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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Greeting fron Sunny Isles

I can hear the Atlantic surf as I type this. We're staying in the Trump International Sonesta Beach Resort. That's explains why I've got the urge to go with a comb-over hairstyle tonight. The place is very nice. But it's very hot here in Sunny Isles. Why couldn't we have come here in May?

I figured something was up with Aaron Harang. He met with Pete Mackanin and Wayne Krivsky before Tuesday's game. He never said anything about grandfather yesterday after the game. But it must have been difficult for him to pitch.

One thing more thing about yesterday's game: A lot people are anxious to trade Adam Dunn, but there is no question in my mind that the Reds lose that game without him. When he squares a 94 mph fastball, it's gone 94 percent of the time. That's a nice thing to have in the eighth. It happened fast. A walk, a swing and a 1-0 game is 2-1 game.

Isn't Sunny Isles where those people who own mobile home on the beach were offered million to sell out?


at 2:19 PM Blogger Bengal43 said...

If you look at the future of our outfielders and Votto, they are all lefthanded hitters. Does that concern anyone?

at 2:44 PM Blogger docproc said...

You're right: Dunn was an important component of yesterday's victory. But for every time he's had a clutch performance like that, I can count a dozen in which he has struck out (often looking at strike three) in key situations. I'm still ready to trade him and his fat contract for some good prospects.

at 3:32 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


You're right on it... How often does Dunn hit a meaningful HR? More often than not, he hits 'em when no one is one base in a blow out.

As for the lefthanded domination among our prospects - NO it does not worry me. Good hitters are good hitters. Not all lefties stuggle agaist left handed pitching like Dunn does. With right handed hitters like Phillips, Edwin , and Keppinger - the Reds will have a nice balance.

at 3:43 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

(often looking at strike three) in key situations.

Sounds like Ryan Freel.

at 4:07 PM Blogger I-71_Exile said...

The Reds should hold on to Dunn. His home run presence is sorely needed and his walks are underrated. Yes, he strikes out a lot, but I always feel like he gives the Reds a chance for a big at bat and I don't see this line-up as being capable of stringing the hits together to score much otherwise.

If the Reds are going to move an outfielder, it should be Freel. I'm beginning to think that he doesn't offer anything but hustle and a little versitility. His outfield defense is just average and his arm is terrible. He uses his decent (not blazing) speed to make up for errors in judgement.

FWIW, Mac is going a GREAT job!

at 4:32 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Idiot! When is a home run not meaning full? Get off the guys case. There is more trade value out there with Griffey than with Dunn. Everybody out there thinking that the Reds are going to get a starting pitcher Dunn are nuts.

at 4:49 PM Blogger steve said...

Could you ask wayne if the Reds have placed a full time manager with the GCL Reds yet?

at 4:52 PM Blogger Chris at Redleg Nation said...

Instead of talking out of your rear end (anonymous), go to baseball-reference and check out the actual facts. Compared to the rest of the guys on the HR list, a higher percentage of Adam Dunn's HRs come when the game is close.

John, I think you're talking about Briny Breezes. I don't think they've been torn down yet.


at 4:58 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love these fantasy geeks who talk about throwing Dunn out with the bathwater and cite players like Keppinger as proof that the Reds will be OK.

You simply can't replace 40 HR's with 100 RBI's and 100 runs every year with the likes of Keppinger or Encarnacion or really, any player in the system that is close to ready.

Dunn has a career OBP of .378 and a career OPS of .894 for Pete's sake. He's damn near leading the ENTIRE big leagues in games played over the last 3 years. He never asks out of a game.

I'm reminded of the big fire sale from a few years ago (2004?), when half the big league roster was thrown out for "prospects." If I'm wrong, correct me, but all the Reds have remaining from that dump is Aaron Harang.

Frankly, trading Dunn for prospects is stupid because that doesn't make the Reds a better team.

Keeping Dunn and using the money from Milton, etc and rebuilding around Dunn, Phillips, Hamilton and Griffey for next year would be the smart thing to do.

Steve in Tampa

at 4:58 PM Anonymous chris said...

I see you're staying in a Trump hotel. Is this why they couldnt send Bill to Newport, R.I.? Not that he wanted to go anyway

at 5:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha ha, be sure to tell daugherty about that. He seems to think that Home Runs aren't very important.

at 5:25 PM Blogger John Fay said...

On GCL Reds manager: Rick Burleson is going to do the bulk of it. He has to miss a week for a prior commitment and Tim Naehring will fill in.

at 6:26 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Trump International Sonesta Beach Resort?

Now I know why you can't afford to cover Big East Media Day.

at 6:54 PM Blogger John Fay said...

July's not exactly high season down here, and I'm getting the Reds group rate.

at 11:16 PM Blogger kingseyeland said...

Trading Dunn for prospects is stupid. The guy's 26 years old. In a way, he's still a prospect himself. He hasn't even hit his prime yet.

If you move Dunn, you almost have to get two pitchers in return, and not just "prospects" that rarely if ever pan out. Bird in the hand, folks.

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