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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Seattle: Junior's kind of town

They're sort of making a big deal out of Ken Griffey Jr.'s return to Seattle.

The centerpiece story in the Post-Intelligencer is Griffey's old buddy and outfield mate Jay Buhner talking about the glory days.

Inside the section, there's a column by Jim Moore where he he writes: "I presumed Griffey would receive a five-minute standing ovation and unified tip of the cap from everyone in attendance." There's a chart of longest and most memorable homers for the Mariners.

There's the promise for more tomorrow, including a Griffey poster.

Haven't seen the Seattle Times yet, but I'm sure they're doing similar things.

Griffey is tired of talking about it. But my guess is, after the press conference tomorrow, he'll loosen up and enjoy it. And I predict at least one home run.


at 4:25 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

wildly understated....this town is building towards a lovefest seldom seen anywhere in sport....in 2000, Jr. was overwhelmingly voted Seattle's sportsperson of all-time, singlehandedly saved the franchise, and despite his physical problems in Redsland, is properly considered by most of us out here as the greatest player of his generation....unarguably the greatest "unenhanced" player, and the one who has brought the most joy to the game since the Heydey of the "Say Hey" kid....no drugs, no arrests, a class family man...welcome back Junior, we've missed ya!!!!!
Jim Holt

at 5:27 PM Blogger River Otter said...

Jim - I hope your right about how Jr. is treated by the Seattle fans. I read a post by Joe Posnanski on his blog the other day where he was discussing his take on each team's ultimate baseball icon. He initially went with Griffey, but later changed to Edgar after receiving a number of comments from Seattle fans still bitter about Griffey's departure.

at 6:08 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

So since JR is so popular in Seattle can we get Felix Hernandez for him?

JR has more talent and class than Barry "clear cream" Bonds. Whatever happens, I hope Junior's next four years are healthy and resemble his last two months.

at 7:26 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

With due respect for Junior, the real story here is Joe Girardi turning down the O's job. For a fleeting moment, the Reds have a great opportunity to hire a phenomenal manager who can light a fire under the team. If Bob Castellini gives a hoot about Reds' fans, he'll make a quick call to Wayne Krivsky and get it done. I doubt it will happen, but hope, as they say, springs eternal.

at 8:20 PM Anonymous Lucas said...

I flew into Seattle yesterday to catch the weekend series. I can't wait to see how the M's fans greet their reluctant hero.

at 9:06 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Girardi and his agent, Steve Mandel, "made it clear money was not the issue," MacPhail said.

Translation: it's a money issue.

We'll never pay what Girardi wants.

Has Barry Larkin ever wanted to manage the Reds? He'd be terrific as a disciplinarian, strategist, and leader. Just what the Reds lack right now in the clubhouse, dugout, and field!

at 11:02 PM Anonymous mikec said...

Yeah Justin, star players like Larkin always make great managers. I love the way you think sometimes.

at 1:26 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Hey MikeC, what's your problem? Larkin would be a fine manager. Willie Randolph isn't doing to bad for the Mets, Billy Martin and Yogi Berra and Joe Torre were other good players that became well-regarded managers. Gil Hodges was a star the Bums and then won the World Series at the helm for the Mets. If you're saying that star players can't be good managers then clearly you don't know what you're talking about, of course I have to agree with you that many star players have bombed as managers. But specifically, why be snipey towards me? Let's hear it from you genius, what are the tangible factual PLUSSES AND MINUSES to having Barry Larkin manage the Reds?

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