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Monday, July 9, 2007

Stone clears

From the Reds:

RHP Ricky Stone has cleared waivers and was outrighted to Louisville.


at 8:56 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Speaking of (tiny little) stone(s), just saw the Bonds interview at the HR Derby. What an intellectually dishonest guy he is; saying "don't judge" him based on what a third party says. What about what our eyes and ears say Barry?

What's really telling is how he looks. For him, now, a much smaller upper body. The traps are gone, the steroid head is back to looking "normal" (he doesn't look as if he has a baseball in each cheek and an I-beam for a neck any longer) and his shoulders are more normal looking (no more bowling ball deltoids). Gee Barry, I haven't listened to any third party. COMMON SENSE and MY EYESIGHT are not third parties no matter how desperate you spin!

Anyone who has lifted weights knows the limits of your genetics determines how big you get, if you're clean and natural. Barry is reverting to his lithe former self, his genetic "norm" and no amount of weightlifting and protein, without steroids, will build Barry back up again.

That's obvious and the truth--he's a former steroid user and anyone who doesn't understand that that's the truth is simply ignorant. Barry says he's in the gym working hard blah blah blah so WHERE DID THE MUSCLES GO? Isn't there any journalist in this country with STONES?

No one has asked him:

"So Barry, you're working out hard, what happened to all those huge muscles? WHERE DID THEY GO?"

Age is NOT the reason (plenty of enormous 43 year old bodybuilders out there--the ones on the juice). Getting off the juice is the one and only EXPLANATION that fits the REALITY that is Barry Bonds.

Barry is a very talented ballplayer. He would have made the Hall of Fame without steroids. But it's an embarrassment to baseball that Pete Rose is being kept out of the Hall of Fame when Barry is sure to go. If you keep Rose out, McGwire, Sosa, and Bonds and Giambi et al need to be banned also.

His lies are so embarrasing he ought to take lessons from a politician, ideally a member of Congress or anyone named Clinton or Bush. Sure, Barry, you risk your health and life for years to pursue the HR record but you "really haven't been thinking about it lately."

Uh huh! Tell us another one!

Baloney Bonds deserves all the boos he's getting this season, and then some!

at 5:44 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems the Onion is the only news organization with stones. Check it out Here.

at 5:02 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Mark, thank you for that link. Good job "Onion."

Our country is full of people who love to ignore facts (such as Congress but I digress); journalists especially, which is irritating because they are supposed to be impartial and fact-seekers and fact presenters.

Being willfully blind is not impartial and it's not honest.


(everyone seemingly focuses on how did the muscles get there--but that's the wrong question; that question gives Bonds half-honest "outs")

20 and 30 year olds DO NOT (and most importantly CANNOT) SUDDENLY PACK ON LOTS OF MUSCLE without taking specific drugs on specific regimens and cycling those drug doses and combinations in certain ways AND then working very hard to make sure they get enough exercise and rest and nutrition for big fast gains that ONLY anabolic steroids allow (in the presence of the other factors) but asking how did the muscles get there allows at least this partially honest answer: HARD WORK

Absent these drugs, doing everything else correctly produces very small gains that take a long time to develop. Anabolic steroids help you recover faster and the gains are larger and obtained quicker to the extent you train and rest/recover. To make Bonds-like gains--the gains you SAW WITH YOUR EYES--you would have had to work extremely hard (if you started with Bonds' skinny physique, although he had a pretty good musculature to start with, his genetics weren't such that large muscles would grow from eating, sleeping, and training hard alone) AND you would have had to have taken anabolic steroids.

Bonds obviously uses his enormous effort to rationalize what was essentially cheating.

Bonds, by his own admission, says he hits the weights hard nearly every day.


While you have the muscles, you can claim hard work got you there. But when the muscles go, and you are clearly still working out hard, you are NAILED.

Age is NOT the reason they're gone. There is only ONE reason they're gone: STEROID USE IS DISCONTINUED.


If anyone insisted that Bonds answered that question, he would have to either LIE or say: I stopped taking anabolic steroids.

You don't need a bloody blood test or confession or due freaking process to KNOW THAT. You just open your eyes, throw all favoritism and fan rooting interest and prejudice aside, and you focus on the FACTS--if you want to tell the truth, report the truth, and expose a LIAR!

Bonds is a liar and everyone, from Willie Mays to Griffey Jr to Joe Morgan to Bud Selig to any other man or woman of any race who pretends that we need Bonds' confession or his positive blood test to know that he took steroids is being highly intellectually dishonest not to mention spineless when they claim to lack "proof."

Our country's mass-culture of tolerating lying athletes and celebrities (including politicians) is disgusting.

Journalists who play the "gotcha-not" game with Bonds are lying too.

I say: be loyal to the man (Bonds) but not to the lie. You don't have to quit rooting for him or liking him, just insist on him telling the truth (especially now that he's stopped cheating).

Why that's so hard for journalists to do, especially in this DUH-OBVIOUS case of NO-DOUBT AMPLE VISUAL PROOF OF STEROID USE, is simply astounding!

If you want any semblence of truth in professional sports you're going to have to work damn hard to get it--and part of that hard work is to insist that journalists ask the hard questions and that they insist on direct answers.

We know Bonds took steroids. What we really want to know is how can he live with the lie with such apparent ease and comfort? Does he have the heart and soul of another convicted former-SF athlete? That's part of what I'm so worked up about. This is a major character issue.

Hank Aaron is a great man.

I highly doubt Barry Bonds is even close to Hank's character, ethically-speaking.

I already know BONDS took steroids, I want to know how tiny his sense of honor and honesty is. Is it 10 Angstroms? 1 Angstrom? Does it exist at all? Has he brainwashed himself into believing that he honestly deserves accolades for his career HR total?

Take the money and run Bonds. Fine. But you'll NEVER fool those people who believe the FACTS their eyes tell them.

And as unreliable as eye-witnesses can be, this isn't a case of Barry getting big for a game or a week or a season, and it's not the case that the witnessing was incidental or fleeting or by only a few...

How many times do you have to parade a bloated cut muscular Barry on national TV before it becomes obvious that it wasn't just iron pills (as the old-timers used to call weight-training)?

I am also worked up over the BONDS case because I believe Pete Rose should be in the BASEBALL HALL of FAME and I expect that unless more fans raise hell, Barry is going in while Rose stays excluded! (despite also believing that Barry would have made and deserved to make the Hall of Fame if he stayed skinny and fast and ended up with 350-400 career dingers)

Neither Barry or Pete deserve to be in an "honesty" Hall of Fame but let's stop all the LIES and the sports journalists' orgy of enabling the liars, shall we?

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