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Friday, July 13, 2007

Griffey trade talk II

I was doing Chris Spielman's radio show today when Spielman or his cohost mentioned a report that Ken Griffey Jr. had submitted a list of teams to the Reds which he would accept a trade to.

I couldn't find the report. But if it's out there, it's not true, said Griffey's agent, Brian Goldberg.

"We haven't submitted anything," Goldberg said. "And the Reds haven't come to us with any teams."

That doesn't mean Griffey won't be traded. Wayne Krivsky probably has some idea of where Griffey would be willing to go. And the way Krivsky operates, he'll keep talks quiet if humanly possible.

Right now, if I were to bet, I'd wager that Griffey does not get traded. You probably can get a line on that somewhere.


at 3:47 PM Blogger Brad said...

I bet Pete already has some action on it.....

at 3:52 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that most commentators (including Peter Gammons) have finally started saying what I've been saying for ages now - the Reds simply cannot get enough in return to justify trading a guy who is going to finish this year with close to .300, 40, 100 (and, if healthy, should duplicate those numbers next year). That's the bottom line. If they are going to trade one of the greatest players of all time for a couple of middling prospects, just because they're afraid of Griff getting hurt again or because we're supposed to be rebuilding and that's what rebuilding teams do, then I say to heck with it - keep him right through the end of his deal. Mark my words - if they trade him for, say, two AA pitchers, the sole highlight of those two pitchers' careers will be that one day they'll tell their grandkids they were traded for Ken Griffey, Jr. Unless someone is going to give up a truly top flight prospect (or two) it just is not worth it to me as a Reds fan.

at 4:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Griffey probably won't get traded, but hope springs eternal, and the Braves are deep with young talent. My guess is that Castellini and Krivsky sense that Reds' nation is ok with a youth movement. Griffey's comments that he wants to retire a Mariner likely increased the odds the Reds will move him, but only if they can get real value in return. Let's not forget the last time the Reds were really good was just BEFORE the Reds traded for Griffey. There were no real superstars on that team, just a lot of guys who loved the game, and played it the right way. Some have questioned whether the fans will continue to show if guys like Griffey and Dunn get shipped out, but at the end of the day, it's about being in contention in September, and this team, for all their home run prowess, won't be.

at 4:02 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm surprised if people really see Griffey as anymore valuable than Dunn in the trade market right now. He's been excellent this year but his age, injury history and amount still owed on his contract would make me think that he's still a tough sell, despite his name value and all-star year. I want him to stay, but in the end, I want him to get a ring more, and a move might help both Jr. and the Reds. Just not to the cubs lol.

at 4:17 PM Blogger docproc said...

I think you're right, John. Our two most marketable players, Griffey and Dunn, have too many clause/contract issues for us to deal them. It's a shame because I'd like to see at least one of them go (preferably Dunn) to make way for Jay Bruce--who could be next year's rookie of the year.

at 4:38 PM Blogger Scott in NC said...

Have you asked Brian Goldberg if any other teams have talked to him about Junior? I'd wager that he won't answer that one.

at 5:01 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, these trade rumors go back and forth every year. Isn't getting a little old??? If he gets traded, then he gets traded and we can only HOPE they will get someone that will help the team like Griffey has this year! The rumors can't possibly boost moral for the club - and lowering moral is the last thing the team needs at this point!!!!

at 5:49 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep Junior or be sorry. With the money that will be freed up when (not if) Conine, Hatteburg, and Lohse go, AND the money freed up because of Milton not being resigned, the can keep everyone, sign a Lohse II, and a big time reliever.

Remember that the Reds don't need to trade Dunn or Griffey to have money available to go after a big time name. They will have nearly 16 million 'free' just by not having those 4 names.

the Reds have their top 3 starters for next year, and a good set of young arms to compete for either one or two rotation spots. They need one (hopefully younger) top reliever and one/two extra set up guys.

Like Paul D. said in his article today, the key is finding a manger to light the fire in Dunn, or others who tend to 'slack' off.


at 6:11 PM Blogger liz said...

If the Reds want "butts in the seats" why would they trade Griffey since he is the only reason I want to go to the ballgames? And I have season tickets!

at 12:19 PM Anonymous mikec said...

I agree the key is to find a manager to light a fire under this team. But seriously, I don't think anyone can light a fire under Dunn. He's a lazy selfish player. If the Reds can get two good prospects for him fine. I know his numbers are there, but that's all he gives you -- numbers.

at 12:32 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


the majority of us don't care about Griffey hitting a home run now and then

He strikes out with runners on base time and time again and has become marginal in the outfield

fall in love with someone else

this is a baseball "team" and most of us are tired of eight years of losing so u can salivate over a 37 year old outfielder that is nearing the end of his career

at 1:16 PM Blogger Scott Evans said...


I have season tickets too and agree, Griffey, Harrang, Arroyo, Phillips, Hamilton, and Gonzo are on my do not trade list. I really like Hatteberg but hopefully Votto will be the real deal and Hatteberg could bring in some decent returns the way he is playing this year. And besides right now the OF would be either Hopper, Freel, Griffey/Dunn if one of the last two are traded, if both are traded...that could be ugly.

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