Dunce Cap Marvel said...

I would love the Reds to play like the D-Backs, but good God, the Rays, O's, or Marlins!? The Orioles and Marlins are bad and have no forseeable future and the Rays are a bunch of young kids who still look like they are amazed to be in the big leagues more often than not.

Come on guys, we're playing like the worst team in baseball lately but let's not overestimate how bad we actually are.

at 1:31 AM Blogger Zach in MO said...

I would let the people who get paid to make baseball decisions take care of what to do. I'm sure no matter what happens we will all find reasons to gripe.

One thing I would like to see if Arroyo & Belisle continue to struggle is Affeldt in the rotation. He has looked good & with the way those 2 are struggling it couldn't hurt to give him a start or 2 just to see.

I can't believe all the negative crap about Phillips on here. He is one of the few guys in all of baseball that I love watching. He has a great glove &, while he is swinging for the fences early this year, has proved that he is complete hitter & can find gaps all over the field. Last year he was the cornerstone! He's struggling (while still hitting .260!) & suddenly he's trade bait. This month Votto is our cornerstone but what happens when he hits the rookie wall? Is he suddenly out too? Then Keppinger becomes the man?

at 7:22 AM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

I dont think anyone has said "trade the entire team". Yet, most feel that many players have to go..it just is not working..nor has it worked for eight years.

John asked us what we would do and as we are not professionals we let our emotions speak louder than reality would dictate

Over the course of this year, I would bring up the youngsters and slowly but surely get rid of Dunn, Griffey, Patterson, Hairston, Valentin, Freel. etc.

Too early to tell if this mess is Bakers fault, I was never enamored with the guy to begin with

I would say goodbye to Hatcher and Berry

And I am sneaking UP to my cheap riverview seats at GABP

at 5:00 PM OpenID redzfan95 said...

Id release Fogg, good golly he sucks! Id also have Bailey, Bruce, Thompson, Chris Valakia, maybe Janish to switch with Kepp

Trade Javy and Dunn to get a decent catcher like Salty.

Keep Griff (i want him in the hall of fame as a Red)

release Weathers, Fogg, Coffey, and Ross

Call up Mcbeth, Shearn, Thompson and maybe Hanigan

GET A OUTFIELDER (maybe sign Wily Mo since he is a FA in 09)


SS Keppinger
CF Bruce
RF Griffey
2B Phillips
1B Votto
3B Edwin
LF Pena
C Salty



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