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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Krivsky on the moves

He didn't help himself by saying what he said, but here's Wayne Krivsky's explanation of the moves:

On why Todd Coffey wasn't optioned: “We going with the 13 right now that we think are the best 13 over whatever length of time it is. I don’t want to talk about individuals. He’s not the only one who’s struggling.”

On carrying 13 pitchers: "Many times it's to protect your other pitchers, so you can use the right guys whether you’re winning or losing. There’s old expression among veteran managers: You've got to know how to lose a game too. There’s a lot of truth in that, so you’re prepared to win the next one. It gives Pete a little extra flexibility with his bullpen. We’ll see how long we go with 13. I don’t know.

On thought behind the moves: “Two intelligent minds can agree to disagree on the moves. I'm trying to give you guys our reasons. There’s one GM, one manager and pitching coach. We put all our heads together and tried to come up with what made sense.”

Are the Reds going to add a position player soon? “I have no idea. This is how we’re going tonight. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future.”

On Josh Hamilton: “He's going to down to get his at-bats, game situations. You know me I hate putting timetables on things. We'll see how he does on a daily basis, what our needs our. It’s mainly how he's doing.”


at 4:59 PM Blogger kingseyeland said...

Too frustrating for words.

Thanks for following up on this, John.

at 5:03 PM Blogger Jon Coutlangus said...

All of what Krivsky said wasn't even relevant to the question.

"Todd Coffey wasn't the only one struggling."

But my question, wayne, was Jon Coutlangus struggling?

Since the all-star break:

Coutlangus: 12 games, 2.70 ERA.......1.08 in July (15 games)

Coffey: 10 games, 10.61 ERA........27.00 in August (1 inning)

at 5:14 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time to start the Krivsky watch. One can only hope that the Cardinals will agree to let Walt Jocketty out of the last year of his contract.

at 5:22 PM Blogger Jaybee said...

And he never really answered the question! Krivsky has now turned this organization into the laughing stock of MLB. I thought O'Brien was bad. Krivsky is making O'Brien look like a GM! LOL.

Please stay healthy, Carson Palmer, so Cincinnati fans can have something good to celebrate this year! Celebrating certainly won't be happening with the Reds until Krivsky is gone.

at 5:29 PM Blogger docproc said...

It's the beginning of the end for Wayne.

It's clear that the money he has committed to Decaf and Stanton for next year has blinded his vision for this year.

at 5:31 PM Blogger daniel said...

This response was the most vexing of all:

“I have no idea. This is how we’re going tonight. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future.”

Mr. Krivsky, isn't it your job to know what's going to happen in the future, when it comes to the roster moves of the Reds organization?

I used to believe that he was a competent general manager with the flaw of being needlessly secretive. Now I believe that he is just simply not good at his job.

at 5:39 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

"You've got to know how to lose a game too".
Not a problem there Wayne. You've excelled at putting together a team that knows how to lose.
I'll give PM credit for calling out Krivsky on the stupid moves.

at 6:10 PM Anonymous Red Faced - Very Red Faced said...

YES, this team knows how to lose a ballgame. I've seen more new ways to blow a lead and lose a ballgame than ever before, this is brilliant. Is this really the making of the muppets take cincy? I mean Big Bird and Kermit the Frog could do better than this.

The lack of logic frightens and confuses me. Decaf, Decaf, Decaf... please take him out of here. I want the real stuff, we need the real stuff. I can't take it. I have a Caffeine headache from so much Decaf. If I see this guy in a jersey for us next year I'll not make my usual opening day trip and I won't go to any other games either. It's just maddening.

at 6:19 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe Krivsky is in serious need of psychiatric attention. We have CIA agents who would talk sooner.

at 6:26 PM Anonymous JC McCoy said...

Its money, Wayne, admit it. Quit playing spinmaster with the media. Tell the truth. The Reds are a joke.

at 6:34 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somewhere Carl Linder, Dan "Pitch to Contact" O'Brien, Dave Miley, and Jerry Narron are laughing out loud saying "I guess we weren't the problems, after all."

The writing was on the wall re: Krivsky being clueless when Johnny Almaraz walked out the door.

at 6:54 PM Anonymous Justin Fernandez said...

Where is Mr. Redlegs? He should have posted here already, defending Saint Wayne, the "perfect" GM!

If you like losing ballclubs!

Here is how Castellini should pay Krivsky next year: Take Krivsky's planned ANNUAL 2008 salary and divide it by the number of days in the major league baseball season. For every DAY the Reds spend BELOW .500 next year, Krivsky does not get paid that day's portion! And that day's portion is LOST unless the Reds make the playoffs.

