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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hamilton out (updated)

Reds center fielder Josh Hamilton came out of the game before batting in the third inning. He has a sprained right wrist. A cast will be placed on the wrist and Hamilton will be re-examined Thursday in New York by Reds medical director Dr. Timothy Kremchek.

Edwin Encarnacion batted in Hamilton's place and remained in the game at third base. Ryan Freel, who started at third base, moved to center field.

Hamilton reached base on an error by Diamondbacks shortstop Stephen Drew in the first inning.


at 9:11 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cowboy just said the wrist was strained, not sprained, as you reported earlier. Might want to check on that. Having been through both injuries, a sprain is a lot worse.

at 9:34 PM Blogger Don said...

Not sure what to make of Kremchek waiting til Thursday to re-evaluate Hamilton. Hopefully he was splinted for comfort and not strictly for the purpose of immobilization.

John/Kevin, any word on X-rays or MRI?

at 9:49 PM Blogger Bengal43 said...

Looking at the 40 man roster, it looks like the Reds have used every right handed reliever. John--if Belisle has another bad outing could he go to the bullpen and a starter from Louisville be brought up? If so, who do you think? Ramirez?

Bray didn't do so well in his 1.1 innings tonight.

at 10:06 PM Anonymous Gary214 said...

Just watched this game with my Dad...78 years old...been a fan for 7 decades...guy saw Vandemeer (not sure if I spelled that right) pitch that 2nd no hitter. Anyway...he has 3 observations about tonights win.

1) They are FINALLY playing to win
2) Showing some 'fire in their guts'
3) Think its time for a permanent Coffey break!!!

Tonight was what I was hoping this team would be about. Saw them in Spring training several times and thought I saw it then. But something happened along the way.

Hope Hamilton isn't hurt too bad. Welsh said it would be in cast until Thursday in NYC.

at 11:39 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Just what the Reds need, they find themselves thanks to Macanin and now the injury bug! Tomorrow is one of the biggest games in recent Reds history. Finishing 5 of 6 under the new manager with 4 in a row headed to the All Star break would give this team enough optimism and fire to really kick butt the second half. Sorry but Coffey just has to go the way of McNarron and (hopefully) Milton. He's done. Maybe he can figure it out for some other team? Anyway, 16 games under and no longer the worst record in baseball versus 18 games under and the worst record in baseball, what a difference in morale a win tomorrow should bring.

14 or 13 games out of first place with half a season to go, not an insurmountable obstacle by any means. Bailey and Coutlangus and Lohse need to keep pitching like this and everyone else needs to avoid sprains and other ailments.

A cast for a sprain? Well I guess that makes sense since they nearly put him in intensive care and gave him 15 days on the DL for a four-day tummy ache! I sure hope our new leadoff hitter comes back fast!

at 11:50 PM Blogger Kevin Kelly said...

It is a sprained right wrist and we were told it happened while he was swinging the bat in the on-deck circle.

at 5:33 AM Blogger OrangeD00d said...

How the heck does a MLB player sprain his wrist taking swings in the on-deck circle?

at 8:59 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kremchek is going to examine it? He will probably end up amputating it then.

at 12:09 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

It's nice to see the Reds playing like they could have all year long had we not had to suffer under Narron. This proves conclusively that: (1) an awful manager can demoralize a very talented young team; (2) a change in managers can make a big difference psychologically; and (3) Narron stunk and all the ass-kissing yes-men Bob has hired (and all you journalists who can't risk your jobs' good-will) who won't speak truth to power are in part to blame for the needlessly long lag-time in getting rid of THE PROBLEM. The problem was way self-evident before the Reds got 10 games under .500.

Castellini made an enormous error by not firing him far earlier this season and he was intellectually dishonest for not saying so, and instead slobbering drooly praise over a manager that didn't deserve any.

Hopefully Hammie returns on July 12th ready to lead off and lead the Reds to what could be one of the greatest comeback stories in baseball history. Whatever Macanin has done for Coutlangus et al (excepting hopeless cause Coffey) may be the real deal as they are playing smart, hard, and like the winners they could have played like all year long were it not for Mr. Wet Blanket.

