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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Minor matters, Bruce quote

"I just have to let my play on the field do the talking," Jay Bruce told the Louisville Corier-Journal. "It's not going to do any good to sit here and talk about it and wonder. You start wondering, you get your mind off the game and that can't be good."

I'd expect no less from Bruce. He's a very bright kid nad he's not going to make waves. But it's got to be killing him not to be here. The Reds could use him tonight. He's hitting .383 off lefties. Ken Griffey Jr. is hitting .158; Adam Dunn .152.

From Jamie Ramsey:

Louisville beats Scranton…the Bats have won a season-high 5 straight…Jay Bruce (as noted yesterday) swinging a red-hot bat…Andy Phillips has hit safely in a league-best 17 straight games…Homer Bailey takes the mound tonight for Louisville…Chattanooga takes the series at Carolina…Ben Jukich the star of the game - he fired a complete game 6-hitter (2r, 1bb, 5k)…it marks his 5th straight quality start…Tonys Gutierrez (1-for-3) reaches base for the 22nd straight game…Chris Valaika with 2 hits and an RBI…Sarasota loses the final game of a 3-game series at Ft. Myers…Drew Stubbs homers…Dayton blanked on 4 hits at Lansing…with a win tonight the Dragons will have won 6 of their last 7 series.

YESTERDAY’S TRANSACTIONS: IF Mike Griffin was promoted from AA-Chattanooga to AAA-Louisville...in 38 games this season for the Lookouts, he batted .289 with 12 doubles, 9 RBI and 7 stolen bases...IF Justin Turner was promoted from A-Sarasota to AA-Chattanooga...Turner was batting .316 in 33 games with the SaraReds (43-136, 11rbi, 12bb)...IF Jake Kahaulio was transferred from GCL to A-Sarasota...OF Anthony Gressick was transferred from R-Billings to A-Sarasota.


at 5:00 PM Blogger Exiled No More said...

I'm guessing that it isn't a coincidence that Bailey is on the same pitching schedule as Belisle? I hope Matty B's days are numbered...

at 5:08 PM Blogger Rob said...

the trouble is there isnt a place for Jay Bruce unless Dunn or Griffey is traded. The Reds would be foolish to promote Jay Bruce for the role of 5th outfielder. When Bruce is promoted it should be as a starter and should be a permanent move.

at 5:11 PM Blogger Pokey Reese said...

Has Drew Stubbs been doing anything in the minors lately or is he another draft bust?

at 5:17 PM Blogger T-Mac said...

Classy kid. He's so right about letting his play in the field speak for itself/himself.

Let the fans shoulder the wonderment as to why in the hell he's not with the big league club that is in dire need of another quality bat.

I wonder how much "seasoning" Bench, Rose, Perez had before they were called up?

at 5:34 PM Blogger gogginguy said...

How often in life do roosters REALLY come home to roost. The Reds front office keeps Bruce out, Dunn in.. and gaze in wonder at 100,000 empty seats over the last 3 games. That's justice.

Would you trade Dunn straight up for Bruce, if he were in another organization? In a heartbeat. Give Dunn and his salary away -- the cumulative effect would be the same as a trade worth drooling over.

at 5:44 PM Blogger John from Cincinnati said...

Promote Bruce. Bench Patterson. Problem solved.

at 6:03 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

Promote Bruce dump Griffey, problem also solved.

at 6:07 PM Blogger Joe said...

Sadly, money has a lot to do with the Bruce situation. You have to respect the owner's desire on the issue, it is after all their money.

Dunn and Jr. will be a free agents at years end but Dunn is younger and will be looking for another big contract. Jr. has made his money in baseball and would likely be easier to sign considering his age.

Regardless, I wonder if there is another MLB team that would not have Bruce on their active roster and in their starting line up every day.

at 6:10 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

8200 actual in the seats last nite


at 6:15 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

why would you want to resign Griffey LOL


at 6:33 PM Blogger Jonas said...

Two more weeks and it knocks back the arbitration, we've waited this long, what's another two weeks?

at 6:36 PM Blogger reaganspad said...

Dump Griffey CSA? You don't understand baseball, contract law, or profitability on a balance sheet. other than that you are right on...

