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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Cardinals 11, Reds 7; Bailey rocked

Homer Bailey only lasted 3 2/3 innings.

His problem was control. He allowed seven runs on seven hits. He walked five and struck out two. Three of those walked scored. He’s walked 19 in 23 1/3 innings with the Reds.

He was behind all day Sunday -- 92 pitches, 47 strikes. When he commands the fastball, he's good. When he doesn't, you get what you saw Sunday.

Bailey was upbeat by the time the writers talked to him. He discovered a mechanical flaw, which he thinks is correctable.

“As soon as I came in and got ice, I said: ‘I’m going to watch the (blanking) video,” he said. “‘Something’s not right. I was flying open and striding too long.

“When you’re flying open, it’s hard to make pitches.”

He didn't say blanking, of course.

Bailey had command of only his fastball, and that was shaky.

“He wasn't getting anything else over,” Reds manager Jerry Narron said. “He had to rely on his fastball.”


at 3:50 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Might be time to start questioning this guy's baseball IQ. His walk totals with nobody on and also to the 7,8,9 hitters is inexcuseable. Gotta trust your stuff and throw strikes in those situations. He can throw the ball over the plate, but you don't have to be perfect to the bottom of the order.

at 3:59 PM Blogger Chad said...

John, great column today. It'll be interesting to see whether you're right.

at 4:44 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your column today. If the Reds make a move tomorrow, I hope they also shake up the pitching staff - Belisle to set up man, call up Livingston or Dumstrait, and maybe send out a reliever.

at 5:28 PM Blogger steve said...

Do you think the reds will put jerry in the front office if they fire him soon you can never have enough good baseball people in the front office?

at 5:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

John, I think the change is going to be a trade of Lohse. That was obvious to me when they brought Weathers in yesterday in the 8th inning with a 4 run lead. They didn't want Pujols to score and soften a good outing by Lohse. Every on the field move the Reds make now has to be looked at with an eye for trade value. What do you think John.

at 5:33 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your article as well, but I disagree that the bullpen is the culprit.

Who put the (so called) bullpen together?

Wayne Krivsky is guilty and should be the first one fired. Firing Narron won't fix the problem.

at 5:35 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

So John, should I still be expecting a press conference tomorrow?

at 7:47 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

With some pretty good starters in Louisville what about moving Harang to closer!!!! Or take on of the starters with double digit losses (some of which hard luck, bullpen let me down in the 8th inning heartbreaks) Arroyo or Lohse. Lohse could come in and throw some heat and Arroyo could put some wicked movement! Move the rookie relievers back down to L'ville.

at 8:50 PM Blogger Phill said...

The problem with putting Belisle in the bullpen is that he couldn't get it done. He reportedly had back troubles and that's partially what has springboarded him to being a starter. Sitting on the bench all game for that one inning was taking a toll on him.

at 8:55 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


I liked your column about Narron likely getting fired, but I can't for the life of me understand why you feel sorry for the guy. Narron has made bad decision after bad decision, can't get his players to hustle or play fundamentally sound baseball and has shown zero passion. Today, he basically has to get one call right. David Ross up, fourth inning, runners on first and second, no outs. All he has to do is play the percentages, and bunt the runners over. If he feels Ross can't accomplish this, which he probably couldn't, then he could have pinch hit with someone who could, which probably includes one or two pitchers. Instead, he lets Ross -- he of a sub-200 batting average for most of the season -- swing away, and Ross promptly proceeds to no one's surprise to weakly pop out. One out. Then he pinch hits Valentin instead of Hatteberg. On the surface, that seems defensible since Valentin is typically a good pinch hitter with power. Except when you consider Javy's average this year batting left-handed is .200. Javy does nothing, and a promising inning ends with nada. Baseball is not rocket science ... and even if Narron had played the percentages in the first half, the Reds would still be in last place. But when your team is awful and you gotta a manager who doesn't know how to handle his pitching staff and pulls moves like pinch hitting Juan Castro for Josh Hamilton, it makes him a convenient scapegoat ... and when's the last time a GM fired himself, which is exactly what Krivsky should do, given the lack of starting and relief pitching on this club.

at 9:42 PM Anonymous Andrew said...

What has happened to Bailey's velocity? Remember hearing about him hitting 98MPH late in a double A game? He isn't even close to 96. Could there be something else wrong?

at 10:45 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about Adam Dunce's error on the hit to left field today? He's the worst outfielder I've seen since Alex Johnson fell down on the terrace at Crosley Field.

at 12:27 AM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Adam Dunn doesn't need a terrace to fall down, either.

He belongs at First Base in the NL, at best. Moving him to the OF was one of the top 10 dumbest things (oops, there's that pesky D-word again) the Reds have done in the past few years.

Dunn will make a perfect DH for some lucky American League team. Watch Krivsky go get some more lousy 5.00 ERA pitchers for him!

Wherever Dunn lands (no pun intended) I'm looking forward to his inevitable diet-food/supplement commercials.

He used to be my favorite Reds players. I watch him play now and I see a guy who is overweight, under-achieving, and just oozing low morale. I think Narron had something to do with one or two of those things but Dunn has been a huge disappointment, nice June rebound this year notwithstanding.

Still, if Dunn got "a new attitude" he could improve and become an elite player without being traded. But what's it going to take? You can't force him to try harder. So a trade is inevitable. The "vastly improved Reds defense" theme song going into spring this year has so far been way out of tune!

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