Let's see Krivsky put his money where his mouth is and back "struggling" players like Coffey and Stanton when HIS dough is at stake.

at 6:58 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

In a related story Wayne Krivsky has recalled a batting tee from Louisville. In lieu of sending in Todd Coffey or Mike Stanton in a tight game, the batting tee will be placed at home plate and opposing player will get to hack away. My guess is the tee will have a better ERA than Mr Decaf.

at 7:07 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


Mr. RedsLegs is curled up in a corner somewhere mumbling over and over "but he traded Wiley Mo for Arroyo".

at 9:07 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

John -

I must admit, up until today, I was still pretty miffed that you hadn't asked Krivsky, regarding his lack of moves at the trade deadline, if anyone was deemed untouchable, and if Castellini killed any trades. However, after reading Krivsky's comments about today's moves, all is forgiven, buddy. Krivsky's personnel moves and trade decisions are bad enough, but his inability to answer straightforward questions with anything remotely approaching an intelligible response is truly stunning. This guy makes Mike Brown look like Bill Walsh. Coffey stays and Coutlangus goes? Are you freaking kidding me? Coffey has been so bad of late even he had to think he was destined to be DFA'd. I would love to comment on the illogic of Krivsky's failure calling up Bray, Bruce, Cueto and other guys, but Krivsky's comments make clear this organization is being managed by a baffoon ... and I have to admit, I was a huge Krivsky supporter when they were looking for a new GM. Man, was I wrong. I sincerely pity you. Hang in there, man.

at 9:27 PM Blogger Mark T said...

Just a W.A.G here, for what it is worthy - Coffey has nothing left to prove in AAA - he tears it up down there. He's a head case, and has to work it out at this level. He may be looking at a short career if he can't do more than he is doing here and now. Who was it said he tends to choke?

at 9:31 PM Blogger John Fay said...

These gyus aren't under oath. All we -- the media -- can do is ask.

The odd thing about today's ordeal is if they had simply sent Coffey down instead of Coutlangus, it's not a big deal.

I still have no earthly idea why they did what they did -- as far as Coffey and Coutlangus.

at 10:17 PM Anonymous mikec said...

My guess is you're not te only one out there completely puzzled John. I've backed up Krivsky every time I've posted about him. But even I am starting to lose confidence.

It makes no sense at all to send Coutlangus down. If you've got to send out a lefty why not Gosling who also has options?

Coffey has been just plain ineffective.

at 10:21 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

Yes, I was curled up . . . in the corner of an airport and then a flight and then a long, hot, miserable trek home today.

Some of you are too brilliant for your own good.

at 10:24 PM Blogger Shawn said...

Sure, but....13 pitchers? And no backup outfielder? When Griffey is one of the regulars? That's dereliction of duty.

at 10:25 PM Blogger Mr. Redlegs said...

I'm completely flabbergasted by Krivsky's gestapo approach with the media at this point because it does him certainly no good whatsoever.

What's the big f-ing secret? It's a couple of moves.

Coffey should have been demoted but the way Mackanin addressed tells me they have something else in the works. Did Coffey get claimed on waivers? If so, they might be working on a deal during the 48-hour period.

There would be no purpose whatsoever to send him to the minors if a deal is imminent.

As for Cooter, yeah, it's not right but this certainly ain't the only time you will see a young player with options get bumped for a veteran guy with none. Besides, I think Cooter and Everyday Eddie would give them 5 lefties in the pen.

I believe Cooter will be back very soon; he's got 57 appearances. To me, his move was a matter of options and not merit to accom Guardado.

Still, Krivsky could have explained this and eliminated about half the vitriol today.

at 10:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mark T ... respectfully, Decaf has to work it "at this level"? Uh, no, actually, he doesn't. He needs to work it out in high Single A Sarasota, where he can catch some rays while contemplating his next career. Stop drinking the cool aid!

at 10:49 PM Blogger Ron said...

Will you all lighten up on Krivsky. Coutlangus needed to go to Louisville to address the issue of walking the first batter he faces. This is not about who is doing a better job right now, its about what is going to produce the best results next year and the year after. The Reds are poised to put a very good team on the field no later than 2009, but they need to get the kids in the bullpen ready. Coutlangus has only pitched for three years.
I'm guessing the story on Coffey is also about next year. If he can't turn it around, he's not part of the future.
Another part of the picture is waiting to see what happens with Freel. As much as everyone wishes to see Bruce, Votto, and Hamilton with the Reds, they all bat from the left side and the Reds are getting killed by left handers. If Freel is out for the remainder of the season, the Reds need someone who bats from the right side. My guess is Krivsky is delaying until Cantu gets more playing time in Louisville. He also has to see what Guadardo can do in the majors, that's an unknown.
I continue to believe this will be a much different team in 2008. Things are beginning to marterialize for this team and folks are salivating because Coffey was not sent to Louisville. Hopper is becoming a prototype lead off hitter. Keppinger can flat out hit. Burton is becoming a force coming out of the bullpen. McBeth and Salmon are developing at AAA. Bray is doing better. The pieces are beginning to come together. I like the Reds chances in 2008, especially if they can find one more quality starter.
By the way Hamilton has two hits in his first game at Louisville. Cantu also has two hits. Cueto takes his first loss, but it is 1 - 0.