I still want to see less lineup shuffling but I'll take ANYTHING so long as the team continues to play classy aggressive CONFIDENT baseball.

Macanin has won my Reds-dollars back. Sorry I ever called him Macnarron or Winnie the Pooh II (although I'll be biting my tongue every time I see Conine cleanup).

Great job Mr. Mac!

at 12:30 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be a good idea to wait until the end of the coming road trip before going overboard on the Reds or on Mr. Mac..It will be a real test against the Mets, Atlanta and even a fair Florida team. Once again the performance of the bullpen will determine everything.

at 2:23 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Why not just wait until the end of the 2007 season before judging ANYTHING? Part of the fun of any hot stove league type discussion is to weigh in, IN THE MOMENT. Sure, the Reds could lose their next 10 games in a row, and maybe Mac begins to resemble Narron with teeth but come on, you have got to be excited about the amazing difference in just a week on the field under Burny Mac. He's lit a fire under this young team, and they BELIEVE. The 1969 and 1986 Mets are two examples of talented teams that, once on a roll, kept right on going. The 1990s Reds did too! We will likely not make the playoffs this year but after all the suffering we Reds loyalists (loyal to the Reds, not to their owner, GM, or manager per se) have gone through this year, why rain on our parade? Why deny this bit of pleasure, ESPECIALLY if it's going to be brief?
Even if it is a cavalcade of halluncinations!

As long as the Reds are winning, to paraphrase Sylvia Plath in her 1956 poem Firesong: "dream not of staunching such strict flame, but come, lean to my [vision]; burn on, burn on."


at 2:24 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

P.S. To excite fans is to excite exits of cash from fans' wallets. I'm psyched about the new Reds' play, so I'm spending!

(word up to my baseball genius peep fiddy-cent (worth of common sense) Castellini)

at 2:29 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Kremchek is going to examine it? He will probably end up amputating it then

Funniest remark of the year.

at 3:41 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

We should send WEATHERS to Kremchek.
ARGHHHH. Weathers has to know that this kind of performance means he's on the way OUT as closer. Guardado is badly needed. A healthy fireballing Guardado...

at 4:19 PM Anonymous Gary214 said...

Every day Eddie is not a ''fireballer''...he is a pitcher...he doesn't do it with heat.

at 4:44 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...


Great day Hatteberg.

Maybe Mac can spend the All-Star break giving the Reds some bunting practice???

What a game! What a huge win.

at 11:22 PM Anonymous Red Faced said...


They guys are showing some fire and I like it... a lot. I think the hardest part of these season so far was watching what I knew to be a decent team sink deeper and deeper into dispair and play like they had no passion for the game at all. The change in managers was a long time coming and I think is definitely a BIG reason for the play we saw the last 2 series.

Situational Pitching: Everyone talks about situational hitting but I think the biggest problem we have is situational pitching. Our guys don't see to react well with runners on base, especially the bullpen. These guys need to do more simulations with runners on base and learn to throw strikes, enduce a groundball for potential doubleplays and so forth. Instead we saw a steady diet of bases on balls, hit batters, and long balls when the opposition had runners on base. This has led to some of the largest scoring innings that I can recall in recent Reds history. It seems like our opponents get runs in bunches when they score (especially the 8th inning). I wonder what percentage of the opponents runs were scored in just one inning during the first half of the season. It has to be pretty high. Some of our bullpen guys look like deer in the headlights when runners get on base (coffee) some guys show no confidence what-so-ever in these situations.

Good job Weathers on closing the door on Saturday - you've pitched well enough for me to give you a pass on Sunday. The back to back strikeouts on Saturday and the emotion you showed on the mound was a sight for sore eyes. I was also impressed with Coutlangis' effort.

I'd like to see Keppinger get a little playing time now that he's up with the team.

Keep it up guys, I might just make the trip back up to Cincy to watch these guys play again this year.

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