Another draft bust pokey?
Do you remember another time when we have had so many kids in the minors on the move? Just read this minor matters, we have kids moving up all over the place, and great talent at AAA ready to contribute at the Major league level.

at 6:45 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

What part of dump Griffey don't you understand?

at 6:47 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is one I'll simply never understand. "there's no room for Bruce unless Griff/Dunn are traded". Why is that exactly? Is there some reason he can't play centerfield in place of Cory Patterson who's hitting at the mendoza line? Hmmmm...let me guess, "he's a corner outfielder not a centerfielder"...right? That's bull. If he's so set to be a corner outfielder, then someone please tell me why he's getting 70-80% of his reps in Louisville in CENTERFIELD? I simply don't buy it. If the reds were certain that he was going to be a right/left fielder, then they'd be letting him get his reps in at THOSE positions, not center.

at 6:49 PM Blogger Cheviot Sports Authority said...

OK, promote Bruce, dump Dunn, problem also solved. Lots of simple options.

at 6:55 PM Blogger nhelmstetter said...

I disagree with rob...there IS a place for Jay Bruce, the question is does Jocketty have the guts to do it and tell dusty baker to never ever take JB out of the lineup?

at 6:57 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

CSA .. we should do a businessman special one day..we can sneak up to the cheap riverview seats..if not a weekend game

"great talent" in the minors does not always translate into great major league talent

I hear about the same three or four players at AAA all the time ..nobody else

get rid of the dinosaurs..bring up the youngsters..the fans will get excited and fill the seats

8200 last nite LOL

at 6:59 PM Blogger JackBlueAsh said...

god forbid Bruce be exposed to the Griffey-Dunn malaise


at 6:59 PM Blogger KevinFtMyers said...

I would bring up Bruce (after super 2 is avoided) even if noone else is traded. He can play all 3 outfield spots.

Mostly center, but in for Griffey when Dusty wants to get Patterson in a game. Dunn hasnt earned playeing every day, and Griffey hasnt been a ton better (particularly defensvely)so between three outfield spots and not one outfielder playing well enough to hold one down day in and day out, I dont see a problem with getting Bruce playing time.

Oh, and about that lineup, my god, I am glad the game is rained out so I dont have to see Javy at first.

at 7:10 PM Blogger bsu1 said...

Release Valentine, call up Bruce. Outfield of Bruce, Griffey, and Dunn with Freel and Patterson as backups until trades can be made for Griffey and Dunn.

at 8:04 PM Blogger mentalmidget said...


I agree with every word you posted!

Watch the "75 World Series" There's a kid pitching at the age of 24 and he's in his 5th year in the MLB! Oh! It's his 3rd World Series! Don Gullett!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J. Bench was 21 when he won the "Rookie of the Year"!!!

How old was Rose when he won the "Rookie of the Year"????

Mickey Mantle: 20 years old with the Yankees: .311 BA
87 RBI's
23 HR's
94 Runs Scored
4 SB's

I'm not saying Jay Bruce is the next "Mickey Mantle", but how do we know what he can do unless the kid gets a shot? The Yankees gave Mantle a shot at the age of 19!!!

One more thing, Fred Lynn was "Rookie of the Year" and MVP!!!!

at 8:20 PM Blogger Pat said...

Future Reds will always take note of how the Reds brass treat current Reds players. Treat Dunn and Griffey roughly and you'll have a much harder time keeping the Volquez', Bruce's and Bailey's that will one day be free agents.

at 8:59 PM Blogger Steve said...

Promote Bruce, put him in CF. Dump Dunn, throw Votto in left (this year) and put Hatty at 1B. It's a no-brainer Griffey's lost bat speed. Get what you can.

at 12:13 AM Blogger Dave said...

Hey, here's one we'll see this year - Phillips (Andy) has a few years under his belt (he's 30) and Hatteberg is supposedly to be traded, especially since he's a lefty. Phillips could be the RH backup to Votto at 1B - expect that if Hattey does get shipped out, Phillips and Phillips could be manning the right side of our infield - at least they aren't Johnson and Johnson...and Johnson...and Johnson (Jeremy, Rudi, Chad, and formerly Landon).

at 2:54 PM Blogger Cincinnati Blues said...

Patterson is the one to go. He is one of Dusty's old cronies who has never lived up to the hype. Bring up Bruce!!!

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