at 11:45 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Red Lover 45
I'm so tired of you rocking chair GM's. Krivsky was trained by Terry Ryan-he's not gonna give the press anything. Maybe geniuses he's trying to trade Coffey and sending him down would hurt those chances and he knows Coutlangus is going nowhere. Last year was an abberation-we were lucky. Guys played way over there heads and u might as well forget about 2006. In my opinion Krivsky has done a tremendous job. The trades he's made, the players he has acquired in two years has been tremendous. Don't even start comparing Dan O'Brien to Krivsky- one's got balls the other has none and is a paper worker and meeting organizer. Did any of u forget Bong and Nelson for Reitsma. Leave Krivsky alone-he's got our farm system going the right way and it won't be to far off that our Reds will be fighting for the Championship. Leave the guy alone-accept him for what he is a quiet leader that keeps everything close to the vest. That also shows respect for the players. The guy is a straight shooter and I'm with him-I feel confident that he will help us win. Leave him alone you bunch of Brennaman babies.

at 7:26 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ron you are a complete idiot and your comments are hypocritical.

Coutlangus could address any issues at the major league.. Coffey cant

How do you know if we are poised to have a great team in 2009?

And if we are poised to put a great team on the field in 2009 and this season is over ( which it is and has been) why could coutlangus not stay up here and work on his stuff.Why even be concerned about Freel etc.. again if this season is over?

Ron get real... its not just the moves this GM makes .. it is the way he comports himself.

He should be grateful that fans like us have stayed loyal. Yet.. he demeans and belittles us in the way in which he speaks

Ron fans like you are also part of the problem. You cant deal with reality. This team is not very good and has not been for 15 or 16 years. NOTHING IS DEVELOPING RON EXCEPT THAT PSYCHOSIS IN YOUR OWN MIND PAL

at 7:32 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

10:45 pm anon

How do you know what Krivsky is or is not doing? Please tell us .. He your best friend?

The majority of his trades and acquisitions have been busts. Our farm system has not improved dramatically , it will take another 4 or 5 years to do so.

I love it when people like you and Ron make predictions that we soon will be playing for a championship. Is there anything in the past 15 years that would suggest that we will.

You and Ron .. I am sorry to say are living in fantasyland.

at 11:16 AM Blogger Mark T said...

I've learned in my many years not to presume stupidity on the part of others - I don't assume that just because I don't know what they are doing doesn't mean they don't. But I wonder about the secrecy. Is there a legitimate reason for it, or is Krivsky simply not willing to hold himself out for second guessing? If the latter, then he needs to lighten up some. He's not the president, this isn't life or death. It's just baseball.

at 1:59 PM Blogger Gregory said...

Everyone is too hard on Krivsky and the Reds. I don't even want to get started on Tom Brennamen. We have Jay Bruce, Homer Bailey, Joey Votto, Jorge Cantu, Cueto, Bill Bray, and Josh Hamilton in Triple-A right now. Krivsky has put us in the best position we have been in for years. If half of these guys live up to their potential we will be competitive in this division for years. Krivsky needs atleast another year before anyone can talk about getting rid of the guy. When he came in we had a mediocre major league team and a bad farm system. Now we have a mediocre major league team and much better and constantly improving farm system. However, if he doesn't get Joey Votto up soon and Bruce at least some Major League at bats I will start to wonder.

at 3:11 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greg no offense dude but you are living on Mars dude

We are what we are.. a lousy baseball team with some players that may or may not do well at the major league level. Aside from Hamilton. not a single player you have mentioned has proven himself at the major league level. So far Bailey has been a bust.

Are you dating Wayne ? ...Greg

at 5:22 PM Blogger Gregory said...

Prospects are a big part of baseball, especially to small market teams like the reds. We happen to have some great prospects that are already at Triple-A and hopefully most of them will get an audition some time this year. I am not saying they are a sure thing to succeed but this is Cincinnati guys not New York. The only hope a team like the reds has is to build from within and that is what Krivsky is doing and he is doing a good job. However, I am by no means saying the Reds are a good team right now but we are in better shape for the future than we were before Krivsky.

at 6:05 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

First his name is Thom not Tom.
Second you are very wrong in your claim that we are too hard on WK. He did not bolster our farm clubs. He did not draft Bailey, Bruce, or Votto. He did not get us Cuento. Cantu had one good year. Bray basically cost us Lopez and Kearns. WK only gets credit for Hamilton.
In fact, WK's major pick has been a flop so far in Drew Stubbs. You do not know the facts if you say WK has put us in the best position bc he in fact has had very little to do with our current minor leaguers.

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